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Hug And Cry Quotes By Stan Dale

The only way we are ever going to ensure peace on this planet is to adopt the entire world as "our family". We are going to have to hug them, and kiss them. And dance and play with them. And we are going to have to sit and talk and walk and cry with them. Because when we do, we'll be able to see that indeed, everyone is beautiful, and we all complement each other beautifully and we would all be poorer without each other. — Stan Dale

Hug And Cry Quotes By Jeff Buckley

Kiss me, please kiss me
But kiss me out of desire, babe, and not consolation
You know it makes me so angry 'cause i know that in time
I'll only make you cry, this is our last goodbye. — Jeff Buckley

Hug And Cry Quotes By J.K. Rowling

It's okay," he said, before Ron could get the words out. "Forget it."
"No," said Ron, "I shouldn't've
"Forget it," Harry said.
Ron grinned nervously at him. and Harry grinned back.
Hermoine burst into tears.
"There's nothing to cry about!" Harry told her, bewildered.
"You two are so stupid!" she shouted, stamping her foot on the ground, tears splashing down her front. Then before either of them could stop her, she had given both of them a hug and dashed away, now positively howling. — J.K. Rowling

Hug And Cry Quotes By Monica Potter

For me to get the support and the love and response we did from critics, but to also be at Trader Joe's and have women come up to me and cry and hug me is on another level. That makes you take a step back because there are genuine emotions at stake. People were truly on a journey with her. This story opened up week by week like a flower. It was just a magical season, and I'm so happy I got to do it. — Monica Potter

Hug And Cry Quotes By William T. Vollmann

Women are sewers just like we are, the once pure boys recognize with a start; it's raw sewage that produces fertilization; once you understand that you can be fond of yourself and members of the Opposite Sex, but you can never quite see them again as ice cream bars. I, the author, don't really mind this, for I love all girls and love to hug and kiss them and cheer them up when they cry, and have them perform all the same services for me; and a woman's saliva is certainly a miracle, think of all those enzymes and germs; and if I took and wrote the chemicals down on a sheet of paper, all COOOHs and sighs, it would look pretty, just like a face all pretty, like the dear round moon-face of her who loves you or the creamy-freckled skin and blue eyes and heavenly hair of that Irish beauty back in college, so don't think I'm complaining. — William T. Vollmann

Hug And Cry Quotes By Linda Kage

I melted, my emotions softening into this huge, gooey ball of adoration. I wanted to laugh and cry and hug him until I decided having a boyfriend who slept with scores of other women for money wasn't really that big of a deal. — Linda Kage

Hug And Cry Quotes By Donna Tartt

[Hobie]"Theo." His hug was strong and parental, and so fierce that it made me cry even harder. Then his hand was on my shoulder, heavy anchoring hand that was security and authority itself; he was leading me in, into the workshop, dim gilt and rich wood smells I'd dreamed of, up the stairs into the long-lost parlor, with its velvets and urns and bronzes. — Donna Tartt

Hug And Cry Quotes By Jeff Gunzel

My heart is broken this day. My soul cries out in agony, but I recognize my pain for what it really is. Our shared agony is born of greed, for our fathers, mothers, and friends are all in a better place now. Never again will they know sadness. Never again will they know hunger, thirst, loneliness or pain, yet still we grieve. In reality, we grieve for ourselves. We grieve because we can no longer speak with them, hug them or hold them. We can no longer lean on them when we need a shoulder to cry on. But make no mistake, my brothers and sisters: They are perfect now. Perfect, as all of us will be when the gods, in their infinite wisdom, decide it is our time. — Jeff Gunzel

Hug And Cry Quotes By Brigitte Bautista

His doctor said it was depression. He said people with depression don't always know they have it. They just feel it. Or, rather, they stop feeling things. They could smile at you or hug you or cry at your pain, but they're not there. It's just a show of emotions that aren't there. — Brigitte Bautista

Hug And Cry Quotes By Sophie Kinsella

Are you so scared people will hate you?"
"What?" I stare at him, not knowing how
to react. "What are you talking about?"
He gestures at the phone. "Your emails are
like one big cry. Kiss, kiss, hug, hug, please
like me, please like me! — Sophie Kinsella

Hug And Cry Quotes By Cecelia Ahern

We have a long way to go to
being the perfect couple, we certainly don't live the fairy tale marriage, he
doesn't shower me with rose petals and fly me to Paris on weekends but
when I get my hair cut, he notices. When I dress up to go out at night, he
compliments me. When I cry, he wipes my tears. When I feel lonely, he
makes me feel loved. And who needs Paris, when you can get a hug? — Cecelia Ahern

Hug And Cry Quotes By Ray Romano

If a guy's ever telling you a four-hour sex story with a straight face, just feel sorry for him. Not for lying to you, but for lying to himself. As a matter of fact, stop him right in the middle of the story and just hug him. Nine times out of ten he'll just break down and cry. He knows you know. — Ray Romano

Hug And Cry Quotes By J.D. Vance

I guess I just wanted reassurance. "Mamaw, does God love us?" She hung her head, gave me a hug, and began to cry. — J.D. Vance

Hug And Cry Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Take time to laugh, to talk, to hug, and to cry. These are the human relief valves. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Hug And Cry Quotes By Matt Haig

People place so much value on thought, but feeling is as essential. I want to read books that make me laugh and cry and fear and hope and punch the air in triumph. I want a book to hug me or grab me by the scruff of my neck. I don't even mind if it punches me in the gut. Because we are here to feel. — Matt Haig

Hug And Cry Quotes By Charles R. Swindoll

Authentic men aren't afraid to show affection, release their feelings, hug their children, cry when they're sad, admit it when they're wrong, and ask for help when they need it. — Charles R. Swindoll

