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Experimenting Quotes By James Anthony Froude

I think Nature, if she interests herself much about her children, must often feel that, like the miserable Frankenstein, with her experimenting among the elements of humanity, she has brought beings into existence who have no business here; who can do none of her work, and endure none of her favours; whose life is only suffering; and whose action is one long protest against the ill foresight which flung them into consciousness. — James Anthony Froude

Experimenting Quotes By Z'EV

You have to be loose enough so that when you listen to what's coming, you can follow it. In that sense I am improvising, but I don't think I'm experimenting. I have a problem with the whole term "experimental music." — Z'EV

Experimenting Quotes By Thomas Friedman

Entrepreneurs don't write a 100-page business plan and execute it one time; they're always experimenting and adapting based on what they learn. — Thomas Friedman

Experimenting Quotes By Nancy Lam

Creating one single story often requires experimenting and planning and falling on your literary rear more than once before you find the way that works for your particular tale. The most important issue is to keep on trying until you get it right. — Nancy Lam

Experimenting Quotes By Seth Shostak

Engineers are now experimenting with 4,096-line TV systems, suggesting that with the next generation of sets you'll be able to count the grass blades on the Superbowl field, an obvious lifestyle improvement. — Seth Shostak

Experimenting Quotes By Elle Fanning

I don't wear any make-up on normal days and at school. But, if I'm going somewhere, I always do something with my eyes - crazy colors, sparkles. I'm all for it. I love experimenting. — Elle Fanning

Experimenting Quotes By A.J. Darkholme

Sometimes the best way to learn a lesson isn't just hearing the words, but putting it into practice by experimenting with it and finding its truth for yourself instead of taking someone else's word for it. — A.J. Darkholme

Experimenting Quotes By Yoshi Wada

For a long time in the 1970s, I was experimenting to build musical instruments and use them. I did a lot of ethnic music studies and other things, like electronic music. Making homemade musical instruments and performing was my major activity from the time. — Yoshi Wada

Experimenting Quotes By Dale Dauten

Forget the resolutions. Forget control and discipline ... too much work. Instead try experimenting. Go in search of something to fall in love with ... something about yourself, your career, your spouse — Dale Dauten

Experimenting Quotes By Charles Soule

I'm always experimenting and trying different things. That's what keeps it fun and encourages growth. — Charles Soule

Experimenting Quotes By Jennifer Crusie

Well, you won't unless you come to lunch with me," Cal said. "I'm holding it for ransom. There's a gun
to its heel right now."
"I have lunch at my desk," Min began, and thought,Oh, for crying out loud, could I beany more
pathetic ?
"Emilio is experimenting with a lunch menu. He needs you. I need you. — Jennifer Crusie

Experimenting Quotes By Stevie Smith

These thoughts are depressing I know. They are depressing,
I wish I was more cheerful, it is more pleasant,
Also it is a duty, we should smile as well as submitting
To the purpose of One Above who is experimenting
With various mixtures of human character which goes best,
All is interesting for him it is exciting, but not for us.
There I go again. Smile, smile, and get some work to do
Then you will be practically unconscious without positively having to go. — Stevie Smith

Experimenting Quotes By Jean Piaget

Children should be able to do their own experimenting and their own research. Teachers, of course, can guide them by providing appropriate materials, but the essential thing is that in order for a child to understand something, he must construct it himself, he must re-invent it. Every time we teach a child something, we keep him from inventing it himself. On the other hand that which we allow him to discover by himself will remain with him visibly for the rest of his life. — Jean Piaget

Experimenting Quotes By Jasmine Guinness

Men are definitely getting more avant-garde, experimenting with colours, patterns and fabrics. — Jasmine Guinness

Experimenting Quotes By Wolfi Landstreicher

Science is not simply a matter of observing the world, experimenting with its elements and drawing reasonable conclusions. Otherwise, we would have to recognize children, so-called primitives and a good many animals as excellent scientists. But the practical experiments carried out by all of us every day lack a few necessary factors, the first and most important of which is the concept of the universe as a single entity operating under universal, rational, knowable laws. Without this foundation, science cannot operate as such. — Wolfi Landstreicher

