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Insult Quotes By William Shakespeare

Let the doors be shut upon him, that he may play the
fool no where but in's own house. — William Shakespeare

Insult Quotes By Stephen Bishop

I feel so miserable without you; it's almost like having you here. — Stephen Bishop

Insult Quotes By Joseph B. Wirthlin

Imagine for a moment the result if everyone were to love one another as Jesus loves his disciples. We would have no bickering, quarreling, strife, or contention in our homes. We would not offend or insult one another either verbally or in any other way. We would not have unnecessary litigation over small matters. — Joseph B. Wirthlin

Insult Quotes By Richard Branson

You see, it's essential that one of us stays awake during the flight [ballon]. So, rather than using the comfortable Virgin seats which we used to cross the Atlantic, we've asked British Airways for two of theirs. — Richard Branson

Insult Quotes By William Somervile

Prostrate on earth the bleeding warrior lies, And Isr'el's beauty on the mountains dies. How are the mighty fallen! Hush'd be my sorrow, gently fall my tears, Lest my sad tale should reach the alien's ears: Bid Fame be dumb, and tremble to proclaim In heathen Gath, or Ascalon, our shame Lest proud Philistia, lest our haughty foe, With impious scorn insult our solemn woe. — William Somervile

Insult Quotes By William Shakespeare

No, take more! What may be sworn by, both divine and human, Seal what I end withal! This double worship, Where [one] part does disdain with cause, the other Insult without all reason; where gentry, title, wisdom, Cannot conclude but by the yea and no Of general ignorance - it must omit Real necessities, and give way the while To unstable slightness. Purpose so barr'd, it follows Nothing is done to purpose. Therefore beseech you - You that will be less fearful than discreet; That love the fundamental part of state More than you doubt the change on't; that prefer A noble life before a long, and wish To jump a body with a dangerous physic That's sure of death without it - at once pluck out The multitudinous tongue; let them not lick The sweet which is their poison. Your dishonor Mangles true judgment, and bereaves the state Of that integrity which should become't; Not having the power to do the good it would, For th' ill which doth control't. — William Shakespeare

Insult Quotes By Sara Paretsky

It's always struck me as the ultimate insult to pay to park at hospitals; they incarcerate your friends and relations in rooms that cost six or seven hundred dollars a day, then put a little sting in by charging a few extra bucks to visit them. — Sara Paretsky

Insult Quotes By Winona Ryder

People think that they just want movies like Pretty Woman, when really they - at least the ones that I know personally - have been waiting for something that doesn't completely insult them. — Winona Ryder

Insult Quotes By Pope Francis

You can't provoke, you can't insult the faith of others, you can't make fun of faith, — Pope Francis

Insult Quotes By Peter Hedges

Who's calling?"
"Don't insult me like that," the voice says.
I stop. Was I just insulting? — Peter Hedges

Insult Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

What you did tonight was clever," Wit said. "You turned an attack into a promise. The wisest of men know that to render an insult powerless, you often need only to embrace it. — Brandon Sanderson

Insult Quotes By Jules Renard

I am never bored; to be bored is an insult to one's self. — Jules Renard

Insult Quotes By Adeline Yen Mah

The future belongs to you. Should anyone insult you, tell yourself this: I am a child of destiny who will unite East and West and change the world. — Adeline Yen Mah

Insult Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

Accustomed to John Reed's abuse, I never had an idea of replying to it; my care was how to endure the blow which would certainly follow the insult. — Charlotte Bronte

Insult Quotes By Robert Burton

Now go and brag of thy present happiness, whosoever thou art, brag of thy temperature, of thy good parts, insult, triumph, and boast; thou seest in what a brittle state thou art, how soon thou mayst be dejected, how many several ways, by bad diet, bad air, a small loss, a little sorrow or discontent, an ague, &c.; how many sudden accidents may procure thy ruin, what a small tenure of happiness thou hast in this life, how weak and silly a creature thou art. — Robert Burton

Insult Quotes By Niels Saunders

People like him had these weird thick skins. You insult them to their face and it whistles past their ears. They take irony as compliments and barely even notice your wittiest retorts. When — Niels Saunders

Insult Quotes By Richard Dawkins

However brief our time in the sun, if we waste a second of it, or
complain that it is dull or barren or (like a child) boring, couldn't
this be seen as a callous insult to those unborn trillions who will
never even be offered life in the first place? — Richard Dawkins

