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Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Denise Van Outen

My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star and my life has changed so much for the better since she came along. — Denise Van Outen

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Isabel Allende

I think that my life changed at 50. Many things happened. Menopause, the end of youth and my daughter died that year after being a whole year in a coma. So I think that I changed and I became an elder at 50. — Isabel Allende

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Michael Connelly

All his life Harry Bosch believed he had a mission. And to carry out that mission he needed to be bulletproof. He needed to build himself and his life so that he was invulnerable, so that nothing and no one could ever get to him.

All of that changed on the day he was introduced to the daughter he didn't know he had. In that moment he knew he was both saved and lost. He would be forever connected to the world in the way only a father knew.

- "Nine Dragons" by Michael Connelly — Michael Connelly

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Michael Tolkin

On one level, nothing's really changed in my life. I still drive my daughter in the car pool on Monday. But it's impossible not to be aware of this rush of attention; it's impossible not to be seduced by it once you've entered into it, seduced by being unhappy when the attention wanes. — Michael Tolkin

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Barry Eisler

It's a strange thing, having a child," he said. It completely alters your most fundamental priorities. When my eldest daughter was born, I realized that I would do anything - anything - to protect her. If I had to set myself on fire to save her from something, I would do it with the utmost relief and gratitude. It's quite a thing, quite a privilege, to care about someone so much that the measure of worth of your own life is changed so much."

Tatsu. — Barry Eisler

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Kris Radish

There are so many things to grieve ... All the dogs & cats & birds & snakes we have loved & lost, & old lovers, but what else? ... it took me forever to see that one of them was my own daughter, my baby, a young woman I thought of only as a girl, a child, & there she was, suddenly a woman, & I felt this ache gnaw at me as if I hadn't eaten in a year ... I stood there watching my daughter gesture & move & laugh with the grace of a grown-up, & I just started crying like a baby. It wasn't unlike the same type of sorrow we all feel when we realize something we once had that was very precious is not longer there. That it is forever lost, changed, deceased. Like a baby, gone, except in your memory ... My own daughter is now a woman. I get it. Another passage, another form of loss, another reason to grieve, another part of this life process. — Kris Radish

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Malika Oufkir

I have lost years that I will never get back. Only now am I just beginning to live, on the verge of old age. It is painful and unfair. But today I have a different attitude to life: it can't be constructed from superficial things, no matter how attractive they may appear. Neither wealth not appearances have any importance now.
Pain gave me new life. It took a long time for me to die as Malika, General Oufkir's eldest daughter, the child of a powerful figure, of a past. I've gained an identity. My own identity. And that is priceless.
If there had not been all that waste, all that horror ... I'd almost venture to say that my suffering made me grow. In any case, it changed me. for the better. It's as well to make the best of things. — Malika Oufkir

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Eva LaRue

AMC [All My Children] launched my career and changed my life. I got married there and had my baby there and made so many close friends. I am so sad that it is going away. It is a part of television history. Pine Valley is a part of America. It breaks my heart. That role taught me how to really be an actress. It introduced me to a man who gave me my daughter. That is something that I am eternally thankful for and will always be. — Eva LaRue

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Dan Alatorre

Write the best thing you can, whatever it is. It is deeply moving to read a letter from Spain or somewhere that says they read my book and fell in love with my daughter. Or that a book I wrote changed their life. It is amazing to be on the receiving end of that. Don't deny yourself that. — Dan Alatorre

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Graham Coxon

I had a breakthrough, I think my life just became calmer, I gave up drinking. My priorities changed as I had a young daughter. The group didn't want me to record for the Think Tank album ... so I took it as a sign to leave. — Graham Coxon

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Gina Conkle

Growing up a steward's daughter on the grand Greenwich estate afforded her many opportunities. But life changed one fateful night, a reminder of who and what she was. Since then, she labored hard, building calluses anew on her hands and heart, all in an effort to fall into a deep sleep every night and forget what had happened years ago. Many more years of hard work stretched ahead of her.
Why not sip champagne once more?
What harm could come of that? — Gina Conkle

Having A Daughter Changed My Life Quotes By Charlotte Rains Dixon

What Molly wanted was for Nell to stay home and make certain that everything remained the same. Nell raised her wrist and stared at the bare spot on her arm where the bracelet had been. But nothing ever stayed the same. It couldn't. Change was the way of the world. They'd both changed inexorably the day Michael had died. Were changing again at this very moment as Molly went off into the world. And maybe, just maybe, part of that process for her daughter entailed adapting to some change in her mother's life as well. — Charlotte Rains Dixon