Hug And Cry Quotes By Marya Hornbacher

I do not remember very many things from the inside out. I do not remember what it felt like to touch things, or how bathwater traveled over my skin. I did not like to be touched, but it was a strange dislike. I did not like to be touched because I craved it too much. I wanted to be held very tight so I would not break. Even now, when people lean down to touch me, or hug me, or put a hand on my shoulder, I hold my breath. I turn my face. I want to cry. — Marya Hornbacher

Hug And Cry Quotes By Truman Capote

The night I proposed, I cried like a baby. She said: 'What you want to cry for, Doc? 'Course we'll be married. I've never been married before.' Well, I had to laugh, hug and squeeze her: never been married before! — Truman Capote

Hug And Cry Quotes By Juno Temple

It's all about the director for me; we have to click. It's a trust thing. I'll say I'm ready to let down my walls. I'll cry for you as long as you need. But you're going to have to hug me afterwards. — Juno Temple

Hug And Cry Quotes By Juno Temple

But, I love making independent films. I love it! You create a family, and you sweat, you bleed, you cry, you shout, you laugh and you hug. It's such an extraordinary experience, making independent films. — Juno Temple

Hug And Cry Quotes By Naomie Harris

I cry at random things, like a flower, or someone giving me a present, or my sister giving me a nice hug. — Naomie Harris

Hug And Cry Quotes By Debra Anastasia

Livia's eyes filled with grateful tears.
Blake brushed them away. "Now you cry? After I've made love to you?"
"It's just that you're the kindest person in the world. And you're here with me. I'll never stop feeling lucky." She burrowed her face into his warm hug. She felt his kiss on her hair.
"Livia, the luck belongs to me," he whispered. "The kindness belongs to you. One lifetime will never be enough for us. — Debra Anastasia

Hug And Cry Quotes By Cecelia Ahern

Ever since people are kids they use their parents as some
sort of measurement for how bad a situation is. When you fall on the ground
really hard and you can't figure out whether it hurts or not you look to your
parents. If they look worried and rush toward you, you cry. If they laugh and
smack the ground saying "Bold ground," then you pick yourself up and get
on with it.
When you find out you're pregnant and feel numb of all emotions you
look at their expressions. When both your mum and dad hug you and tell
you it's going to be OK and that they'll support you, you know it's not the
end of the world. But depending on the parents, it could have been pretty
damn close. — Cecelia Ahern

Hug And Cry Quotes By Abhishek Kumar

Love more, hurt less. Laugh more, cry less. Live more, worry less. Give more, take less. Hug more, fight less. And most important.. Remember that we are all one! We are love! I LOVE YOU ALL! — Abhishek Kumar

Hug And Cry Quotes By Jillian Dodd

I've been here for you all along. I've listened to you cry about other guys, I rescue you, take care of you when you're sick, hug you when you're sad, tell you you're beautiful when you look terrible." He looks me straight in the eyes and is dead serious when he says, "Princess, I've always been the one. — Jillian Dodd

Hug And Cry Quotes By Sharon M. Draper

Her mother gave her a piece of warm biscuit and a hug before they left. "Stones don't cry, child. Remember that," was all she said. — Sharon M. Draper

Hug And Cry Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

She laughs and looks out the window and I think for a minute that she's going to start to cry. I'm standing by the door and I look over at the Elvis Costello poster, at his eyes, watching her, watching us, and I try to get her away from it, so I tell her to come over here, sit down, and she thinks I want to hug her or something and she comes over to me and puts her arms around my back and says something like 'I think we've all lost some sort of feeling. — Bret Easton Ellis

Hug And Cry Quotes By Ann Romney

Everywhere I go people come up to me, they mob me - anyone who has MS or has a relative with MS - they come up and hug and cry. — Ann Romney

Hug And Cry Quotes By Jerry Smith

There's two to wash, two to dry; There's two who argue, two who cry; There's two to kiss, two to hug; and best of all, there's two to love! — Jerry Smith

Hug And Cry Quotes By Micalea Smeltzer

I have some vows for you first," he spoke to Mia. "I may not be your real daddy, but I vow to be one in all the ways that matter. I vow to be a shoulder for you to cry on when you're sad. I vow to hold you in my arms and hug you whenever you need it. I vow to protect you always, in any way you may need. I vow to hunt down any guy that thinks he can date you - you're going to be single for life Mia, just accept it. But most importantly, I vow to love you with all my heart and take care of you always. — Micalea Smeltzer

Hug And Cry Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

Kami launched herself at Holly, trying to hug her and hit her on the arm and let out a triumphant war cry all at once. She almost punched Holly in the chest but stopped herself at the last moment. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Hug And Cry Quotes By Tera Lynn Childs

Admit it," He insists. "I was right."
"No." I sniff. "You were wrong." sniff. "I'm just crying"-sniff- "cause i'm so happy." My tear take that lie as their cue and start streaming down my cheeks.
"Come on, Princess," he says, "You don't need to cry over that loser."
This only makes me cry harder. We both know who the loser is in this scenario.
With a muttered curse, Quince wraps his arms around me and squeezes. It feels remarkably like a hug.
"Don't cry," he whispers in my ear. "Please."
I don't know if it's his soft words or the fact that my face is now hidden by his broad chest, but i just let go. Three years of longing and loving from a distance have built to the breaking point, and i let it out all over his west coast choppers T-shirt.
"shhh," He soothes. "He's not worth it. — Tera Lynn Childs

Hug And Cry Quotes By Ezra Taft Benson

Mothers, take time to be a real friend to your children. Listen to your children, really listen. Talk with them, laugh and joke with them, sing with them, cry with them, hug them, honestly praise them. Yes, regularly spend unused one-on-one time with each child. Be a real friend to your children. — Ezra Taft Benson