Insult Quotes By Nikolaj Velimirovic

O Lord Most-wise, strengthen us by Your power that we not fear the non-believing world neither when they lash us with whips nor when they insult us with words for Your sake. — Nikolaj Velimirovic

Insult Quotes By Jamie McGuire

Ryan held out his hands. "What the hell is this? Beat The Shit Out Of Ryan Week?" "I didn't think you'd mind, since you're always insisting upon getting yourself hospitalized,"Claire said.
Ryan's face screwed into disgust. "That was uncalled for."
"The truth hurts, baby."
He smiled. "If you're going to talk to me like that, you can insult me all day long."
Claire pulled her car keys from her pocket, and then pulled on Ryan's hand. "I meant that you're a baby. It wasn't a term of endearment."
"Yeah, right. — Jamie McGuire

Insult Quotes By Eileen Myles

The poet's life is just so much crenellated waste, nights and days whipping swiftly or laboriously past the cinematic window. We're hunched and weaving over the keys of our green our grey or pink blue manual typewriter maybe a darker stone cold thoritative selectric with its orgasmic expectant hum and us popping pills and laughing over what you or I just wrote, wondering if that line means insult or sex. Or both. Usually both. — Eileen Myles

Insult Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

I take that as an insult, even at 36. — Shaquille O'Neal

Insult Quotes By Simone Elkeles

Tofu tacos are not Mexican. I think putting tofu on anything and calling it Mexican is an insult to my people. — Simone Elkeles

Insult Quotes By Pope Francis

We need to reflect with great seriousness about why many young people don't feel like getting married ... For fear of failure, many do not want to even think about it ... Many people believe the change that has taken place in recent decades was set in motion by the emancipation of women. But this argument is not valid, it is an insult, a form of misogyny. — Pope Francis

Insult Quotes By Judy Byington

In the far reaches of her brain a storehouse of demeaning events evidently opened a door for Extra Sensory Perception experiences to enter. — Judy Byington

Insult Quotes By C.D. Reiss

Small talk is a lubricant, not an insult, — C.D. Reiss

Insult Quotes By Suzanne Fields

Insult is powerful. Insult begets both rage and humor and often at the same time. — Suzanne Fields

Insult Quotes By Ernest Renan

Human cruelty took the form of a pact with the deity. A solemn oath was made to kill everything, in which people forbade themselves any display of reason or compassion. A city or a land was devoted to destruction and it was believed an insult to God if one did not observe the abominable oath. — Ernest Renan

Insult Quotes By Julia Mills

Even sporting a frown, his upper lip was full with a pronounced 'Cupid's bow' that inspired the image of her nibbling his tender flesh to manifest in her mind. At the thought, her cheeks heated with a blush she knew he saw by the smirk that lifted the corner of his mouth.

"What are ya thinkin' about?" He winked, adding insult to injury where her pride was concerned.

Taking a step back and turning on her heel, Abigail growled, "I was thinking you have the manners of a stable boy but are dressed like knight. — Julia Mills

Insult Quotes By James Randolph Adams

Millions of dollars' worth of advertising shows such little respect for the reader's intelligence that it amounts almost to outright insult. — James Randolph Adams

Insult Quotes By Sebastian Junger

In some ways, risk-taking is the ultimate act of self-indulgence, an obscene insult to the preciousness of life. And yet, how can one dismiss something that persists despite every reasonable theory that it shouldn't? — Sebastian Junger

Insult Quotes By Milton Berle

I don't mind personal insults, but when you insult the jokes that I tell you're insulting Fred Allen, Bob Hope, Burns and Allen, Trevor McGee and Molly Picon. — Milton Berle

Insult Quotes By Kedar Joshi

The worst insult I can inflict on life is that I do not reflect on its meaning. — Kedar Joshi

Insult Quotes By Don Rickles

They always use the word 'insult' with me, but I don't hurt anybody. I wouldn't be sitting here if I did. I make fun of everybody and exaggerate all our insecurities. — Don Rickles

Insult Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

I ask of you your lives," Elend said, voice echoing, "and your courage. I ask of you your faith, and your honor - your strength, and your compassion. For today, I lead you to die. I will not ask you to welcome this event. I will not insult you by calling it well, or just, or even glorious. But I will say this.
"Each moment you fight is a gift to those in this cavern. Each second we fight is a second longer that thousands of people can draw breath. Each stroke of the sword, each koloss felled, each breath earned is a victory! It is a person protected for a moment longer, a life extended, an enemy frustrated!"
There was a brief pause.
"In the end, they will kill us," Elend said, voice loud, ringing in the cavern. "But first, they shall fear us! — Brandon Sanderson

