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I've Lost Weight Quotes By Karen Salmansohn

Since I began my practice of Forgiveness Therapy, it's now instinctual for me to choose to eat like I love myself - instead of eating like I wanted to punish myself. Plus I've not only lost weight, I've lost the anger and anxiety I was feeling, and so I feel happier and calmer within. — Karen Salmansohn

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Daphne Oz

After my first week of no wheat, my stomachaches were gone, my mucous cleared up, and I felt incredibly energetic. My headaches were also less frequent and less severe, and I had lost 3 pounds, most of it swelling and water weight my body had been holding onto as part of its response to the wheat products in my diet. — Daphne Oz

I've Lost Weight Quotes By John C. Malone

Recently somebody said, "Hey, you lost weight," and I said, "Yeah, thirty-five pounds and three and a half billion dollars." So I'm quite a bit lighter and more flexible than I was. — John C. Malone

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Alejandro Zambra

Last night I walked for hours. It was as if I wanted to get lost down some unknown street. To get absolutely and happily lost. But there are moments when we can't, when we don't know how to lose our way. Even if we always go in the wrong direction. Even if we lose all our points of reference. Even if it begins to grow late and we feel the weight of morning as we advance. There are times when no matter how we try to find out what we don't know, we can't lose our way. And perhaps we long for the time when we could be lost. The time when all the streets were new. — Alejandro Zambra

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Roberta Flack

I have been on diets that were supervised by doctors, that were carefully supervised where I lost weight. — Roberta Flack

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Richard Simmons

When I lost my weight, I went and bought about 15 different types of underwear to see what would look good on my new body. It's exciting! — Richard Simmons

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Samuel Beckett

Yes, now my mind is easy, I know the game is won, I lost them all till now, but it's the last that counts. A very fine achievement I must say, or rather would, if I did not fear to contradict myself. Fear to contradict myself! If this continues it is myself I shall lose and the thousand ways that lead there. And I shall resemble the wretches famed in fable, crushed beneath the weight of their wish come true. And I even feel a strange desire come over me, the desire to know what I am doing, and why. So I near the goal I set myself in my young days and which prevented me from living. And on the threshold of being no more I succeed in being another. Very pretty. — Samuel Beckett

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Tom Hanks

Yeah! I got type-two diabetes! I'm sure there's going to be some media scandal now, saying I got it because I gained and lost weight for movie parts or something - but I doubt that. — Tom Hanks

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Tyra Banks

I had had an extroverted personality with a lot of friends, but when I lost the weight and grew so tall, I withdrew within myself. — Tyra Banks

I've Lost Weight Quotes By K.A. Barson

I'm still not at my ideal weight. I didn't lose forty-five pounds before the wedding. Who knows if I ever will. I've lost twenty-seven and a half pounds, and that's better than nothing. Somehow, though, today I'm thinking more about what I've gained than what I've lost. — K.A. Barson

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Richard Simmons

Some people like to look at pictures of themselves before they lost weight. I don't particularly care for that. Whenever I was overweight, it was a very sad time in my life. — Richard Simmons

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Linda Blair

I have been a vegetarian for about 10 years. And it really was due to the reading that I did. And they explain so that you understand why it's important for the planet's survival along with compassion for animals. It certainly made it much easier for me. I lost weight really fast. My mother died from cancer so this is all very personal to me. And I just would like the planet to be a better place. And I think you'll find a vegetarian diet to be really incredible these days — Linda Blair

I've Lost Weight Quotes By David Krumholtz

The role of Charlie Eppes has changed me. I never imagined I would play a role like this. I lost some weight, grew my hair and now every woman in America over 40 wants to date me. It's their daughters I want to convince. The truth is all this talk makes me blush. Me, I look in the mirror and all I see is this Jewish kid from Queens. — David Krumholtz

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Roger Ebert

I wear a pedometer, a little device that counts every step. It works as a goad, because you walk additional distances to pile up the numbers. The average person walks 2,000 to 3,000 steps a day. I walk 10,000 steps a day. I have lost a lot of weight as a result. — Roger Ebert

I've Lost Weight Quotes By L.Joe

I don't like hearing that I've lost weight. I like hearing that it looks like I have gained weight?! — L.Joe

