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I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Lauren Kate

You're right," he said, jerking open the portal. "There is one place she's sure to go."
"And you.You should take your own advice and leave this place," Daniel said grimly. "You're rotting in here."
"At least this body's pain distracts me from the pain in my soul," his past self said. "No.I wish you luck, but I won't leave these walls now.Not until she's settled in her next incarnation."
Daniel's wings bristled at his neck. He tried to sort out time and lives and memories in his head, but he kept circling around the same irksome thought. "She-she should be settled now. In conception. Can't you feel it?"
"Oh," his imprisoned past self said softly. He closed his eyes. "I don't know that I can feel anything anymore." The prisoner sighed heavily. "Life's a nightmare."
"No,it's not. Not anymore. I'll find her.I'll redeem us both," Daniel shouted, desperate to get out of there, desperately taking another leap of faith through time. — Lauren Kate

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Christopher Lloyd

In point of fact, I'm not sure there are too many comedies with laugh tracks anymore. Most of what you hear is live studio audience laughing as a show is filmed. If this prompts you to wonder who those actual human beings are who are laughing at some of this stuff, that is a mystification I share. — Christopher Lloyd

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Thomas Friedman

When I think back on my favorite teachers, I don't remember anymore much of what they taught me, but I sure remember being excited about learning it. What has stayed with me are not the facts they imparted, but the excitement about learning they inspired. — Thomas Friedman

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By H.M. Ward

Life occurs in segments, little bursts of time setting us on a course. Our little boat floats out into vast waters, sailing along until a storm comes to knock us off course - or worse. How many people are floating around, lost? I'm not even sure I am floating anymore. It's more like I'm trying to break my boat free from years of rot after it's been filled with sediment and settled on the ocean floor. — H.M. Ward

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Jean-Paul Sartre

Certain details, somewhat curtailed, live in my memory. But I don't see anything anymore: I can search the past in vain, I can only find these scraps of images and I am not sure what they represent, whether they are memories or just fiction. — Jean-Paul Sartre

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Gayle Forman

I'm not sure this is a world I belong in anymore. I'm not sure that I want to wake up. — Gayle Forman

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Karyn Bosnak

Do you ever think you're being an idealist? Do you ever wonder if you're holding out for something that doesn't exist? I'm not being pessimistic, and although I'd like to believe that a boom or we or us exists, I'm not sure I do anymore. Maybe I've been holding out for something that's unrealistic. — Karyn Bosnak

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Mary B. Morrison

I hope somebody cares because I sure don't. I sure don't. Not anymore. I'm ashamed to go around my family. I'm too embarrassed to confide in my friends. Outside of work I don't have a life. — Mary B. Morrison

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Georgia Kakalopoulou

Make sure you do not have friends otherwise you have to keep them at bay."
"You was my friend too!"
The brow of the young side stood up with surprise and he darkened even more. His eyes stole fire.
"Now I'm not?"
"I do not know anymore what you are!" I admitted with pain.
Gods and Guardians — Georgia Kakalopoulou

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

You think you know me, but I'm not sure that even I know who I am anymore. — Nicholas Sparks

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Steve Earle

America's criminal justice system isn't known for rehabilitation. I'm not sure that, as a society, we are even interested in that concept anymore. — Steve Earle

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Jim McCann

Something's about to end. Or start. I'm not sure. I just know we're not in the middle anymore. It's safer in the middle. — Jim McCann

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By E. Lockhart

Kim called me a slut under her breath in H&P, and Mr. Wallace heard her and gave a lecture on the negative effects of labels, and how words like that serve to limit women's sexual expression, and how there's a whole history of words that basically mean slut8 and yet there are no equivalent epithets for men whatsoever, and didn't that say something about how women are viewed in our culture? He said a more accurate term could be: "a girl who's using sexuality in an attempt to gain approval from the opposite sex ... ." Or, if you look at it a different way, "a liberated, open girl who likes boys and feels comfortable expressing affection, but is misunderstood." Blah blah blah.
I'm sure he meant well, but I wanted to call Kim a megaslut right back and not think about it anymore — E. Lockhart

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Diane Frolov

As a scientist, I am not sure anymore that life can be reduced to a class struggle, to dialectical materialism, or any set of formulas. Life is spontaneous and it is unpredictable, it is magical. I think that we have struggled so hard with the tangible that we have forgotten the intangible. — Diane Frolov

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By P.J. Harvey

I don't think that much anymore in terms of 'write a record, record a record, tour a record,' because in my own mind, things have changed, in that I'm just an ongoing artist. I'm not quite sure what the next project needs to be until it presents himself, and then I know. I just follow dutifully while I'm being led. — P.J. Harvey