Insult Quotes By Rick Warren

Racism is stupid. It's an insult to God, arrogantly implying that God goofed-up when he chose to make us all different. — Rick Warren

Insult Quotes By Jeb Bush

Donald [Trump], you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. That's not going to happen. — Jeb Bush

Insult Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Proceed very carefully with what you're about to say," Roth advised softly. "That's my girl you're about to insult, and I'm not going to be happy about that. At all. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Insult Quotes By Neal Shusterman

You have the soul of a corporation, a teacher once told him. It was meant as an insult, but he took it as a compliment. Corporations have great power and do fine things in this world when they choose to. — Neal Shusterman

Insult Quotes By Orson Scott Card

The only process you've mastered is the process of elimination, and the only reason you've mastered that is because you can do it in the toilet. — Orson Scott Card

Insult Quotes By Patricia Briggs

Auriele stepped in front of Henry when he would have gone to her. Her lips peeled back. "Hijo de perra!" she said, her voice alive with anger.
Henry flushed, so the insult hit home. Calling someone a son of a dog is a good insult among werewolves.
"Hijo de Chihuahua," said Mary Jo. — Patricia Briggs

Insult Quotes By Neville Chamberlain

Though I never shout at Labour Members or insult them, I can never understand the psychology of some of our men who endeavoured to reason with them. — Neville Chamberlain

Insult Quotes By Dennis Prager

There have been huge Muslim demonstrations against cartoons depicting Muhammad and any other perceived insult against Islam. But I am unaware of a single demonstration of Muslims against Muslim terror directed at non-Muslims. — Dennis Prager

Insult Quotes By Hilaire Belloc

Take the particular trick of false names. It seems to us particularly odious. We think when we show our contempt for those who use this subterfuge that we are giving them no more than they deserve. It is a meanness which we associate with criminals and vagabonds; a piece of crawling and sneaking ... Men whose race is universally known, will unblushingly adopt a false name as a mask, and after a year or two pretend to treat it as an insult if their original and true name be used in its place. — Hilaire Belloc

Insult Quotes By Dee Brown

I want to say that further you are not a great chief of this country. That you have no following, no power, no control." Logan continued, "You are on an Indian reservation merely at the sufferance of the government. You are fed by the government, clothed by the government, your children are educated by the government, and all you have and are today is because of the government. If it were not for the government you would be freezing and starving today in the mountains. I merely say these things to notify you that you cannot insult the people of the United States of America or its committees ... the government feeds and clothes and educates your children now, and desires to teach you to become farmers, and to civilize you, and make you as white men.
-Senator John Logan, 1883 — Dee Brown

Insult Quotes By Jacobo Timerman

The entire affective world, constructed over the years with utmost difficulty, collapses with a kick in the father's genitals, a smack on the mother's face, an obscene insult to the sister, or the sexual violation of a daughter. Suddenly an entire culture based on familial love, devotion, the capacity for mutual sacrifice collapses. Nothing is possible in such a universe, and that is precisely what the torturers know ... From my cell, I'd hear the whispered voices of children trying to learn what was happening to their parents, and I'd witness the efforts of daughters to win over a guard, to arouse a feeling of tenderness in him, to incite the hope of some lovely future relationship between them in order to learn what was happening to her mother, to get an orange sent to her, to get permission for her to go to the bathroom. — Jacobo Timerman

Insult Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I would rather insult you than lose you, he said, and before any of them could make a move to stop him, he cast both items into the fire. — Cassandra Clare

Insult Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The hippocampus is the structure where memory is supposedly controlled. It is the most plastic part of the brain; it is also the part that is assumed to absorb all the damage from repeated insults like the chronic stress we experience daily from small doses of negative feelings - as opposed to the invigorating "good stress" of the tiger popping up occasionally in your living room. You can rationalize all you want; the hippocampus takes the insult of chronic stress seriously, incurring irreversible atrophy. Contrary to popular belief, these small, seemingly harmless stressors do not strengthen you; they can amputate part of your self. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Insult Quotes By Seneca The Younger

What should a wise person do when given a blow? Same as Cato when he was attacked; not fire up or revenge the insult., or even return the blow, but simply ignore it. — Seneca The Younger