Experimenting Quotes By Aleksandra Mir

I wouldn't say the anthropologists were making art, but they were definitely justifying their practices with very personal reasoning, passion, and they were also experimenting with form. There was a sense of trying to be as sincere as possible, whether you were investigating something far away from you or very close. — Aleksandra Mir

Experimenting Quotes By Jil Sander

The '90s were extremely diverse, almost like a laboratory of the new century. There was much experimenting around, in politics, economics, gender and family structures, and also in fashion. There was a cloud of possibilities which kept us all dizzy. — Jil Sander

Experimenting Quotes By Charlotte Church

I'm just experimenting with every different type of music you can imagine and seeing where my voice lies and what sounds best. I think when I do finally do the album it will be very eclectic - just loads of different stuff on it. That's what I am hoping. — Charlotte Church

Experimenting Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

He was experimenting with being ardently sympathetic with everybody he met. He thought that might make the world a slightly more pleasant place to live in. He called Billy's mother 'dear' He was experimenting with calling everybody dear. — Kurt Vonnegut

Experimenting Quotes By Orson Welles

I must be sincere towards what I am ... Experimenting is the only thing that fills me with enthusiasm ... It is the only sphere where I feel really honest and sincere. — Orson Welles

Experimenting Quotes By Iggy Azalea

People criticize you for trying new things. I think, 'I'm new! I'm 22!' I don't know exactly what my sound is or what I want my album to sound like, so I'm not releasing it yet. While I'm experimenting, I'll let you in on the journey, and you can hear it for free. — Iggy Azalea

Experimenting Quotes By Beck

Eventually, if you're experimenting with a sound that's unfamiliar, it gets absorbed, and somebody comes and does it better, and it becomes part of a vocabulary. — Beck

Experimenting Quotes By Anthony Powell

Mr. Deacon, on the other hand, was in favour of abolishing, or ignoring, the existing world entirely, with a view to experimenting with one of an entirely different order. He was a student of Esperanto (or, possibly, one of the lesser-known artificial languages), intermittently vegetarian, and an advocate of decimal coinage. — Anthony Powell

Experimenting Quotes By Wendy Williams

Cambrian animals were not particularly large at first, but they were plentiful and innovative. Jaws appeared. Eyes appeared. Nature began experimenting with weaponry. — Wendy Williams

Experimenting Quotes By Cat Cora

I've been experimenting more and more with LN2, liquid nitrogen. I've used it in battle on 'Iron Chef America,' but have also made some great ice creams at home for my family. Since it freezes basically on contact, you can have ice cream ready in mere minutes. — Cat Cora

Experimenting Quotes By Rebecca Miller

I think it's very important to keep being frightened - if you're not frightening yourself, you should take a break. You need to keep experimenting. You also need to take time - that's how you do good stuff - layering and depth of knowledge. — Rebecca Miller

Experimenting Quotes By Judith Krantz

Anyway, how can you say things like that? You don't know me at all. She wasn't really caught up in this game, but she was enjoying it, as she had enjoyed the dozens of declarations that had been made to her since she was eleven. Her earliest memories were of being told how beautiful she was. Something in her never believed the words, never felt satisfied. It wasn't modesty; it was a craving for more proof than anyone had ever yet given her. Her mind worked constantly at trying to understand for herself exactly what other people saw when they looked at her. She could never grasp it whole and living. Her deepest fantasy was to step outside of her skin and look at herself and find out just what people were thinking about. She spent her life experimenting with people to see how she could make them react, as if, in their response, she could discover herself. — Judith Krantz

