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Holler Quotes By Carolyn Haines

Where is Wildene?"
"Just step out the door and holler "Sooie! Sooie! She's a ho hog if ever I saw one. She'll come running. — Carolyn Haines

Holler Quotes By Kelton Wright

Get inches from the mirror and tell yourself what happened. Give yourself the news like an autopsy. At 10:02 on Saturday, he discarded you. At oh-nine-hundred-hours, you were overlooked. At whatever time of whenever day, it didn't work, and it wasn't what you thought, and it left you in the ash and the rain. Cry and holler and selectively remember whatever it is you want. It will be whatever you want. — Kelton Wright

Holler Quotes By Jessica Prince

So, is the Italian stereotype true? Are you hung like a horse?" I hear Gabriel choke on his drink, and at the same time, I break out of my trance and holler, "Carmen! — Jessica Prince

Holler Quotes By Toni Aleo

Piper giggled. "Right! Man, that one guy, the one with no teeth, whoa! If he just kept his mouth shut the whole time, I could probably holler at him."
Audrey giggle as she shook her head. "Yeah, he is, but did you see Anderson? My God, Fallon was right, total eye candy. I could suck on him like a Blow Pop! — Toni Aleo

Holler Quotes By Margaret Mitchell

Don't holler - smile and bide your time.' We've survived a passel of things that way, smiling and biding our time, and we've gotten to be experts at surviving. We had to be. — Margaret Mitchell

Holler Quotes By Preston Sturges

I compared pooh-poohers of the movies to the myopics who used to holler, 'Get a horse!' when an early automobile exploded by. — Preston Sturges

Holler Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

Everything in the world is a boxing match in your heart, between Boldness and Not-Boldness. You let them holler inside you and wallop each other with Arguments For and Against. Then you end by betting on one or the other and that's how things get decided." He thought about it for a moment. "If you're my father you bet — Catherynne M Valente

Holler Quotes By Nancy Gibbs

Rooting from the sidelines is the most democratic of sporting rites: no skyboxes, no tickets required, just an unabashed will to holler and wave. — Nancy Gibbs

Holler Quotes By Donald Ray Pollock

'Knockemstiff' is a collection of short stories set in the holler of the same name in southern Ohio where I grew up. I tried to link the stories together through the place and some recurring characters. — Donald Ray Pollock

Holler Quotes By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

That would be fine," she said "If we're alone, we'll leave the lamp lighted so that we can see each other, and I can holler as much as I want without anybody's having to butt in, and you can whisper in my ear any crap you can think of. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Holler Quotes By Philip Roth

Alvin didn't cry, didn't curse, didn't holler ... He was too far gone to roar on that day or even to crack. Only I did ... Only I cracked, alone, later in the one place in our house where I knew I could go to be apart from the living and all that they cannot not do. — Philip Roth

Holler Quotes By Muddy Waters

Our little house was way back in the country. We had one house close to us, and hell the next one would've been a mile. If you got sick, you could holler and wouldn't nobody hear you. — Muddy Waters

Holler Quotes By Mark Twain

Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about. — Mark Twain

Holler Quotes By Lucian Bane

We're all broken in some way. Maybe a little maybe a lot. Life bends us, shapes us, molds us, makes us, breaks us. Not a damn thing for us to be ashamed of, but it's something we need to come to grips with. No need to cry about it, mope about it, be pissed about it, holler about it, moan and groan about it. It's something we face and deal with. Because whether we like it or not, whether we realize it or not, want it or not, we have to take responsibility for who we are — Lucian Bane

Holler Quotes By Margaret Mitchell

And if we folks have a motto, it's this: 'Don't holler - smile and bide your time.' We've survived a passel of things that way, smiling and biding our time, and we've gotten to be experts at surviving. — Margaret Mitchell

Holler Quotes By Eddie Cochran

Well I'm a-gonna raise a fuss, I'm gonna raise a holler
About workin' all summer just to try an' earn a dollar
Everytime I call my baby, to try to get a date
My boss says, no dice, son, you gotta work late
Sometimes I wonder what I'm gonna do
'cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues. — Eddie Cochran

Holler Quotes By Tom Van Vleck

I remarked to Dennis that easily half the code I was writing in Multics was error recovery code. He said, "We left all that stuff out of Unix. If there's an error, we have this routine called panic, and when it is called, the machine crashes, and you holler down the hall, 'Hey, reboot it.'" — Tom Van Vleck

Holler Quotes By Michael Lewis

When he noticed that pro basketball stars were far less likely to be called for traveling than lesser players, he didn't just holler at the refs. He stopped watching basketball altogether; the injustice of it killed his interest in the sport. — Michael Lewis

