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Top Howard Rusk Quotes

Howard Rusk Quotes By Cressida Cowell

Happy and giggly and bustly, the Hogfly ignored Hiccup's strangled cries of: "Hoglfy! Come back here, Hogfly!"
"Ooh!" it squeaked in delighted confusion. "You all look so lovely! How am I to choose which one of you to be my friend?"
It perched on the sinister swoop of the Razorwing's nose.
"Where's my biscuit? Are you married? Be my valentine ... "
"I can't bear to watch ... " groaned Fishlegs.
It was like seeing an enthusiastic bunny rabbit trying to make friends with a heavily armed, bunny-eating cobra. — Cressida Cowell

Howard Rusk Quotes By Carl Jung

If you are unhappy, you are too high up in your mind. — Carl Jung

Howard Rusk Quotes By Jenn Cooksey

Taking a deep breath and trying not to reveal my sudden feeling of inadequacy, I was about to come back with a counter offer when a knock on the window startled me and I did what I always do ... I squeaked, which Tristan thought was pretty hilarious. And for whatever reason, that embarrassed me. Nooo, not telling a guy I'd need gum in order to give him a blowjob, or being more than half-naked with a guy and almost having sex for the time, nor sitting on said guy's lap while he has an obvious erection ... no, none of that embarrasses me. Nope, squeaking like a timid mouse in front of him ... that's what turns my face bright red. I'm tellin' ya, I have issues. — Jenn Cooksey

Howard Rusk Quotes By Horace Silver

I had the house rhythm section at a club called the Sundown in Hartford. Stan Getz came up and played with us. — Horace Silver

Howard Rusk Quotes By Lisa Genova

She felt almost spellbound by him, as if he were a magnet pulling her to him. — Lisa Genova

Howard Rusk Quotes By Rumer Godden

I know now it is children who accept life; grown people cover it up and pretend it is different with drinks. — Rumer Godden

Howard Rusk Quotes By Samuel Morse

[It would not be long] ere the whole surface of this country would be channelled for those nerves which are to diffuse, with the speed of thought, a knowledge of all that is occurring throughout the land, making, in fact, one neighborhood of the whole country. — Samuel Morse

Howard Rusk Quotes By Leonard Alfred George Strong

People and places are the source of my work, both in prose and verse-and this remark is not the truism it seems, for I do not distinguish as sharply between a place and a person as most people seem to do. — Leonard Alfred George Strong