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Meg Cabot

Well, I guess slave-runners aren't really my cup of tea. That is who you married instead, right? A slave-runner. Your father must have been so proud."
That wiped the grin right off her face.
"You leave my father out of this," she snarled.
"Oh, why?" I asked. "Tell me something, is he sore at you? Your dad, I mean. You know, for having Jesse killed? Because I imagine he would be. I mean, basically, thanks to you, the de Silva family line ran out. And your kids with that Diego dude turned out to be, as we've already discussed, major losers. I bet whenever you run into your dad out there, you know, on the spiritual plane, he doesn't even say hi anymore, does he? That's gotta hurt."
I'm not sure how much of that, if any, Maria actually understood. Still, she seemed plenty mad. — Meg Cabot

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Miguel Syjuco

I once thought that The Bridges Ablaze would be that masterpiece. I'm not so sure it matters much anymore. You must learn this while you are still young. Live in the crux of the present. And write to explain the world to yourself and to others. Look forward only to the summer of your first convertible. Look forward only if what's in front of you is a mirror. Because one day you'll be so busy looking backward, and everything will feel like winter. If you still don't get it, pare, let me make it abundantly clear. Just write and write justly. Ezra Pound be damned. Poets lie though beautifully. Don't make things new, make them whole. — Miguel Syjuco

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By David Bowie

If I hadn't had my children, I would have been discouraged a lot quicker. It would have been much more easy for me to say, "You know what, let the whole thing go. Have a good time, because these people, this place - it's just not worth it." You know? I can't do that anymore. I look into those eyes and they look at me so trustingly that I'm gonna make sure that [they're thinking], "Hey, you did a good thing bringing me into the world, daddy. I'm going to have a great life!" — David Bowie

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Siri Mitchell

The bell sounded again. I coughed. "Aren't you going to get that?" Mr. Trimble started. "Get what?" "The door. It's something I used to do that I'm not to do anymore." "Surely getting the door won't interfere with your finding a husband." "It might. I've never sought a husband before, so I'm sure I don't know. — Siri Mitchell

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Lauren Graham

It was just a coat, I know, but I held onto it for so long. I'm not even sure why I kept it. It was with me every day. It kept me warm and dry, and billowed behind me as I rode my bike across the lot in the wee hours of the night. I can't help feeling a little sad it's gone. [But], the coat has served its purpose. The sun is blazing, and I don't need it to keep me warm anymore. Rather than mourn the loss of my jacket, I will be thankful for the time we had together. I thank it for all it did for me, and then I let it go. — Lauren Graham

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Gillibran Brown

I'm gay." There was a long pause after my revelation, then. "Are you sure?" "Of course I'm fucking sure. Why else would I say it? I'm a nance, a poof, a queer, a shit stabber." There was an embarrassed silence. "Don't worry. It isn't catching." I struggled out of the deckchair. "You don't have to be friends with me anymore." "Sorry, Gil. I dunno what to say." He raked at his hair. "Do you fancy me then?" "No." "Why not?" "Cos you're fucking ugly. Look, Lee. Being gay doesn't mean you fancy every lad you clap eyes on. You don't fancy every lass you meet. — Gillibran Brown

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Celia Mcmahon

Just as I had done, my father sleeps off and on for days. Sometimes I sit by the bed in Marta's house and stare at him until I feel like it isn't a dream anymore. Sometimes Jimmi joins me and sometimes, when I'm alone I weep and I am not sure why. Maybe it's because of everything I had been through to get to this point or maybe it was for everything I had lost. Part of me thinks that I should be glad for all of the things I had gained.
But the hero doesn't get the reward. The hero pays the price. As it is in every story. — Celia Mcmahon

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Michael J. Sullivan

I never thought you cared all that much if I ever found Gaunt." Hadrian looked up at the tower again. "At least not that much."

"Honestly? I don't care at all. This whole quest of yours is stupid. So you find Gaunt - then what? You follow him around being his bodyguard for the rest of your life? What if he's like Ballentyne? Wouldn't that be fun? Granted it'll be exciting, as I'm sure anyone with a sword will want to kill him, but who cares? There's no reward, no point to it. You feel guilt - I kinda get that. You ran out on your father and you can't say you're sorry anymore. So for that, you'll spend your life following this guy around being his butler? You're better than that."

