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Top High Maintenance Quotes

High Maintenance Quotes By Mike Krieger

In high school, one of the things I loved doing was this after-school program where you would teach computer skills to some of the maintenance folks at school. — Mike Krieger

High Maintenance Quotes By Sean Faris

I don't want a girl who's high-maintenance and wants to go shopping ... I like a girl who doesn't wear make-up and is naturally beautiful. — Sean Faris

High Maintenance Quotes By Robert Dallek

Nixon did not anticipate the extent to which Kissinger, whom he barely knew when he appointed him national-security adviser in 1969, would be envious and high-strung - a maintenance project of the first order. — Robert Dallek

High Maintenance Quotes By Yasmine Bleeth

Guys usually know immediately that I'm high-maintenance. — Yasmine Bleeth

High Maintenance Quotes By Lara Logan

I'm high maintenance, but I'm worth it. — Lara Logan

High Maintenance Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

Though Argaven might be neither sane nor shrewd, he had had long practice in the evasions and challenges and rhetorical subtleties used in conversation by those whose main aim in life was the achievement and maintenance of the shifgrethor relationship on a high level. — Ursula K. Le Guin

High Maintenance Quotes By Neil Diamond

I'm throwing myself back in because I like being married. I don't want to end this whole fabulous journey alone. I want someone by my side who I love and who loves me. I've finally found somebody who's up to the task of being my wife, because I'm very high maintenance. — Neil Diamond

High Maintenance Quotes By Darien Cox

I'm not built for a high-maintenance lover. I've always been the brat in a relationship. Now the tables have been turned on me, and I'm not handling it well." "Corey, — Darien Cox

High Maintenance Quotes By Megan Carson

In my mind, a first date really boils down to selling what you have, what you almost have and what you wish you had. First, what you have: wit, humor, intelligence, beauty, confidence. Second, you want to convey that you have ambition and a desire to grow as a person but not talk yourself up too much - - basically what I almost have. And third, you have to reveal that you're human but not a high-maintenance hot mess. This requires being slightly exposed by showing that you don't have it all together, and there are things that you still want and need, or things you wish you had. Of course, all of this must be accomplished while not being too serious or too silly, and while looking particularly cute. Not to mention being mysterious enough to leave them wanting more. Dang, this dating thing is hard! — Megan Carson

High Maintenance Quotes By Sienna Miller

I'm not high maintenance. — Sienna Miller

High Maintenance Quotes By James Wolcott

Pop music has been all but relegated to the remainder bin at MTV and VH1, where high-maintenance concoctions such as Paris Hilton, Flavor Flav, and Hulk Hogan's biohazard clan of bleached specimens provide endless hours of death-hastening diversion. — James Wolcott

High Maintenance Quotes By Thomas Bangalter

Usually, the 24-hour, high-maintenance celebrity lifestyle can disconnect people from reality. — Thomas Bangalter

High Maintenance Quotes By LeBron James

That's what keeps me humble because I know my background, know what my mother went through. I never get too high on my stardom or what I can do. My mom always says and my friends all say, 'You're just a very low-maintenance guy'. I don't need too much. Glamour and all that stuff don't excite me. I am just glad I have the game of basketball in my life. — LeBron James

High Maintenance Quotes By Liz Vassey

There is no such thing as low maintenance or high maintenance, just a bunch of women hoping for a capable mechanic. — Liz Vassey

High Maintenance Quotes By Victoria Justice

Someone once told me that something they really liked about me was that they thought that I was really down to earth and not high-maintenance. I think that was cool. It's important to stay grounded. — Victoria Justice

High Maintenance Quotes By Miles Teller

I like girls who are cute and naturally funny. As long as they are not too high-maintenance, then we're good. — Miles Teller

High Maintenance Quotes By Laura Lippman

I hate the habit of calling women high-maintenance, as if they were cars or appliances. As if women, in general, require care in a way that men do not. — Laura Lippman

High Maintenance Quotes By Marie Sexton

I'm a mess," he said, halfway joking but halfway not. "I'm demanding and temperamental and I'm terribly high maintenance."
I laughed without even meaning to. "Do you honestly think I don't know all that by now?"
"Then how could you possibly love me?"
I held him tighter, kept kissing his neck. "How can I not? — Marie Sexton