Experimenting Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche was a Greek born two thousand years too late. His dreams were thoroughly Hellenic; his whole manner of thinking was Hellenic; his peculiar errors were Hellenic no less. But his Hellenism, I need not add, was anything but the pale neo-Platonism that has run like a thread through the thinking of the Western world since the days of the Christian Fathers. From Plato, to be sure, he got what all of us must get, but his real forefather was Heraclitus. It is in Heraclitus that one finds the germ of his primary view of the universe - a view, to wit, that sees it, not as moral phenomenon, but as mere aesthetic representation. The God that Nietzsche imagined, in the end, was not far from the God that such an artist as Joseph Conrad imagines - a supreme craftsman, ever experimenting, ever coming closer to an ideal balancing of lines and forces, — Friedrich Nietzsche

Experimenting Quotes By Brandon Stanton

'Humans of New York' did not result from a flash on inspiration. It grew from five years of experimenting, tinkering, and messing up. — Brandon Stanton

Experimenting Quotes By Bruce Sterling

Okay, are you really 'experimenting'? How do you know if you're really experimenting? You're working on it methodically and you're publishing the results! It's not an experiment if you don't publish the results in some verifiable and falsifiable form, okay? — Bruce Sterling

Experimenting Quotes By Tom Reiss

secret codicils would allow the German Army to illegally rearm and train on Russian territory throughout the twenties and thirties. Tens of thousands of German "work commandos" would come to Russia in 1923 and begin experimenting in the new, still theoretical technique of the blitzkrieg, the idea that small, high-quality, mobile forces backed by airpower could overcome a country before it could react. — Tom Reiss

Experimenting Quotes By Mark Twain

Now what I contend is that my body is my own, at least I have always so regarded it. If I do harm through my experimenting with it, it is I who suffer, not the state. — Mark Twain

Experimenting Quotes By William Stanley Jevons

The child which overbalances itself in learning to walk is experimenting on the law of gravity. — William Stanley Jevons

Experimenting Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Keep experimenting, your divine self! — Lailah Gifty Akita

Experimenting Quotes By Jessica Knoll

But a Kate could never give Luke what I give him, and that's the edge. Rusted and bacteria ridden, I'm the blade that nicks at the perfectly hemmed seams of Luke's star quarterback life, threatening to shred it apart. And he likes that threat, the possibility of my danger. But he doesn't really want to see what I can do, the ragged holes I can open. I've spent most of our relationship scratching the surface, experimenting with the pressure, how much is too much before I draw blood? I'm getting tired. — Jessica Knoll

Experimenting Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

How strange," she said, "not to recognize one's own face."
"You have no cause for complaint," Grant said huskily. Even bruised and pale and ravaged, her face was incomparable.
"Do you think so?" She stared into the looking glass without a trace of self-satisfactionshe had displayed at the ball. *That* Vivien had had no doubt of her many attractions. This woman was far less confident.
"Everyone thinks so. You're known as one of the great beauties of London."
"I don't see why." Catching his skeptical expression, she added, "Truly, I'm not fishing for compliments, it's just... seems a very ordinary face." She produced a comical, clownish expression, like a child experimenting with her reflection. A shaken laugh escaped her. "It doesn't seem to belong to me. — Lisa Kleypas

Experimenting Quotes By Elly Blake

Did Brother Thistle train you in the most effective methods of communicating with me?"
His head lifted and his lips curved. "He may have given me some advice."
"And you took it?" My brows rose.
"I'm experimenting with it. If it doesn't work, I'll go back to my tried and true method."
"By which you mean threats and orders."
His smile widened. — Elly Blake

Experimenting Quotes By Edward Albee

There are lots of young vital playwrights who are experimenting, and these are the plays that people who are interested in the theatre should see. They should go off Broadway. They should go to the cafe theatres and see the experiments that are being made. — Edward Albee

Experimenting Quotes By Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Science is curiosity, testing and experimenting. — Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Experimenting Quotes By Elyse Friedman

