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I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Colette

She (her mother) noticed that I was prettier than I was at home. Thus do girls change color in the warmth of masculine desire, whether they are fifteen or thirty. — Colette

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Alexandra Adornetto

You're prettier than I imagined you", Raphael said. "Uh ... thank you," I said. "But I don't really ... "
"Wait,wait, I've got one," he interrupted. "Somebody better call God. Because Heaven's missing an angel! — Alexandra Adornetto

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Lauren Leto

The prettier the wine bottle, the higher the likelihood sorority girls will buy it. — Lauren Leto

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Kelly Ripa

I'm not a prettier everywoman. I am an everywoman that they clean up awfully well for T.V. — Kelly Ripa

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By K.M. Shea

ELLE! DID YOU PUT A STUFFED CAT IN MY STUDY?" A pretty woman on the fat pony galloped out of the courtyard, calling over her shoulder. "I thought you might like the company of one of your own kind!" A handsome man emerged from the courtyard, riding the large gelding. "Elle!" "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" the woman laughed. "I look nothing like a cat anymore! Must you continue to obsess over felines?" The man cued his horse into a trot. The woman pulled her pony to a halt a stone's throw from the farmer and his children. "True. It's my own fault, I suppose. I shouldn't have married a man who is prettier than I am." The man on the mouse-colored gelding looked murderous. The — K.M. Shea

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Caroline Knapp

What is this drive to be thinner, prettier, better dressed, other? Who exactly is this other and what does she look like beyond the jacket she's wearing or the food she's not eating? What might we be doing, thinking, feeling about if we didn't think about body image, ever? — Caroline Knapp

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

For some people the past is so vicious that it creates a loop of bad memories that runs constantly inside their hearts. A loop so bad that sometimes it reaches out to those capable of seeing it to let us know to take extra care of the ones who were hurt. It tells us to let them know that just because the world is eat up with mean, it doesn't mean we all are. That even though the past hurt them, it doesn't have to destroy their future. Give as many smiles away as you can. They're free and make the world a much prettier place. You may not have the best clothes or the latest in shoes, but everyone has a unique designer smile that is worth millions, especially for those who need its warmth. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Jeffrey McDaniel

I've been ignored by prettier women than you,
but none who carried the heavy pitchers of silence
so far, without spilling a drop. — Jeffrey McDaniel

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Fall Out Boy

We're the new face of failure
Prettier and younger but not any better off
Bullet proof loneliness
At best, at best — Fall Out Boy

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I would not be a rose upon the wall
A queen might stop at, near the palace-door,
To say to a courtier, "Pluck that rose for me,
It's prettier than the rest." O Romney Leigh!
I'd rather far be trodden by his foot,
Than lie in a great queen's bosom. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Elizabeth George

At once, she dropped her gaze 2 the floor so she wouldn't have 2 meet the stares because she knew exactly how she looked, which was bad, very bad, extra bad from the top of her dyed head to the tip of her tennis-shoed toes. She had an enormous urge to look up and say to the class, I'm prettier than this. Really. — Elizabeth George

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Cindi Madsen

She'd gotten even prettier over the years.
And now she was in his house.
And he had no idea if this was the best thing to happen to him or the stupidest thing he'd ever done.
Kelsey watched Nate go, thinking this might've been the worst decision she'd ever made. Okay, so it wasn't nearly as bad as that time she'd decided to go on the Sky Screamer at the amusement park when she was drunk. — Cindi Madsen

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Debasish Mridha

You are brighter than the sun, prettier than a fresh flower, and sweeter than any chocolate. Your songs are always humming in my heart. I wish you a sweet sweetest day. — Debasish Mridha

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Philip Reeve

That's the trouble with a story spinner. You never know what's real and what's made up. Even when they are telling the truth, they can't stop themselves from spinning it into something better; something prettier, with more of a pattern to it. — Philip Reeve

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

He watched her closely. "Why did he leave you?"
"How did you - " She broke off and scowled as she understood what he was doing, throwing out provocative questions and gleaning the truth from her reactions. "Bother. All right, I'll tell you. He left me for another woman. A prettier, younger woman who happened to be his employer's daughter. It would have been a very advantageous marriage for him."
"You're wrong."
Amelia gave him a perplexed glance. "I assure you, it would have been an enormously advantageous - "
"She couldn't possibly have been prettier than you."
Her eyes widened at the compliment. "Oh," she whispered. — Lisa Kleypas

