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Top I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I was more excited than scared, at the opportunity to work in an English movie. — Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Kristen Ashley

And there I sat, eating Tack's fabulous (really, they were amazing, he was a scary biker but it couldn't be denied the man could cook) fajitas and watching a movie that scared the absolute crap out of me while sipping wine and wondering how in the hell I was sitting in my very own living room with Tack and his kids eating his fajitas, sipping wine and watching a movie that scared the absolute crap out of me. — Kristen Ashley

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Violet Cross

She hadn't been scared for herself, she'd been frightened for me.
Good. Her A-class horror movie scream earlier had nearly put me in an early grave. When this was over, I could call us even. — Violet Cross

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Luke Benward

I'm really scared of clowns, and for a while, I was scared to perform and sing in front of a crowd. Also, I'm not a big scary movie guy. They stay with me for a while. — Luke Benward

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Chris Carmack

I'm honestly kind of scared of horror films. My girlfriend always tries to expose them to me. Being in a scary movie and seeing all the fake blood and stuff definitely takes away from the magic and kind of humanizes scary movies to me now, though. — Chris Carmack

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By A.R. Rahman

The more dollars the studio producers put in, the less freedom we have. If the budget hits $100m, they get scared - they'll take the existing score of a successful movie and expect composers to copy it, like wallpaper. The biggest challenge for any composer in Hollywood is to be as creative as possible within those boundaries. — A.R. Rahman

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By John Landis

The pedigree's pretty high. For people who are really scary movie fans, this is nirvana. If you're in the mood to get scared, just watch this every week. It'll creep you out. — John Landis

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Joel Edgerton

I think I'd be too scared to direct my first movie and put myself in the center. — Joel Edgerton

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Kelly Rowland

I ain't gonna get this, it's a horror movie, it's hard to act scared. — Kelly Rowland

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Richard Dreyfuss

'Jaws,' first time I saw it, I forgot I was in it. True. Totally forgot, and got as scared as everybody else, and it's a great movie. — Richard Dreyfuss

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Sanhita Baruah

After torturing our adrenaline by watching a horror movie for a couple of hours the places we are most afraid of are the doors and windows of the room even though they are the only ways for us to escape in case of occurrence such an event. — Sanhita Baruah

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Freddie Highmore

Scary is good. Kids like going to a movie and being really scared rather than fake scared. — Freddie Highmore

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Beth Grant

I love 'Child's Play 2!' I love Don Mancini. That movie has a great theme: You better listen to children. That's why I wanted to do it. I was scared to do a horror movie - a blatant studio horror movie - but I liked the script, and I thought that was such an important theme because I don't think adults listen to children enough. — Beth Grant

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Ralph Sarchie

From an early age I loved horror movies. I read books about horror, cops, firemen and military. Over the course of the years I started to see that there's a reality to this. The first movie I was really conscious of seeing was THE EXORCIST and I don't know if any of you have seen that but it scared the sh*t out of me. It really frightened me. — Ralph Sarchie

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Kate Christensen

Even more than dying itself, I'm scared of the horror-movie changes that happen to the human body as it ages. I think of it as a sort of haunted-house effect, living inside a crumbling, creaking structure that is full of ghosts and will, some day, fall down. — Kate Christensen

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Rob Morrow

College on for sure ... I'm scared to say it cause it sounds like a family movie, but if my kid was 7, 8, 9 I would take her to this quickly and gladly! — Rob Morrow

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Bruce Willis

There are lots of different parts of movie-making that I participate in, but my favorite part is the making of it. I'm scared, every day. I keep thinking someone's going to throw me the ball and I'm going to go, "Oh, wow. Oh, god. I just messed that up." — Bruce Willis

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Jerry Bruckheimer

Every time I make a movie I think that it's going to be my last one, I think that no one is going to show up. I always have this sense that they're all going to fail. I am scared to death. — Jerry Bruckheimer

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Frederick Lenz

The ultimate horror movie for a really un-illuminated being is an enlightened person. They are scared of others seeing what they are all about and what they really do. They are scared of truth. — Frederick Lenz