"I think there was a compliment in there somewhere - so thanks. — Michael J. Sullivan

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Jennifer Egan

He gestured at the girl I'd been dealing with, whose carefree smile could be roughly translated as: 'He's officially not my problem anymore.' I gave her a wink whose exact translation was: 'Don't be so sure, darling. — Jennifer Egan

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By John Steinbeck

It is argued that because they believed thoroughly in a just, moral God they could put there faith there and let the smaller insecurities take care of themselves. But I think that because they trusted themselves and respected themselves as individuals, because they knew beyond doubt that they were valuable and potential moral units- because of this they could give God their own courage and dignity and then receive it back. Such things have disappeared perhaps because men do not trust themselves anymore, and when that happens there is nothing left except perhaps to find some strong sure man, even though he may be wrong, and to dangle from his coat-tails. — John Steinbeck

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Jonathan Maberry

I'm not entirely sure who you are. I mean, you're not really a kid anymore and you're not an adult. ... So, you're going through all these changes, and I don't know who you'll be at the end of it. — Jonathan Maberry

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Donald Miller

I didn't want to get well, because if I got well, nobody would come and save me anymore. And I didn't want to get well, because while I could not control my happiness, I could control my misery, and I would rather have had control than live in the tension of what if. A chance of hope is no pacifier against a sure tragedy. — Donald Miller

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Anna Banks

I'm not sure if all Syrena have bulletproof endurance or if Galen is particularly blessed with it. Even now, as I lock the front dead bolt while Mark holds his car door open for me, Galen is blowing up my cell. I slide into the passenger seat of the pickup truck and try to organize my face into a convincing expression of relaxed, even though my insides are twisting faster than a whirlpool.
I thought Galen had given up trying to talk to me. I mean, what else is there to say? He played me like an Xbox. A broom and dustpan couldn't clean up all the pieces of my heart he shattered. I've been so stupid. But not anymore. — Anna Banks

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Lisa Lutz

Have you heard about the demotion of the planet Pluto? I, for one, am incensed. How do you go your whole life being a planet and then, suddenly, you're not a planet anymore. Correction: dwarf planet. What does that even mean? I see an idiom taking shape. Five, ten years from now, when someone gets dissed or demoted or loses his or her job, people will say, "He was plutoed." "Are you plutoing me?" someone will say when witnessing a snub. "That was some pluto, wasn't it?" Hmm, I'm not sure about the syntax of the last one, but I think you get the gist. — Lisa Lutz

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Jorge Luis Borges

The years go by, and I've told the story so many times that I'm not sure anymore whether I actually remember it or whether I just remember the words I tell it with. — Jorge Luis Borges

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Donna Augustine

I thought we weren't actually dead?", I asked. There was a lot of ambiguity surrounding that subject. We weren't mortal anymore. That was for sure. I could swing by my grave and prove that anytime I wanted. But, we had bodies with needs. And could get hurt or killed. And, though, I've been told we didn't age, my hair continued to grow. I still woke up hungry in the morning, and watch out, if I didn't get a cup of coffee. It was like we were straddling some invisible fence between immortality and human frailty.
"Seriously, are we dead or not? I asked again when I still received no response. I got several yes's and no's at the same time confirming my own belief. Somehow, we were neither. — Donna Augustine

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

Love? Can I even feel it anymore? I've hated everyone and everything around me since the moment I began to change. I ran from those who cared about me. I concede it's possible my hatred hastened the changes, fed the wrong things, starved the right ones. But love? To feel it here and now? I'm not sure it's even possible. Och, but of course it is. — Karen Marie Moning

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Kristen Callihan

You've ruined me, Fiona. I'm not sure I know how to live without you anymore. — Kristen Callihan

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Billy Joel

I won't be righteous again. I'm not sure anymore. — Billy Joel

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

You have no idea how badly I've wanted to freak out a few humans."(Andrew)
"I'm not sure if I should be offended by that or not," Kat mumbled.
He winked. "You're not too human anymore. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

You know the story in the bible? The one with the king and the two women fighting over the baby?
Sure King Solomon.
That's right, king solomon he said, cut the kid in half ... but it was only a test. Just to see who would give up their share to protect it ... Well, I'm not going to cut you in half anymore.
He was telling me that he loved me the most, that his surrender proved it. — Stephenie Meyer

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Jay Crownover

Here's my heart Shaw. You have it in your hands and I promise you're the first and last person to ever touch it. You need to be careful with it because it's far more fragile than I ever thought and if you try and give it back I'm not taking it. I don't know enough about love to know for sure that's what this between us is, but I know that for me it's you and only you from here on out and I can only promise to be careful and not push you away again. Life without you in it is doable, but if I have a choice I want to do it with you by my side and I'm telling you I'm not running away from the work it takes to make that happen. Shaw I'm not scared of us anymore. — Jay Crownover

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

I'm not sure what we're doing, to be perfectly honest
but nothing's on fire anymore. And I feel like maybe we've solved something. Even though this is probably just a new problem. — Rainbow Rowell

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Vincent Van Gogh

When I see how several painters I know here are struggling with their watercolours and paintings so that they can't see a solution anymore, I sometimes think: Friend, the fault is in your drawing. I don't regret for a moment that I did not go in for watercolour and oil painting straight away. I am sure I will catch up if only I struggle on, so that my hand does not waver in drawing and perspective. — Vincent Van Gogh