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Kristen Callihan

We're all monsters, luv. Each and every one of us. So happens some of us have prettier faces to hide behind is all." On — Kristen Callihan

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Brian Alan Ellis

Harry sometimes wished that Lucille and Trinket could swap personalities; he thought Lucille was prettier, but Trinket rarely gave him any shit, which was nice. — Brian Alan Ellis

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Jujubee

Women give life! That on its own is inspiring.Besides, women are prettier than men. — Jujubee

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By E.B. White

I'm glad to report that even now, at this late day, a blank sheet of paper holds the greatest excitement there is for me - more promising than a silver cloud, prettier than a little red wagon. It holds all the hope there is, all fears. I can remember, really quite distinctly, looking a sheet of paper square in the eyes when I was seven or eight years old and thinking, 'This is where I belong, this is it'. — E.B. White

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Ann Brashares

Each of these moments was a pearl on a string, one prettier and more perfect than the next. — Ann Brashares

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Bryan Kest

Everybody wants to be pretty because that's what they've been told will make them feel good even though there's no proof that people who are prettier are healthier and happier. So why don't we just cut to the chase and go straight to what makes us feel good? — Bryan Kest

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Judy Greer

The truth is, if I was maybe better or funnier or prettier, wouldn't I have starred in a movie? I can see it objectively as a businesswoman - if no one's buying your product, then there's not a desire for it. — Judy Greer

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Nalini Singh

So, you tumbled that wolf you were with?" Mercy was too much a pack animal to take offense at the personal question. She grinned. "How did you know it was me?" "Do I look senile to you?"
"Yes," Mercy said. "And I'm not doing it again." If she kept telling herself that, maybe her traitorous body would actually notice and shut up with its demands. The older woman gave her a sour look. "Damn shame. What, you like them prettier?" A snort. "In my day, we liked men who looked like men. — Nalini Singh

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Loung Ung

On previous trips the pirates have stolen valuables, killed people, raped and abducted girls ... the women work frantically to ugly themselves up by smearing black charcoal paste on their faces and bodies. With ashen faces, some of the younger, prettier girls reach into the bags we have vomited into and scoop out handfuls of it to smear on their hair and clothes. — Loung Ung

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Marie Laurencin

Why should I paint dead fish, onions and beer glasses? Girls are so much prettier. — Marie Laurencin

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Louis Sachar

Dana had four beautiful eyes. She wore glasses. But her eyes were so beautiful that the glasses only made her prettier. With two eyes she was pretty. With four eyes she was beautiful. With six eyes she would have been even more beautiful. And if she had a hundred eyes, all over her face and her arms and her feet, why, she would have been the most beautiful creature in the world. — Louis Sachar

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Jennifer Rardin

Cassandra watched him go, slumping a little as the distance between them grew. "He was so nice."
"And look at that butt."
I considered said item. "Definitely superior. But not for Cassandra hands?"
She shook her head sadly. "Another person stands between us now. He'll meet her within the month."
"Is she prettier than you?"
Cassandra started to smile.
"Honey, we've got to take our victories where we can find them. — Jennifer Rardin

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I'm a wallflower. I only agreed to take part in the Season to keep my sister Cassandra company. She's my twin, the nicer, prettier one, and you're the kind of husband she's been hoping for. If you'll let me go fetch her, you could compromise her, and then I'll be off the hook." Seeing his blank look, she explained, "People certainly wouldn't expect you to marry both of us."
"I'm afraid I never ruin more than one young woman a night." His tone was a mockery of politeness. "A man has to draw the line somewhere. — Lisa Kleypas

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By David Mandel

I'm certainly never going to say that someone is prettier than Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but someone who would make her crazy for being young and good-looking. — David Mandel

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I'm not careful," she said as he touched his lips to her temple. His warm breath stirred the curls by her ear. "I'm just not you."
She felt him laugh. His hands slid down her sides, gripped her waist. "That, you are definitely not. Much prettier."
"You must love me," she said, breath hitching as his lips traveled excruciatingly slowly along her jaw. "I never thought you'd admit anyone was prettier than you. — Cassandra Clare