Insult Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

He would make a good lamp post if he'd weather better and didn't have to eat. — Kurt Vonnegut

Insult Quotes By David Duchovny

You humans drink our milk and eat the eggs of the chickens and the ducks. Isn't that enough for you? Isn't it enough that we give you our children and what's meant for our children? And if not, when is it enough? All you humans do is take, take, take from the earth and its beautiful creatures, and what do you give back? Nothing. I know humans consider it a grave insult to be called an animal. Well, I would never give a human the fine distinction of being called an animal, because an animal may kill to live but an animal never lives to kill. Humans have to earn the right to be called animals again. — David Duchovny

Insult Quotes By John Lydon

I wanted to wear the most impenetrable suit of armour ever known to mankind. 'Hello, Mr. Rotten ... ' You can't say anything about me. You can't put me down in any way shape or form - I'm rotten to the core ... you know, what's left for you? Pleasantries? I suppose the worst insult you could sling my way is 'Oh, he's really nice, him.' — John Lydon

Insult Quotes By C.G. Faulkner

Clinton leaned in close, breath stinking. "I'm a well-compensated lawman, Reb. Let's leave it at that. You'll never prove anything else."
"You're no lawman. You are a whore," Tom growled. — C.G. Faulkner

Insult Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

How dare this soft-waisted, indolent creature insult Morgan's lack of blue blood? Oh, Morgan had his faults to be sure... but he was a hundred times more of a man than Gerard could ever hope to be. "He's an attractive man."
"An oversized ape," Gerard scoffed.
"He amuses me. And he can afford my tastes. That is enough for now. — Lisa Kleypas

Insult Quotes By William Shakespeare

O me, you juggler, you canker-blossom, you thief of love! — William Shakespeare

Insult Quotes By Nadia Bolz-Weber

Jesus brings a kingdom ruled by the crucified one and populated by the unclean and always found in the unexpected. I'd expected to look at the past and see only mistakes that I'd moved on from, to see only damage and addiction and tragic self-delusion. But by thinking that way, I'd assumed that God was nowhere to be found back then. But that's kind of an insult to God. It's like saying, 'You only exist when I recognize you.' The kingdom of heaven, which Jesus talked about all the time, is, as he said, here. At hand. It's now. Wherever you are. In ways you'd never expect. — Nadia Bolz-Weber

Insult Quotes By Moses Hadas

Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. I'll waste no time reading it. — Moses Hadas

Insult Quotes By Jason Calacanis

TechCrunch is the publication of record, but they're so bad and uninformed. It's insult after insult. When I play poker with other VC's, we all laugh at TechCrunch. — Jason Calacanis

Insult Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

He insulted me' -this knowledge binds one with terrible demerit karma. — Dada Bhagwan

Insult Quotes By Karen Russell

Kiwi thought back to his first weeks, when insults had been impossible for him. One time he'd called Deemer a troglodyte but his delivery had been tentative and way, way too slow, as if the insult were a fork tenderly entering a steak. — Karen Russell

Insult Quotes By Saint Francis De Sales

Do not desire crosses, unless you have borne well those laid on you; it is an abuse to long after martyrdom while unable to bear an insult patiently. — Saint Francis De Sales

Insult Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A friend of mankind with shaky moral foundation is a cannibal of mankind, to say nothing of his vainglory; insult the vainglory of one of these numberless friends of mankind, and he is ready at once to set fire to the four corners of the world out of petty vengence — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Insult Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

Murtagh was right about women. Sassenach, I risked my life for ye, committing theft, arson, assault, and murder into the bargain. In return for which ye call me names, insult my manhood, kick me in the ballocks and claw my face. Then I beat you half to death and tell ye all the most humiliating things have ever happened to me, and ye say ye love me." He laid his head on his knees and laughed some more. Finally he rose and held out a hand to me, wiping his eyes with the other.
"You're no verra sensible, Sassenach, but I like ye fine. Let's go. — Diana Gabaldon

Insult Quotes By Wendy Lichtman

He doesn't seem to mind at all that he's stupid about math. — Wendy Lichtman

Insult Quotes By Ayn Rand

Don't fool yourself, my dear. You're much worse than a bitch. You're a saint. Which shows why saints are dangerous and undesirable. — Ayn Rand

Insult Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

What do I do? (Jeff)
Well, not to insult a man who looks like a rocket scientist in comparison to you, but ... run, Forrest, run. (Rafael) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Insult Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