High Maintenance Quotes By George Orwell

It was with the last revolution and the coming of INGSOC (Inglish/English Socialism) that the latest High learnt how to keep their position permanently - by cultivating ignorance among the other classes and by constantly surveying them through the Thought Police. Part of this strategy included the maintenance of a state of continual warfare, which Goldstein discussed in the third chapter. The three major powers were not fighting this perpetual war for victory; they were fighting to keep a state of emergency always present as the surest guarantee of authoritarianism. — George Orwell

High Maintenance Quotes By Aimee Garcia

I'm dating a very high-maintenance career. — Aimee Garcia

High Maintenance Quotes By Bernie Mac

I get facials. I get a manicure and pedicure every week. I get my hair cut, and I oil myself down from head to toe. I got that from my brother. I was so impressed with how high maintenance he was. When he left the room, you could still smell him for an hour. — Bernie Mac

High Maintenance Quotes By Jeremy London

I can't deal with high maintenance chicks. — Jeremy London

High Maintenance Quotes By Lili St. Crow

You've kidnapped my friend. Sucked her brain out! Not that she had much to begin with, but - "
"Bite me." The laughter didn't hurt, now. I didn't even feel weird saying it. Bite me.
Pretty funny, for a part-vampire.
"Ha. You wish. Lesbo vamp girl."
"You love me."
"We'd never work, Nat. You're too high maintenance."
We both cracked up, and right then, the darkness was kind. — Lili St. Crow

High Maintenance Quotes By Gena Showalter

To a man who has spent centuries seeing to only his own needs, you are indeed high maintenance, but I'm finding I do not mind maintaining you. -Zacharel — Gena Showalter

High Maintenance Quotes By Michelle Visage

I am really high maintenance and won't walk through the microwave that fries your body. I always request a pat down [in airport]. — Michelle Visage

High Maintenance Quotes By Charles Morris

Electric vehicles won't displace ICE vehicles because they save money (except in the commercial realm), or even because of their very real environmental benefits. They will win out in the end because they're better. They're more fun and more convenient to drive, they're safer, they require less maintenance, they offer more interior space, and their technological superiority enables all kinds of high-tech features that will someday seem as necessary as the AC and the stereo do today. — Charles Morris

High Maintenance Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

She asked me to call her bitch downstairs when we were doing shots at the bar. Said it turned her on. Later, with a laugh, she switched it to princess. Now she wants mistress. High maintenance. Some women are worth it. — Karen Marie Moning

High Maintenance Quotes By Kristen Ashley

She's my best friend," I reminded him.
"If she is, she'll come to see what's good for you and she'll sort her shit out. If she's a different kind of woman, she won't. Instead, she'll see green and won't clue in that men do not want high maintenance drama queens so much they steer well clear and until she shifts that shit outta her life, it's gonna be a lonely one. Unlike her friend who sees a man drinking outta her milk jug, processes that it's highly unlikely she's gonna break him of that habit seein' as he's forty-five and still does it and has since he was a kid, lets it go and moves on all in the expanse of about a second instead of throwing a shit fit about it which gets her nowhere, is a waste of energy and leaves both involved feeling like garbage."
Well, I had to admit, all that was interesting and insightful and weirdly mature. — Kristen Ashley

High Maintenance Quotes By Tom Kundig

Set in the remote and harsh high desert landscape of Idaho, Outpost is an artist live/work studio and sculpture garden for making and displaying art. An important aspect of the complex is the protected paradise garden, which is separated from the wild landscape by thick masonry walls. The materials used in the structure, including concrete block, car-decking, and plywood, require little to no maintenance, and are capable of withstanding the extreme weather that characterize the desert's four seasons. — Tom Kundig

High Maintenance Quotes By Erin Richards

I'm so laid back and not high maintenance in the slightest. If I did get married, I'd probably be dancing down the aisle with the groom. I'd like something unconventional! — Erin Richards

High Maintenance Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

I spent the last Friday of summer vacation spreading hot, sticky tar across the roof of George Washington High. My companions were Dopey, Toothless, and Joe, the brain surgeons in charge of building maintenance. At least they were getting paid. I was working forty feet above the ground, breathing in sulfur fumes from Satan's vomitorium, for free.
Character building, my father said.
Mandatory community service, the judge said. Court-ordered restitution for the Foul Deed. He nailed me with the bill for the damage I had done, which meant I had to sell my car and bust my hump at a landscaping company all summer. Oh, and he gave me six months of meetings with a probation officer who thought I was a waste of human flesh.
Still, it was better than jail.
I pushed the mop back and forth, trying to coat the seams evenly. We didn't want any rain getting into the building and destroying the classrooms. Didn't want to hurt the school. No, sir, we sure didn't. — Laurie Halse Anderson