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Jenny Han

My second thought was, I'm prettier than her. — Jenny Han

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Ada Adams

I'm sure it's not what it looks like." Sophie's meek voice held a note of pity.
Brooke's, on the other hand, was laced with anger. "What the heck is he thinking?"
"There must be a reasonable explanation for his actions."
"Ugh. Could that dress be any shorter?"
"She's probably just a friend."
"You're way prettier than her, Dawn." "Maybe she's his cousin?" Sophie asked hopefully.
Brooke snorted. "Yeah, if you mean kissing cousin. — Ada Adams

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Jack Ketchum

ready for whatever scooted out from under. The water was so deep I had my shortsleeve shirt rolled all the way up to my shoulders. I was aware of how long and skinny my arms must look to her. I know they looked that way to me. I felt pretty strange beside her, actually. Uncomfortable but excited. She was different from the other girls I knew, from Denise or Cheryl on the block or even the girls at school. For one thing she was maybe a hundred times prettier. As far as I was concerned she was prettier than Natalie Wood. Probably she was smarter than the girls I knew too, more sophisticated. She lived in New York City after all and had eaten lobsters. And she moved just like a boy. She had this strong hard body and easy grace about her. All that made me nervous and I missed the first one. Not an enormous crayfish but bigger than what we had. It scudded backward beneath the Rock. She asked if she could try. I gave her the — Jack Ketchum

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Alexandra Bracken

The new car's a lot prettier than Lucy, my Sweet Caroline - she's a newer sedan, and, if I'm being perfectly honest, is actually a little bit of a risk. She's flashier than what I'd usually pick. I just couldn't resist her gorgeous shade of ruby red. — Alexandra Bracken

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Suzanne Young

I already know your sister is smarter. She's prettier than me too, but I didn't bet on that. I just wanted you to call her in here so she'd look at me again. It was worth the five bucks. — Suzanne Young

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Lauren Myracle

zoegirl: on the phone, angela kept saying, "is it cuz tonnie's prettier than me? IS it?" i feel so bad for her. mad maddie: did she say anything to rob when she saw him? and did he see her? zoegirl: he saw her, all right. angela said he stared at her for like ten seconds, and then he turned to tonnie and started talking really animatedly, even though a blush had spread from his neck all the way up his face. zoegirl: angela grabbed chrissy and her mom and jerked them out the door, and then she burst into tears. mad maddie: that asshole — Lauren Myracle

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Nalini Singh

Ransom really looked at the other man for the first time, shook his head, stared again."Holy hell, your eyes are like a fucking viper's."
Venom raised an eyebrow."You have hair prettier than one of Astaad's concubines."
Ransom gave the vampire the finger.
Venom grinned. — Nalini Singh

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Losing something is difficult while gaining something is easier. So try to gain beauty and make your life prettier. — Debasish Mridha

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Marissa Meyer

Winter was a well-loved princess who was prettier than a bouquet of roses and crazier than a headless chicken. — Marissa Meyer

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

When the waves are crazy, the land is prettier! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Most human subjugates are young," said Will. "Vampires like to acquire their subjugates when they're youthful - prettier to look at, and less chance of diseased blood. And they'll live a bit longer, though not much." He looked pleased with himself. "Most of the rest of the Enclave wouldn't be able to pass convincingly as a handsome young human subjugate - "
"Because the rest of us all are hideous, are we?" Jem inquired, looking amused. — Cassandra Clare

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Grace Draven

I'm not laughing, and I'm not running. I wont lie either. You're a chilling sight to behold. I've had nightmares of monsters prettier than you." She stepped closer and raised her other hand to thread her fingers through his hair. This time he didn't flinch away. "But you're still you under all this flux nonsense. Only a fool of a woman would run from such an extraordinary man, and I am no fool, Ballard de Sauveterre. — Grace Draven

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

It must be cool, having a twin, though."
"Ah, not sure if cool is the right word." He flashed a grin. "But we're not twins."
Out in the crowded hallway, Bethany frowned. "You're not? Could've fooled me and the world."
His laugh was husky, deep, and really nice to hear. "We're triplets."
Her eyes popped wide. "Holy crap, there're three of you?"
"We have a sister." He walked close to her, so their shoulders bumped every few steps. She found that deliciously distracting. "She's fraternal and a lot prettier than us. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Debasish Mridha

You are prettier than you can imagine. — Debasish Mridha

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Alice Morse Earle

The seventeenth-century baby slept, as his nineteenth-century descendant does, in a cradle. Nothing could be prettier than the old cradles that have survived successive years of use with many generations of babies. — Alice Morse Earle

