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Top Infectious Disease Quotes

Infectious Disease Quotes By Andrea Barrett

Infectious disease exists at this intersection between real science, medicine, public health, social policy, and human conflict. There's a tendency of people to try and make a group out of those who have the disease. It makes people who don't have the disease feel safer. — Andrea Barrett

Infectious Disease Quotes By David Quammen

Numbers can be an important aspect of understanding infectious disease. Take measles. At first glance, it might seem nonmathematical. It's caused by a paramyxovirus — David Quammen

Infectious Disease Quotes By Charles Dickens

Such is hope, Heaven's own gift to struggling mortals; pervading, like some subtle essence from the skies, all things, both good and bad; as universal as death, and more infectious than disease! — Charles Dickens

Infectious Disease Quotes By Paul Johnson

If anti-Semitism is a variety of racism, it is a most peculiar variety, with many unique characteristics. In my view as a historian, it is so peculiar that it deserves to be placed in a quite different category. I would call it an intellectual disease, a disease of the mind, extremely infectious and massively destructive. — Paul Johnson

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

Among frail, elderly patients, C. diff can be fatal in approximately 5-10%. Some patients with severe C. diff end up losing their colon and have a permanent bag on their side to catch bodily waste, via a procedure known as an ileostomy. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By Boris Pasternak

Don't be upset. Don't listen to me. I only meant that I am jealous of a dark, unconscious element, something irrational, unfathomable. I am jealous of your toilet articles, of the drops of sweat on your skin, of the germs in the air you breathe which could get into your blood and poison you. And I am jealous of Komarovsky, as if he were an infectious disease. Someday he will take you away, just as certainly as death will someday separate us. I know this must seem obscure and confused, but I can't say it more clearly. I love you madly, irrationally, infinitely. — Boris Pasternak

Infectious Disease Quotes By Robert Koch

The pure culture is the foundation for all research on infectious disease. — Robert Koch

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

Once C. diff leaves the colon of the infected patient in a liquid stool, it usually converts to a spore that is like a seed that lies dormant in the hospital until it gets picked up by a suitable human host. Once swallowed, C. diff germinates (hatches) in the bowel and starts a new cycle of infection. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

Many people infected with C. diff are sick with diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, and weight loss. Others are "carriers" of C. diff with no signs or symptoms of disease. Some of these carriers have been recently infected with C. diff but have recovered and now feel well. But carriers still have the C. diff organism in their stools and can serve as a silent reservoir of infection in hospitals and nursing homes. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By Peter Hoeg

Whining is a virus, a lethal, infectious, epidemic disease. — Peter Hoeg

Infectious Disease Quotes By Donald Trump

The worst elements in Mexico are being pushed into the United States by the Mexican government. The Border Patrol knows this. Likewise, tremendous infectious disease is pouring across the border. — Donald Trump

Infectious Disease Quotes By Linda Sunshine

Any idiot would know women's needs are simple. All we want is your basic millionaire brain surgeon criminal lawyer great dancer who pilots his own Lear Jet and owns seafront property. On the other hand, things being what they are today, most of us will settle for a guy who holds down a steady job and isn't carrying an infectious disease. — Linda Sunshine

Infectious Disease Quotes By Peter C. Doherty

I share Alfred Nobel's conviction that war is the greatest of all human disasters. Infectious disease runs a good second. — Peter C. Doherty

Infectious Disease Quotes By Harvey V. Fineberg

We've gone from a preponderance of acute and infectious disease as a source of premature death to chronic diseases, which are the preponderance of the burden of illness in most of the world. That puts a much higher premium on the prevention of chronic disease than ever in history. — Harvey V. Fineberg

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

Some studies have reported C. diff in food purchased in a supermarket. Dogs, horses, pigs, and rabbits can also be carriers of C. diff, although spread of disease from pets or domestic animals to humans has yet to be documented. Like most infections, it is usually impossible to pinpoint the source of C. diff. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By S. Jay Olshansky

We have grown accustomed to the wonders of clean water, indoor plumbing, laser surgery, genetic engineering, artificial joints, replacement body parts, and the much longer lives that accompany them. Yet we should remember that the vast majority of humans ever born died before the age of 10 from an infectious disease. — S. Jay Olshansky

Infectious Disease Quotes By Peter Duesberg

For the public ever to break command science it must first understand the basis of its enormous powers ... Traditionally, the power of medical sciences has been based on the fear of disease, particularly infectious disease. — Peter Duesberg