The Poodle
The poodle -- nature's most perfect food -- was invented by Otto Van Plotsberg in 1872. According to Van Plotsberg he had only just begun experimenting with kinky hair and extra toes when he happened upon the formula for poodles. Van Plotsberg's first poodles sported only one leg -- a stumpy appendage protruding from the center of the body. These crude early versions (commonly inverted and used as hat stands) were soon abandoned in favor of the superior French model, which featured a winning smile and four limbs positioned strategically around the torso. Thus began the dizzying proliferation of the modern-day poodle -- hampered temporarily by a 1909 decree which stated that "Henceforth all poodles shall bear the name Svee," marking a slight decline in the population until the edict was overturned. Today, poodles inhabit every corner of the earth. Witness the African Killer Poodle, The Wild Poodles of Borneo, and the elusive Giant Swamp Poodle of Denchai. — Elyse Friedman

Experimenting Quotes By Sarah Thornton

Although the art world is frequently characterised as a classless scene where artists from lower-msddle-class backgrounds drink champagne with high-priced hedge-fund managers, scholarly curators, fashion designers and other "creatives," you'd be mistaken if you thought the world was egalitarian or democratic. Art is about experimenting with ideas, but it is also about excellence and exclusion. In a society where everyone is looking for a little distinction, it's an intoxicating combination. — Sarah Thornton

Experimenting Quotes By Etgar Keret

Generally, all my life, I have had strong friction with life - I was a problematic soldier, I was kicked out of the army, I was in fights. There was something about writing that was a way of experimenting with this emotion. — Etgar Keret

Experimenting Quotes By Bernhard Schlink

To me it was obvious that experimental literature was experimenting on the reader, and Hanna didn't need that and neither did I. — Bernhard Schlink

Experimenting Quotes By Marilyn Vos Savant

Be in the habit of experimenting with your clothing so that you don't get stuck for life with a self-image developed over the course of high school. — Marilyn Vos Savant

Experimenting Quotes By Chloe Cole

You know what would really help? If men started looking at it like a bank. The more you deposit the more you can withdraw later. Make a woman come as a rule, she's going to be more receptive to regular sex and much more open-minded about what's on the table as far as experimenting. Common sense. — Chloe Cole

Experimenting Quotes By Stanley Victor Paskavich

I heard they were experimenting with underwater matches but they had to quit after three smokers drowned. — Stanley Victor Paskavich

Experimenting Quotes By Stevie Wonder

I'm still experimenting. — Stevie Wonder

Experimenting Quotes By Denzel Whitaker

I listen to a lot of different music. I love hip-hop. I'm a big underground rap fan. I listen to the likes of J. Cole. Lately, I've also been getting into techno house music. And I've been on an Eighties retro kick, and I've even been experimenting with some rock. — Denzel Whitaker

Experimenting Quotes By Skylar Grey

I didn't have any knowledge of the music industry when I first got to L.A., and I really didn't know on a creative level what I wanted to sound like, so I had to do a lot of experimenting. It led to a spiral of depression and being broke. — Skylar Grey

Experimenting Quotes By Douglas Adams

The occasional new ploy such as the For the Public Good talk, or the March of Progress talk, the They Knocked My House Down Once You Know, Never Looked Back talk and various other cajoleries and threats; and it was the bulldozer drivers' accepted role to sit around drinking coffee and experimenting with union regulations to see how they could turn the situation to their financial advantage. — Douglas Adams

Experimenting Quotes By Christine Feehan

You have to be more discerning, Lily, when experimenting with bondage."
He wiggled his eyebrows. "I'd make a great master. — Christine Feehan

Experimenting Quotes By Henry Ford

Many inventors fail because they do not distinguish between planning and experimenting. The — Henry Ford

Experimenting Quotes By Emmy Rossum

I've been in the studio experimenting on making a CD of my own. I'm trying out different producers, styles, sounds. With music, as opposed to acting, you are not playing a character. You are showing people who you are. I really want to have my spirit in it. — Emmy Rossum

Experimenting Quotes By Marissa Mayer

The Googly thing is to launch products early on Google Labs and then iterate, learning what the market wants - and making it great. The beauty of experimenting in this way is that you never get too far from what the market wants. The market pulls you back. — Marissa Mayer