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Gaston Bachelard

That beauty may, for instance, be composed of lovely flowers, and glittering streams, and blue sky and white clouds; and yet the thing that impresses us most, and which we should be sorriest to lose, may be a thin grey film on the extreme horizon, not so large, in the space of the scene it occupies, as a piece of gossamer on a near-at-hand bush, nor in any wise prettier to the eye than the gossamer; but because the gossamer is known by us for a little bit of spider's work, and the other grey film is known to mean a mountain ten thousand feet high, inhabited by a race of noble mountaineers we are solemnly impressed by the aspect of it, and yet all the while the thoughts and knowledge which cause us to receive this impression are so obscure that we are not conscious of them. — Gaston Bachelard

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Nina Garcia

Style comes from knowing who you are and who you want to be in the world; it does not come from wanting to be somebody else, or wanting to be thinner, shorter, taller, prettier. — Nina Garcia

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Andy Warhol

The girls in California were probably prettier in a standard sense than the New York girls
blonder and in better health, I guess; but I still preferred the way the girls in New York looked
stranger and more neurotic (a girl always looked more beautiful and fragile when she was about to have a nervous breakdown). — Andy Warhol

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Helene Young

Thanks, Ms Wilding.'

She raised one eyebrow. 'Who?'

'You must be Tom's daughter, the photographer. You look like him. A prettier version, sexy, even.' His laugh was a smoky rumble as he spun on his heel.

'Don't presume to know anything about me, Mr Lawson.'

He hefted his pack and strode away, power in the length of stride. — Helene Young

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By John Green

We skipped stones across the creek, which sounds dumb but it wasn't. I don't know. Like the way the sun is right now, with the long shadows and that kind of bright, soft light you get when the sun isn't quite setting? That's the light that makes everything better, everything prettier, and today, everything just seems to be in that light. — John Green

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Mickey Gilley

Don't all the girls get prettier at closing time? — Mickey Gilley

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Tom Pollock

I like you as much as I like much prettier sane girl. — Tom Pollock

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Alicia Keys

My mom always said, 'Don't date a guy who thinks he's prettier than you.' — Alicia Keys

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Hyeonseo Lee

She liked to dress well because she thought this made up for plain and ordinary looks. In fact she was prettier than she knew. — Hyeonseo Lee

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Daisy Meadows

we try looking there?" "Good idea," Rachel said, walking toward it. "Oh, aren't the trees beautiful with all their blossoms?" The others agreed. Delicate sprays of pinky-white flowers lined the branches of the apple trees. "And that one is even prettier than the others," Kirsty said, pointing out a tree a short distance away. It was covered in blossoms. "I wonder why it's flowering so well?" A thought struck her and she stopped. Kirsty looked excitedly at Tia. "You don't think it has anything to do with your petal's magic powers, do you?" Tia's eyes lit up. — Daisy Meadows

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Jennifer Niven

I don't know what brings you up here, but to me the town looks prettier and the people look nicer and even the worst of them look almost kind. — Jennifer Niven

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By George Jones

There's nothing prettier in the world than a melody. I can get lost in a song with a melody. A lot of times I have, and the song wasn't that good, but I would get lost in that melody, and I'd want to do the song. — George Jones

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By J.D. Robb

The computer hummed, sliced Roarke's face onto the screen. Such an intriguing couple.
His background was no prettier than the cop's had been. But he'd chosen, at least initially, the other side of the law to make his mark. And his fortune.
Now they were a set. A set that could be destroyed on a whim.
But not yet. Not for some little time yet.
After all, the game had just begun. — J.D. Robb

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Christopher Walken

I used to be prettier than I am, but I think I look better now. I was a pretty boy. Particularly in my early movies. I don't like looking at them so much. There's a sort of pretty thing about me. — Christopher Walken

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By J.M. Barrie

When you wake in the morning, the naughtinesses and evil passions with which you went to bed have been folded up small and placed at the bottom of your mind; and on the top, beautifully aired, are spread out your prettier thoughts, ready for you to put on. I — J.M. Barrie

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Shawn Fanning

I think in terms of the work we're doing now a lot of the UI cleanup ... I see it getting much prettier. — Shawn Fanning

I'm Prettier Than Her Quotes By Leanne Hall

It's unfortunate that the more annoyed she gets, the prettier she looks. — Leanne Hall