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Top Hard Working Employees Quotes

Hard Working Employees Quotes By George Lakoff

Conservatives have consistently voted to cut taxes on the rich. Current proposals for a "flat tax" would mean cutting taxes on the rich. The arguments are often versions of the Moral Hierarchy principle, that the rich are just better people than the poor: they have earned their money through hard work; the poor just haven't worked hard enough and so deserve to be poor. Hmmm . . . Corporate CEOs tend to make about two hundred times as much as their average employees - they can't be working two hundred times as hard. And many of the rich have inherited their money not earned it through work. Another — George Lakoff

Hard Working Employees Quotes By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Each dollar in my asset column was a great employee, working hard to make more employees and buy the boss a new Porsche. — Robert T. Kiyosaki

Hard Working Employees Quotes By Stewart Butterfield

I tend to be a lot more honest and transparent with employees than most bosses are. But I've had people tell me - even those who love working with me - that I'm terrifying, which is hard for me to imagine. — Stewart Butterfield