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Top Honey Nut Quotes

Honey Nut Quotes By Jonah Books

No one can fill your footprint. — Jonah Books

Honey Nut Quotes By Michael K. Williams

I do happen to love Honey Nut Cheerios. I don't know if I want to walk down to the store in my pajamas for them. But I do love them. — Michael K. Williams

Honey Nut Quotes By Simon Sinek

Let us not attack those who disagree. Let us defend those who follow. — Simon Sinek

Honey Nut Quotes By Jennifer Niven

I'm standing by the cereal, reaching for a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, when I feel my chest clenching but not unclenching. It clenches tighter and tighter, like someone has wrapped a corset around it. My palms are wet. My head is compressing, growing and shrinking at the same time. I can hear my breathing, and it's so amplified that, to my own ears, I sound like Darth Vader. A woman at the end of the aisle is frozen as she watches me. She looks scared...My breathing is getting louder, and I cover my ears to block it out. And that's when the ceiling starts to spin and the air disappears and my lungs won't stop working and I can't breathe at all. I drop everything and run away from the cart and all that food until I'm out the door. I stand in the parking lot, bent over at the waist, breathing in the fresh night air, and then I lie flat on the ground, as if this will open my lungs wider and make them work again, only the breath won't come. — Jennifer Niven

Honey Nut Quotes By Sarah-Kate Lynch

Theo and Sugar dated, just like normal people only slower.
He bought her heart-shaped boxes of candy and living plants for her rooftop and sent her cards, one every day by U.S. mail, each with a handwritten message.
'Can't wait to see you tonight,' the first one said.
'I love your laugh,' read the second.
'Sorry for spilling ketchup on your dress,' came the third.
She made him pork chops with honey mustard sauce and her favorite date-and-honey nut loaf and a fetching gingham jacket for Princess, who ate it the moment they turned their back on him. — Sarah-Kate Lynch

Honey Nut Quotes By Barbara Bretton

The parent-child connection was as deep and wide as the ocean, as mysterious as heaven, as impossible to explain as love. — Barbara Bretton

Honey Nut Quotes By Frank Lee

The problem was that the only reality he could see what a nut-brown nymph who could whisper like a song and move like a river of honey. — Frank Lee

Honey Nut Quotes By Morley Safer

BBC Radio is a never-never land of broadcasting, a safe haven from commercial considerations, a honey pot for every scholar and every hare-brained nut to stick a finger into. — Morley Safer

Honey Nut Quotes By J. B. Smoove

Some of the best dramatic actors have started in comedy. — J. B. Smoove

Honey Nut Quotes By Sarah Addison Allen

Back then she used to hide from her mother in the secret space just to worry her, but now she stocked it with magazines, paperback romances and sweets. Lots and lots of sweets. Moonpies and pecan rolls, Chick-O-Sticks and Cow Tales, Caramel Creams and Squirrel Nut Zippers, Red Hots and Bit-O-Honey, boxes upon boxes of Little Debbie snack cakes. The space had a comforting smell to it, like Halloween, like sugar and chocolate and crisp plastic wrappers. — Sarah Addison Allen

Honey Nut Quotes By Constance Marie

I am serious about my sleep. — Constance Marie