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Top Having The Munchies Quotes

Having The Munchies Quotes By Rick Riordan

I blinked the sleep out of my eyes and realized my head was in Khufu's lap. The baboon was foraging my scalp for munchies. "Dude." I sat up groggily. "Not cool." "But he gave you a lovely hairdo," Sadie said. "Agh-agh!" Khufu agreed. — Rick Riordan

Having The Munchies Quotes By David Cross

'With a telescope, some munchies, and a warm blanket, watch for Halley's comet.' Yeah. I like that. There's no time limit. Just sit there and grow old together. — David Cross

Having The Munchies Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Meg spends her days at a shit job she hates and spends most of the rest of her time working out and starving herself, so she's usually in a bitchy mood because she pretty much hates her life, but definitely needs a sandwich. Contradicting that shit, she doesn't have a problem pouring alcohol down her throat and smoking a shitload of grass, which gives her the munchies she refuses to give into, thus the vicious cycle with her bein' a bitch and makin' the mellowing qualities of pot lost on her. — Kristen Ashley

Having The Munchies Quotes By Tim Cahill

The only use for a knife during a shark attack is pure treachery: Stab your buddy, swim like hell, and hope the munchies take him. — Tim Cahill

Having The Munchies Quotes By Tara Sivec

Because I'm pretty sure we conceived this child the night I ate that pot cookie. I'm eighty-four percent positive our child is going to be born a pot head. It's going to come out with dreadlocks and wearing a Bob Marley onesie. Its first word will probably be 'Whaaaaaazzzzzzzuuuuuup'. It's never, ever going to sleep through the night because it's always going to have the munchies. — Tara Sivec

Having The Munchies Quotes By Ghostface Killah

Full moons, skunk weed all up in the room;
You got the munchies, baby? Ice cold milk and Lorna Doones. — Ghostface Killah