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Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Lionel Suggs

To me, imagination is about breaking down the walls of a reality of multiple interpretations, and truly opening up your mind to assemble one clear interpretation. Once you have tasted imagination, reality will no longer be enough for you. The line between reality and dreams will become blurred, and then clear, because the line will cease to exist. Once you reach the point of living in imagination, you will truly be free. — Lionel Suggs

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By C. G. Jung

Thus the interpretation of dreams, whether by the analyst or by the dreamer himself, is for the Jungian psychologist an entirely personal and individual business (and sometimes an experimental and very lengthy one as well) that can by no means be undertaken by rule of thumb.
The converse of this is that the communications of the unconscious are of the highest importance to the dreamer-naturally so, since the unconscious is at least half of his total being-and frequently offer him advice or guidance that could be obtained from no other source. — C. G. Jung

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Pamela Cummins

Recurring dreams for some may seem like a punishment; the reality is it is done out of love to enable your spiritual enhancement. — Pamela Cummins

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Angela Carter

She sleeps. And now she wakes each day a little less. And, each day, takes less and less nourishment, as if grudging the least moment of wakefulness, for, from the movement under her eyelids, and the somnolent gestures of her hands and feet, it seems as if her dreams grow more urgent and intense, as if the life she lives in the closed world of dreams is now about to possess her utterly, as if her small, increasingly reluctant wakenings were an interpretation of some more vital existence, so she is loath to spend even those necessary moments of wakefulness with us, wakings strange as her sleepings. Her marvellous fate - a sleep more lifelike than the living, a dream which consumes the world. — Angela Carter

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Paracelsus

The interpretation of dreams is a great art. — Paracelsus

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Sigmund Freud

WE think we have advanced too rapidly. Let us go back a little. Before our last attempt to overcome the difficulties of dream distortion through our technique, we had decided that it would be best to avoid them by limiting ourselves only to those dreams in which distortion is either entirely absent or of trifling importance, if there are such. But here again we digress from the history of the evolution of our knowledge, for as a matter of fact we become aware of dreams entirely free of distortion only after the consistent application of our method of interpretation and after complete analysis of the distorted dream. — Sigmund Freud

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Arthur Machen

It is all nonsense, to be sure; and so much the greater nonsense inasmuch as the true interpretation of many dreams - not by any means of all dreams - moves, it may be said, in the opposite direction to the method of psycho-analysis. — Arthur Machen

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Anna Kavan

Foreword: Life is tension or the result of tension: without tension the creative impulse cannot exist. If human life be taken as the result of tension between the two polarities night and day, night, the negative pole, must share equal importance with the positive day. At night, under the influence of cosmic radiations quite different from those of the day, human affairs are apt to come to a crisis. At night most human beings die and are born.
Sleep Has His House describes in the night-time language certain stages in the development of one individual human being. No interpretation is needed of this language we have all spoken in childhood and in our dreams; but for the sake of unity a few words before every section indicate the corresponding events of the day. — Anna Kavan

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Germany Kent

Give yourself permission 2 evolve. Become a philosopher; come up with your own interpretation of life and stop accepting someone else's as your truth. — Germany Kent

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Pamela Cummins

The journey of learning the secret language of dreams is fascinating and well worth the effort. — Pamela Cummins

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Parul Wadhwa

In my opinion, Fiction is a figment of our imagination & it causes us to dream but Reality taints dreams, and the F.scott Fitzgerald has clearly depicted this in The Great Gatsby. — Parul Wadhwa

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Kevin Michel

The 'Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics' speaks to possibility and it speaks to opportunity. By appreciating its existence and adopting the paradigm of its existence, we start to realize that our future has infinite potentiality, and we realize that the 'Ideal Parallel World' of our dreams already exists along one path of our potential future; therefore our behaviors in the present can guide us to that 'Ideal Parallel World. — Kevin Michel

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Vera Nazarian

When you wake up from a dream you have only a few precious moments before the details of the dream begin to dissipate and the memory fades.
Not all dreams are significant or worth remembering.
But the ones that are ... happen again.
So, wait for the dream to return. And never be afraid. Instead, consider it an opportunity to learn something profound and possibly wondrous about yourself. — Vera Nazarian

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

Wise men have interpreted dreams, and the gods have laughed. — H.P. Lovecraft

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By C. G. Jung

From a practical angle this factor reveals itself in that an individual who follows his dreams for a considerable time will find that they are often concerned with his relationships with other people. His dreams my warn him against trusting a certain person too much, or he may dream about a favorable and agreeable meeting with someone whom he may previously have never consciously noticed. If a dream does pick up the image of another person for us in some such fashion, there are two possible interpretations. First, the figure may be a projection, which means that the dream-image of this person is a symbol for an inner aspect of the dreamer himself. One dreams, for instance of a dishonest neighbor, but the neighbor is used by the dream as a picture of one's own dishonesty. It is the task of dream interpretation to find out in which special areas one's own dishonesty comes into play. (This is called dream interpretation on the subjective level.) — C. G. Jung