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

She frowned at the message on his T-shirt: IT ONLY
"It was a gift," he said.
"From Satan?"
Something that looked almost like a smile flickered across his face and then disappeared. "You don't like it, you know what you can do about it." He
cleared another snarl of water hyacinths.
"What if a child saw that shirt?"
"Seen any kids today?" He shifted his weight slightly on the seat. "You're making me sorry I lost my favorite one." She turned back to the bow. "I
don't want to hear."
"It says, 'I'm al for gay marriage as long as both bitches are hot. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Oprah Carnegie

Don't wait. The time will never be just right. Life is short and fleeting and yet we are always all waiting for the 'right moment' to do something. When I have more money. Or when I quit my job. Or when I've lost weight. There always seems to be an excuse for not doing the things you want to do. Stop waiting for the right time and just start. The best time is now. — Oprah Carnegie

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Sanjay Dutt

I have lost 18 kg. Now if I lose anymore weight, I will vanish, — Sanjay Dutt

I've Lost Weight Quotes By L.A. Fiore

I deserve this shrimp. Born to people who clearly shouldn't have reproduced, I date my best friend and turn him gay, date another man who doesn't know he's gay, almost have dinner with a third man who's more interested in his reflection than me, and land on a yeti who turns out to be a millionaire playboy.

"I lost the man I thought of as a father, had my thirtieth birthday party minus any family, and now I'm being dissed in the gossip rags. I am only human and I can take no more, so, yes, I have consumed my body weight in wine and I plan on eating this whole goddamn plate of shrimp. — L.A. Fiore

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Imelda May

When I tell people that I lost my baby weight through breastfeeding, they think I'm exaggerating. But it was brilliant for that. It is great for bonding with your baby. It is hard when no one else can feed her, but it was worth it for me. I loved it. — Imelda May

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Gary Taubes

What I tried to make clear in Good Calories, Bad Calories was that nutrition and obesity research lost its way after the Second World War with the evaporation of the European community of scientists and physicians that did pioneering work in those disciplines. It has since resisted all attempts to correct it. As a result, the individuals involved in this research have not only wasted decades of time, and effort, and money but have done incalculable damage along the way. Their beliefs have remained imperious to an ever-growing body of evidence that refutes them while being embraced by public-health authorities and translated into precisely the wrong advice about what to eat and, more important, what not to eat if we want to maintain a healthy weight and live a long and healthy life. — Gary Taubes

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Mindy Kaling

Ultimately, the main reasons why I will be chubby for life are (1) I have virtually no hobbies except dieting. I can't speak any non-English languages, knit, ski, scrapbook, or cook. I have no pets. I don't know how to do drugs. I lost my passport three years ago when I moved into my house and never got it renewed. Video games scare me because they all seem to simulate situations I'd hate to be in, like war or stealing cars. So if I ever lost weight I would also lose my only hobby; (2) I have no discipline; I'm like if Private Benjamin had never toughened up but, in fact, got worse; (3) Guys I've dated have been into me the way I am; and (4) I'm pretty happy with the way I look, so long as I don't break a beach chair. — Mindy Kaling

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Fernando Pessoa

I shall die as I have lived, surrounded by bric-a-brac, sold by weight among the postscripts added to lost things. — Fernando Pessoa

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Dolly Parton

I have had some cosmetic surgery, especially after I lost weight and stuff, and I've had my breasts lifted - but not injected. That would scare me to death, anyway. — Dolly Parton

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Phoebe Tonkin

I used to be that crazy person that was strict about what I did and didn't eat. I was so diligent with exercise. And as soon as I stopped thinking about it, I lost weight. I wasn't stressing about it. The balance and relaxing is what's really helped me. — Phoebe Tonkin

I've Lost Weight Quotes By David Krumholtz

I lost some weight, grew my hair and now every woman in America over 40 wants to date me. It's their daughters I want to convince. — David Krumholtz

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Chiwetel Ejiofor

I'm constantly looking to see whether I look the same as I did earlier, whether I've put on or lost any weight. — Chiwetel Ejiofor