High Maintenance Quotes By Cecily Strong

I'm not high maintenance, and I'm not into a highly manicured man. I don't want to see a lot of hair product. — Cecily Strong

High Maintenance Quotes By Gena Showalter

Of course." She fluffed her hair. "I don't want to brag, but I'm very high maintenance."
"Uh, I think low maintenance is what's
"Low maintenance is what's forgettable. You might want to write that down, underline it, circle it and put a star by it. It's golden." With barely a breath, she added, "Now let's find out if we're compatible, shall we? — Gena Showalter

High Maintenance Quotes By Philippa Gregory

If I could change one thing about myself I'd be less highly strung. I find my sensibility quite high maintenance. — Philippa Gregory

High Maintenance Quotes By Aria Kane

I'm going to cook you a dinner, which we'll eat by candlelight. Roses, wine, witty banter, the whole first-date deal."
Everywhere he touched, her skin tingled with the promise of more. Feeling a soft breeze brush across her skin, she glanced toward the common room and flashed him a wicked smirk. "A bedroom with a door?"
"Mmmhmmm," he murmured as he tilted his head toward her, smirking. "I hadn't realized you were so high maintenance. — Aria Kane

High Maintenance Quotes By Adam Smith

The tolls for the maintenance of a high road, cannot with any safety be made the property of private persons. — Adam Smith

High Maintenance Quotes By Jeff Ashton

As I look back on it, I understand that the jury was sequestered and it was a long trial, but they were a rather high-maintenance bunch. There seemed to be a lot of thought and discussion about what entertainment they wanted, which movies they wanted to watch, and which restaurants they wanted to go to. Yet, as we would learn later, when it came time to deliberate, they never asked a single question about the evidence. — Jeff Ashton

High Maintenance Quotes By Rak Razam

Ayahuasca is a fickle mistress - she likes it when you put out for her, make a show of it, and put some effort in. But ayahuasca is also a plant medicine, and as such she reads you and what you need, and that changes every time, both as you progress on the path and as new issues come to light. Like a high maintenance girlfriend, the relationship with 'aya' can be hard work, but the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices. — Rak Razam

High Maintenance Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Lanie, you live 15 minutes away from your office and you get there at eight. Over two hours every day just to do your hair and makeup. Diana fuckin' Ross in her heyday probably took less time to get ready for a show. Babe, if that isn't high maintenance, I do not know what is. — Kristen Ashley

High Maintenance Quotes By Carolyn Porco

There are absolutely no high-maintenance items in my house of any kind. Plants, pets or husbands. — Carolyn Porco

High Maintenance Quotes By Marya Hornbacher

I think many people with a chronic illness would prefer not to have their chronic illness, simply because it's high maintenance. — Marya Hornbacher

High Maintenance Quotes By Kristen Ashley

When I met you, my first thought was you were very pretty, great fuckin' eyes, but not my type. High-class which means high maintenance. Then you got pissed and that was it. Even if you hadn't been in that ditch, now you'd still be in my bed. So if you think this attitude is a turn off, baby you're wrong. — Kristen Ashley

High Maintenance Quotes By Nick Cave

I won't go into the details, but I ready myself for the day. I am a high-maintenance type of guy. — Nick Cave

High Maintenance Quotes By Matthew Desmond

For many landlords, it was cheaper to deal with the expense of eviction than to maintain their properties; it was possible to skimp on maintenance if tenants were perpetually behind; and many poor tenants would be perpetually behind because their rent was too high. — Matthew Desmond

High Maintenance Quotes By Richard Davidson

Resilience is the maintenance of high levels of positive affect and well-being in the face of adversity. It is not that resilient individuals never experience negative affect, but rather that the negative affect does not persist. — Richard Davidson

High Maintenance Quotes By Kim Harrison

Vamps were homebodies - high-maintenance, party-till-you-die, don't-look-at-me-funny-or-I'll-kill-you homebodies, but homebodies nevertheless. — Kim Harrison

High Maintenance Quotes By Grace Gealey

I'm really easy to please and not high-maintenance at all. I like that chill, not stressed-out kind of lifestyle. — Grace Gealey

High Maintenance Quotes By William J. Broad

What ever happened to mental hygiene?" he asked rhetorically. "It doesn't exist - and never did. When you went through high school, you were never taught how to deal with stress, how to deal with trauma, how to deal with tension and anxiety - with the whole list of mood impairments. There's no preventive maintenance. We know how to prevent cavities. But we don't teach children how to be resilient, how to cope with stress on a daily basis. — William J. Broad