Holler Quotes By J.D. Vance

Not long after he moved, the mail carrier got embroiled in a battle with the Middletown government over the flock of chickens that he kept in his yard. He treated them just as Mamaw had treated her chickens back in the holler: Every morning he collected all the eggs, and when his chicken population grew too large, he'd take a few of the old ones, wring their necks, and carve them up for meat right in his backyard. You can just imagine a well-bred housewife watching out the window in horror as her Kentucky-born neighbor slaughtered squawking chickens just a few feet away. My sister and I still call the old mail carrier "the chicken man," and years later even a mention of how the city government ganged up on the chicken man could inspire Mamaw's trademark vitriol: "Fucking zoning laws. They can kiss my ruby-red asshole." The — J.D. Vance

Holler Quotes By Etta James

It's the same thing now. When I go onstage the young people scream and holler as much as the older generation. — Etta James

Holler Quotes By Loretta Lynn

I'm always making Butcher Holler sound like the most backward part of the United States-and I think maybe it is. — Loretta Lynn

Holler Quotes By Jill Scott

Sometimes I feel like a Buddhist and I need to chant; sometimes a Baptist and I need to holler and shout; and sometimes I need to be a Catholic and need to purge my sins and confess. It just depends on where I am. — Jill Scott

Holler Quotes By Al Capone

Every time a boy falls off a tricycle, every time a black cat has gray kittens, every time someone stubs a toe, every time there's a murder or a fire or the marines land in Nicaragua, the police and the newspapers holler 'get Capone.' — Al Capone

Holler Quotes By Molly Harper

But somehow, every time there's a natural disaster, news crews manage to track down one of these outdoorsy yahoos to interview about how the "twister came a-screamin' down the holler" and destroyed the snake farm his family had been running for generations. — Molly Harper

Holler Quotes By Langston Hughes

Life Is Fine"

I went down to the river,
I set down on the bank.
I tried to think but couldn't,
So I jumped in and sank.

I came up once and hollered!
I came up twice and cried!
If that water hadn't a-been so cold
I might've sunk and died.

But it was Cold in that water! It was cold!

I took the elevator
Sixteen floors above the ground.
I thought about my baby
And thought I would jump down.

I stood there and I hollered!
I stood there and I cried!
If it hadn't a-been so high
I might've jumped and died.

But it was High up there! It was high!

So since I'm still here livin',
I guess I will live on.
I could've died for love--
But for livin' I was born

Though you may hear me holler,
And you may see me cry--
I'll be dogged, sweet baby,
If you gonna see me die.

Life is fine! Fine as wine! Life is fine! — Langston Hughes

Holler Quotes By James Russell Lowell

A marciful Providunce fashioned us holler O' purpose thet we might our principles swaller. — James Russell Lowell

Holler Quotes By Al Gore

When you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. When you have the law on your side, argue the law. When you have neither, holler. — Al Gore

Holler Quotes By Frans De Waal

Contrary to general belief, humans imitate apes more than the reverse. The sight of monkeys or apes induces an irresistible urge in people to jump up and down, exaggeratedly scratch themselves and holler in a way that must make the primates wonder how this otherwise so intelligent species has come to depend on such inferior means of communication. — Frans De Waal

Holler Quotes By Kathryn Stockett

Mother calls up the stairs to ask what in the world I'm typing up there all day and I holler down, 'Just typing up some notes from the Bible study. Just writing down all the things I love about Jesus. — Kathryn Stockett

Holler Quotes By Claire Trevor

What a holler would ensue if people had to pay the minister as much to marry them as they have to pay a lawyer to get them a divorce. — Claire Trevor

Holler Quotes By Jeffrey Zeldman

Marketing is not bragging, and touting one's wares is not evil. The baker in the medieval town square must holler, 'Fresh rolls!' if he hopes to feed the townfolk. — Jeffrey Zeldman

Holler Quotes By Harper Lee

It takes two races to mongrelize a race - if that's the right word - and when we white people holler about mongrelizin', isn't that something of a reflection on ourselves as a race? — Harper Lee

Holler Quotes By Marc-Andre Fleury

Sometimes when I make a good save, I yell out, 'Woo-Hooo!' I'm not sure why, but it just feels good. I don't think I scare anyone or freak anyone out when I do it. I just like to holler when I make a tough stop. — Marc-Andre Fleury

Holler Quotes By Margaret Cho

You have to have a very holler-y sensibility. So they [the audience] know there's something worth listening to. — Margaret Cho

