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I Hate Nobody Quotes By Denis Leary

Let me tell you something: I love the Yankees. And let me tell you why: because without the Yankees, there is nobody to hate. — Denis Leary

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Augusten Burroughs

The reason I know what we are to each other is because we fight freely and almost constantly, about even the smallest thing. In fact, once we didn't speak for an entire week because he didn't like the way I loaded his dishwasher ... I can't decide if we're exact opposites, or somehow exactly the same except for minor cosmetic differences. I do know that all of his friends hate me and all of my friends hate him. We drive each other crazy in ways that nobody else can even touch. We never bore each other. And we both realize what a rare thing this is. — Augusten Burroughs

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Richard Dawkins

I hate the neologism "owned" for "scored a victory over". I have no intention of owning anyone, and nobody will ever own me. — Richard Dawkins

I Hate Nobody Quotes By CLAMP

If you don't want her to go, you should say it. Those jerks who can't say a word no matter how much time passes ... I just don't get them. If they're doing whatever the hell they want ... then you should do what you want too. I hate those jerks who fool themselves into thinking that just because they clam up, nobody knows what's going on with them!! — CLAMP

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Simone Elkeles

You know those giant stuffed-animal prizes at the carnival? The kind practically nobody wins, except the lucky few? I've never won one."
"Yeah. I've never won one, either."
"Alex was my giant prize. I hated you for taking him away," she admits.
I shrug. "Yeah, well, stop hating me. I don't have him, either."
"I don't hate you anymore," she says. "I've moved on."
I swallow and then say, "Me, too."
Carmen chuckles. Then, just as she walks out of the room, I hear her mumble, "Alex sure as hell hasn't. — Simone Elkeles

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Nora Roberts

"Nobody home but you and me," he said, nibbling at her jaw, her throat, her mouth as he guided
her out of the kitchen. "You know what I was thinking the other day?"
"No." How could she? She didn't know what she was thinking right now.
"That it's a complex business. My girlfriend lives with her mother."
She did laugh now, at the idea of being called anyone's girlfriend.
"And I live with my kids. No place to go to do all the things I've imagined doing with you. Do you
know the things I've imagined doing with you?"
"I'm getting the picture. David, it's the middle of the day."
"The middle of the day." He paused at the base of the steps. "And an opportunity. I hate wasted
opportunities, don't you? — Nora Roberts

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Karl Lagerfeld

What I hate most in life are people who are not really the peach of the day but who want to be young and sexy. You can fool nobody. There is a moment when you have to accept that somebody else is younger and fresher and hotter. Life is not a beauty contest. — Karl Lagerfeld

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Jonathan Swift

I hate nobody: I am in charity with the world. — Jonathan Swift

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Haruki Murakami

You enjoy solitude?" she asked, leaning her cheek on her hand. "Traveling alone, eating alone, sitting off by yourself in lecture halls ... "
"Nobody likes being alone that much. I don't go out of my way to make friends, that's all. It just leads to disappointment."
The tip of one earpiece in her mouth, sunglasses dangling down, she mumbled, "'Nobody likes being alone. I just hate to be disappointed.' You can use that line if you ever write your autobiography."
"Thanks," I said.
"Do you like green?"
"Why do you ask?"
"You're wearing a green polo shirt."
"Not especially. I'll wear anything."
"'Not especially. I'll wear anything.' I love the way you talk. Like spreading plaster nice and smooth. Has anybody ever told you that?"
"Nobody," I said. — Haruki Murakami

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Lester Bangs

The twin concepts of nihilism and the antihero have had it. What began with The Wild One and James "nobody understands me" Dean, ran with increasing vehement negativism up through the Stones and Velvets and Iggy ... [I]t may be time, in spite of all indications to the contrary from the exterior society, to begin thinking in terms of heroes again, of love instead of hate, of energy instead of violence, of strength instead of cruelty, of action instead of reaction. — Lester Bangs

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Simone Elkeles

Two weeks later I'm the last one in the locker room to change for gym. The click of heels makes me look up. It's Carmen Sanchez. I don't freak out. Instead, I stand and look right at her.
"He was back in Fairfield, you know," she tells me.
"I know," I say, remembering the hand warmers in my locker. But he left. Like a whisper, he was there and then disappeared.
She looks almost nervous, vulnerable. "You know those giant stuffed-animal prizes at the carnival? The kind practically nobody wins, except the lucky few? I've never won one."
"Yeah. I've never won one, either."
"Alex was my giant prize. I hated you for taking him away," she admits.
I shrug. "Yeah, well, stop hating me. I don't have him, either."
"I don't hate you anymore," she says. "I've moved on."
I swallow and then say, "Me, too."
Carmen chuckles. Then, just as she walks out of the room, I hear her mumble, "Alex sure as hell hasn't."
What's that supposed to mean? — Simone Elkeles