High Maintenance Quotes By Steve Maraboli

Just because she has high standards, doesn't mean she's high maintenance. Don't confuse the two. — Steve Maraboli

High Maintenance Quotes By David Rakoff

We have become an army of multiply chemically sensitive, high-maintenance princesses trying to make our way through a world full of irksome peas. — David Rakoff

High Maintenance Quotes By Kristen Callihan

Why do you keep looking at your phone?" I ask him. "Shit, is there more bad press? Am I now up for grabs for both sexes?"

"I'd do you," Rolondo puts in with a grin.

"You're too high-maintenance for me."

"This is true." 'Londo nods and looks me over. "I'd most definitely make you shave that beard. I'm not into bears."

I shrug. "We were never meant to be."

Johnson rolls his eyes. "I don't care if I sound like a dick. This whole exchange is bizarre."

"You always sound like a dick," Rolondo says. "So we're used to it."

He ducks a chunk of bread Johnson pings at him. An older couple across the way turns to stare.

"Ladies," I say mildly, "mind your manners. This isn't the college bar. — Kristen Callihan

High Maintenance Quotes By Samantha Young

Dude, your girlfriend is so far past high maintenance even the janitor quit. — Samantha Young

High Maintenance Quotes By Henry Knox Sherrill

O Eternal Father, we commend to Thy protection and care the members of the Marine Corps. Guide and direct them in the defense of our country and in the maintenance of justice among nations. Protect them in the hour of danger. Grant that wherever they serve they may be loyal to their high traditions and that at all times they may put their trust in Thee; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. — Henry Knox Sherrill

High Maintenance Quotes By Katie McGrath

I'm not a high-maintenance person. — Katie McGrath

High Maintenance Quotes By Beth Ditto

When you see a fantastic colour or cut in a magazine, perched up on some famous so-and-so's head, it's tempting to ask your stylist for the same, but do not be fooled. The hair in those fancy photos can be very high maintenance. — Beth Ditto

High Maintenance Quotes By Cecilia Aubrey

Jessica guffawed. "Well, almost every need. It will be every need when we walk in the door and they have gorgeous men waiting for us as well."

"Nope, not happening." Cassandra took a chip, dipped it in the salsa,and popped it in her mouth. "Not interested in a relationship. Men are high maintenance, and relationships only bring pain."

Jessica flicked a chip across the table at her and sat back in her chair. Her
expression became sober as she looked at her best friend. "Seriously Cassie,
you don't believe that. — Cecilia Aubrey

High Maintenance Quotes By Ivanka Trump

Even the most high-maintenance boss isn't going to sit and watch you the whole time, making sure you're paying attention to them, whereas with a child, it's like, 'Wait, what? You're not watching me right now? Really? Then I'm going to go spill this milk.' Even bosses from hell don't behave like that! — Ivanka Trump

High Maintenance Quotes By Neal Stephenson

There is an English expression: 'high-maintenance girlfriend,'" Csongor remarked. "Now, of course, Zula is not my girlfriend. Probably never would be, even if all this shit were not happening. And I think that if she were my girlfriend? She would not be high maintenance at all! She is just not that type of girl. However. Because of circumstances, today she is the most high-maintenance girlfriend since Cleopatra. — Neal Stephenson

High Maintenance Quotes By Sylvia Day

I knew I was high maintenance and he was obviously going to be the same — Sylvia Day

High Maintenance Quotes By Patti Stanger

The rich are different. Their wants are very high maintenance. They'll pick eye color and hair color, all the way down to what she does for a living, what school she went to. Their list can be extremely long. But at the end of the day, dating is dating, because they're human beings. — Patti Stanger

High Maintenance Quotes By Sloane Crosley

Unless you are a professional, you will find the tart to be a high-maintenance, unforgiving whistle-blower of a pastry. — Sloane Crosley

High Maintenance Quotes By Maria Semple

I have a high tolerance for pain, but a low tolerance for discomfort. — Maria Semple

High Maintenance Quotes By Toni Blake

You're just ... too high-maintenance. Too self-absorbed. And you talk too much - usually about things
that don't matter - and it drives me absolutely nuts. What it comes down to is - you're just not the
woman I need on my arm to get me where I want to go.
Okay, pal, don't sugarcoat it or anything. — Toni Blake