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Top Joe's Apartment Quotes

Joe's Apartment Quotes By Joe Scarborough

With my hours, I don't hang out with anybody. I work and come home to my Upper West Side apartment. — Joe Scarborough

Joe's Apartment Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Oh my God. You're going to Julie Morelli's wedding! It's true about you and Joe."
"What about me and Joe?"
"I heard you were living with him."
"I had a fire in my apartment, and I rented a room from him for a short time."
Sandy's face scrunched up in disappointment. "You mean you weren't sleeping with him?"
"Well, yeah, I guess I was sleeping with him."
"Oh my God. I knew it! I just knew it! What's he like? Is he excellent? Is he ... you know, big? He doesn't have a little twinkie, does he? Oh, God, don't tell me if he has a little twinkie. — Janet Evanovich

Joe's Apartment Quotes By Janet Evanovich

My fear was that I'd oversleep, and when Ranger broke into my apartment to wake me up, I'd drag him into bed with me. And then what would I tell Joe? — Janet Evanovich

Joe's Apartment Quotes By Roger Ebert

I am informed that 5,000 cockroaches were used in the filming of Joe's Apartment. That depresses me, but not as much as the news that none of them were harmed during the production. — Roger Ebert

Joe's Apartment Quotes By Joe Flaherty

It was a terrible psychic blow ... Ebbets Field was replaced by a housing project. How could a father tell his son where Duke Snider used to hit one? Point out Apartment 5Q? — Joe Flaherty

Joe's Apartment Quotes By Joe Rogan

Apartment living is tough action. Just the whole idea that you share a washer and dryer always freaked me out. — Joe Rogan

Joe's Apartment Quotes By Joe Hart

I'm tired of this place. Going with these guys when they leave so thought I'd start off my employment with an act of goodwill." The doors open and the night air streams in, cooling the lobby. "I'll help myself to the money in Ray's apartment you owe me. Don't think you'll be needing it anymore," Ollie shouts after them as they're shoved outside. — Joe Hart

Joe's Apartment Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Stephanie: "I have a list of Kenny's friends. I'm going to run through it."
Morelli: "Where'd you get this list?"
Stephanie: "Privileged information."
Morelli: "You broke into his apartment and stole his little black book."
Stephanie: "I didn't steal it. I copied it."
Morelli: "I don't want to here any of this. You're not carrying concealed, are you?"
Stephanie: "Who, me?"
Morelli: "Shit, I must be crazy to work with you — Janet Evanovich