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Kelly Clarkson

I'm cute - and God I hate that. Because that's not cool. I'm like your niece, and nobody wants to date their niece. It's the chubby cheeks. The whole reason people voted for me on American Idol is because I'm an everyday, normal girl. — Kelly Clarkson

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Nick Diaz

Im not trying to hate on nobody.I love everybody that works towards what I was working towards.Its a hard game,its a hard life. — Nick Diaz

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Carrie Jones

Thank you for getting me," I try to say. My lips are so tired they don't want to move.
"Anytime,Zara.Really.I mean it." He seems to be smelling my hair.
"I know you hate me and everything but we should be friends," I tell him, closing my eyes.
"I don't hate you," he says. "That's not it at all."
"What is it then? Are you a victim of parthenophobia?"
"Fear of girls."
"You are so strange." He moves back even closer to me, this wicked glint in his eyes like he's trying hard not to snort-laugh at me. His hand presses against the side of my head. Nobody has ever touched me like this before, all gentle and romantic, but strong at the same time. "I'm not afraid of girls."
"Then why haven't you kissed any?"
For a second his eyes flash. "Maybe the right one hasn't come around yet. — Carrie Jones

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Natalie Lloyd

I think about how nobody knows how long they have in the world. And how we only get a certain number of words to say and share. I'd hate for the last words that come out of my mouth to be mean ones. I don't want to waste my words" -Emma — Natalie Lloyd

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Chris Rock

Nobody's good. I hate it. I truly hate it. I mean, there's a lot of guys doing stuff I admire, but stand-up-wise I feel very alone. I really miss Bill Hicks. I wish I could have put him on my show. And I really miss Sam Kinison a lot. Richard Pryor's sick ... It's like you get here and then, oh wait a minute, there's nobody here any more. I feel like the guy who finally got into Studio 54, three years too late, Duh, where are all the famous people? — Chris Rock

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Tony Kushner

I hate America. I hate this country. It's just big ideas, and stories, and people dying, and people like you. The white cracker who wrote the national anthem knew what he was doing. He set the word 'free' to a note so high nobody can reach it. That was deliberate. Nothing on earth sounds less like freedom to me. You come to room 1013 over at the hospital, I'll show you America. Terminal, crazy and mean. I live in America, that's hard enough, I don't have to love it. You do that. Everybody's got to love something. — Tony Kushner

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Philip Roth

Jesus Christ, who they go around telling everyone was God, was actually a Jew! and this fact, that absolutely kills me when I have to think about it, nobody else pays attention to. That he was a Jew, and they took a Jew and turned him into some kind of God after he is already dead, and then- this is what can make you absolutely crazy- then the dirty bastards turn around afterwards and who is the first one on their list to persecute? who haven't they left their hands off of to murder and to hate for two thousand years: The Jews! — Philip Roth

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Philippa Gregory

She's ice and ambition and she would see you on the gallows before surrendering her ambition. Anne has dazzled him, and dazzled the court, and dazzled even you.'
'Not me.' George said gently.
'Uncle likes her best,' I said resentfully.
'He likes nobody, but he wonders how far she might go.'
'We all wonder that. And what price she's prepared to pay. Especially if it's me that pays it.'
'It's not an easy dance she's leading.' George admitted.
'I hate her,' I said simple. 'I could happily watch her die for her ambition. — Philippa Gregory

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Michelle Bachelet

I wouldn't be honest if I told you that in some moment of my life I had a lot of rage - probably hate - I'm not sure of hate, but rage. But you know what happens is that then you realize you cannot do to others what you think nobody has to do to anybody. Life is important for me and not any kind of life, quality too of life. — Michelle Bachelet

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Olga Kurylenko

I hate jealousy, I hate possessiveness. I'm nobody's possession. — Olga Kurylenko

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

A few years back, one bleak winter afternoon, on the way home from the Pioneer Market on Columbus, some faceless yuppie shoved past March saying "Excuse me," which in New York translates to "Get the fuck outta my way," and which turned out finally to be once too often. March dropped the bags she was carrying in the filthy slush on the street, gave them a good kick, and screamed as loud as she could, "I hate this miserable shithole of a city!" Nobody seemed to take notice, though the bags and their strewn contents were gone in seconds. The only reaction was from a passerby who paused to remark, "So? you don't like it, why don't you go live someplace else? — Thomas Pynchon