You can never be annoyed by anyone when you are just alone, insults comes from being too familiar even with the most respectful persons. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Insult Quotes By Bill Bryson

It is easy to overlook this thought that life just is. As humans we are inclined to feel that life must have a point. We have plans and aspirations and desires. We want to take constant advantage of the intoxicating existence we've been endowed with. But what's life to a lichen? Yet its impulse to exist, to be , is every bit as strong as ours-arguably even stronger. If I were told that I had to spend decades being a furry growth on a rock in the woods, I believe I would lose the will to go on. Lichens don't. Like virtually all living things, they will suffer any hardship, endure any insult, for a moment's additions existence. Life, in short just wants to be. — Bill Bryson

Insult Quotes By Volker Ullrich

Who cares whether they laugh at us or insult us, treating us as fools or criminals?" Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf. "The point is that they talk about us and constantly think about us. — Volker Ullrich

Insult Quotes By Suzan Shown Harjo

For most Native Americans, there's no more offensive name in English. That non-Native folks think they get to measure or decide what offends us is adding insult to injury. — Suzan Shown Harjo

Insult Quotes By Liu Xiaobo

Free expression is the base of human rights, the root of human nature and the mother of truth. To kill free speech is to insult human rights, to stifle human nature and to suppress truth. — Liu Xiaobo

Insult Quotes By Christine Pope

The Gaians sneered at the Zhore behind their backs, calling them pacifists, as if that word were an insult, but Lirzhan did not take it as such. A peaceful solution was always best, but if one did not present itself, then so be it. — Christine Pope

Insult Quotes By Leora Tanenbaum

Abstaining from sex, hitting the books, and wearing loose-fitting clothes are common ways that girls try to molt their "slutty" image. But more often their shame leads them to self-destructive behavior. They become willing to do things that they wouldn't have dreamed of doing before they were scandalized because they now feel they have so little to offer. Some girls do drugs or drink to excess in an attempt to blot away their stigma. Others become depressed and anorexic. And others think so little of themselves that they date boys who insult or beat them. — Leora Tanenbaum

Insult Quotes By James Joyce

Force, hatred, history, all that. That's not life for men and women, insult and hatred. And everybody knows that it's the very opposite of that that is really life ... Love, says Bloom. I mean the opposite of hatred. — James Joyce

Insult Quotes By Publilius Syrus

Life itself is an insult to the wretched. — Publilius Syrus

Insult Quotes By John Quincy Adams

The declaration that our People are hostile to a government made by themselves, for themselves, and conducted by themselves, is an insult. — John Quincy Adams

Insult Quotes By Ronald Reagan

To say Congress is spending like drunken sailors is an insult to drunken sailors. — Ronald Reagan

Insult Quotes By Edmund Burke

I thought ten thousand swords must have leaped from their scabbards to avenge even a look that threatened her with insult. But the age of chivalry is gone. — Edmund Burke

Insult Quotes By Sian Lavinia Anais Valeriana

When a person does aggravate like a plaguing itch, acceptance is no matter. — Sian Lavinia Anais Valeriana

Insult Quotes By Gore Vidal

He's a full-fledged housewife from Kansas with all the prejudices. — Gore Vidal

Insult Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

What are you doing here?! (Aimee)
Come to inadvertently insult you some more apparently. Who knew? (Fang) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Insult Quotes By Brennan Manning

When a man or woman is truly honest, it is virtually impossible to insult them personally. — Brennan Manning

Insult Quotes By Kenny Smith

Some form of gnosis or immediacy is attached to all thinking as its root-form or primitive origination; every act of thinking has this passive derivation, this coming-into-being of thinking not out of nothing (as it likes to imagine) but out of some unthinkable something. But the most self-abstractivist or self-reductivist kind of thinking cannot tolerate even the notion (much less the traumatic experience or confrontation) of an incurable pathos, a weakness or blind-spot, within consciousness. The very idea is an insult to the autonomy or self-determinability of ego/will/reason. — Kenny Smith

Insult Quotes By Laura Lippman

I would prefer," Pat said, his voice a little stiff, as if he expected resistance, "that I be the cosigner on the loan, if you go through with this. I know I'm not a famous billionaire, but I think my credit's just as good."
No, you're wrong about that," Tess said, shaking her head.
As far as I'm concerned, it's better. I'd much rather do business with you."
They shook on it. It was a deal, after all, not a time for hugging.
Favors, Arnie Vasso had once said. Your father knows all about favors. He had meant it as an insult, a sly reference to the corners the Monaghans and Weinsteins cut here and there. Now Tess saw it for the simple truth it was: Her father understood favors. How to do them, how to accept them, how to walk away when the price was too steep. It was a lesson she wouldn't mind learning someday.
Maybe this was the place to start. — Laura Lippman

