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Having A Suitor Quotes By William Shakespeare

Here will I stand till Caesar pass along,
And as a suitor will I give him this.
My heart laments the virtue cannot live
Out of the teeth of emulation.
If thou read this, O Caesar, thou mayest live;
If not, the fates with traitors do contrive. — William Shakespeare

Having A Suitor Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Years ago she had discovered that she could control her relationships with heterosexual men far better by playing the sexy siren than the blushing ingenue. Being the sexual aggressor put her subtly in charge. She was the one who defined the rules of the game instead of the man, and when she sent her suitor on his way, he assumed it was because he didn't measure up to all the other men in her life. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Having A Suitor Quotes By John Green

I almost do. i'd love to live in his musical cartoon world, where witches like maura get vanquished with one heroic word, and all the forest creatures are happy when two gay guys walk hand-in-hand through the meadow, and gideon is the himbo suitor you know the princess can't marry, because her heart belongs to the beast. i'm sure it's a lovely world, where these things happen. a rich, spoiled, colorful world. maybe one day i'll get to visit, but i doubt it. worlds like that don't tend to issue visas to fuckups like me. — John Green

Having A Suitor Quotes By Cheryl R Cowtan

Angus was courting me with lines that stabbed deep in lonely, barren places. Like an unfair conqueror, he was delivering his words with an accent that had me dreaming of castles and lochs, and strong thighs under a rough kilt. — Cheryl R Cowtan

Having A Suitor Quotes By Jean Hanff Korelitz

My first three novels were all the subjects of intensely exciting flurries of calls from producers and even stars' production companies, and once someone actually hired a screenwriter to adapt one of my books - but it all came to nothing, so I tried not to get too excited when a Hollywood suitor came calling for 'Admission,' my fourth novel. — Jean Hanff Korelitz

Having A Suitor Quotes By Richard Powers

She sat on her porch those first nights, wrapped in the brackish tidal air. The future's breeze split across her face and joined up again behind her. She felt herself a spinster whose sudden new suitor must be either sadistic, blind, or a confused fortune hunter. She'd read all the cautionary fairy tales and knew the one inevitable outcome. Still, she consented to this courtship, and even decided to court it back. — Richard Powers

Having A Suitor Quotes By Marguerite De Valois

The woman who does not choose to love should cut the matter short at once, by holding out no hopes to her suitor. — Marguerite De Valois

Having A Suitor Quotes By William Shakespeare

Then is courtesy a turncoat. But it is certain I am loved of all ladies, only you excepted: and I would I could find in my heart that I had not a hard heart; for, truly, I love none.
Beatrice: A dear happiness to women: they would else have been troubled with a pernicious suitor. I thank God and my cold blood, I am of your humour for that: I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me. -Much Ado About Nothing — William Shakespeare

Having A Suitor Quotes By Melanie Dickerson

If only she could find someone as perfect as her father. He made every other man she'd ever met seem unworthy. Perhaps this was the reason she'd never found a suitor very appealing; she always compared him to her father. — Melanie Dickerson

Having A Suitor Quotes By Christine Feehan

The two detectives had been there for well over an hour, and in that time the demon in Aidan had been growing stronger and stronger. HE had all but sprouted fangs as one of them did everything but beg for a date with Alexandria. Did she really need yet another suitor? He was going to have to post a sign on the lawn stating that all males courting Alexandria Houton did so at their own peril. — Christine Feehan

Having A Suitor Quotes By Jill Pitkeathley

Any lady who has been disappointed might take satisfaction in achieving fame and success about which her former suitor might hear — Jill Pitkeathley

Having A Suitor Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

(The tree bend over. Suddenly, a hiss and a meow sounded an instant before two cats darted off across the backyard.)
Look, Lanie, it's Mr. Tomcat come to save me from my celibacy. Oh, help me, Moon Mistress. Whatever am I to do with the attentions of such an unwanted suitor! Help me quick, before he kills me with my allergies. (Grace) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Having A Suitor Quotes By Bruce Campbell

Evil Dead needs a very specific home. Movies are mostly unrated, but on television who the heck was doing that stuff? And now the doors opened a little bit with companies like Starz. They were the only suitor that was going to let us have content that was unrestricted. — Bruce Campbell

Having A Suitor Quotes By Mary Renault

As i was beginning to understand, this kind of love was foreign ground to him. I may add that he never did, as far as I know, accept a suitor ... Sometimes indeed I asked myself whether he lacked the capacity for loving men at all; but I liked him too well to offend him by such a question. — Mary Renault

Having A Suitor Quotes By Martial

Rarity gives a charm; so early fruits and winter roses are the most prized; and coyness sets off an extravagant mistress, while the door always open tempts no suitor. — Martial

Having A Suitor Quotes By Kate Eberlen

the challenge of cheering a troubled soul is compelling, each fleeting smile worth a hundred hours of a lesser suitor's happiness. One — Kate Eberlen

Having A Suitor Quotes By Kavita Kane

Marriage did not hold much interest for Urmila but it was a social discipline she would have to conform to. She would rather seek knowledge instead of a suitor. — Kavita Kane