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Daniel Woodrell

I'd get lost without the weight of you two on my shoulders. — Daniel Woodrell

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Raven-Symone

I find it funny that people now come up to me and say, 'Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous. I'm like, 'I was beautiful before I lost weight. Egotistically speaking, I thought I was amazing.' — Raven-Symone

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Shekhar Kapur

When I go out to direct a film, every day we prepare too much, we think too much. Knowledge becomes a weight upon wisdom. You know, simple words lost in the quicksand of experience. — Shekhar Kapur

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Marie Helvin

I lost count of how many times photographers and designers would tell me to lose a bit of weight, especially as I got a little older and my body started to develop. — Marie Helvin

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Carnie Wilson

If I'm known as the girl that lost weight and it's been six years later and I've still kept off the 110 pounds, God bless. Because I never kept off 100 pounds before in my life. — Carnie Wilson

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Renee Ahdieh

There is potential for boundless good in the boy I knew. Trust that the man you see now is a shadow of what lies beneath. If you would, give him the love that will enable him to see it for himself. To a lost soul, such a treasure is worth its weight in gold. Worth its weight in dreams. — Renee Ahdieh

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Novak Djokovic

My nutritionist has done a great job in changing my diet after we established I am allergic to things like gluten - I can't eat pizza, pasta and bread. I have lost some weight, but my movement is sharper and I feel great. — Novak Djokovic

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Her dizziness has faded, but the rocking sensation continues. She feels as if her footing has been swept out from under her. Her body's interior has lost all necessary weight and is becoming a cavern. Some kind of hand is deftly stripping away everything that has constituted her as Eri until now: the organs, the senses, the muscles, the memories. She knows she will end up as a mere convenient conduit used for the passage of external things. Her flesh creeps with the overwhelming sense of isolation this gives her. I hate this! she screams. I don't want to he changed this way! But her intended scream never emerges. All that leaves her throat in reality is a fading whimper. — Haruki Murakami

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Michael Clarke Duncan

I was up around 340 pounds because the producers said they wanted a really big guy - and I'm not that big, you know! I've lost it all now though. I'm 285 pounds, my sexy weight! — Michael Clarke Duncan

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Jack Lewis Baillot

Ennion turned his head to look.
"Sorry! I meant left!"
The front of the boat slammed against the rock before Ennion had time to do anything. Cordon lost his balance on his seat and tumbled to the side, rocking the boat back and forth. Ennion used his own weight to balance it out.
"Right again!" Cordon bellowed when he was sitting up once more.
"Stop helping!" Ennion yelled back. — Jack Lewis Baillot

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Erma Bombeck

In two decades I've lost a total of 789 pounds. I should be hanging from a charm bracelet. — Erma Bombeck

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Lily Morton

I've spoken to Sid," she admits. "He says he's never seen Charlie so bad. He won't eat, he's lost weight and he looks terrible. Sid says it's the first time he's ever been so bored by him that he's considered smothering him. — Lily Morton

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Jean Nidetch

I was fat, so I have the right to tell other fat people not only that they should lose weight, but also that they must lose weight because I was fat, and I lost weight, and I saw the difference. — Jean Nidetch

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Ruby Gettinger

There is more weight to be lost and so many more things I need to learn and conquer. — Ruby Gettinger

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Katrina Kenison

I don't wish for the red house back, not really, yet in a way, I wish for everything back that ever was, everything that once seemed like forever and yet has vanished ... Standing here on an empty hilltop in New Hampshire, as a bulldozer slowly pushes the debris of a small red house into a neat pile, I allow, just for a moment, the past to push hard against the walls of my heart. Being alive, it seems, means learning to bear the weight of the passing of all things. It means finding a way to lightly hold all the places we've loved and left anyway, all the moments and days and years that have already been lived and lost to memory, even as we live on in the here and now, knowing full well that this moment, too, is already gone. It means, always, allowing for the hard truth of endings. It means, too, keeping faith in beginnings. — Katrina Kenison

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Harper Sloan

When he stood from the couch, I instantly felt his loss and my body moved to the edge of my seat, almost as if it was trying to stay connected when I lost his weight against my side. — Harper Sloan