Insult Quotes By Olivier Todd

[As part of Camus' refusal to debate his political enemies publicly after their vitriolic responses to the publication of 'The Rebel'] At this point, the least sentence I might say will be used in a way that disgusts me in advance ... It would be impossible for me in that case to continue expressing myself with academic politeness. I am mistaken for a deliberately polite man whom one may insult in all safety. — Olivier Todd

Insult Quotes By Nathan Filer

Any punishment is an insult to the crime — Nathan Filer

Insult Quotes By Steven Solomon

A family of four needs to transport around 200 pounds of water each and every day to meet its most minimal drinking, cooking, and cleaning needs. To manage such an impossible weight, two trips to the well each day by mother and children are not uncommon. Carrying water for basic subsistence devours school time for children and places a dispiriting burden on the enterprising will of parents to struggle out of their material privation. That the water carrying falls traditionally on women adds the insult of gender inequity to the tragedy. — Steven Solomon

Insult Quotes By Anna Howard Shaw

What is Americanism? Every one has a different answer. Some people say it is never to submit to the dictation of a King. Others say Americanism is the pride of liberty and the defence of an insult to the flag with their gore. When some half-developed person tramples on that flag, we should be ready to pour out the blood of the nation, they say. But do we not sit in silence when that flag waves over living conditions which should be an insult to all patriotism? — Anna Howard Shaw

Insult Quotes By William Shakespeare

Do you bite your thumb at us, sir? — William Shakespeare

Insult Quotes By Mitch McConnell

To call this a recovery is an insult to recoveries. — Mitch McConnell

Insult Quotes By Marcel Proust

I loved her; I was sorry not to have had the time and the inspiration to insult her, to do her some injury, to force her to keep some memory of me. — Marcel Proust

Insult Quotes By Richard Dawkins

I do sometimes accuse people of ignorance, but that is not intended to be an insult. I'm ignorant of lots of things. Ignorance is something that can be remedied by education. — Richard Dawkins

Insult Quotes By Portia De Rossi

She'd tell me how she'd handle the backhanded compliment by smiling and pretending she was receiving a genuine compliment all the while ignoring their attempt to be insulting. After all, it's the way an insult is received that makes it an insult. You can't really give offense unless someone takes it. — Portia De Rossi

Insult Quotes By Frederick Douglass

A gentleman will not insult me, and no man not a gentleman can insult me. — Frederick Douglass

Insult Quotes By Kim Thuy

If a mark of affection can sometimes be taken for an insult, perhaps the gesture of love is not universal: it too must be translated from one language to another, must be learned. — Kim Thuy

Insult Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Are you that afraid of being wrong? One would assume you'd be accustomed to it by now."
He grunted. "Be careful, girl. You wouldn't want to accidentally insult a man."
"The last thing I'd want to do is accidentally insult you, Vathah," Shallan said. "To think that I
couldn't manage it on purpose if I wanted! — Brandon Sanderson

Insult Quotes By Al Alvarez

It is easy to smile at an insult and pretend it's funny when the person insulting you is hosing you with money. — Al Alvarez

Insult Quotes By Frank Zappa

Producing satire is kind of hopeless because of the literacy rate of the American public. — Frank Zappa

Insult Quotes By Dorothy Parker

If all the girls attending [the Yale prom] were laid end to end, I wouldn't be at all surprised. — Dorothy Parker

Insult Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Recognizing that people's reactions don't belong to you is the only sane way to create. If people enjoy what you've created, terrific. If people ignore what you've created, too bad. If people misunderstand what you've created, don't sweat it. And what if people absolutely hate what you've created? What if people attack you with savage vitriol, and insult your intelligence, and malign your motives, and drag your good name through the mud? Just smile sweetly and suggest - as politely as you possibly can - that they go make their own fucking art. Then stubbornly continue making yours. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Insult Quotes By Rabindranath Tagore

The fact is, those who are like everyone else arouse no hatred unless there is a reason. But when a resplendent inner self pierces the grossness that envelops it, some, quite irrationally, extend it heartfelt adoration; others, just as irrationally, try heart and soul to insult it. — Rabindranath Tagore