Experimenting Quotes By Seth Godin

An organization filled with honest, motivated, connected, eager, learning, experimenting, ethical and driven people will always defeat the one that merely has talent. Every time. — Seth Godin

Experimenting Quotes By Brian Kernighan

It is a fundamental principle of testing that you must know in advance the answer each test case is supposed to produce. If you don't, you are not testing; you are experimenting. — Brian Kernighan

Experimenting Quotes By Eliza Doolittle

Experimenting with make-up is a lot of fun. When I'm not touring, I like nothing better than inviting the girls around to listen to music and get ready together before going out. — Eliza Doolittle

Experimenting Quotes By Ed Sheeran

I kind of like the way that I came up as an artist. I like experimenting. — Ed Sheeran

Experimenting Quotes By Leighton Meester

I had a bunch of different hair colors. I was experimenting to see what I liked. It started off brown, then I did red, then I got really, really blonde! — Leighton Meester

Experimenting Quotes By Lajos Egri

Two or three million years ago, the Earth was a ball of fire, revolving arround it's own axis. It took millions of years to cool under the constant downpour of rain. The Process was slow, imperceptible, but the gradual change - transition - came to pass. Same for generation after generation of evolution on Earth.
Nature never jumps. She works in a leisurely manner, experimenting continuously. The same natural transition can be seen in man. This gradual change, transition, works every where, silently building storms and destroying soloar systems. — Lajos Egri

Experimenting Quotes By Oscar Wilde

It often happened that when we thought we were experimenting on others we were really experimenting on ourselves. — Oscar Wilde

Experimenting Quotes By Esther Duflo

In technology, we spend so much time experimenting, fine-tuning, getting the absolute cheapest way to do something - so why aren't we doing that with social policy? — Esther Duflo

Experimenting Quotes By Emma Watson

It's very hard to describe your own style. And I'm young, so I'm still experimenting. But I think it's quite British and very much about individuality. — Emma Watson

Experimenting Quotes By P.J. Harvey

It's so much in me to want to keep experimenting all the time. It's just inherent. Therefore I keep reaching for instruments I don't particularly know how to play, and then I become excited. — P.J. Harvey

Experimenting Quotes By Zendaya

That's what is really cool about this whole new wave of makeup artistry and people on Instagram and YouTube: It's about doing it for yourself and experimenting. People don't wear makeup to impress people or because they'll be seen in public. It's more of a hobby now, just because it's fun. — Zendaya

Experimenting Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

I sighed. "Show me the damn ring, Edward."
He shook his head. "No."
I studied his expression for a long minute.
"Please?" I asked quietly, experimenting with my newly discovered weapon. I touched his face lightly with the tips of my fingers. "Please can I see it?"
His eyes narrowed. "You are the most dangerous creature I have ever met," he muttered. But he got up and moved with unconscious grace to kneel next to the small bedside table. — Stephenie Meyer

Experimenting Quotes By Pat McGrath

There are endless ways to enhance beauty. You never know when you will find your perfect lipstick - unless you keep experimenting. — Pat McGrath

Experimenting Quotes By Bradford Cox

For me, experimenting involves traditionalism. — Bradford Cox

Experimenting Quotes By Ella Henderson

Dressing up and doing photo shoots was a side of the industry I really didn't think I would like. But now I've got a glam squad; I love trying on new outfits and experimenting with different looks. — Ella Henderson

Experimenting Quotes By Tommy James

I think everybody did their share of experimenting in the 1960s with drugs. My story is real simple. I was taking amphetamines in the late 60s and I was addicted to them. I don't necessarily know the why. I'm sure at the time I could've told you six different reasons why I was doing it. But, in the end, all of that stuff, all chemicals will hurt you. — Tommy James