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By C.J. Roberts

There isn't a permanent mark on me, Reed, not one. And you don't know how many times he was there to hold me together when I was sure I was going to fall apart. He's a monster," she sobbed, "I know he is. I know, and ... it doesn't matter to me anymore. — C.J. Roberts

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Thea Harrison

Daddy said, "I'm not sure either you or I own that treasure anymore."
Liam clutched as many coins as he could in both paws and hugged them to his chest as he gave his parents his best, sunniest smile. — Thea Harrison

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Bradley Cooper

I was on Facebook. I'm not anymore, but my sister always sends pictures to a page. I'm sure you can find a Bradley Cooper there. — Bradley Cooper

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Mark Z. Danielewski

We both thrive in the late hours, appreciate its sad taste and never get in the way of each other's dreams, even though Lude just wants more money, better parties and prettier girls and I want something else. I'm not even sure what to call it anymore except I know it feels roomy and it's drenched in sunlight and it's weightless and I know it's not cheap.
Probably not even real. — Mark Z. Danielewski

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Anonymous

I feel like he's the ocean and I've fallen in and the waves are too big; like I'm in over my head. I'm not even sure which way is up anymore. — Anonymous

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Chila Woychik

I feign knowledge of writing: that I know something about it, that I should have learned something after all these years, that I might know something tomorrow.
I read too much and write too little, or write too much and live too little. I have no classical education, no literary degree. I'm not specialized, Hugoed or geniusized; should I be writing at all?
In this whole vast world, I'm a female peon sitting here at night wondering what it is I want to say. I aim for fluidity. But no, nix that line, that thought, this life. That's the crux of it, isn't it? This life: it's out of reach. I'm not sure what I'm saying anymore. — Chila Woychik

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Stephen R. Covey

I've set and met my career goals and I'm having tremendous professional success. But it's cost me my personal and family life. I don't know my wife and children anymore. I'm not even sure I know myself and what's really important to me. I've had to ask myself - is it worth it? — Stephen R. Covey

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Stephen King

At night, when i go to bed i still am at pains to be sure that my legs are under the blankets after the lights go out. I am not a child anymore but .. Because if a cool hand ever reached out from under the bed and grasped my ankle, i might scream. — Stephen King

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By John Corey Whaley

I'm not sure I can do this anymore."
"Do what?"
"This. Exist. Be here like this with everything so fucked up."
"Hey, Travis? I don't think it really matters if you know how to exist."
"What do you mean?"
"I don't think any of us do."
"Then what are we doing?"
"I don't know. We're just meandering. — John Corey Whaley

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Nicole Reed

You stole my entire world and I'm not sure how to live in it anymore. — Nicole Reed

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Sure you can be a coward and hope somone else changes the wrld for you. You can hide up in that attic of yours until someone knocks on the door and says, 'Oh, hey, they freed the hidden. Want to come out?' Is that what you want"
Luke didnt answer
"You've got to come, Luke, or you'll hate yourself the rest of your life. When you dont have to hide anymore, even years from now, there'll always be some small part of you whispering 'I don't deserve this. I didnt fight for it. I'm not worth it.' And you are, Luke, you are. You're smart and funny and nice, and you should be living life, instead of being buried alive in that old house of yours — Margaret Peterson Haddix

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By John Green

A boy was staring at me.
I was quite sure I'd never seen him befroe. Long and leanly muscular, he dwarfed and the molded plastic elementary school chair he was sitting in. Mahogany hair, straight and short. He looked my age, maybe a year older, and he sat with his tailbone against the edge of the chair, his posture aggresively poor, one hand half in a pocket of dark jeans.
I looked away, suddenly conscious of my myriad insufficiencies. I was wearing old jeans, which had once been tight but now sagged in weird places, and a yellow T-shirt advertising a band I didn't even like anymore. Also my hair: I had this pageboy haircut, and I hadn't even bothered to, like, brush it. Furthermore, I had ridiculously fat chipmunked cheeks, a side effect of treatment. I looked like a normally proportioned person with a balloon for a head. This was not even to mention the canckle situation. And yet-I cut a glance to him, and his eyes were still on me. — John Green

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By K.A. Linde

I don't know if I can do this anymore," Jack's husky voice muttered sounding defeated. It was such a strange sound coming out of him.
"I know what you mean."
"I'm not sure I want to break up with Kate though."
That snapped her right out of her own pity party. Break up with Kate! Holy shit! "Uh, Jack?"
He tilted his head to look at her under his thick dark lashes. "Yes, my dear?"
"You've been thinking of breaking up with Kate?" She couldn't keep the disbelief out of her voice.
He nodded choking on his own words. "Ever since I saw you like a vision on the beach the first day you got here."
"Wh ... Why would you do that?" She knew the answer. But she wanted to hear him say it.
"I thought that was quite obvious ... for you. — K.A. Linde