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Carson Daly

A friend of mine - a cameraman at MTV - lost a lot of weight from cycling, and I thought I'd try it, too, thinking whenever you look at a cyclist they all look super-skinny, so hey, why not? But then it turned into such a psychologically satisfying thing. — Carson Daly

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Mindy Kaling

The Skinny Woman Who Is Beautiful and Toned but Also Gluttonous and Disgusting
Again, I am more than willing to suspend my disbelief for good set decoration alone. One pristine kitchen from a Nancy Meyers movie like "It's Complicated" compensates for five scenes of Diane Keaton being caught half naked in a topiary. But I can't suspend disbelief enough, for instance, if the gorgeous and skinny heroine is also a ravenous pig when it comes to food. And everyone in the movie - her parents, her friends, her boss - are all complicit in this huge lie. They constantly tell her to stop eating. And this actress, this poor skinny actress who obviously lost weight to play the likable lead character, has to say things like "Shut up, you guys! I love cheesecake! If I want to eat an entire cheesecake, I will!" If you look closely, you can see this woman's ribs through the dress she's wearing - that's how skinny she is, this cheesecake-loving cow. — Mindy Kaling

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Jen Lancaster

As I paddle along, I slowly become aware that it's been fear keeping me out of this pool for so many years. I never came here before because I was afraid I'd make a fool of myself by not having the endurance to complete a lap. The swimming wasn't what scared me; failure was. My fear locked me in a state of arrested development for so many years. Fear kept me from tackling my weight, which I understand has simply been symptomatic of my greater fear, growing up. I glide down the lane on my back and reflect on how good I feel right now. It's not because I've lost more than thirty pounds. I feel incredible because I've stopped being afraid. — Jen Lancaster

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Shane Warne

The reason why I have lost weight is that I looked at the international schedule and thought that I wanted to play for another two years. It is a very hectic schedule and if I want to get through that then I have to be in the best shape that I can. — Shane Warne

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Victoria Aveyard

Mare of the Stilts died the day she fell onto a lightning shield. Mareena, the lost Silver princess, died in the Bowl of Bones. And I don't know what new person opened her eyes on the Undertrain. I only know what she has been and what she has lost, and the weight of it is almost crushing. — Victoria Aveyard

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Sara Ramirez

When I've lost weight, some fans get very upset because they want me to stay curvy. But my own self-worth and wellness regime has to do with my well-being and longevity, so if I make the choice to take care of myself, and the outcome is losing weight, it's disappointing that there might be some backlash. — Sara Ramirez

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Sarah Kane

Don't say no to me you can't say no to me because it's such a relief to have love again and to lie in bed and be held and touched and kissed and adored and your heart will leap when you hear my voice and see my smile and feel my breath on your neck and your heart will race when I want to see you and I will lie to you from day one and use you and screw you and break your heart because you broke mine first and you will love me more each day until the weight is unbearable and your life is mine and you'll die alone because I will take what I want then walk away and owe you nothing it's always there it's always been there and you cannot deny the life you feel fuck that life fuck that life fuck that life I have lost you now. — Sarah Kane

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Toni Sorenson

I know personally that when a child is abused the trajectory of that child's life is changed forever. That doesn't mean the path to happiness is impossible, but it does mean there will be detours and side roads that were never intended. Come back from those places, my friends, with lessons and compassion those on the straight road might never have the chance to learn. You are now equipped to help hurting children because you've navigated down those dark courses and made it back. Cudos to you, but also let your shoulders feel the weight of the responsibility to help others who are still lost and struggling to find their way to safety. — Toni Sorenson

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Al Sharpton

I actually lost more weight than I am! — Al Sharpton

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Meghan Ciana Doidge

I could feel the weight of his gaze. 'Witches don't run with wolves,' I said, though I was slightly pained to do so.
He dropped his grin, suddenly serious and sexier for it. 'I'm big on firsts.'
I raised my chin. 'What about lasts?'
'Those too.' He whispered quietly enough that the words were nearly lost in the din of the street. I just had to smile at his utter sincerity. — Meghan Ciana Doidge

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Brandon Lee

It's extreme. The character comes back from the dead, and, at first he doesn't know where he is, how he got there ... How does that tie in with the physicality? I just didn't think he should be too healthy-looking, so I lost some weight for the role. — Brandon Lee

