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Top Honesty In Marriage Quotes

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Alan Arkin

Marriage requires searing honesty at all costs. I learned that from my third wife. — Alan Arkin

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By DaShanne Stokes

What does religious freedom mean if we would use it as a cover for hate and privilege? — DaShanne Stokes

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Cate Blanchett

I don't think it's more difficult for actors to have a good marriage than anyone. I think, in the end, a really important component of any relationship is honesty, and it also comes down to luck. — Cate Blanchett

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Myles Munroe

The third basic need of a male in a relationship is an attractive woman; for a woman, honesty and openness. — Myles Munroe

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Grace Draven

A wash of relief poured through her, along with a kindling of hope. Her bridegroom wasn't Gauri; he wasn't even human. He was, however, congenial and gracious. She had proclaimed his appearance ghastly and his honesty handsome. Ildiko still stood by both opinions. She could have done infinitely worse. More than a few Gauri women had the misfortune to marry human men with handsome faces and ghastly souls. — Grace Draven

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Deyth Banger

I don't feel good anymore with this skin... probably a new title... a new chapter.. something new will be more okay than that... to much honesty... I am not on this... After all if you don't know this fact, I am going to point it to you...
Marriage is successful if it's build on a lie... — Deyth Banger

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Nikki Sex

A philosophical discussion ensued about right and wrong, and good and bad. Also about things to be ashamed of and things to be feel guilty about.
Could anything carried out between two consensual adults be wrong? And why should they be embarrassed by something a loving partner wanted to try?
Right then they made a pact to never lie to each other, and to live out their sexual fantasies together.
If two intelligent, loving and happily married people couldn't be honest with each other about their most hidden sexual desires, then who could? — Nikki Sex

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Julie Garwood

A good marriage takes effort, and honesty is a definite prerequisite. — Julie Garwood

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Timothy Keller

Romance, sex, laughter, and plain fun are the by-products of this process of sanctification, refinement, glorification. Those things are important, but they can't keep the marriage going through years and years of ordinary life. What keeps the marriage going is your commitment to your spouse's holiness. You're committed to his or her beauty. You're committed to his greatness and perfection. You're committed to her honesty and passion for the things of God. That's your job as a spouse. Any lesser goal than that, any smaller purpose, and you're just playing at being married. — Timothy Keller

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Byron Katie

The voice within is what I'm married to. All marriage is a metaphor for that marriage. My lover is the place inside me where an honest yes and no come from. That's my true partner. It's always there.
And to tell you yes when my integrity says no is to divorce that partner. — Byron Katie

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Tom Robbins

The protagonist, Amanda, discusses her sex relationship with her husband, John Paul
As long as it's done with honesty and grace, John Paul doesn't mind if I go to bed with other men. Or with other girls, as is sometimes my fancy. What has marriage got to do with it? Marriage is not a synonym for monogamy any more than monogamy is a synonym for ideal love. To live lightly on the earth, lovers and families must be more flexible and relaxed. The ritual of sex releases its magic inside or outside the marital bond. I approach that ritual with as much humility as possible and perform it whenever it seems appropriate. As for John Paul and me, a strange spurt of semen is not going to wash our love away. — Tom Robbins

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Cindy McCain

The secret to a happy marriage is patience and honesty. I really mean that. You have to be patient, you have to be open, and you also have to be available for criticism, too. — Cindy McCain

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Phyllis Schlafly

As president, he immediately invited the gay activists who helped elect him to "LGBT" receptions at the White House, where he assured them that crusty Americans could one day be cajoled out of their "worn arguments and old attitudes." "Welcome to your White House," he burbled, promising to support every item on the LGBT agenda: "We've been in office six months now. I suspect that by the time this administration is over, I think you guys will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration." They do. Should Obama win a second term, the justices he appoints will almost certainly unveil a bogus new constitutional right to gay marriage, discovered within the "penumbras" of Lawrence v. Texas. At which point Obama, drawing upon the faux-pained honesty he has perfected, can regurgitate what he wrote in his memoirs: that he was once on "the wrong side of history" but has now happily come into the light. — Phyllis Schlafly

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

[On marriage and permanent attachment:]
Well, well
the prizes all go to the women who 'play their cards well'
but if they can only be won in that way, I would rather lose the game ... [C]lever [women] bide their time
make themselves indispensable first, and then se font prier [=play hard to get]. Clever
but I can't do it. — Dorothy L. Sayers

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By M. Scott Peck

The children are deprived of the knowledge they might gain about money, illness, drugs, sex, marriage, their parents, their grandparents and people in general. They are also deprived of the reassurance they might receive if these topics were discussed more openly. Finally, they are deprived of role models of openness and honesty, and are provided instead with role models of partial honesty, incomplete openness and limited courage. — M. Scott Peck

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Maggie Shipstead

Told with rare honesty, My Accidental Jihad is the story of Krista Bremer's lifelong quest for insight and understanding, a search that leads her out of the Pacific surf to journalism school in North Carolina and through the complex challenges and unexpected joys of a cross-cultural marriage and family. This book is a powerfully personal account of the courage and hard work necessary to open one's heart and keep it that way. — Maggie Shipstead