Holler Quotes By Rob Kardashian

I think it's corny and cheesy for a dude to holler at a girl. That's just disrespectful in my mind. I may talk to girls, but I don't hang with girls; I don't date girls. I haven't really found anybody. — Rob Kardashian

Holler Quotes By Langston Hughes

Though you may hear me holler, And you may see me cry
I'll be dogged, sweet baby, If you gonna see me die. — Langston Hughes

Holler Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

It seems like every few years a big name author will holler something about how evil, heinous, and morally wrong fan fiction and fan fiction writers are, and then the Internet gets all upset and shocked, and then the author is shocked that people could get so upset. — Catherynne M Valente

Holler Quotes By Barack Obama

Ours is a nation of laws: of citizens who live under them and for the citizens who enforce them. So, to a community in Ferguson that is rightly hurting and looking for answers, let me call once again for us to seek some understanding rather than simply holler at each other. Let's seek to heal rather than to wound each other. — Barack Obama

Holler Quotes By Mickey Lolich

I guess you could say I'm the redemption of the fat man. A guy will be watching me on TV and see that I don't look in any better shape than he is. 'Hey, Maude,' he'll holler. 'Get a load of this guy. And he's a 20-game winner.' — Mickey Lolich

Holler Quotes By Barry Hannah

Randomness I love. And I still love just a holler right in the middle of an ongoing narrative. Pain or joy, ecstasy. — Barry Hannah

Holler Quotes By Debra Holland

Don't be sorry, Darlin'", he said in his best cowboy drawl, "for I'm certainly not. It's not every day a man like me gets to assist such a pretty lady. Any time you need help in or out of a wagon, you just give me a holler" he said in a teasing tone, "I'll be right there, hoping you'll fall in my arms again. — Debra Holland

Holler Quotes By Brittany Howard

I'm not that flashy in private; I'm usually pretty reserved. But on stage, it's about not being afraid of anything - of anyone judging you. It's one place you can be free. So why not sing as loud as you can, hoop and holler and jump around? A show is a moment. When it's done, it's over. I find that extremely liberating. — Brittany Howard

Holler Quotes By Upton Sinclair

But he had been round the world enough to know that a man has to shift for himself in it, and that if he gets the worst of it, there is nobody to listen to him holler. — Upton Sinclair

Holler Quotes By Douglas Coupland

And in your new lives you'll have to live entirely for that one sensation-that of imminent truth. And you're going to have to holler for it, steal for it, beg for it-and you're never to stop asking questions about it twenty-four hours a day, the rest of your life. — Douglas Coupland

Holler Quotes By Paul Bryant

If you whoop and holler all the time, the players just get used to it. — Paul Bryant

Holler Quotes By Jim Bouton

Gary Bell is nicknamed Ding Dong. Of course. What's interesting about it is that "Ding Dong" is what the guys holler when somebody gets hit in the cup. The cups are metal inserts that fit inside the jock strap, and when a baseball hits one it's called ringing the bell, which rhymes with hell, which is what it hurts like. It's funny, even if you're in the outfield, or in the dugout, no matter how far away, when a guy gets it in the cup you can hear it. Ding Dong. — Jim Bouton

Holler Quotes By Denene Millner

It just didn't feel right to let my child scream and holler and thrash by her little self in the dark in her crib when I knew full well that a little rocking in her glider, maybe a song and a sweet nuzzle of her cheek would send her off to dreamland. — Denene Millner

Holler Quotes By Max Brooks

As stated before, in Western - particularly American - culture, there is the myth of the individual superbeing. One man or woman, well-armed and highly skilled, with nerves of steel, can conquer the world. In truth, anyone believing this should simply strip naked, holler for the undead, then lay down on a silver platter. — Max Brooks

Holler Quotes By David Halberstam

His counterpart at Chevy, a man named Bill Holler, had once gathered all of his regional salesmen around a brand-new model, opened the door, looked at them all long and solemnly, and then slammed the door as hard as he could. "Boys," he announced, "I've just slammed the door on the best goddam car in the world" - and a huge cheer went up. — David Halberstam

Holler Quotes By Jase Robertson

We only call at ducks when their rear ends are towards us. If I'm looking at you and you call my name, then I know where the sound came from. But if you had your back to me and I holler and you turn around, you would assume somebody hollered. You want your decoys to represent the sound that you're making. — Jase Robertson

Holler Quotes By Hubert H. Humphrey

When people generally are aware of a problem, it can be said to have entered the public consciousness. When people get on their hind legs and holler, the problem has not only entered the public consciousness
it has also become a part of the public conscience. At that point, things in our democracy begin to hum. — Hubert H. Humphrey