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Cathy Guisewite

After 14 years of dieting, there are only two things I've never lost. Hope and weight. — Cathy Guisewite

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

I twisted, my loose clothes sliding over my shoulders, my waist. I hadn't realized how much weight I'd lost. Despite things creeping back to normal. I said, "Don't you have other things to deal with?" "Of course I do," he said, shrugging. "I have so many things to deal with that I'm sometimes tempted to unleash my power across the world and wipe the board clean. Just to buy me some damned peace." He grinned, bowing at the waist. Even that casual mention of his power failed to chill me, awe me. "But I'll always make time for you." I was hungry - I hadn't yet eaten. And that was indeed worry glimmering behind the cocky, insufferable grin. So I motioned him to lead the way to that familiar glass table at the end of the hall. — Sarah J. Maas

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Patrick F. McManus

While I was explaining to my own doctor that I was planning to undertake some serious exercise, I happened to mention that I thought I had lost quite a bit of weight since my last physical. "You didn't lose it," he said. "It just slipped around to your rear where you can't see it. — Patrick F. McManus

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Jay Leno

I've lost some weight. I am on that new Obama diet. Every day I let Vladimir Putin eat my lunch. — Jay Leno

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Randy Jackson

I'm a much healthier eater and I've lost quite a bit of weight over the years. — Randy Jackson

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Luther Vandross

When I was larger, people said I was fat. Now that I've lost weight, they say I died. — Luther Vandross

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Carrie Fisher

When we started filming, I tried to keep myself well under the radar so that the powers that be wouldn't notice that I hadn't lost the weight they'd asked me to. I only weighed 110 pounds to begin with, but I carried about half of them in my face. I think they may have put those buns on me so they might function as bookends, keeping my face right where it was, between my ears and no bigger. — Carrie Fisher

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Abigail George

I've become obsessed with my weight. How I look in clothes (do they fit well or not at all). I'm unhappy on so many levels. How do I look today, or in the photograph, am I smiling nicely with my teeth or unsmiling with no show of teeth. Am I well (meaning happy, content with my lot in life) or am I not well (in need of rest, renewal and rejuvenation). Have I made a new friend today or have I lost someone towards the journey to truth and light. — Abigail George

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Nicholas Trandahl

I primarily use poetry as a purge, a self-medication device when I'm in the depths of loneliness, anxiety or in the throes of depression. When I'm lost in the darkness of mental illness, I spill forth a deluge of words and prose that are oftentimes grim, dark and depressive. And when my poems are spilled forth into one of my poetry journals, I feel a weight has been indeed been lifted from me, and my mind can rest just a bit easier. — Nicholas Trandahl

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Portia De Rossi

I felt the weight fall away from me. I lost the weight that I'd been carrying around since I was a teenager. Shame weighs a lot more than flesh and bone. Within — Portia De Rossi

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Paul Walker

If I lost weight, I'd be two-dimensional! — Paul Walker

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Harry Melling

I do look a bit different because Dudley was a very piggish character and about three years ago I lost quite a considerable amount of weight. It means that I can lead a normal life without the baggage of people running after me and shouting things at me. — Harry Melling

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Robert Jordan

It has been quite a weight, hasn't it?" Tam asked. "What weight?" Rand replied. "That lost hand you've been carrying." Rand looked down at his stump. "Yes. I believe it has been at that. — Robert Jordan

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Kendra Wilkinson

I had a lot of challenges losing the weight. I still haven't lost the weight yet and I don't plan on going back to the body I used to be at. I love my sexy curves! — Kendra Wilkinson

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Brittany Snow

I was 85 lbs. at my 2000 homecoming dance. But I wanted my collarbones and hip bones to show more. I'd feel my hip bones to make sure they were out. If not, I had more weight to lose. I lost my period until I was 17. I loved that. It meant I wasn't healthy, and I didn't want to be healthy. — Brittany Snow

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Gretchen Rubin

For people who want to eat and drink more healthfully, keeping a food journal can be extremely effective. For instance, one study showed that dieters who kept a food journal six or seven days a week lost twice as much weight as people who did so once a week or not at all. Although keeping a food journal sounds straightforward, I braced myself for a challenge when I decided to try it. No one ever mentions how hard it is to keep a food journal, but I'd already tried and failed three times. — Gretchen Rubin

