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Top Hybridization Quotes

Hybridization Quotes By Aldous Huxley

Process. It's as beneficial, on its own level, as the hybridization of different strains of maize or chickens. — Aldous Huxley

Hybridization Quotes By Katie Elzer-Peters

If you want to save seeds from year to year, you need to grow open-pollinated varieties. The words "heirloom" and "open-pollinated" are sometimes used interchangeably, but they don't necessarily mean the same thing. "Heirloom" refers to a variety that was popular before World War II. "Open-pollinated" refers to a plant that produces stable characteristics from generation to generation. Heirlooms are usually open-pollinated, because hybridization in edible plants didn't become common until the 1970s. — Katie Elzer-Peters

Hybridization Quotes By Peter R. Grant

Evidence of epistasis from hybridization studies is more scarce. — Peter R. Grant

Hybridization Quotes By Peter R. Grant

Almost nothing is known from hybridization studies about the inheritance of courtship behavior of females, or of their responsiveness to particular male signals. — Peter R. Grant

Hybridization Quotes By Kim Stanley Robinson

Each terrarium functions as an island park for the animals inside it. Ascensions cause hybridization and ultimately new species. The more traditional biomes conserve species that on Earth are radically endangered or extinct in the wild. Some terraria even look like zoos; more are purely wilderness refugia; and most mix parkland and human spaces in patterned habitat corridors that maximize the life of the biome as a whole. As such, these spaces are already crucial to humanity and the Earth. And — Kim Stanley Robinson

Hybridization Quotes By Bryan Fuller

What was always interesting about Thomas Harris' books is they were a wonderful hybridization of a crime thriller and a horror movie. — Bryan Fuller