Holler Quotes By Toni Morrison

I'll tend to her as no mother ever tended a child, a daughter. Nobody will ever get my milk no more except my own children. I never had to give it to nobody else
and the one time I did it was took from me
they held me down and took it. Milk that belonged to my baby ... I know what it is to be without the milk that belongs to you; to have to fight and holler for it, and to have so little left. — Toni Morrison

Holler Quotes By Flo Rida

If they can go out and buy my albums, I can at least make the sacrifice to holler at the few people who call. A lot of times I'm busy so they'll get my voice mail. And if I can speak to them and I have time, I always text back. Because I think that's very important. — Flo Rida

Holler Quotes By Jay McShann

They had the music being piped right out on the street. I'd be three or four blocks from there and I couldn't get there fast enough because I'd hear old Joe holler them words. — Jay McShann

Holler Quotes By Charles Bukowski

But we couldn't holler law because when you didn't have
any money the law stopped working. — Charles Bukowski

Holler Quotes By Jandy Nelson

How does she know what I'm feeling? How does she know anything about anything? She doesn't. She can't. She can't just barge into my most secret world and then try to show me around it. Get out, I want to holler at her. Get out of my room. Get out of my life. Get out of my paintings. Get out of everything! Blow back to your realm already and leave me alone. How can you take this experience away from me before I've even gotten to experience it? I want to say all these things but can't make any words. I can hardly breathe. — Jandy Nelson

Holler Quotes By Captain Beefheart

Johnny Rotten. He's a big fan of mine. I used to see him out in the audience in England and he'd stand up and holler. He's funny. Smart too, and a nice guy. Don't think he's a jerk because he isn't. — Captain Beefheart

Holler Quotes By Marvin Gaye

Natural fact is, I can't pay my taxes. Make me wanna holler and throw up on my hands. — Marvin Gaye

Holler Quotes By Alice Walker

Everything want to be loved. Us sing and dance and holler, just trying to be loved. — Alice Walker

Holler Quotes By Stephen King

Can I? Yeah. You bet I can. There's a million things in this world can't do. Couldn't hit a curve ball, even back in high school. Can't fix a leaky faucet. Can't roller-skate or make an F-chord on the guitar that sounds like anything but shit. I have tried twice to be married and couldn't do it either time. But if you want me to take you away, to scare you or involve you or make you cry or grin, yeah. I can. I can bring it to you and keep bringing it until you holler uncle. I am able. I CAN. — Stephen King

Holler Quotes By Stephen King

The world is so empty and so loveless when there's no one in it to holler your name and holler you home. — Stephen King

Holler Quotes By Quentin R. Bufogle

Why do we still cling to the intellectually retarded notion that liberty can be obtained, maintained, or lost at the end of a gun barrel? When you're working 3 minimum wage jobs to make the minimum payment on a pair of socks you bought 12 years ago because your credit card company slapped you with an interest rate that would make a loan shark holler WTF! ... well, no one needs to hold a gun to your head. Your ass has already been sold down the river. — Quentin R. Bufogle

Holler Quotes By Lorraine Heath

Wait here, Miz Meg, and we'll holler when we're undressed and under the covers. We know it don't bother you seein' our backsides since you're a widow and all, but it'd sure bother us ... even though you've seen em before. We kinda like to keep 'em to ourselves — Lorraine Heath

Holler Quotes By Tennessee Williams

When I had that attack of pleurosis - he asked me what was the matter when I came back. I said pleurosis - he thought that I said Blue Roses! So that's what he always called me after that. Whenever he saw me, he'd holler, Hello, Blue Roses! — Tennessee Williams

Holler Quotes By Melina Marchetta

Mercy', Finnikin said, grinning from ear to ear. 'We're going to have a bed full of children and I'll have to holler out to my wife, Hello there! It's been a long time since we last spoke! — Melina Marchetta

Holler Quotes By Bob Newhart

I wasn't much good. When I went into the line on a fake - I would holler 'I don't have it!' — Bob Newhart

Holler Quotes By Guy Vanderhaeghe

Of course, I could holler Religious Persecution. Not that it would do any good. But it's something I happen to know quite a bit about, seeing as Religious Persecution was my assignment in Social Studies that time we studied Man's Inhumanity to Man. The idea was to write a two-thousand-word report proving how everybody has been a shit to everybody else through the ages, and where did it ever get them? This is supposed to improve us somehow, I guess. — Guy Vanderhaeghe

Holler Quotes By Abe Ajay

The art world is now a fashion industry, led by its Whitney Biennial 'nose for the new look.' But nobody, it seems, has the guts or the brains to blow the necessary whistle and holler, 'Hold on guys! What the hell is this ugly bit of business? — Abe Ajay

Holler Quotes By Unknown

Sourwood Mountain

Chickens a-crowin' on Sourwood Mountain,
Hey, ho, diddle-um day.
So many pretty girls I can't count 'em,
Hey ho, diddle-um day.