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Sonakshi Sinha

I'm eternally grateful for the fact that I'm doing what I like best. I thank my stars for it. I wonder why I wasted all that time being fat. I should have lost weight and started acting earlier. But as they say, things happen when they are meant to. — Sonakshi Sinha

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Erykah Badu

I'm trying to decide
Which way to go
I think I made a wrong turn back there somewhere
Didn't cha know, didn't cha know
Tried to move but I lost my way
Didn't cha know, didn't cha know
Stopped to watch my emotions sway
Didn't cha know, didn't cha know
Knew the toll, but I would not pay
Didn't cha know, didn't cha know
Cause you never know where the cards may lay
Time to save the world
Where in the world is all the time
So many things I still don't know
So many times I've changed my mind
Guess I was born to make mistakes
But I ain't scared to take the weight
So when I stumble off the path
I know my heart will guide me back — Erykah Badu

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Janet Jackson

I think people really connect with the idea of someone who's gained and lost weight in this very public way, and also someone who's an emotional eater. — Janet Jackson

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Donald Trump

I have lost weight because my events are so exciting. When I'm done I don't want to eat.But I could see how it could go the other way for some people. That's only because their events are boring. — Donald Trump

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Tyra Banks

When I was a young girl, I lost a lot of weight over one summer - involuntarily - and was just really depressed and sad. There was nothing I could do to gain weight. I would look in the mirror and call myself disgusting every day. — Tyra Banks

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Blake Crouch

His father asked Ethan in a raspy voice, "You spend time with your son?" "Much as I can," he'd answered, but his father had caught the lie in his eyes. "It'll be your loss, Ethan. Day'll come, when he's grown and it's too late, that you'd give a kingdom to go back and spend a single hour with your son as a boy. To hold him. Read a book to him. Throw a ball with a person in whose eyes you can do no wrong. He doesn't see your failings yet. He looks at you with pure love and it won't last, so you revel in it while it's here." Ethan thinks often of that conversation, mostly when he's lying awake in bed at night and everyone else is asleep, and his life screaming past at the speed of light - the weight of bills and the future and his prior failings and all these moments he's missing - all the lost joy - perched like a boulder on his chest. — Blake Crouch

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Shannon Hale

So, it was that bad? That you couldn't just leave Layton behind but had to flee the entire continent?"

"Mm," Felix said noncommittally. His voice went raw. "I am sorry I left like that."

"It's okay. You don't belong here. You were a wild toad caught in a mason jar."

"With a stick and a leaf."

"Hold on . . . am I the stick in this metaphor? Because I have lost some weight . . ."

"I didn't know what I was doing. There was something uncomfortable about it."

"I can't imagine what."

"Certainly not The Little Mermaidcomforter. That felt oh-so-right. — Shannon Hale

I've Lost Weight Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

How dare you touch my cookies, you bastard!" Jason said in utter disgust before popping the cookie into his mouth and heading back to his house.
"Damn those looked good, too," Brad grumbled.
Haley sighed. "Don't worry I have a second plate on my counter." The words were barely out of her mouth when Jason abruptly changed course and headed towards her house.
"Well, there was," she said, watching Jason walk into her house like he owned it. A minute later he walked out of her house, carrying both plates and the gallon of milk she had in her fridge. He headed back to his house, but not before he glared at Brad. "You cookie thieving bastard," they heard him mutter.
Brad rolled his eyes, chuckling. "And people wonder how I lost weight rooming with him in college. — R.L. Mathewson

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Rachael Ray

Since I never get on a scale, I have no idea how much weight I've lost! — Rachael Ray

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Nick Antosca

I don't think I've ever bench-pressed anything in my life. Until about two years ago I swam a mile almost every day. Then I stopped and I lost a lot of weight because my appetite was less. I'm not skinny now - I'm spindly. I eat an extremely simple diet - mostly salmon, avocado, feta cheese, chicken, eggs, peanut butter, blueberries, and quinoa. — Nick Antosca

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Dawn French

The only time I did not know how to be, physically, was when I lost a lot of weight. That was the only time I didn't understand my body. — Dawn French