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Colleen Hoover

I live you," I whisper to him.
He kisses my head again and signs into my hair. "I don't think I live you back anymore. I'm pretty sure I've moved beyond that. Actually, I'm positive I've moved beyond that, but I'm still not ready to say it to you. When I say it, I want it to be separate from this day. I don't want you to remember it like this. — Colleen Hoover

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I'm worried about Isabelle."
"I'm pretty sure Isabelle can take care of herself."
"You don't know her, Simon. I mean, not anymore. — Cassandra Clare

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Lauren F. Winner

Some days my mantra was I will stay in this marriage because I am a Christian and Christians stay, but other days, I thought: if the choices are Christianity or divorce then I will just have to embrace secular humanism because I am not even sure I believe any of this anymore and it is one thing to devote twenty minutes every morning to praying when you are not sure you believe anything anymore and it is another thing to organize your whole life around a marriage you don't want to be in because a God who may or may not exist says let no man put asunder. — Lauren F. Winner

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Gena Showalter

At least my balls are bigger than yours," she sneered, shocking me. O-kay. Not so lost anymore.
"You sure about that?" Gavin sneered right back, and I couldn't be sure, but it kind of looked like he was fighting a ... smile? "Take off your pants and show me."
"The only way I'll ever take off my pants in your presence is to use the material to choke you to death. — Gena Showalter

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Heather Gunter

I kissed his forehead and then his temples. I kissed every place on his face all except his lips. I got close, but never full on the lips. I gave every place on his face my full attention. Maverick quietly said to me, "You missed a spot Charlie."
"I'm pretty sure I didn't," I replied.
"No Charlie, you did and I'm not waiting anymore for you to give it the attention that it so desperately deserves. — Heather Gunter

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Lena Dunham

I don't love any of my old boyfriends anymore. I'm not sure I ever did, and I'm not sure if at the time I thought I was sure. My mother says that's normal, that men are proud of every one of their conquests, and women wish they could forget it all. She says that's an essential gender difference, and I can't say I disprove her theory. What keeps me from full revulsion, from wanting the sexual equivalent of an annulment, is thinking about what I got from each one that I still hold on to now. — Lena Dunham

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Emily Henry

Just seems like all parents start out thinking their kids are part of them, another mouth they've gotta make sure eats, another body they've got to get dressed. And then one day, our parents look at us and notice we're whole people. We're not a part of them anymore, even if they're a part of us. And for the ones who never really wanted to be parents anyway, that's probably a relief. But for a mom like yours - I don't know, she must've been sad when she realized your life was gonna be different then hers. She must've been scared when she realized she wasn't gonna be able to protect you, and that you were gonna deal with things she never did. — Emily Henry

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Dot Hutchison

I'm not sure I know how to recognize a good thing anymore. — Dot Hutchison

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Kate Moss

I don't really go to clubs anymore. I'm actually quite settled. Living in Highgate with my dog and my husband and my daughter! I'm not a hell-raiser. But don't burst the bubble. Behind closed doors, for sure I'm a hell-raiser. — Kate Moss

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Alfred Eisenstaedt

Today's photographers think differently. Many can't see real light anymore. They think only in terms of strobe - sure, it all looks beautiful but it's not really seeing. If you have the eyes to see it, the nuances of light are already there on the subject's face. If your thinking is confined to strobe light sources, your palette becomes very mean - which is the reason I photograph only in available light. — Alfred Eisenstaedt

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By James Patterson

want you, it's their loss," Grandma said. "Why don't we just wait and see what they say?" Ms. Donatello told me. "I have to go to the bathroom," Georgia said. I didn't want to talk anymore, so I just made like Leonardo the Silent and kept my mouth shut after that. Finally, the office door opened, and Mr. Crawley, the director of the school, came over to talk to us. I tried not to look like I wanted to disappear. Or self-destruct. Or both. "First of all, Rafe," he said, "you should know there are three things we look for in an applicant. One of those is experience. A lot of the students at Cathedral have been studying art since before they could write." "Sure," I said. "I get it. No problem." But he wasn't done yet. "The other two things we look for are talent and persistence," he said. "Not only is that portfolio of yours full of artistic promise, it's also just full. When I see that, I see a boy who would probably keep drawing whether anyone was paying attention or not. — James Patterson

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Amy Tan

Sure I loved him - too much. And he loved me, only not enough. I just want someone who thinks I'm number one in his life. I'm not willing to accept emotional scraps anymore. — Amy Tan

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Autumn Doughton

And on the bad days I'm not even sure that I exist anymore. Today is a bad day. — Autumn Doughton