Infectious Disease Quotes By Rajneesh

Joy is as infectious as any disease. When you see a few people dancing, suddenly you feel your feet are ready. You may try to control them, because control has been taught to you, but your body wants to join the dance. Whenever you have an opportunity to laugh, join; whenever you have an opportunity to dance, join; whenever you have an opportunity to sing, sing - and one day you will find you have created your paradise. — Rajneesh

Infectious Disease Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Love is the most infectious disease, so spread it as much as you can, as quick as you can; there is no remedy for love but it prevents all other diseases from spreading. — Debasish Mridha

Infectious Disease Quotes By Arthur Koestler

Among all forms of mentation, verbal thinking is the most articulate, the most complex, and the most vulnerable to infectious diseases. It is liable to absorb whispered suggestions, and to incorporate them as hidden persuaders into the code. — Arthur Koestler

Infectious Disease Quotes By Thomas Mann

What was life? Was it perhaps only an infectious disease of matter - just as the so-called spontaneous generation of matter was perhaps only an illness, a cancerous stimulation of the immaterial? The first step toward evil, toward lust and death, was doubtless taken when, as the result of a tickle by some unknown incursion, spirit increased in density for the first time, creating a pathologically rank growth of tissue that formed, half in pleasure, half in defense, as the prelude to matter, the transition from the immaterial to the material. — Thomas Mann

Infectious Disease Quotes By David Quammen

Mad cow disease is caused by a prion, a weirdly folded protein molecule that triggers weird folding in other molecules, like Kurt Vonnegut's infectious form of water, ice-nine, in his great early novel Cat's Cradle. — David Quammen

Infectious Disease Quotes By Robert W. Chambers

It is well known how the book spread like an infectious disease, from city to city, from continent to continent, barred out here, confiscated there, denounced by press and pulpit, censured even by the most advanced of literary anarchists. No definite principles had been violated in those wicked pages, no doctrine promulgated, no convictions outraged. It could not be judged by any known standard, yet, although it was acknowledged that the supreme note of art had been struck in "The King in Yellow," all felt that human nature could not bear the strain nor thrive on words in which the essence of purest poison lurked. The very banality and innocence of the first act only allowed the blow to fall afterwards with more awful effect. — Robert W. Chambers

Infectious Disease Quotes By Peter Rogers

Why are infectious disease doctors the best ones to date? They are the most cultured and sensitive. — Peter Rogers

Infectious Disease Quotes By John J. Ross

and thought to tart it up with a few Shakespeare quotations, having a vague recollection from my undergraduate days that the Bard was fond of joking about the great pox. I dusted off my battered copy of the Riverside Shakespeare and started leafing through it. Holy crap, I thought, there is a lot of stuff here on syphilis. My curiosity was piqued, and I did some more digging. Was there a connection between Shakespeare's syphilitic obsession, contemporary gossip about his sexual misadventures, and the only medical fact known about him with certainty - that his handwriting became tremulous in late middle age? I wrote an article that appeared in Clinical Infectious Diseases, supposing it to be of scant interest beyond its immediate specialty audience. To my surprise, it generated a fair amount of Internet buzz, and inspired a segment on The Daily Show. I began to think that there might be interest in a book on the topic of writers and disease, written from a medical perspective. — John J. Ross

Infectious Disease Quotes By Jodi Picoult

As anyone who's ever contracted it knows, lies are an infectious disease. They slip under the almond slivers of your fingernails and into your bloodstream. — Jodi Picoult

Infectious Disease Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

What is more dangerous than to become a poet? which is, as some say, an incurable and infectious disease. — Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Infectious Disease Quotes By Doug Kaufman

That and many other cases since then, most of them concerning autoimune diseases, have drilled into my head that patient relief is NOT THE BOTTOM LINE IN standardized medicine - following protocol is. That kind of reasoning works when the protocol in question achieves a cure for a given
disease. For diabetes, clearing it hasn't. — Doug Kaufman

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

Hospitals in almost every country have reported outbreaks of C. diff, and the number and severity of cases continues to soar. In 2010 there were 350,000 cases of C. diff diagnosed in U.S. hospitals. That means that of 1,000 patients admitted to U.S hospitals, 10 will become infected with C. diff, most of them elderly. In some hospitals and nursing homes, as many as one in five patients is infected. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By Hans Zinsser

Infectious disease is one of the few genuine adventures left in the world. The dragons are all dead and the lance grows rusty in the chimney corner ... About the only sporting proposition that remains unimpaired by the relentless domestication of a once free-living human species is the war against those ferocious little fellow creatures, which lurk in dark corners and stalk us in the bodies of rats, mice and all kinds of domestic animals; which fly and crawl with the insects, and waylay us in our food and drink and even in our love — Hans Zinsser

