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Top Haughtiest Expression Quotes

Haughtiest Expression Quotes By David Tennant

I think it would be self-indulgent to go, "Oh, I'm going to make this character different by giving him a quirk of some kind." I don't think that serves the story, particularly. But even very similar scenes with a different set of actors, a different set of circumstances, it starts to evolve as a different character. — David Tennant

Haughtiest Expression Quotes By John Madden

Give something that wasn't expected. — John Madden

Haughtiest Expression Quotes By Jennifer DuBois

The city had seemed grand to him once ... it had once had a certain clarity. When you're young you think it's the clarity that's intoxicating; later you realize you were only ever drunk on your own vision. — Jennifer DuBois

Haughtiest Expression Quotes By Eli Easton

I didn't kiss him back even as my body went wild internally, blood being police escorted to certain extremities, endorphins diving out of my pituitary gland like they were in a Busby Berkeley musical, my heart going all heavy metal. — Eli Easton

Haughtiest Expression Quotes By Anne Nelson

I knew that every time I saw a person on the street, I saw only his public shadow. The rest, the important part, lies in layer after layer beyond our view.
We have no idea what wonders lie hidden in the people around us. — Anne Nelson