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Kami Garcia

I'm not falling anymore. That's what L says, and she's right.
I guess you could say I'm flying. We both are.
And I'm pretty sure somewhere up there in the real blue sky and carpenter bee greatness, Amma's flying, too.
We all are, depending on how you look at it. Flying or falling, it's up to us.
Because the sky isn't really made of blue paint, and there aren't just two kinds of people in this world, the stupid and the stuck. We only think there are. Don't waste your time with either-with anything. It's not worth it. — Kami Garcia

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

I should have told you? I did tell you. I said, 'I can't do this anymore.' I said "I love you, but I'm not sure it's enough, i"m not sure it will ever be enough.' I said, 'I don't want to live like this, Georgie'
remember? — Rainbow Rowell

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By J.M. Darhower

My eyes fix on my reflection in the mirror as the water warms up for my shower.
I'm not sure if it's just my perception, but I look older than my thirty-eight years.
I certainly feel older, too.
I feel like I've lived more than one lifetime, each of them lasting an eternity. An eternity of rage, and resentment, and wrongdoing ... it takes its toll on a man, that's for certain. But none of it had half as much effect on me as this past year. Something I learned was sentiment can take it out of you. I used to have no regard for myself - or anybody, for that matter. I had no reason to live anymore. But now that I care about what happens to her - and for her sake, me - I'm growing exhausted from the constant worry.
Worry my past will catch up to us.
Worry that she'll be the one to pay for those sins.
It's the consequence, I think, of loving me.
The consequence of being with someone who lived so carelessly. — J.M. Darhower

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Courtney Summers

Eddie, It's like you died that night, he whispers.
So that's it. I died.
I've been dead.
I blink back the tears and pick at the mattress, but I don't say anything. I don't know what I could say to him. I don't know how to convince him I'm still here when I'm not sure of it myself anymore. — Courtney Summers

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Mark Z. Danielewski

I want something else. I'm not even sure what to call it anymore except I know it feels roomy and it's drenched in sunlight and it's weightless and I know it's not cheap. It's probably not even real. — Mark Z. Danielewski

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Suzanne Collins

In theory, sure, Gregor could still go home. Pack up his three-year-old sister, Boots, get his mom out of the hospital, where she was recovering from the plague, and have his bat, Ares, fly them back up to the laudry room of their appartment building in New York City. Ares, his bond, who saved his life numerous times and who had had nothing but suffering since he had met Gregor. He tried to imagine the parting. "Well, Ares, it's been great. I'm heading home now. I know by leaving I'm completely dooming to annihilation everbody who's helped me down here, but I'm really not up for this whole war thing anymore. So, fly you high, you know?" Like that would ever happen. — Suzanne Collins

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Christian Schwochow

I'm not sure how it is in America, but for what I can say about Germany, most people give their information willingly to anyone who asks for it such as companies like Google. We just don't question it anymore. — Christian Schwochow

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

You know the story in the Bible?', Jacob asked suddenly, still reading the blank ceiling. 'The one with the king and the two women fighting over the baby?'
'Sure. King Solomon.'
'That's right. King Solomon.' he repeated. 'And he said, cut the kid in half ... but it was only a test. Just to see who would give-up their share to protect it.'
'Yeah. I remember.'
He looked back at my face. 'I'm not going to cut you in half anymore, Bella. — Stephenie Meyer

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Come on, lad," he said. "Let's go home. I'm not sure I'm that interested in music anymore. It's a world of hertz. — Terry Pratchett

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Jennifer Lopez

In the past, love for me has always meant forever, and sure, you still nurse some of those fantasies, but I don't try to force it anymore. I hung on to my fairy-tale ideals for a long time. But where I am now, what I've been through, there are no rules. There are lots of ways it can turn out instead of just one. There are so many different kinds of happiness, not just the one you learned about when you were 5 years old. — Jennifer Lopez

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Lena Dunham

I try something new out on him, something I've been thinking, or wondering whether I think: "I'm really not afraid to die," I say. "Not anymore. Something's changed." "Well," he says, "I'm sure your feelings about that will continue to evolve as you get older. As you see more death around you and things happen to your body. But I hope you always feel that way. — Lena Dunham

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By S.L. Jennings

Let's get drunk," I state, clinking my glass with his.
"Sure you want to do that?" Dorian says with a raised eyebrow. He gives me that look a lot, probably because of all my questionable behavior.
"I'm not sure of anything anymore," I say with a cynical chuckle. "But I know I'm tired of disappointment. And I'm tired of keeping secrets. And I'm tired of fucking things up!"
Dorian nods, understanding my frustration. "Do you want me to help you?" he asks quietly. I know what he means. Dorian is offering to fix me like he did the day before.
"No," I shake my head. "I want you to drink with me. Then I want you to do things to me that are as dirty and immoral as I already feel." I take another hefty gulp and let the searing burn strip away the guilt and shame in my chest.
"Ok, let's get drunk." And with that Dorian downs the entire contents of his glass and turns on the music. — S.L. Jennings

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Cliff Martinez

I'm not sure why anybody makes a physical CD anymore when the costs are so much lower to just throw it up on iTunes. And it doesn't seem that making a hard copy of something prevents pirating any less. I mean I'm amazed that they still do that. — Cliff Martinez

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By John Oliver

You don't really know when stand-up material is TV ready; it's just at what point you're willing to let it go and not work on it anymore. I'm not sure there is a point at which you think: 'And that is finished.' — John Oliver

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Cath Crowley

I don't understand,' Dad says. 'You were such happy children.'