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Lisa Bedrick

Pop stars AREN'T cool. Cheating on your husband or your wife isn't cool. Having no modesty with your body and no self-respect is NOT cool. It doesn't matter how pretty someone's voice is, or if they SAY they are Christian, God calls us to modesty and faithfulness, so we need to be careful to not idolize anyone that goes way off of what God wants. — Lisa Bedrick

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Adeline Yen Mah

To celebrate his prosperity, fellow employees and friends urged him to take a young concubine to "serve him". Even Ye Ye's boss, the London-educated K. C. Li, jokingly volunteered to "give" him a couple of girls with his bonus. Ye Ye reported all this in a matter-of-fact way in a letter to his wife, adding touchingly that he was a "one-woman man". — Adeline Yen Mah

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By William Landay

Why risk the rare happy marriage-rarer still, a love marriage that endures-for something as common and toxic as complete, unthinking, transparent honesty? Who would be helped by my telling? Me? not at all. I was made of steel, I promise you. — William Landay

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Johnny Carson

I think it's almost immoral to keep on with a marriage that's really bad. It just gets more and more rotten and vindictive and everybody gets more and more hurt. There's not enough honesty about marriage, I think. I wish more people would face the truth about their marital situations. — Johnny Carson

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

Mutual respect, the soft answer, financial honesty with the Lord, prayer. "I do not hesitate to promise that if you will go to your homes and cultivate and nurture it among these four cornerstones, your lives will be happy." — Gordon B. Hinckley

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

We Americans often say that marriage is hard work. I'm not sure that the Hmong would understand this notion. Life is hard work, of course, and work is very hard work
I'm quite certain they would agree with those statements - but how does marriage become hard work? Marriage becomes hard work once you have poured the entirety of your life's expectations for happiness into the hands of one mere person. Keeping that going is hard work. A recent survey of young American women found that what women are seeking these days in a husband - more than anything else - is a man who will "inspire" them, which is, by any measure, a tall order. As a point of comparison, young women of the same age, surveyed back in the 1920s, were more likely to choose a partner based on qualities such as "decency" or "honesty," or his ability to provide for a family. But that's not enough anymore. Now we want to be INSPIRED by our spouses! Daily! Step to it, honey! — Elizabeth Gilbert

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Rajasaraswathii

We live with mutual thought processes in relationships; less with the physical attractions, less with the fame, less with the social status, and less with any sort of materialistic attributes. — Rajasaraswathii

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

There are certain phrases potent to make my blood boil
improper influence! What old woman's cackle is that?"
"Are you a young lady?"
"I am a thousand times better: I am an honest woman, and as such I will be treated. — Charlotte Bronte

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Daniel Bullen

Nevertheless, we cannot escape the suspicion that individuality might be inhibited by marriage, and we wonder whether people in open relationships might not really be braver than the rest - as if freedom were ultimately a matter of courage, of irreverence and honesty, of rebelliousness. — Daniel Bullen

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Erica Jong

But at the bottom of all the gloom, there is a sense that we are responsible for each other
if not for each other's happiness. There is empathy, admiration, respect for the other's intelligence and honesty. — Erica Jong

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Sometimes the one thing you need for growth is the one thing you are afraid to do. — Shannon L. Alder

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Henry Cloud

Couples often live out years of falsehood trying to protect and save a relationship, all the while destroying any chance of real relationship. — Henry Cloud

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

There are four pillars to a happy marriage: respect one another as individuals; (give) soft answers; (practice)financial honesty; (conduct) family prayer. — Gordon B. Hinckley

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Jagdish Joghee

Love is a feeling that must be felt from the heart and seen through inner beauty. Only if this was known to the youth, many a marriages would have blossomed with age and cherished through decades. Just like a plant that needs the sun, water and more time to grow into a beautiful tree with lovely leaves and flowers, love needs time to be nurtured over time, built on a strong foundation of friendship, trust and honesty. When this foundation is built and combined with the feeling that tickles you from within, that is when love actually happens, the rest is all infatuation, attraction or even lust. — Jagdish Joghee

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Marion D. Hanks

Married people should be best friends; no relationship on earth needs friendship as much as marriage ... Friendship in a marriage is so important. It blows away the chaff and takes the kernel, rejoices in the uniqueness of the other, listens patiently, gives generously, forgives freely. Friendship will motivate one to cross the room one day and say 'I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.' it will not pretend perfection nor demand it. It will not insist that both respond exactly the same in every thought and feeling, but it will bring to the union honesty, integrity. There will be repentance and forgiveness in every marriage
every good marriage
and respect and trust. — Marion D. Hanks

Honesty In Marriage Quotes By Laura Dave

More than one thing is never true. People love to say the opposite, love to talk about inner conflict, nuances, levels of complication. But if this last year has taught her anything, it has taught her that people are clearer on what they want than they admit to themselves. They want something, or they don't. They decide to keep working at a relationship or they give up. They love someone or they love someone else. And if they love someone else, it is often the idea that they love most, especially when they haven't learned enough to figure out that this new person probably won't save them either. — Laura Dave