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Top Humans Self Destructive Quotes

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By James Franco

The man is angry, the man
Is destructive, the man wants more.
The woman is more, the woman is all. — James Franco

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Lauren Oliver

We are such small, stupid things. For most of my life I thought of nature as the stupid thing: Blind, animal, destructive. We, the humans, were clean and smart and in control: we had wrestled the rest of the world into submission, battered it down, pinned it to a glass slide and the pages of The Bool of Shhh. — Lauren Oliver

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Humans are capable of so much creativity and goodness and at the same time they are destructive and cruel. (Leta) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Daniel Quinn

Westereners often think that the East is one vast Buddhist temple, which is rather like thinking the West is one vast Carthusian monastery. If the [Western people who like Buddhism] were to visit the East, he'd certainly experience many new things, but he'd find first, that the food is under lock and key and second, that humans are considered to be a miserable, destructive, greedy lot, just as they are in the West. — Daniel Quinn

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Naomi Klein

Still, we've gone soft since those days of wartime sacrifice, haven't we? Contemporary humans are too self-centered, too addicted to gratification to live without the full freedom to satisfy our every whim - or so our culture tells us every day. And yet the truth is that we continue to make collective sacrifices in the name of an abstract greater good all the time. We sacrifice our pensions, our hard-won labor rights, our arts and after-school programs. We send our kids to learn in ever more crowded classrooms, led by ever more harried teachers. We accept that we have to pay dramatically more for the destructive energy sources that power our transportation and our lives. We accept that bus and subway fares go up and up while service fails to improve or degenerates. We accept that a public university education should result in a debt that will take half a lifetime to pay off when such a thing was unheard of a generation ago. — Naomi Klein

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Gemma Malley

Humans are destructive animals, but they are also wise ones. — Gemma Malley

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Nina V. Fedoroff

The human population is too large, and the earth too small, to sustain us in the ways our ancestors lived. Most of the land that is good for farming is already being farmed. Yet 80 million more humans are being added to the population each year. The challenge of the coming decades is to limit the destructive effects of agriculture even as we continue to coax ever more food from the earth. — Nina V. Fedoroff

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Myself

Humans, the most intelligent, gregarious(in biology), productive creatures on this planet but also the most selfish, destructive, heartless, insincere, insatiable creatures. — Myself

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Smiley Blanton

It is very often asserted that fear is destructive. Yet this is not entirely true; when fear is felt about things that truly threaten security, it is protective. It is very fortunate that humans have an almost unlimited capacity for learning fears; otherwise we would have been eliminated long ago. — Smiley Blanton

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Julie Kagawa

My name is Ferrum. I was the first, born of the forges, when mankind first began to experiment with iron. I rose from their imagination, from their ambition to conquer the world with a metal that could slice through bronze like paper. I was there when the world started to shift, when humans took their first steps out of the Dark Ages into civilization. For many years, I thought I was alone. But mankind is never satisfied. Others came, risen from these dreams of a new world ... Then, with the invention of computers, the gremlins came, and the bugs. Given life by the fear of monsters lurking in machines, these were more chaotic than the other fey, violent and destructive. They spread to every part of the world. As technology became a driving force in every country, powerful new fey rose into existence. Virus. Glitch. And Machina, the most powerful of all. — Julie Kagawa

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Margaret J. Wheatley

For eons, humans have struggled to find less destructive ways of living together. — Margaret J. Wheatley

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Joanna Penn

Humans are innately creative, and repressing this instinct can be self-destructive. Everyone had creativity in abundance during childhood when there was little concern with what others thought. As children grow up they are taught to be scared of looking stupid, of what others might say, and how not to stand out from the crowd. Some people think they will get creative again in their retirement, but why wait that long for the joy that creativity can bring you now? I — Joanna Penn

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By A.L. Davroe

What you humans need to do is find beauty in the fact that something is naturally the way it is. Perhaps then you wouldn't be so destructive." [Meems says to Ellani] — A.L. Davroe

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Lester Bangs

I suspect almost every day that I'm living for nothing, I get depressed and I feel self-destructive and a lot of the time I don't like myself. What's more, the proximity of other humans often fills me with overwhelming anxiety, but I also feel that this precarious sentience is all we've got and, simplistic as it may seem, it's a person's duty to the potentials of his own soul to make the best of it. We're all stuck on this often miserable earth where life is essentially tragic, but there are glints of beauty and bedrock joy that come shining through from time to precious time to remind anybody who cares to see that there is something higher and larger than ourselves. And I am not talking about your putrefying gods, I am talking about a sense of wonder about life itself and the feeling that there is some redemptive factor you must at least search for until you drop dead of natural causes. — Lester Bangs

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Jasper Fforde

My father said it was a delightfully odd - and dangerously self-destructive - quirk of humans that we were far more interested in pointless trivia then in genuine news stories. — Jasper Fforde

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Anonymous

Imagine a day when all plants and trees go on a strike, a bandh just for a day. All of us will die for want of oxygen." Reading this, I was instantly reminded of Bolivia's recent legislation (in December 2010) to grant all nature equal rights as humans. Justice William O. Douglas, writing against a 1972 decision by the United States Supreme Court, wrote, "Inanimate objects are sometimes parties in litigation ... So it should be as respects valleys, alpine meadows, rivers, lakes, estuaries, beaches, ridges, groves of trees, swampland, or even air that feels the destructive pressures of modern technology and modern life ... The voice of the inanimate object, therefore, should not be stilled. — Anonymous

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Oliver Goldsmith

Romance and novel paint beauty in colors more charming than nature, and describe a happiness that humans never taste. How deceptive and destructive are those pictures of consummate bliss! — Oliver Goldsmith

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Keith Farnish

Human activity is destroying the natural systems that we depend upon for our survival. Our most basic instinct as humans is to survive; yet we continue to destroy our life-support machine. Connected humans understand this terrible contradiction; disconnected humans are not able to.

Not all humans are responsible: just those who are part of Industrial Civilization. Industrial Civilization depends on economic growth and the unsustainable use of natural resources, so it has developed a complex set of tools for keeping people disconnected from the real world and living a life that keeps civilization running. Humans have been manipulated in order to be part of a destructive system.

The only way to prevent global ecological collapse and thus ensure the survival of humanity is to rid the world of Industrial Civilization. — Keith Farnish

Humans Self Destructive Quotes By Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Only in our darkest hour do we find the light. Humans are destructive by nature. The world is lacking balance. Terrors are beginning to triumph over the simple joys. Stand back and watch, because you're going to be here when we fall. — Amelia Atwater-Rhodes