'I was never a happy child,' George says.

'True, but Henry was.'

'I'm not anymore. It's actually hard to imagine how my life could be any more shit at this point,' I say, and George holds up the copy of the book she's reading. The Road.

'Okay. Sure. It could get more shit if there was some kind of world-ending event and people started eating each other. But that's a whole different shit scale. On your average human-emotion scale, my life is registering as the shittiest of the shit. — Cath Crowley

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Alija Izetbegovic

All in all this is a difficult political struggle which will go on for years, in which our people won't die anymore; I'm not sure how much we will be able to win, but I'm certain that we won't loose anything that we have now. — Alija Izetbegovic

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Rachel Caine

I'm a vampire," he said. "I'm never going to be anything else. You need to decide if you're okay with that, Eve. I am." "What if I'm not?" Her voice sounded really small and wounded. "What if I just want you to be Michael, not - not Vampire Michael of the Clan, or whatever?" "I can't," he said. "Because I'm not just Michael anymore. I haven't been since before you moved in. You just didn't know it." He let go of her hands, uncapped the sports bottle, and drank the blood down in long, thirsty gulps, making sure she was watching. His eyes turned ruby red, and he licked the drops from his lips. He put the empty bottle down, watching her. — Rachel Caine

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Richelle Mead

Rose," Alberta said, leaning toward me. "I'm going to be blunt with you. I'm not going to give you lectures or demand any explanations. Honestly, since you aren't my student anymore, I don't have the right to ask or tell you anything."
"You can lecture," I told her. "I've always respected you and want to hear what you have to say."
The ghost of a smile flashed on her face. "All right, here it is. You screwed up."
"Wow. You weren't kidding about bluntness."
"The reasons don't matter. You shouldn't have left. You shouldn't have dropped out. Your education and training are too valuable - no matter how much you think you know - and you are too talented to risk throwing away your future."
I almost laughed. "To tell you the truth? I'm not sure what my future is anymore."
"Which is why you need to graduate."
"But I dropped out."
She snorted. "Then drop back in!"
"I - what? How?"
"With paperwork. Just like everything else in the world. — Richelle Mead

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

I do not know who I am anymore. I though I was animal. I am no longer so sure. It's hard to say what makes the mind piece things together in a sudden lightning flash. I've come to hold the human spirit in the highest regard. Like the body, it struggles to repair itself. As cells fight off infection and conquer illness, the spirit too has remarkable resilience. It knows when it is harmed, and it knows when the harm is too much to bear. If it deems the injury too great the spirit cocoons the wound, in the same fashion that the body forms a cyst around infection, until the time comes that it can deal with it. For some people that time never comes. Some stay fractured, forever broken. You see them on the street pushing carts, you see them in the faces of regulars at a bar. My cocoon was that room. — Karen Marie Moning

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Heidi McLaughlin

I wish I could be enough for you. I wish that when you looked at me you saw your future, not someone temporary. When I see you, I see the stars lighting our path through life. I see us doing something great and magnificent. I don't care that you're famous because that's not how I see you anymore. To me, you're the one who makes sure I'm warm at night. You make me feel like I matter, and I want the opportunity to show you the you matter to me as well. — Heidi McLaughlin

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Todd Mitchell

ghost44: Guess you don't think I'm Jessica Keen anymore.
johnnyrotten: No. Definitely not.
ghost44: What makes you so sure?
johnnyrotten: Because the only time I don't get that empty feeling is when I'm messaging you. — Todd Mitchell

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Edward Allen Bernero

Most of the network television audience now is primarily women, but I think that's because the shows are developed to appeal to women. I don't know that there are too many shows that appeal to guys anymore. I'm not sure why that is, but I think that it may have something to do with the fact that most development staffs are women. — Edward Allen Bernero

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Anonymous

I'm not sure I can do this anymore." "My poor Adam. Always believing you are the valiant one, that right will triumph in the end. It's not always like that. The universe was not built on integrity. In the face of weakness, force can and will triumph. All you can do is choose who wields that force. — Anonymous

