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Top I Keep It Classy Quotes

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Aly Raisman

I really like the retro look. My regular clothing, I like to always keep it classy and I like to kind of be more dressed up more of the time. I'm not really someone you see in sweatpants a lot. — Aly Raisman

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Brian Henson

We try to keep it a classy show, but it certainly is blue at times. And it all depends on the audience, sometimes we've have audiences that don't really want us to go too far in that direction. — Brian Henson

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Marilyn Monroe

Keep it classy, never trashy, just a lil nasty. — Marilyn Monroe

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Joss Stone

It's ok to be sassy, but I'll never be trashy, it's ok to be nasty, but you got to keep it classy now — Joss Stone

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Nicki Minaj

They could never make me hate you. Even though what you was doing wasn't tasteful.. Even though you out here looking so ungrateful.. I'm a keep it moving, be classy and graceful — Nicki Minaj

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Gloria D. Gonsalves

If I was a cake, I would be incomplete unless I was a yellow sponge from Asia; frosted with brown chocolate from Americas; classy and elegant decorated with fresh white cream from Europe, and satin black fondant from Africa. I would be edible only if cooled in the Antarctica and served at a beach in Australia. No race in this world is superior to another but rather deficient without the other. Tolerance is not love but a chance to abolish any opportunity for hatred. Let's keep baking in a joyful and tolerant manner. — Gloria D. Gonsalves

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Mayer Hawthorne

Even when I was a hip-hop DJ I always kept it classy. The motto is always 'flashy but classy.' You've got to be original and stand out from the crowd and take some chances. But you've always got to keep it classy. — Mayer Hawthorne

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Carli Lloyd

I don't get too upset or bent out of shape from things that go on on the field. But I think that you always want to try to keep it classy. You don't want to do any stupid fouls, and sometimes - sometimes the game gets to you; people react differently. — Carli Lloyd

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Jay Crownover

Sure. She's classy, elegant, made of sturdy stuff, expensive as hell to keep running and keep pretty. She's only good to me if I'm good to her, so obviously she's a girl. — Jay Crownover

I Keep It Classy Quotes By Tori Kelly

My style is understated because everything I wear, I want it to have an effortless feel to it. I always want to be comfortable in my clothes and feel like myself, but I like to usually throw in some edge in there somewhere, even just with a leather jacket. But overall, always gotta keep it classy! — Tori Kelly