I've Lost Weight Quotes By David Crosby

I gave up bread, and I've lost a bunch of weight, which is very good because I'm diabetic. — David Crosby

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Star Jones

I had started losing weight. I mean he didn't know anything about the journey that I was on at that point obviously but from my highest weight of just over 300 pounds I lost about 45 pounds. — Star Jones

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Beyonce Knowles

I lost most of my weight from breastfeeding and I encourage women to do it; It's just so good for the baby and good for yourself. — Beyonce Knowles

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Malcolm Turnbull

The way to lose weight is to eat less, so I ate a lot less for a month and lost a lot of weight pretty quickly. — Malcolm Turnbull

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Michael Kors

The craziest thing about fashion people in general, not just designers, is that it's always, "Oh my God, you lost weight! I love your hair!" Or "Oh, you're so tan!" Or, "You're so skinny! I love your shoes!" These are fashion icebreakers. Everyone's always looking at each other. — Michael Kors

I've Lost Weight Quotes By A. J. Jacobs

My goal? To test out every diet and exercise regimen on planet earth and figure out which work best. I sweated, I cooked, I learned to pole dance. In the end, I lost weight, lowered my cholesterol and doubled my energy level. I feel better than I ever have. — A. J. Jacobs

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Henny Youngman

I know a guy who had his doctor say, "Take some weight off, go to a health club." The man lost 20 pounds in one week! The machine tore his leg off! — Henny Youngman

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Ronnie Whelan

He's put on weight and I've lost it, and vice versa. — Ronnie Whelan

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Alison Moyet

I have lost and put on big batches of weight in my life many, many times. But what concerns me is the idea of being an obese old woman, because I don't like the idea of being physically incapable in someone else's hands. — Alison Moyet

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Jean Nidetch

For the first few years after I lost weight, I would feel for my hip bones every morning when I woke up so I would know I wasn't fat. It was like pinching myself so I'd know I wasn't dreaming. — Jean Nidetch

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Grete Waitz

For a couple of days after chemotherapy, food tastes really bland, even the best foods. I haven't been sick, but have been a little tired. I haven't lost any weight. — Grete Waitz

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Jeff Fenech

I never lost any of my titles. I moved up in weight a few times. At the end of my career, the guys that beat me didn't beat the Jeff Fenech that I know. — Jeff Fenech

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Carnie Wilson

There are days where I've lost weight and I feel bigger or fatter or uglier and I want to just hibernate. I'll find every excuse not to exercise. I hate it. — Carnie Wilson

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

Celaena threw her weight into the dagger she held aloft, and gained an inch. His arms strained. She was going to kill him. She truly going to kill him.
He made himself look into her eyes, look at the face so twisted with rage that he couldn't find her.
"Celaena," he said, squeezing her wrists so hard that he hoped the pain registered somewhere- wherever she had gone. But she still wouldn't lossen her grip on the blade. "Celaena, I'm your friend."
She stared at him, panting through gritted teeth, her breath coming quicker and quicker before she roared, the sound filling the room, his blood, his world: "You will never be my friend. You will always be my enemy."
She bellowed the last word with such soul-deep hated that he felt it like a punch to the gut. She surged again, and he lost his grip on the wrist that held the dagger. The blade plunged down. — Sarah J. Maas

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Elizabeth Berg

I look in the mirror now, and even if I lost weight, there's just ... Theres' nothing I can do. It's over. My bodyness. My attractiveness in my body. I can diet forever but it will never make me like I was. — Elizabeth Berg

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Ann Aguirre

I remember when I was a kid, I could never find anything positive about chubby girls. If a girl was pudgy in books, she wasn't okay. She couldn't be happy or make friends unless she lost weight. — Ann Aguirre

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Maria Callas

First I lost weight, then I lost my voice, and now I've lost Onassis. — Maria Callas

I've Lost Weight Quotes By Alicia Silverstone

Nothing's changed my life more. I feel better about myself as a person, being conscious and responsible for my actions and I lost weight and my skin cleared up and I got bright eyes and I just became stronger and healthier and happier. Can't think of anything better in the world to be but be vegan. — Alicia Silverstone