Infectious Disease Quotes By Peter Conrad

[T]here are no illnesses in nature, only relationships. There are, of course, naturally occurring events, including infectious viruses, malignant growths, ruptures of tissues, and unusual chromosome constellations, but these are not ipso facto illnesses. Without the social meaning that humans attach to them they do not constitute illness or disease:

The fracture of a septuagenarian's femur has, within the world of nature, so more significance than the snapping of an autumn leaf from its twig; and the invasion of a human organism by cholera germs carries with it no more the stamp of "illness" than the souring of milk by other forms of bacteria. (Sedgwick, 1972, p. 211) — Peter Conrad

Infectious Disease Quotes By Wen Jiabao

China and other members should join efforts to combat serious infectious disease, such as bird flu. To enhance the cooperation on the prevention of bird flu is an important target of the organization, which includes Russia, China and four Central Asian states. — Wen Jiabao

Infectious Disease Quotes By Leslie Charteris

Simon Templar was a man who couldn't help spreading melodrama all around him like an infectious disease. — Leslie Charteris

Infectious Disease Quotes By Eula Biss

Infectious disease is one of the primary mechanisms of natural immunity. Whether we are sick or healthy, disease is always passing through our bodies. "Probably we're diseased all the time," as one biologist puts it, "but we're hardly ever ill." It is only when disease manifests as illness that we see it as unnatural, in the "contrary to the ordinary course of nature" sense of the word. When a child's fingers blacken on his hand from Hib disease, when tetanus locks a child's jaw and stiffens her body, when a baby barks for breath from pertussis, when a child's legs are twisted and shrunken with polio - then disease does not seem natural. — Eula Biss

Infectious Disease Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Nay, what is even worse, he may become a poet, which they say is an incurable and infectious disease." "This — Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Infectious Disease Quotes By Paul W. Ewald

Like many great ideas in biology, the idea implicating infectious causation in chronic diseases, though simple, has far-reaching implications. It is so simple and so significant, that one would think it would have been recognized by many and would be the starting point for any discussion on the causes of disease. Not yet. — Paul W. Ewald

Infectious Disease Quotes By Brenda Wilmoth Lerner

Humanity shares a common ancestry with all living things on Earth. We often share especially close intimacies with the microbial world. In fact, only a small percentage of the cells in the human body are human at all. Yet, the common biology and biochemistry that unites us also makes us susceptible to contracting and transmitting infectious disease. — Brenda Wilmoth Lerner

Infectious Disease Quotes By Laurie Garrett

In all, 86 per cent of the increased life expectancy was due to decreases in infectious diseases. And the bulk of the decline in infectious disease deaths occurred prior to the age of antibiotics. Less than 4 per cent of the total improvement in life expectancy since 1700s can be credited to twentieth-century advances in medical care. — Laurie Garrett

Infectious Disease Quotes By Deborah Blum

As the mother of the ten-month-old hospitalized in San Diego said, if people want to make that choice, they should go live on an island with its own schools and doctors: "their own little infectious disease island. — Deborah Blum

Infectious Disease Quotes By Thomas Mann

And for its part, what was life? Was it perhaps only an infectious disease of matter - just as the so-called spontaneous generation of matter was perhaps only an illness, a cancerous stimulation of the immaterial? — Thomas Mann

Infectious Disease Quotes By Alice Miller

Sadism is not an infectious disease that strikes a person all of a sudden. It has a long prehistory in childhood and always originates in the desperate fantasies of a child who is searching for a way out of a hopeless situation. — Alice Miller

Infectious Disease Quotes By Joseph DeRisi

When I came to University of California, San Francisco to work on infectious disease, I looked around to different options, and malaria was particularly interesting and fascinating to me. It's amazing that after 100 years of study of this little parasite, we've not been able to effectively control it. — Joseph DeRisi

Infectious Disease Quotes By H.L. Mencken

The ideal way to get rid of any infectious disease would be to shoot instantly every person who comes down with it. — H.L. Mencken

Infectious Disease Quotes By Paul Johnson

Like many physical diseases, anti-Semitism is highly infectious, and can become endemic in certain localities and societies. Though a disease of the mind, it is by no means confined to weak, feeble, or commonplace intellects; as history sadly records, its carriers have included men and women of otherwise powerful and subtle thoughts. — Paul Johnson

