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Hosoda Ryu Quotes & Sayings

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Top Hosoda Ryu Quotes

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By St. Catherine Of Siena

It is the nature of love to love as much as we feel we are loved and to love whatever the one we love loves. — St. Catherine Of Siena

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Gottfried Leibniz

God, possessing supreme and infinite wisdom, acts in the most perfect manner, not only metaphysically, but also morally speaking, and ... with respect to ourselves, we can say that the more enlightened and informed we are about God's works, the more we will be disposed to find them excellent and in complete conformity with what we might have desired. — Gottfried Leibniz

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Homero Aridjis

One of the masked women imitates the sounds she hears and the ubiquitous tune, as she sways and runs her hand through her hair.
A rutting mare, a slender block of ice, warm for others but not for herself, she seems to be split in two: fire from the waist down, straight lines above.
Growing more sensual by the minute, more labile and smiling, her mask redder, flame is her nest, the flash of her eyes stony gray. — Homero Aridjis

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Jean Paul Gaultier

I will stay in my bed! — Jean Paul Gaultier

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Kady Hunt

I go towards him and put my hands on his face and I kiss him. "What do you feel, Holden?"
He looks into my eyes. "You," he says. "I feel you. — Kady Hunt

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By B.F. Skinner

To require a citizen to sign a loyalty oath is to destroy some of the loyalty he could otherwise claim, since any subsequent loyal behavior may then be attributed to the oath. — B.F. Skinner

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Magic never dies. It merely fades away. — Terry Pratchett

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Victoria De Los Angeles

I don't like traditions, I am very personal, very independent, I don't like intimate ladies, I mean in German lieder there's a lot of copy, a lot of imitation, a lot of tradition, and this I have put it aside. — Victoria De Los Angeles

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Alphonsus Liguori

By the law of nature, there is no pleasure in suffering; but divine love, when it reigns in a heart, makes it take delight in its sufferings. — Alphonsus Liguori

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Glenn Gould

I don't approve of people who watch television, but I am one of them. — Glenn Gould

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Miranda Kenneally

It doesn't matter where you dance. It's only who you're with. — Miranda Kenneally

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Baba Kalyani

With liberalisation, Indian industry gained international exposure because of which it became imperative for companies to rework their strategies to become globally competitive. — Baba Kalyani

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By John Maynard Keynes

A study of the history of opinion is a necessary preliminary to the emancipation of the mind. — John Maynard Keynes

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Robert Bazell

Objectivity is a fallacy ... there are different opinions, but you dont give them equal weight. — Robert Bazell

Hosoda Ryu Quotes By Dash Shaw

Living is suffering, Billy. Now give your mom a nice big hug. — Dash Shaw