Experimenting Quotes By Richard Bach

We reviewed the ways we had to bring customers: Method A, flying aerobatics at the edge of town. Method B, the parachute jump. Then we began experimenting with Method C. There is a principle that says if you lay out a lonely solitaire game in the center of the wilderness, someone will soon come along to look over your shoulder and tell you how to play your cards. This was the principle of Method C. We unrolled our sleeping bags and stretched out under the wing, completely uncaring. — Richard Bach

Experimenting Quotes By Jerry Hall

I am wondering when - if - I have to cut my hair. I think it looks terrible if you have really long hair and it's gone gray. So I am experimenting with wearing it up. Up, with pearls. I think that's quite a good look. — Jerry Hall

Experimenting Quotes By Jessie Ware

I had just finished a run of shows in the States and went to NY to work with BenZel for a couple weeks, mainly as a different focus to touring. I didn't have any expectations or pressures with what would come out of those two weeks, and think 'Tough Love' sums this up. It was me experimenting with my voice and having fun with it. It just felt right and kind of dictated the route of the next album, much like 'Devotion' did on my first album — Jessie Ware

Experimenting Quotes By John Tesh

When I was playing piano, it was like, 'I'm going to write a song using all the white keys.' My music director, who knew my jazz background, suggested I try big-band music, so we spent a year experimenting with it in concert, and the audience reaction was really good. — John Tesh

Experimenting Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

While you are experimenting, do not remain content with the surface of things. — Ivan Pavlov

Experimenting Quotes By Michael Josephson

Experimenting with drugs is like target practice where your head is the bull's-eye. — Michael Josephson

Experimenting Quotes By E.A. Bucchianeri

You know how creative people are, we have to try everything until we find our niche. — E.A. Bucchianeri

Experimenting Quotes By D. M. Turner

And when you start using a lot of psychedelics, and particularly a lot of the natural psychedelics, my experience has been that I come in contact with some very old entities. And these entities have been around for a while, at least since humans first started experimenting with these plants. — D. M. Turner

Experimenting Quotes By Z.A. Maxfield

Experimenting with touch, he found he barely had to ripple a light fingertip over his sleeping lover, and Tristan would move, twisting until he was melted into Michael's embrace. Stroking Tristan's cheek got Michael a sleepy kiss. Touching Tristan's back or sliding a hand down his spine earned Michael the satisfying squeeze of arms around him. And squeezing Tristan's ass got him a fully awake and erect boy-toy looking for love. — Z.A. Maxfield

Experimenting Quotes By Kate Bush

I think each album does have a different energy, otherwise you'd be doing the same thing again and not experimenting anew ... Albums are such autobiographical material, not in the material but as an expression of what you're like at the time. — Kate Bush

Experimenting Quotes By Grandmaster Flash

I knew there was a way to blend records together, but I didn't know how to. This was haunting me when I was in my teens. In my frustration, I decided to start experimenting with electronics. I tested the torque factor on different turntables. I had to figure needles out. See, there are two kinds, elliptical and conical. — Grandmaster Flash

Experimenting Quotes By Gloria Gaynor

Experimenting with drugs, drinking, doing this just enough to be accepted as one of the crowd, but I hated drugs, and I hated the taste of alcohol! — Gloria Gaynor

Experimenting Quotes By Glenn Frey

It was 1967, and the hippie thing was happening. I got into experimenting with drugs while I was in college in Michigan. — Glenn Frey

Experimenting Quotes By Natalie Jeremijenko

Experimenting with your own life is the most fundamental medium we have. — Natalie Jeremijenko

Experimenting Quotes By Wayne Kramer

In Detroit, it was an average night to go and hear the Stooges, Parliament-Funkadelic and the MC5 on the same show. We were all into the 'Free Jazz' movement, the musics of Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra; and experimenting with guitar sounds, and trying different beats, and pushing the rhythm farther... — Wayne Kramer

Experimenting Quotes By David Archuleta

I want to make sure that I make music that lasts. I've been experimenting. I've been writing. — David Archuleta

Experimenting Quotes By Caitlin Moran

I see feminism as a massive party. It's cool, the idea that 50% of the population can now start doing things and having fun and experimenting with their hair and makeup. — Caitlin Moran