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Muhammad Ali

I love my people and I don't hate nobody and it keeps me out of trouble. — Muhammad Ali

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Mos Def

I don't hate nobody. I hate certain conditions that are inflicted upon the people - and they're helpless with it. — Mos Def

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

Jennifer to Beth: Ech. I don't like Tom Cruise.
Beth to Jennifer: Me neither. But I usually like Tom Cruise movies.
Jennifer to Beth: Me too ... Huh, maybe I do like Tom Cruise. But I hate feeling pressured to find him attractive. I don't.
Beth to Jennifer: Nobody does. It's a lie perpetuated by the American media. Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.
Jennifer to Beth: Men don't like Julia Roberts?
Beth to Jennifer: Nope. Her teeth scare them.
Jennifer to Beth: Good to know. — Rainbow Rowell

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Christopher Fowler

I hate the endless admonishments of a nanny state that lives in fear of its lawyers. While colonies of dim-witted traffic wardens swarm about looking for minor parking infringements, nobody seems to notice that our very social fabric is falling apart. — Christopher Fowler

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Charles M. Schulz

Nobody likes me!"
"I wish I could like you, Charlie Brown, but I can't ... If I were to like you, it would be admitting that I was lowering my standards! You wouldn't want me to do that, would you? Be reasonable! I have standards that I have set up for liking people, and you just don't meet those standards! It wouldn't be reasonable for me to like you!"
"I hate myself for being so unreasonable! — Charles M. Schulz

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Johnny Thunders

Many people love me, many people hate me - there's nobody in between. That's the way I prefer it. — Johnny Thunders

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Maria Semple

Greetings from sunny Seattle, where women are "gals," people are "folks," a little bit is a "skosh," if you're tired you're "logy," if something is slightly off it's "hinky," you can't sit Indian-style but you can sit "crisscross applesauce," when the sun comes out it's never called "sun" but always "sunshine," boyfriends and girlfriends are "partners," nobody swears but someone occasionally might "drop the f-bomb," you're allowed to cough but only into your elbow, and any request, reasonable or unreasonable, is met with "no worries."
Have I mentioned how much I hate it here? — Maria Semple

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Don DeLillo

No. Your crime has no conscience. You haven't been driven to do it by some oppressive social
force. How I hate to be reasonable. You're not against the rich. Nobody's against the rich. Everybody's
ten seconds from being rich. Or so everybody thought. No. Your crime is in your head. Another fool
shooting up a diner because because — Don DeLillo

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Raine Miller

And even if you hate me for what I did, I'll still love you. If you won't see me, I'll still love you. I'll still love you because you are mine. Mine, Brynne. In my heart you are, and nobody can take that away from me. Not even you. E — Raine Miller

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Mark Curry

I only listen to myself, I hate to say. I don't got time to listen to nobody else. There's a lot of guys out there, but I only listen to myself. — Mark Curry

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Brian Spellman

Months after my wrists ripping, a talk therapist referred to the act as self-hatred. Until then nobody had said this to me. Did everyone presume that I already knew so? People say it all the time. It's safer to draw this conclusion. Throw in cowardice and you have an insulated public. I was not enraged at all. I was panic stricken. How could I hate myself for wanting to stop such physical sickness and terror? Mine was an act of caretaking, compassion, love. You cannot share this insight with therapists because they think such encourages recurrence. Have you ever stopped diarrhea with a prayer? If you have to go, you go. If you have to die, you die. — Brian Spellman

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Karen Chance

I drank some too-hot coffee and scowled at him, annoyed although I couldn't remember why. The light from the lounge was leaking in, highlighting his spiky blond hair. I decided that must be it.
"You really hate my hair, don't you?" he asked, a smile flickering over his lips so fast I might have imagined it.
I reached out to touch it, and was surprised as always to find it mostly soft. Just a little stiff in places from whatever product he used on it. It felt weird, imagining Pritkin having anything in his hair but sweat. But he must have; nobody's did that all on its own.
"It's like ... angry hair," I said, trying to pat it down and failing miserably.
He caught my wrist. "Most people would say that suits me."
"I'm not most people."
"I know. — Karen Chance

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Natsuki Takaya

I hate this fear. I hate this. I hate this world.
I hate it that nobody needs me.
I don't own this world.

