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Improbability Drive Quotes & Sayings

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Top Improbability Drive Quotes

Improbability Drive Quotes By Nicole McKay

I had a dream about you last night ... I was a brick and you were a blanket. Damn that improbability drive. — Nicole McKay

Improbability Drive Quotes By Douglas Adams

That's very good thinking, you know. Turn on the Improbability Drive for a second without first activating the proofing screens. Hey, kid, you just saved our lives, you know that?" "Oh," said Arthur, "well, it was nothing really ... ." "Was it?" said Zaphod. "Oh well, forget it then. Okay, computer, take us in to land." "But ... " "I said forget it. — Douglas Adams

Improbability Drive Quotes By Douglas Adams

When the Infinite Improbability Drive arrived and whole planets started unexpectedly turning into banana fruitcake, the great history faculty of the University of MaxiMegalon finally gave up, closed itself down and surrendered its buildings to the rapidly growing joint faculty of Divinity and Water Polo, which had been after them for years. Which — Douglas Adams

Improbability Drive Quotes By Douglas Adams

The ship did. All by itself." "Huh?" "While we were in Improbability Drive." "But that's incredible." "No, Zaphod. Just very very improbable. — Douglas Adams