Infectious Disease Quotes By Brittainy C. Cherry

I wasn't sure of it, but I was almost certain that loneliness was a disease. An infectious, disgusting illness that was slow to creep into your system and overtake you, even though you tried to fight it off the best you could. — Brittainy C. Cherry

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

Testing stools for C. diff in patients after they have finished their Flagyl or Vanco for 10 days and after their bowel movements have returned to normal (that is, formed and not watery) is a waste of time and money, and is not helpful to the doctor or patient. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By Eula Biss

The extra time and trouble required to follow Dr. Bob's alternative schedule are hard to justify unless the dangers of contracting infectious diseases early in life are minimized and the dangers of vaccinating early in life are exaggerated. Much of The Vaccine Book is devoted to this minimization and exaggeration. Tetanus is not a disease that affects infants, according to Dr. Bob, Hib disease is rare, and measles is not that bad. He does not mention that tetanus kills hundreds of thousands of babies in the developing world every year, that most children will encounter the bacteria that causes Hib disease within the first two years of their lives, and that measles has killed more children than any other disease in history. — Eula Biss

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

The idea behind a stool transplant is to "reseed the lawn," so to speak. After exposure to weeks or months of antibiotics (including Vanco) the normal bowel flora - the organisms in your colon that help prevent infection - is weakened. They simply can't keep C. diff out. In other words, the normal barrier function of the colonic flora is gone, and C. diff gets right back in. So putting in some normal flora from a healthy donor is like reseeding the lawn - it restores the barrier. When that happens, C. diff cannot get back in, and the infection is cured. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By Danna Pycher

Kindness is infectious. Spread the disease. — Danna Pycher

Infectious Disease Quotes By Rachel Carson

Only yesterday mankind lived in fear of the scourges of smallpox, cholera and plague that once swept nations before them. Now our major concern is no longer with the disease organisms that once were omnipresent; sanitation, better living conditions, and new drugs have given us a high degree of control over infectious disease. Today we are concerned with a different kind of hazard that lurks in our environment-a hazard we ourselves have introduced into our world as our modern way of life has evolved. — Rachel Carson

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

In the past five years, C. diff has spread across the globe, helped in large part by air travel, the availability and frequent use of antibiotics, and the graying of the world's population. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By Jessica Stern

That man penetrated me with his shame. Shame, I realize now, is an infectious disease. Shame can be sexually transmitted. (107) — Jessica Stern

Infectious Disease Quotes By William H. Stewart

It's time to close the books on infectious diseases, declare the war against pestilence won, and shift national resources to such chronic problems as cancer and heart disease. — William H. Stewart

Infectious Disease Quotes By Arshavir Ter Hovannessian

In regard to the aetiology of infectious diseases we must abandon the notions conceived in time of Koch, Ehrlich and Pasteur on the 'pathogenic' nature of the microorganisms of external and internal media. In the full sense of the word it is not the bacteria themselves that are pathogenic, but those physiological correlations which exist in the given organism at a particular moment and which are organically connected with the disturbances in its regulative systems and nervous mechanisms. There are no special 'pathogenic' microbes in nature; there are, however, no end of factors that promote susceptibility in a normally resistant subject, and vice versa. — Arshavir Ter Hovannessian

Infectious Disease Quotes By Don DeLillo

That's the world out there, little green apples and infectious disease. — Don DeLillo

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

C. diff can sometimes be life-threatening, even in healthy young adults. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

C. diff is not a simple "stomach bug" like viral gastroenteritis or food poisoning that disappears in nearly all patients after a week or two. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By William Crawford Gorgas

In times of stress and danger such as come about as the result of an epidemic, many tragic and cruel phases of human nature are brought out, as well as many brave and unselfish ones. — William Crawford Gorgas

Infectious Disease Quotes By Arthur Erickson

The tourist transports his own values and demands to his destinations and implants them like an infectious disease, decimating whatever values existed before. — Arthur Erickson

Infectious Disease Quotes By J. Thomas LaMont

Some older or very ill patients may not be suitable candidates for fecal transfer. Colonoscopy is an invasive procedure, especially for those patients who are too ill with other conditions like cancer, heart failure, dialysis, or Alzheimer's. — J. Thomas LaMont

Infectious Disease Quotes By Hans Zinsser

We have chosen to write the biography of our disease because we love it platonically - as Amy Lowell loved Keats - and have sought its acquaintance wherever we could find it. And in this growing intimacy we have become increasingly impressed with the influence that this and other infectious diseases, which span - in their protoplasmic continuities - the entire history of mankind, have had upon the fates of men. — Hans Zinsser