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By George A. Romero

'The Thing from Another World' was the first movie that really scared me. — George A. Romero

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Neal H. Moritz

What I think is so special about "Goosebumps" [movie] is it kind of a badge of courage for kids. They're scared and then they get through it and they're so proud of themselves that they made it through. — Neal H. Moritz

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Stephen King

The ghost story movie that scared me the most was The Changeling with George C. Scott. I think that's sometimes overlooked, but it's a wonderful piece of work. — Stephen King

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Tania Raymonde

I have a very high tolerance for gore and blood. I am, like, the perfect horror movie viewer because I do not get scared very easily. I can really stomach anything so, as a result, I have watched a lot of really disgusting stuff that I should probably never have seen. — Tania Raymonde

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Desi, Desi, Desi what am I going to do with you? (Kyrian)
Don't you dare take that flippant tone with me! (Desiderius)
Why ever not? (Kyrian)
Because I am not some scared little Daimon to run cringing from you. I am your worst nightmare. (Desiderius)
Must you resort to cliches? C'mon, Desidisastrous, couldn't you think of anything more original than that B-movie dialogue staple? (Kyrian) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Ang Lee

So anything that's not absolutely needed, we would cut it out, which would make me very insecure; everything has to work, and it's a water movie in 3D with a kid, animals. So the more I do that, the more I'm scared of "What if it doesn't go the way we want it?" But we had to do that to meet the budget, otherwise we wouldn't even have a start-date. — Ang Lee

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Judd Apatow

I'm making a movie about relationships, and I'm surrounded by guys scared of talking to girls. — Judd Apatow

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Damian Lewis

I think people like to be scared. I think people like tension and suspense in a movie. — Damian Lewis

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Terry Crews

Oh, 'The Thing' is one of my favorite movies of all time. That changed my life because I was like, 'I've got to do this.' Something that scared me that much? It was the first R-rated movie I ever saw, and I was like, 'Dude, I'm changed.' — Terry Crews

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By A.E. Via

You know that man's story already. He's just starting to believe what Day's been saying to him for years, but he's scared as fuck. If you hurt him in any way, Day will hurt you." Johnson stopped grinning and looked back at God. "I thought Day hated him?" "Day is complex, Johnson. He's crazy about Ronowski, that's why he rides the man so hard." "I get that," Johnson responded. "All right. I don't mind doing the slow thing. We'll start with wings and a game tonight." Johnson shrugged and started inching toward his car. "Next week, maybe dinner and a movie." "Sounds good, bro." God waved and climbed in his truck. Now that he was done playing Chuck Woolery and there were no more love connections to be made. He was going home to his sweetheart. — A.E. Via

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Vin Diesel

The thing I'm scared of most is not fulfilling my work. There's so much anxiety around trying to get a movie made that you don't really get to be afraid of anything else. — Vin Diesel

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Rob Zombie

People just like the thrill of anything. Dangerous things and dark things are exciting. Like as a kid, I knew I wasn't going to get killed if I went into the Haunted House but you kind of feel like you are. And when it comes out the track the other side, it's like, "we're still alive"! And I find it really funny when adults get really scared because I've not been really scared since I saw Jaws when I was a little kid. I just think people like the thrill of it, they like to feel like they accomplished something, that they survived the movie. — Rob Zombie

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Tara Reid

I love horror movies. I mean, who doesn't like a good horror movie every once in a while? It's fun to get scared. — Tara Reid

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Frederica Mathewes-Green

The devil's main purpose is not to scare us, in a horror-movie way; when we're scared of him, we're alert to him, and that might undermine his plans. Instead, he wants to quietly, subtly lure us into stepping away from God. — Frederica Mathewes-Green

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Scott Foley

I like being scared every now and then, I like the suspense and the thrills. Nothing like taking a girlfriend to a movie and holding her hand while she jumps. — Scott Foley

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Bruce Campbell

Only comedies can get you that engaged in a movie, dramas people just sort of sit there and eat their popcorn and nothing really happens, they might cry a little bit, but that's it. Horror movies are talking at the screen, guys are elbowing each other, laughing at each other because they got scared. That's the beauty of a horror movie. — Bruce Campbell

