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Hillsong Zion Quotes & Sayings

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Top Hillsong Zion Quotes

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Jonathan L. Howard

Lots of forms. Stacks of forms. An average of nine thousand, seven hundred, and forty-seven of them were required to gain entrance to Hell. The largest form ran to fifteen thousand, four hundred, and ninety-seven questions. The shortest to just five, but five of such subtle phraseology, labyrinthine grammar, and malicious ambiguity that, released into the mortal world, they would certainly have formed the basis of a new religion or, at the least, a management course. — Jonathan L. Howard

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Frank Capra

I think the human spirit is a real powerful spirit. It has no limits and it has no ends. And I hate to see it put in any kind of box - pink or green. — Frank Capra

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Niall Horan

I'd rather go to sleep than find a girl. — Niall Horan

Hillsong Zion Quotes By David Walton

I love tennis. I've played it my whole life. Loved it since the age of three. I had an injury, so from the age of 13 to 24 I didn't play much. Then when I moved out to L.A., there were so many tennis courts that I rekindled the love. — David Walton

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Eddie Trunk

The biggest compliments I've heard about 'That Metal Show' are the ones from people that say that they don't even listen to this kind of music, but, 'We love watching the show.' — Eddie Trunk

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Gunter Brus

The pencil-stroke is like cutting into the heart. — Gunter Brus

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Caroline Knapp

Love - the desire to love and be loved, to hold and be held, to give love even if your experience as a recipient has been compromised or incomplete - is the constant on the continuum of hunger, it's what links the anorexic to the garden-variety dieter, it's the persistent pulse of need and yearning behind the reach for food, for sex, for something. — Caroline Knapp

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pay every debt as if God wrote the bill. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Joshua James

You tried to so hard to forget me; you burnt the letters I made. Though my memory has been dying,
I hope the feeling still remains. Will you meet me in the middle someday? — Joshua James

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

let a man have his heart weakened in spiritual things, and very soon his entire life will feel the withering influence. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Taika Waititi

I'm really not trying to do everything that comes to mind because that's when it can be dangerous. For instance, I believe as much as possible, how your camera moves and flies around should be limited to the physics of how you could do it in real life. — Taika Waititi

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Matt LeBlanc

This whole acting thing was always just for me and was always an absolute shot in the dark. If it didn't pan out, I had my hammer and tool belt, banging nails again tomorrow if I had to. — Matt LeBlanc

Hillsong Zion Quotes By Rita Dove

Since she's discovered
men would rather drown
than nibble,
she does just
fine. — Rita Dove

Hillsong Zion Quotes By R.A. Torrey

We feel the breath of the wind upon our cheeks, we see the dust and the leaves blowing before the wind, we see the vessels at sea driven swiftly towards their ports; but the wind itself remains invisible. Just so with the Spirit; we feel His breath upon our souls, we see the mighty things He does, but Himself we do not see. He is invisible, but He is real and perceptible. — R.A. Torrey