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I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Paul Saffo

Graphic designers are idea embalmers, loving undertakers preserving bits of data like to many butterflies pinned to felt in a jewel box. — Paul Saffo

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By E.L. James

Katherine often teases me that I'm missing the need-a-boyfriend gene, but the truth is I just haven't met anyone who ... well, whom I'm attracted to, even though part of me longs for the fabled trembling knees, heart-in-my-mouth, butterflies-in-my-belly moments. Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Perhaps I've spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and consequently my ideals and expectations are far too high. But in reality, nobody's ever made me feel like that. — E.L. James

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Laini Taylor

To a new generation of butterflies, hopefully less stupid than last.
Maybe they were burgeoning even now in fat little cocoons. Or maybe not. — Laini Taylor

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Norah Jones

Don't go chasing after butterflies, when everything you want is right by your side. — Norah Jones

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Emily Henry

Maybe you are Saul's quarter-life crisis, but so what? Maybe he's yours. Or maybe you two are the luckiest people in the world and you've just found your fireworks-in-the-sky, holding-hands-until-you-die Forever Person. Guess what? There are drawbacks either way.
Maybe you break up and it sucks, but then you heal and move on and fall in love again. Or maybe this is it, the last person you'll ever have butterflies for, your last first kiss, but you get to grow up together, start your life together sooner. And you know what else? You don't have to be afraid to walk away either way... — Emily Henry

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Taylor Swift

The beginning of love is all about the butterflies, but the end of it is when you can't get out of bed in the morning. — Taylor Swift

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Apollo Blake

A ball of fire rolled through my stomach, catching on the wings of the butterflies darting around in there and setting them up in a blaze. I bristled as Carter's grin brushed mine, lips just barely touching.

Any closer and we'd be kissing for real, plunging straight off this knife edge we balanced on. — Apollo Blake

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Debasish Mridha

When I am in nature, my heart dances with butterflies and sings along with flowers. — Debasish Mridha

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Marlene Van Niekerk

First smile!! An unseasonal little shower of rain fell here, and a lot of butterflies drowned, so we put them in the sun and they came back to life, and flew up and then Agaat SMILED! — Marlene Van Niekerk

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Lina Wertmuller

Prizes are like butterflies, colorful butterflies that fly away. I don't believe in prizes much. — Lina Wertmuller

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Matthew Moy

I get butterflies just like everyone else. So I meditate for at least ten minutes before I perform. I breathe in and out slowly for ten minutes, and that literally helps me slow my heart rate and relax. — Matthew Moy

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Eva Paterson

Race is the great taboo in our society. We are afraid to talk about it. White folks fear their unspoken views will be deemed racist. People of color are filled with sorrow and rage at unrighted wrongs. Drowning in silence, we are brothers and sisters drowning each other. Once we decide to transform ourselves from fearful caterpillars into courageous butterflies, we will be able to bridge the racial gulf and move forward together towards a bright and colorful future. — Eva Paterson

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Kelly Monroe Kullberg

Everything from quarks to quasars, butterflies to brain cells, was created so that you and I might delight in the display of divine glory. We alone can glorify God by rejoicing in the beauty His creative handiwork and relishing the splendor of His-revelation in the Person and redemptive work of Jesus Christ. — Kelly Monroe Kullberg

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Alan W. Watts

Te is thus the natural miracle of one who seems born to be wise and humane, comparable to what we call "perfect specimens" of flowers, trees, or butterflies - though sometimes our notions of the perfect specimen are too formal. Thus Chuang-tzu enlarges on the extraordinary virtue of being a hunchback, and goes on to suggest that being weird in mind may be even more advantageous than being weird in body. He compares the hunchback to a vast tree which has grown to a great old age by virtue of being useless for human purposes because its leaves are inedible and its branches twisted and pithy.5 Formally healthy and upright humans are conscripted as soldiers, and straight and strong trees are cut down for lumber; wherefore the sage gets by with a perfect appearance of imperfection, such as we see in the gnarled pines and craggy hills of Chinese painting. — Alan W. Watts

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Kenneth P. Thompson

I must say the Linux community is a lot nicer than the Unix community. A negative comment on Unix would warrent death threats. With Linux, it is like stirring up a nest of butterflies. — Kenneth P. Thompson

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Karrie Webb

First round of the tournament being a Major, I think the butterflies were a little different than that. — Karrie Webb

