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Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By Jaeda DeWalt

Nestled deep within the hills and valleys or our deepest desires, we are already everything we wish to be. Our infinite potential hugging our interior landscape like a hazy mist, in the way that low clouds hug the earth. Patiently waiting for us to paint them onto the brilliant blue skies of our reality. — Jaeda DeWalt

Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By ELLE NICOLAI

Transcendental artists are messengers. Their symbolic vocabulary originates from the infinite wisdom of higher spheres, in a non-referential time/space continuum ... the way of the shaman. The presence of glyphs speaks a universal language of the soulthat transcends words. If one considers the notion of parallel realities and the plurality of dimensional realms, the premise of art as "consciousness-provoking vessel" can be viewed as an organic and natural occurrence. — ELLE NICOLAI

Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By Rumi

Allah made the illusion look real and the real an illusion. He concealed the sea and made the foam visible, the wind invisible, and the dust manifest. you see the dust whirling, but how can the dust rise by itself? you see the foam, but not the ocean. invoke Him with deeds, not words; for deeds are real and will save you in the infinite-life. — Rumi

Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By Mark Stephens

The ultimate language of yoga is expressed in doing yoga, a practice that transcends words as we open our lives to living more consciously through the infinite wisdom of the heart. — Mark Stephens

Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By Kristy Cambron

We think we know what we want, don't we? We always believe we know better than God. We have our entire journey plotted out. We may have even packed our bags and purchased a ticket, but God always has His own plans. And His plans are infinite in wisdom." Sophie smiled on the last words and took a sip of tea. "He was here, you know. — Kristy Cambron

Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By Jaeda DeWalt

For years, i lived my life, waiting for the other shoe to drop ... i thought control was something i could have over my life. My goal was to live life, in such a way, that i would never again have to suffer any form of trauma or abuse that would remind me of my painful past. I was living life on a tightrope of tension. I was only happy when things went smoothly and came apart at the seams when i was thrown a curveball.
NOW, i realize, that the key to happiness is surrendering to the illusion of control. And to trust that, no matter what happens to me, i have the infinite inner-wisdom and strength to find my way through. — Jaeda DeWalt

Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By Terryl L. Givens

If God can transform cosmic entropy and malice alike into fire that purifies rather than destroys, how much more can He do this with the actions of well-intentioned but less-than-perfect leaders. In other words, it is reasonable to believe that in His infinite wisdom, God anticipates not only the devices and strategies of the wicked but also the foreseeable range of His leaders' errors - and appoints them with those limitations already considered. — Terryl L. Givens

Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

You are the heirs of infinite love and light. Come out my friend. Come out from the narrow lanes of darkness. Come out into the vivacious light of the day where all the glory resides. Come out, O lions, and shake off the ancient mysticism and prejudices. You are the most fascinating expression of Mother Nature. Your soul is the expression of the whole Universe. All the power in the universe is born with you in your biology. Recognize them, realize them and ultimately utilize them in the pursuit of spreading love, harmony and peace. — Abhijit Naskar

Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By Anonymous

The thoughts and methods of infinite wisdom, expressed in the plainest of human words, must sometimes remain inscrutible. — Anonymous

Infinite Words Of Wisdom Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Music gives infinite strength. — Lailah Gifty Akita