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Cassie Mae

We're going to be married and hardly touch each other and have to work and work and never have any fun and we're just going to be okay with it because that's how life is and that's how relationships go, but I don't want that. I want our marriage to be ... fun. I love joking around while we fool around. I want to hold hands everywhere we go. I want to make out in the back of a movie theater, steal kisses in coffee shops, have sex over every inch of our apartment or house or wherever we live. And I'm scared marriage will change the fun part of our relationship. The part that keeps us young, keeps us in love, and I'm terrified you'll wake up when you're fifty and realize you're stuck with the decision you made when you were twenty-seven, and we haven't touched in months, we don't go out. I just want to know when that happens ... that you'll still ... you'll still love me. — Cassie Mae

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Ginnifer Goodwin

I've done some movies because I would regret them if I didn't, but other projects I've done because they've scared me or if I felt I needed to do a big romantic comedy to help me professionally. Then I'll take a teeny movie when I need to work on myself and become a better actor. — Ginnifer Goodwin

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Ashley Bell

Growing up, I was a huge fan of horror movies. There's nothing more fun than going into a movie with a smile because you know you're going to be scared to death. There's something thrilling about sitting there waiting for a scare to happen. — Ashley Bell

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Amy Poehler

When you are pregnant you can get away with a lot of shit. Women really are at their most dangerous during this time. Your hormones are telling you that you are strong and sexy, everyone is scared of you, and you have a built-in sidekick who might come out at any minute. There should be some kind of pregnancy superhero movie. Calling Hollywood now. What's that, Hollywood? It's a weird idea and also you don't do movies with female superheroes? Copy that. — Amy Poehler

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Jason Reitman

I laugh a lot in horror films. If I'm scared in a horror film, I try to think about what's scaring me ... particularly, if it's a bad movie, but something they're doing still works. It's the same way I look at comedy. I've always had an intellectual view of comedy, and what makes people laugh, and how does it work. — Jason Reitman

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

He screams like a girl if he has to watch a horror movie." Caleb
"Hey!" Nick
"Well, you do. I Tried to watch Child's Play and you ran off to hide during the opening credits. And then he had to go sleep with his mom in her bed for three days because he was so scared." Caleb
"Dude! You promised me you weren't going to tell anyone about that." Nick — Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Al Feldstein

When I was a kid, I used to sneak down the stairs when my folks were listening to 'The Witch's Tale' and 'Inner Sanctum' on the radio. I went to see 'Frankenstein' in the movie theater and got the pants scared off of me. — Al Feldstein

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Jean-Claude Van Damme

There are some movie stars in Hollywood that are so scared, they also tell the reporter that they are recording them, in case there is something wrong with what they wrote about them in the papers. — Jean-Claude Van Damme

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By David Hayter

Now that I'm a professional writer it's a little more difficult to enjoy a movie if it's not well done and a lot of the horror movies are not great, but when something's really good, like I really loved The Conjuring. That just scared the bejesus out of me. — David Hayter

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Steven Spielberg

Making a movie where the central character is a horse was a challenge. Because I'm scared of riding. I was thrown as a kid. One of my daughters is a competitive jumper, we live with horses, we have stables on our property. But I don't ride. I observe, and I worry. — Steven Spielberg

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Alfred Hitchcock

I am scared easily, here is a list of my adrenaline - production: 1: small children, 2: policemen, 3: high places, 4: that my next movie will not be as good as the last one. — Alfred Hitchcock

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Tania Raymonde

I am like the perfect horror movie viewer because I do not get scared very easily. — Tania Raymonde

I'm Not Scared Movie Quotes By Sara Daniell

GET IN he says, getting in on the driver side. I get in with no questions. Okay. This is a bad movie waiting to happen-I'm getting in a car with a guy I just met today who is keeping secrets from me. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm too scared to speak or ask or run away, though. So I just get in and put on my seat belt. I am so stupid. — Sara Daniell