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

if there's no change
there'd be no butterflies — Stephenie Meyer

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Earl Shorris

There are nine different words in Maya for the color blue...but just three Spanish translations, leaving six butterflies that can be seen only by the Maya, proving beyond doubt that when a language dies, six butterflies disappear from the consciousness of the earth. — Earl Shorris

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Chris Cleave

She was whispering into it in some language that sounded like butterflies drowning in honey. — Chris Cleave

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Mary Clark Dalton

The Rainbow is a promise — Mary Clark Dalton

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Giulia Enders

We humans have known since time immemorial something that science is only now discovering: our gut feeling is responsible in no small measure for how we feel. We are "scared shitless" or we can be "shitting ourselves" with fear. If we don't manage to complete a job, we can't get our "ass in gear." We "swallow" our disappointment and need time to "digest" a defeat. A nasty comment leaves a "bad taste in our mouth." When we fall in love, we get "butterflies in our stomach." Our self is created in our head and our gut - no longer just in language, but increasingly also in the lab. — Giulia Enders

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Katie Reus

How old are you exactly?"
The corner of his mouth curved up, the grin so ridiculously sexy it made butterflies take flight in her stomach. "Thirty-two."
"Hmm, eight year difference. Not exactly robbing the cradle, but I think I might have to rethink this whole thing between us." She kept her voice light, teasing.
He snorted and pinched her butt, making her yelp. "Think all you want, I'm not going anywhere. — Katie Reus

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Heidi Cullinan

Sometimes the ones we love are like butterflies, flitting all over, and we have to sit and wait patiently for them to land. Sometimes they never do, and that's a risk we take. But sometimes what they need most is to see us sitting still, patient, waiting. To understand that we're going to be there no matter what, that we're the ones who are always sitting there waiting, loyal, loving. Sometimes that's more powerful than any words. — Heidi Cullinan

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Charles Kingsley

All the butterflies and cockyolybirds would fly past me. — Charles Kingsley

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Nina LaCour

I thought that it was more likely the opposite. I must have shut grief out. Found it in books. Cried over fiction instead of the truth. The truth was unconfined, unadorned. There was no poetic language to it, no yellow butterflies, no epic floods. There wasn't a town trapped underwater or generations of men with the same name destined to make the same mistakes. The truth was vast enough to drown in. — Nina LaCour

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Alice Hoffman

You can be betrayed in your sleep. The whole world can tilt while you're dreaming of butterflies. — Alice Hoffman

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Nikki Jefford

Gut instincts were supposed to be the most trustworthy and it was in her gut where she felt the butterflies. The heart had its purpose as a blood pumping muscle, but love ... love blossomed and sparked through the body - originating from the gut. — Nikki Jefford

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

Butterflies are self propelled flowers. — Robert A. Heinlein

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Kristin Cavallari

I mean, I can tell within the first two minutes if I'm into someone or not. I can always tell if I get butterflies. — Kristin Cavallari

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Kyra Davis

I don't have any interest in helping you keep your job," I say, shifting my weight onto my heels, suddenly tired and
resigned. "But I promise to do what I can to keep you from being fired over false pretenses. If you get thrown out of here,
it'll be your fault, not mine, and not Mr. Dade's."
"You say that now - "
" - and I'll say it tomorrow." I turn and pull open the door. "Good night, Asha. Go home and get some sleep."
"I'm not tired."
"Then go to the park and pull the wings off butterflies," I say with a sardonic smile. "That seems like the kind of
thing you would enjoy."
She smiles back, shakes her head. "Butterflies are too weak."
"Then shoot a coyote, whatever," I suggest. "But your work day's over. We all need our rest and if I'm going to be a
dictator, I'm going to try to be a benevolent one. — Kyra Davis

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Anya Allyn

Philomena spun a tale about a butterfly that turned back into a caterpillar - saying that the butterfly would rather live in the cocoon for years than fly under the sun for only a few short days.
"Butterflies don't last," said Philomena solemnly. — Anya Allyn

I Still Get Those Butterflies Quotes By Jim Abbott

You know I still get nervous speaking in front of people. Speaking reminds me of pitching in that way. No matter how much you prepare, there is always that anxiety to perform. Those butterflies. You learn to embrace that stress. Eventually you realize that stress is what pushes you to perform at your peak ... But man the roller coaster! I told myself that after my career was over I would live my life quietly, out of the public eye, with no chance of embarrassing myself in front of large groups of people. Yet ... here I am! — Jim Abbott