I've had enough. It's not supposed to be my fault. Only now..
Only now that I realized..
I hate this world now,
living in this world where 'promise', 'bond' and 'eternity' don't exist,
and living in a world full fo strangers is a very, very scary thing.

Scared that there's no guarantee that I'll be loved.
You can't be living with people surrounding you forever. You just cant.
The world is too scary.

- Akito — Natsuki Takaya

I Hate Nobody Quotes By William Congreve

O ay, letters - I had letters - I am persecuted with letters - I hate letters - nobody knows how to write letters; and yet one has 'em, one does not know why - they serve one to pin up one's hair. — William Congreve

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Paul Henreid

I hate to think of the day when nobody remembers me as an actor and I can't get good tables in restaurants. — Paul Henreid

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Wataru Watari

I like myself. I have never once hated myself.
My high specs, my half decent looks,
My pessimistic, realist point of view.
I don't hate any of it at all. But, for the first time,
I feel like I could hate myself.

The Yukino Yukinoshita
I've seen all this time was always beautiful, pure,
Never told a lie, and could stand on her own feet even-
With nobody to lean on.
I'm pretty sure I always admired her for that.
I forced my own expectations and ideals on her,
Let myself think I understood her, and let myself be dissapointed.

I cautioned myself against this time and time again,
But I still haven't gotten over it.
Even Yukino Yukinoshita tells lies.
I couldn't even accept such an obvious fact,
And for that...I...hate myself
- Hachiman Hikigaya — Wataru Watari

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Joey Barton

How I wish the mass media had christened me Joe instead of Joey. I hate Joey, not going to lie. Nobody I respect calls me it ... — Joey Barton

I Hate Nobody Quotes By R.K. Slade

I'm basically a nobody in the trumpet section. I like it that way. I hate being in front of people. I think I'm too nervous, or anxious, or something. The only time I ever played a solo was that time during concert band that I accidentally played during a rest. The whole band was silent and I honked out a right note at the wrong time. I was so embarrassed that I wanted to hide in my band locker. - Rigby Raines — R.K. Slade

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Pat Oliphant

I hate changes of administrations, because I have all my villains in place and they are all taken away and replaced with faceless wonders nobody knows. — Pat Oliphant

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Lady Gaga

Perez Hilton is brilliant to me. Because he's taken something that people don't think is valid, don't think is important, and he's made them obsessed with it. People are obsessed with him. They're obsessed with his site, they're obsessed with what he does. They love him. They all love him. They love you, they hate you, what you don't want is indifference. The day that I put a record out that nobody says a damn thing about, that's bad. — Lady Gaga

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Martyn Stanley

The truth is I don't know what happens to the spirits of the dead when they leave this world. Priests may claim to, even Truthseeker may claim to. However nobody truly knows. All Truthseeker truly knows is that Ishar, Kirfell, Orion and Avanti are lies. He has no proof of an alternative. I don't know. There may be nothing beyond this dark reality we live in, but that doesn't feel right to me. We love, we hate, we fight, we strive... People's lives seem too complex and important to be simply extinguished like a candle.'

~Vexis Zaelwarsh
Deathsworn Arc 5: The Temple of the Mad God — Martyn Stanley

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Nobody likes being alone. I just hate to be disappointed. — Haruki Murakami

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Holly Black

So I'm scared, because you're not just not human, you're not like anyone ... there's nobody like you in all the world and it's you I want. I want you and I hate wanting things and I especially hate admitting I want them. — Holly Black

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Criss Jami

Unprovoked hostility is often but displaced self-defense: 'I must stop him before he stops me.' In many of such environments, nobody is really hateful so much as they are just fearful. — Criss Jami

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Mikey Way

For me I'd say ... a fact that nobody knows about me is that I hate eggs, they gross me out. It's this weird thing from childhood, I don't know what it is, but I just think eggs are disgusting. — Mikey Way

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Franco Santoro

I hid my wound under my clothes. Nobody could see it, including myself, and I completely forgot about it. Then I met someone who, filled with love, held me tight in that point. The pain was devastating, and I hated him, o how much I hated him, the cause of all my suffering. Then I met someone, beautifully dressed, and I loved him so much, holding him tight with all my passion. And he suffered badly, and he hated me, o how much he hated me, the cause of all his pain. So the story went on till I met someone who undressed himself, standing completely naked, with all his horrible wounds. Hence I also undressed, and I saw my horrible wounds, which he could also see. Then ... — Franco Santoro