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Jacob Wren

The most effective lie is always the closest to the truth. The closer the better. A dream is not true but is never a lie. There are various approaches for understanding dreams: as evidence of some deeper psychological truth, as alternate realities, as subtle yet surreal mental reprocessings of our daily lives, as experiences equally valid to those had while awake. Due to the acuity of their strangeness, dreams practically call out for interpretation. However, since we don't accurately know what consciousness is, since we don't know precisely what or how we experience being awake, why would we be able to know what happens when we dream? There are also various approaches one might use for understanding a lie. But one aspect generally agreed upon is that to tell the complete truth, and only the complete truth, at all times, is a disaster. There are different ways of being honest. — Jacob Wren

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Teresa DeCicco

By working with one's own dream images and learning how to interpret them, a dreamer is unlocking the treasure box of insight, guidance, and transformation. — Teresa DeCicco

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Pamela Cummins

Loving and working relationships bring so much joy into our lives! We need to work on our relationships like a garden; toiling the soil for a solid foundation, planting the seeds to slowly grow into a flower, daily water and weeding to maintain growth, and making adjustments when the relationship is in full bloom. Sadly, there are times when the plot of land dries up, nothing will grow, and it's time to move on. Our dreams of the nighttime can be used as maintenance in all our relationships. — Pamela Cummins

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Carl Jung

No dream symbol can be separated from the individual who dreams it, and there is no definite or straightforward interpretation of any dream. — Carl Jung

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Otto Weininger

Mankind occurs as male or female, as something or nothing. Woman has no share in ontological reality, no relation to the thing-in-itself, which, in the deepest interpretation, is the absolute, is God. Man in his highest form, the genius, has such a relation, and for him the absolute is either the conception of the highest worth of existence, in which case he is a philosopher; or it is the wonderful fairyland of dreams, the kingdom of absolute beauty, and then he is an artist. — Otto Weininger

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Teresa DeCicco

The process of deciphering meaning from dreams and ultimately, discovering a life path, does not usually happen instantly. This process evolves over time as dream interpretation is practiced. — Teresa DeCicco

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Sigmund Freud

Dreams with a painful content are to be analyzed as the fulfillments of wishes. Nor will it seem a matter of chance that in the course of interpretation one always happens upon subjects of which one does not like to speak or think. The disagreeable sensation which such dreams arouse is simply identical with the antipathy which endeavors - usually with success - to restrain us from the treatment or discussion of such subjects, and which must be overcome by all of us, if, in spite of its unpleasantness, we find it necessary to take the matter in hand. But this disagreeable sensation, which occurs also in dreams, does not preclude the existence of a wish; every one has wishes which he would not like to tell to others, which he does not want to admit even to himself. — Sigmund Freud

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Jill Mellick

Dreams give your soul wings. And images from dreams are the exquisite patterns on the wings. Hold your dream as you would hold a butterfly -- in your open, quiet palms. Make sure none of the delicate wing dust brushes off onto clumsy hands. Pinning the dream down with interpretation will tear the wings off the butterfly and kill it. .... Hold your dream images gently enough so that they still can fly. — Jill Mellick

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Jennifer Johnston

Because I am an officer and a gentleman they have given me my notebooks, pen, ink and paper. So I write and wait. I am committed to no cause, I love no living person. The fact that I have no future except what you can count in hours doesn't seem to disturb me unduly. After all, the future whether here or there is equally unknown. So for the waiting days I have only the past to play about with. I can juggle with a series of possibly inaccurate memories, my own interpretation, for what is worth, of events. There is no place for speculation or hope, or even dreams. Strangely enough I think I like it like that. — Jennifer Johnston

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Pamela Cummins

When we humans learn how to analyze the messages of the nighttime we open ourselves up to manifest our greatest selves. — Pamela Cummins

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Henry Reed

Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams in 1900. It introduced the notion that there existed certain predictable and identifiable processes by which dreams were formed. — Henry Reed

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Thus the man who is responsive to artistic stimuli reacts to the reality of dreams as does the philosopher to the reality of existence; he observes closely, and he enjoys his observation: for it is out of these images that he interprets life, out of these processes that he trains himself for life. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Ana Claudia Antunes

Most of my novels were developped from dreams I had. A dreamer I AM! Literally , at 1 AM. A dream with 140 characters is to dream an impossible dream. Too many characters to develoo from it. But in twitter that worked just fine for me, — Ana Claudia Antunes

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Sigmund Freud

The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. — Sigmund Freud

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Teresa DeCicco

Beginning and committing to a dream interpretation practice is one of the best gifts anyone can give themselves. This is truly the greatest guidance anyone could ask for. — Teresa DeCicco

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Carl Jung

I came to Freud for facts. I read 'The Interpretation of Dreams' and I thought- 'Oh, here is a man who is not just theorizing away, here is a man who has got facts. — Carl Jung

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Slavoj Zizek

The ultimate lesson of The Interpretation of Dreams: reality is for those who cannot sustain the dream. — Slavoj Zizek

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Wallace Shawn

I led the life of an intellectual up until a certain age. I remember Freud's 'Interpretation of Dreams' was a big favorite when I was 11. It sounded so interesting. And it really was! — Wallace Shawn

Interpretation Of Dreams Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

Some dreams tell us what we wish to believe. Some dreams tell us what we fear. Some dreams are of what we know though we may not know we know it. The rarest dream is the dream that tells us what we have not known. — Ursula K. Le Guin