My true love's a blue-eyed daisy,
She won't come and I'm too lazy.

Big dog bark and little one bite you,
Big girl court and little one spite you.

My true love's a blue-eyed daisy,
If I don't get her, I'll go crazy.

My true love lives at the head of the holler,
She won't come and I won't foller.

My true love lives over the river,
A few more jumps and I'll be with her.

Ducks in the pond, geese in the ocean,
Devil's in the women if they take a notion. — Unknown

Holler Quotes By Jane Olson

Having low self-esteem and a shield of lard are not guarantees of safety. Having a warrior spirit, high self worth (most people are assaulted by someone they know, so if you think you're only worthy of hanging out with controlling low-life's, that's who you'll attract into your circle) and the ability to run, hit, kick and holler loudly are far more effective weapons against victimization. — Jane Olson

Holler Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

When you argue with verve in your saddlebags, you are extremely alive. That is why you yell and holler and shake your fist - could there be anything sweeter than convincing someone to see the world your way? What else is talking for, or jokes, or stories, or battles? The Loudest Magic, and how I loved it. — Catherynne M Valente

Holler Quotes By Jill Scott

When I first became famous, I didn't know if I could go where I wanted to because I didn't know how people were going to act. Some folks would scream and holler, and I didn't know what to do with that. — Jill Scott

Holler Quotes By Harper Lee

Jean Louise interrupted. Hester, let me ask you something. I've been home since Saturday now, and since Saturday I've heard a great deal of talk about mongrelizin' the race, and it's led me to wonder if that's not rather an unfortunate phrase, and if probably it should be discarded from Southern jargon these days. It takes two races to mongrelize a race - if that's the right word - and when we white people holler about mongrelizin', isn't that something of a reflection on ourselves as a race? The message I get from it is that if it were lawful, there'd be a wholesale rush to marry Negroes. If I were a scholar, which I ain't, I would say that kind of talk has a deep psychological significance that's not particularly flattering to the one who talks it. At its best, it denotes an alarmin' mistrust of one's own race. — Harper Lee

Holler Quotes By Whitney M. Young

You can holler, protest, march, picket and demonstrate, but somebody must be able to sit in on the strategy conferences and plot a course. There must be strategies, the researchers, the professionals to carry out the program. That's our role. — Whitney M. Young

Holler Quotes By Terrence McNally

Write plays that matter. Raise the stakes. Shout, yell, holler, but make yourself heard. It's time for playwrights to reclaim the theatre. We do that by speaking from the heart about the things that matter most to us. If a play isn't worth dying for, maybe it isn't worth writing. — Terrence McNally

Holler Quotes By Bruce Bruce

Now, I want to explain something to you guys. I don't have an ending joke, because I don't tell jokes. I tell real-life stories and make them funny. So, I'm not like the average comedian. They have an ending joke; they always holler Peace! I'm out of here, and walk off stage. So, basically, when I get through performing on stage, I just walk off. — Bruce Bruce

Holler Quotes By Lou Beach

Kiss me a question, ask me again with your eyes and I'll answer with my fingers, trailing reasons down your spine. There's a theory behind your knees and a postulate in that sweet spot on your neck, and I'll respond to your query with a smooch and a holler, roll you up against the sink and wash your hair, make love til the plates fall off the shelf. — Lou Beach

Holler Quotes By Chris Baty

Today's tangents will become tomorrow's arcs, and unforeseen connections will tie up your loose ends in a way that will make you want to slap your head and holler at your accidental brilliance. — Chris Baty

Holler Quotes By Dalton Trumbo

New nursery rhymes for new times. HIckory dickery dock my daddy's nuts from shelshock. Humpty dumpty thought he was wise till gas came along and hurned out his eyes. A dillar a dollar a ten o-clock schollar blow off his legs and then watch him holler ... — Dalton Trumbo

Holler Quotes By J.M. Northup

Sam heard someone bellow in the distance, but the sound of freight trains running in his ears dampened the sound, making it impossible for him to locate the source of the cry. When he heard it sound again, closer, the voice sounded familiar somehow. He strained to listen past the thundering racket in his ears, only to be rewarded by another holler from the voice. This time, he recognized the voice as his own. — J.M. Northup

Holler Quotes By Ken Kesey

When a guy's getting screwed he's got a right to holler. And we've been damn well screwed. — Ken Kesey