I Hate Nobody Quotes By John Steinbeck

Adam thought he had me. When I was hurt, all broken up, he took me in and he waited on me, cooked for me. He tried to tie me down that way. Most people get tied down that way. They're grateful, they're in debt, and that's the worst kind of handcuffs. But nobody can hold me. I waited and waited until I was strong, and then I broke out. Nobody can trap me," she said. "I knew what he was doing. I waited."
"I don't hate you," he said. "But I'm glad you're afraid. — John Steinbeck

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Marc Jacobs

I hate this idea that you have to love somebody because they are your family. Nobody can tell me what I'm supposed to feel and who I am supposed to feel it for. — Marc Jacobs

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Scott Westerfeld

And here's what I realized: You Sly Girls don't cry when you watch the big-face parties on the feeds, just because you weren't invited. You don't stay friends with people you hate, just to bump your face rank. And even though nobody knows what you're doing out here, you don't feel invisible at all. Do you?

No one answered, but they were listening.

Fame is radically stupid, that's all. So I want to try something else. — Scott Westerfeld

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Christopher Bram

I hate hating myself. It's boring. But there's nobody else to hate. — Christopher Bram

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Frederick Lenz

I went through times of self-hate, thinking how undeveloped spiritual I was. Everyone else in the ashram, a thousand people, nobody had a girlfriend or boyfriend. I did. — Frederick Lenz

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Winston S. Churchill

I hate nobody except Hitler
and that is professional. — Winston S. Churchill

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Kate Saunders

I hate the world sometimes," Anthea said. "The unfairness of it. I won't force you to see me if you don't want to - but nobody can stop me loving you, and I'll wait for you all my life if I have to. — Kate Saunders

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Paula Scher

I don't think of design as a job. I think of it as - and I hate to use this term for it - more of a calling. If you're just doing it because it's a nice job and you want to go home and do something else, then don't do it, because nobody needs what you're going to make. — Paula Scher

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Cody Johnson

Also, I think I'd like to see more out-of-state shows, man. As bad as I hate to say this, I'm looking forward to playing for nobody. That's what happens when you're a guy like me and you travel out to Sacramento, California. — Cody Johnson

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Gregory David Roberts

You should let Jesus in your heart.' 'Jesus is in every heart, brother.' 'Are you serious?' 'Of course. I love that guy. Who doesn't?' 'A lot of people don't,' he laughed. 'Some people hate Jesus.' 'No. Brilliant mind, loving heart, significant penance: Jesus was the real deal. They might know Christians they don't like, but nobody hates Jesus. — Gregory David Roberts

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Nancy Mitford

Nobody ought to write books before they're thirty. I hate precocity. — Nancy Mitford

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Emily Bronte

Mr. Heathcliff, you have nobody to love you; and, however miserable you make us, we shall still have the revenge of thinking that your cruelty rises from your greater misery! You are miseable, are you not? Lonely, like the devil, and envious like him? Nobody loves you - nobody will cry for you, when you die! I wouldnt't be you! — Emily Bronte

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Charles M. Schulz

Rats! There goes the bell ... oh, how I hate lunch hours! I always have to eat alone because nobody likes me ... Peanut butter again ... I wish that little red haired girl would come over, and sit with me. Wouldn't it be great if she'd walk over here, and say, "May I eat lunch with you, Charlie Brown?" I'd give anything to talk with her ... she'd never like me, though ... I'm so blah and so stupid ... she'd never like me ... I wonder what would happen if I went over and tried to talk to her! Everyone would probably laugh ... she'd probably be insulted someone as blah as I am tried to talk to her. I hate lunch hour ... all it does is make me lonely ... during class it doesn't matter ... I can't even eat ... Nothing tastes good ... Rats! Nobody is ever going to like me ... Lunch hour is the loneliest hour of the day! — Charles M. Schulz

I Hate Nobody Quotes By Christopher Moore

Son, I'ma tell you something ain't nobody else in the world can tell you: you got no soul. And I'ma tell your future, too: you ain't never gonna get a soul, you keep makin' people's shit small." Evan's eyes started to roll back in his head and the big man shook him like dust mop until he came back to the room. "You ain't shit, Evan, and you ain't never gonna be shit until you show some passion for something. Y'all got to love something. Y'all got to hate something. Y'all got to want something. Pissing on other people's passion 'cause you trying to be cool just make you a coward - a little bitch. — Christopher Moore