Experimenting Quotes By Ray Bradbury

We are the miracle of force and matter making itself over into imagination and will. Incredible. The Life Force experimenting with forms. You for one. Me for another. The Universe has shouted itself alive. We are one of the shouts. — Ray Bradbury

Experimenting Quotes By Anita Diament

Right now, I'm Writing song lyrics. Experimenting with a play. Toying with an idea for a documentary. I hope one of these will eventually be launched into the light of day. — Anita Diament

Experimenting Quotes By Alex Goot

I didn't realize what I was even doing when I started to record music. I was just doing it for fun. I picked up whatever recording gear I could get my hands on and I'd sit there day-in and day-out ... experimenting with different sounds and trying to write songs. — Alex Goot

Experimenting Quotes By Paul Goodman

To learn theory by experimenting and doing.
To learn belonging by participating and self-rule.
Permissiveness in all animal behavior and interpersonal expression.
Emphasis on individual differences.
Unblocking and training feeling by plastic arts, eurythmics and dramatics.
Tolerance of races, classes, and cultures.
Group therapy as a means of solidarity, in the staff meeting and community meeting.
Taking youth seriously as an age in itself.
Community of youth and adults, minimizing 'authority.'
Educational use of the actual physical plant (buildings and farms) and the culture of the school community.
Emphasis in the curriculum on real problems and wider society, its geography and history, with actual participation in the neighboring community (village or city).
Trying for functional interrelation of activities. — Paul Goodman

Experimenting Quotes By Ignazio Silone

Liberty is the possibility of doubting, the possibility of making a mistake, the possibility of searching and experimenting, the possibility of saying no to any authority - literary, artistic, philosophic, religious, social, and even political. — Ignazio Silone

Experimenting Quotes By Thomas A. Edison

X-rays ... I am afraid of them. I stopped experimenting with them two years ago, when I came near to losing my eyesight and Dally, my assistant practically lost the use of both of his arms. — Thomas A. Edison

Experimenting Quotes By Travis Tritt

I liked experimenting with a lot of different styles. So, it always saddens me when I see young people, or even older people for that matter, who are limited to one specific type of music. They don't really allow themselves to experience so many types of music out there that are so wonderful to listen to. And there's good parts and bad parts, I guess, to all of them. — Travis Tritt

Experimenting Quotes By Ralph Strangis

I wanted to be a broadcaster, sportscaster, or gameshow host from a very early age. I did my first broadcasting when I was 10 or 11 - into a tape recorder for my brother's football game, and for local events. A local radio station was experimenting with high school disc jockeys for rock and roll shifts - I applied - and got the job. — Ralph Strangis

Experimenting Quotes By Albert Shanker

As teachers, we must constantly try to improve schools and we must keep working at changing and experimenting and trying until we have developed ways of reaching every child. — Albert Shanker

Experimenting Quotes By Taylor V. Donovan

I'm fucking demanding, and you should know that if you ever feel like experimenting and ask me for a threesome, I'm most likely to cut off your dick and feed it to my neighbor's Chihuahua. — Taylor V. Donovan

Experimenting Quotes By Jasper Johns

I'm especially interested in the music of John Cage ... I would like to do some experimenting with the relationship between his freeform sound and free-form art. — Jasper Johns

Experimenting Quotes By Thomas Frank

Privatizing bits of the prison industry was a step in the right direction, but what we didn't have - until recently - were proper instruments for incentivizing the judiciary. That's what the 'kids for cash' judges were apparently experimenting with. — Thomas Frank

Experimenting Quotes By David Graeber

All of this would explain why revolutionary moments always seem to be followed by an outpouring of social, artistic, and intellectual creativity. Normally unequal structures of imaginative identification are disrupted; everyone is experimenting with trying to see the world from unfamiliar points of view; everyone feels not only the right, but usually the immediate practical need to re-create and reimagine everything around them. — David Graeber