Having A Suitor Quotes By Richelle Mead

Make me an offer, " I said at last. "Write it up, and give me a point-by-point outline of why you're a good would-be suitor. "
He started to laugh, then saw my face. "Seriously? That's like homework. There's a reason I'm not in college. " I snapped my fingers. "Get to it, Ivashkov. I want to see you put in a good day's work. "
I expected a joke or a brush-off until later, but instead, he said, "Okay. "
"Yep. I'm going to go back to my room right now to start drafting my assignment. "
I stared incredulously as he reached for his coat. I had never seen Adrian move that fast when any kind of labor was involved. Oh no. What had I gotten myself into? — Richelle Mead

Having A Suitor Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

The trouble is, when you gift a girl with flowers your choice can be construed so many different ways. A man might give you a rose because he feels you are beautiful, or because he fancies their shade or shape or softness similar to your lips. Roses are expensive, and perhaps he wishes to show through a valuable gift that you are valuable to him.
When a man gives you a rose what you see may not be what he intends. You may think he sees you as delicate or frail. Perhaps you dislike a suitor who considers you sweet and nothing else. Perhaps the stem is thorn, and you assume he thinks you likely to hurt a hand too quick to touch. But if he trims the thorns you might think he has no liking for a thing that can defend itself with sharpness. There's so many ways a thing can be interpreted. — Patrick Rothfuss

Having A Suitor Quotes By Italo Calvino

The Sultan's wife must never remain without books that please her: a clause in the marriage contract is involved, a condition the bride imposed on her august suitor before agreeing to the wedding ... — Italo Calvino

Having A Suitor Quotes By Emily Dickinson

Death is a supple suitor, that wins at last. It is a stealthy wooing; conducted first by pallid innuendos and dim approach, but brave at last with bugles. — Emily Dickinson

Having A Suitor Quotes By Kelly Zekas

My lips had never been so alive, and I was absurdly aware that my body both shivered from his touch and burned with embarrassment. My brain refused to work, and all my mouth could form was, "Mr. Braddock, W-w-why - "

"Why would you do that to avoid your suitor?" His voice was grave, breath broken, and . . . and he could not be serious. — Kelly Zekas

Having A Suitor Quotes By Maile Meloy

I settled in with The Uninvited Guests thinking I knew what kind of Edwardian pleasures were in store: the fraught dinner party in an endangered, rambling house, the feuding family, the rich suitor, the disruptive visitors. The novel has all of those delightful things, but it also defied every one of my expectations. I saw none of it coming. I read it in one breathless sitting, and finished wanting to give it to everyone I know. — Maile Meloy

Having A Suitor Quotes By Robert Jordan

Only five of the Bodyguards reached Fal Moran alive, every man wounded, but they had the child unharmed. From the cradle they taught him all they knew. He learned weapons as other children learn toys, and the Blight as other children their mother's garden. The oath sworn over his cradle is graven in his mind. There is nothing left to defend, but he can avenge. He denies his titles, yet in the Borderlands he is called the Uncrowned, and if ever he raised the Golden Crane of Malkier, an army would come to follow. But he will not lead men to their deaths. In the Blight he courts death as a suitor courts a maiden, but he will not lead others to it. — Robert Jordan

Having A Suitor Quotes By Alfred Lord Tennyson

I am any man's suitor,
If any will be my tutor:
Some say this life is pleasant,
Some think it speedeth fast,
In time there is no present,
In eternity no future,
In eternity no past.
We laugh, we cry, we are born, we die.
Who will riddle me the how and the why? — Alfred Lord Tennyson

Having A Suitor Quotes By William Shakespeare

Speed. O jest unseen, inscrutable, invisible,
As a nose on a man's face, or a weathercock on a steeple!
My master sues to her, and she hath taught her suitor,
He being her pupil, to become her tutor.
O excellent device! was there ever heard a better,
That my master, being scribe, to himself should write the letter?
Valentine. How now, sir? what are you reasoning with yourself?
Speed. Nay, I was rhyming: 'tis you that have the reason. — William Shakespeare

Having A Suitor Quotes By Mary Ann Shaffer

I suppose I do have a suitor, but I'm not really used to him yet. He's terribly charming and he plies me with delicious meals, but I sometimes think I prefer suitors in books rather than right in front of me. — Mary Ann Shaffer

Having A Suitor Quotes By Nicolas Chamfort

Woman's weakness, not man's merit, oftenest gains the suitor's victory. — Nicolas Chamfort

Having A Suitor Quotes By Charlaine Harris

As I watched Bill, waiting with apparent calm for death to come to him, I had a flash of him as I'd known him: the first vampire I'd ever met, the first man I'd ever gone to bed with, the first suitor I'd ever loved. Everything that followed had tainted those memories, but for one moment I saw him clearly, and I loved him again. — Charlaine Harris

Having A Suitor Quotes By Mary Todd

I dedided it was more important to laugh than eat. - Mary Todd after choosing Lincoln over a more wealthy suitor — Mary Todd