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Top Internet Banking Quotes

Internet Banking Quotes By Erik Naggum

The Internet will not become a money machine until the banking industry figures out how to transfer money for free so you can charge USD 0.005 (half a cent) for some simple service like, say, reading a newspaper article you have searched for. With today's payment system, the cost of the transfer of the funds completely dwarf the cost of the service paid for ... This situation, however, is what acutely prevents the Internet from taking off as a network for paid services. — Erik Naggum

Internet Banking Quotes By Mo Ibrahim

Retail banking in Africa is very weak. You can't go to a village and get money from an ATM or visit a branch of the bank. So people have to use the Internet. — Mo Ibrahim

Internet Banking Quotes By Rebecca MacKinnon

Google's entire business model and its planning for the future are banking on an open and free Internet. And it will not succeed if the Internet becomes overly balkanized. — Rebecca MacKinnon