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I don't know why a beauty salon would have a cop's hat and the curling irons are not deadly unless they're still plugged in and they're hot. So I'm not quite sure about that. But I don't know who remembers anymore that you can ignite spray cans, plus there aren't really any spray cans anymore 'cause that was destroying the ozone layer. So I'm - actually, I'll have to go with they chased him with the curling irons. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Nellie McKay

I'm not sure I know how to make music anymore. Maybe you're given a window into things for a time, and beyond that maybe it goes away. Why should you expect it to stay? — Nellie McKay

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

Do you like him? Ty asked. "Not that I care." "I do," I said, because it was true. Even though it didn't matter anymore. "Not that I care you don't care. Though you clearly do care, and I don't care about that either." "Well, I don't care that you don't care that I don't care. In fact i'm glad. Because, um, if I were seeming someone that I liked, I'd want you to be happy for me.""Are you seeing someone?" I asked, pretty sure he wasn't. "Not that I care. — Sarah Rees Brennan

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Victoria Aveyard

I suppose he doesn't know where he stands anymore. Not a rebel, not a prince, not sure of anything except the fire in his bones. — Victoria Aveyard

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Sam Robards

When I started acting, it was like a double identity crisis - your basic crisis, compounded by people saying, 'there goes Robards' kid, Bacall's kid.' Now I realize, sure, that gets your foot in the door, but once it's there, it's your foot. I'm not bothered anymore. I'm confident of my abilities. — Sam Robards

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

We Americans often say that marriage is hard work. I'm not sure that the Hmong would understand this notion. Life is hard work, of course, and work is very hard work
I'm quite certain they would agree with those statements - but how does marriage become hard work? Marriage becomes hard work once you have poured the entirety of your life's expectations for happiness into the hands of one mere person. Keeping that going is hard work. A recent survey of young American women found that what women are seeking these days in a husband - more than anything else - is a man who will "inspire" them, which is, by any measure, a tall order. As a point of comparison, young women of the same age, surveyed back in the 1920s, were more likely to choose a partner based on qualities such as "decency" or "honesty," or his ability to provide for a family. But that's not enough anymore. Now we want to be INSPIRED by our spouses! Daily! Step to it, honey! — Elizabeth Gilbert

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

Grimes believed in what he did, with no doubts. Though he was older than me by over a decade, I suddenly felt old. Some things mark your soul, not in years but in blood and pain and selling off parts of yourself to get the bad guys, until you finally look in the mirror and aren't sure which side you're on anymore. There comes a point when having a badge doesn't make you the good guy, it just makes you one of the guys. I needed to be one of the good guys, or what the hell was I doing? — Laurell K. Hamilton

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Janice Erlbaum

Going from memoir to fiction was fantastic. I had been afraid to move away from memoir; I'd written some novel drafts, but they weren't well received by my agent at the time, and it had been drilled into me that "memoir outsells fiction two to one" (not sure if that's true anymore, or if it ever was), so I felt like the only smart thing to do, professionally, was to keep mining my life for painful moments to recapitulate. — Janice Erlbaum

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Michael S. Horton

But I've come to the point where I'm not sure anymore just what God counts as radical. And I suspect that for me, getting up and doing the dishes when I'm short on sleep and patience is far more costly and necessitates more of a revolution in my heart than some of the more outwardly risky ways I've lived in the past. And so this is what I need now: the courage to face an ordinary day - an afternoon with a colicky baby where I'm probably going to snap at my two-year old and get annoyed with my noisy neighbor - without despair, the bravery it takes to believe that a small life is still a meaningful life, and the grace to know that even when I've done nothing that is powerful or bold or even interesting that the Lord notices me and is fond of me and that that is enough. — Michael S. Horton

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Embee

These people, last seen referring to themselves as the 'Pentagon,' could be anywhere and anyone," the reporter said, looking behind her shoulder and seeming very confused. "It seems to be a huge group, and..." The woman ducked instinctively when she heard someone shout. "As I was saying, the 'Pentagon' is becoming worldwide news, and they are crazy, driven by something called a, 'Ditto?' No one is quite sure what they are planning on doing, or what their intentions are. Everyone is confused, and many are locking themselves in their houses. The Pentagon could be anywhere, anyone, and-"
Jayden turned off the TV. "You know what this means, don't you?"
I sat down, trying to keep my hands from shaking, and nodded. "They're not secret anymore. The Pentagon's gone public. — Embee

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Nigel Farage

When people stand up and talk about the great success that the EU has been, I'm not sure anybody saying it really believes it themselves anymore. — Nigel Farage

I'm Not Sure Anymore Quotes By Annie Brewer

You inspire me to want to forget all the shit from my fucked up life. I don't want to stand still anymore. I mean, I am not sure how to move forward exactly, but I'm willing to try. With you. — Annie Brewer