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Top Happy Spouse Quotes

Happy Spouse Quotes By Virginia Woolf

She put on her lace collar. She put on her new hat and he never noticed; and he was happy without her. — Virginia Woolf

Happy Spouse Quotes By Brian Kolodiejchuk

If you could know how happy I am, as Jesus' little spouse. No one ... could I envy, because I am enjoying my complete happiness, even when I suffer something for my beloved Spouse. — Brian Kolodiejchuk

Happy Spouse Quotes By Emily Maroutian

Everything we want in life is because we really want the emotion behind the goal. We want to feel accomplished, happy, powerful, and good. So we want the car, the house, the spouse, and the money because we believe they will bring us those emotions. All goals are really emotions disguised as things. And fear is the contrary belief that we either won't get those things or will lose them once we have them. — Emily Maroutian

Happy Spouse Quotes By Dennis Prager

Each of us owes it to our spouse, our children, our friends, to be as happy as we can be. And if you don't believe me, ask a child what it's like to grow up with an unhappy parent, or ask parents what they suffer if they have an unhappy child ... — Dennis Prager

Happy Spouse Quotes By Don Fraser

A happy home is one in which each spouse grants the possibility that the other may be right, though neither believes it. — Don Fraser

Happy Spouse Quotes By Christopher L. Hayes

Because revelations of systemic deception erode our most basic, default expectation of good faith, they play an outsize role in producing a crisis of authority. Each exposure of previously secret misdeeds - steroid use, Ponzi schemes, rigged intelligence - produces an acute and debilitating psychological effect. Vertigo sets in, similar to that experienced by a spouse who, after decades of what he thought was a happy, loyal marriage, discovers his wife has been cheating all along. Suddenly we realize we live in a world entirely more depraved than the one we thought we inhabited. — Christopher L. Hayes

Happy Spouse Quotes By Zsa Zsa Gabor

It's never as easy to keep your own spouse happy as it is to make someone else's spouse happy. — Zsa Zsa Gabor

Happy Spouse Quotes By Florence Henderson

It takes a lot of courage to be happy (after the death of a spouse), but I've got courage, so I think I will be happy again. — Florence Henderson

Happy Spouse Quotes By Francisco De Osuna

Oh blessed tears, by which interior stains are washed away, and the flames of sin are quenched! Happy are those who weep thus, for they shall rejoice hereafter. By these tears, oh soul, discover your Bridegroom! Embrace him (whom) you desire; be inebriated with the river of delight; draw milk and honey from the breasts of his consolation. These tears and sighs are wondrous, precious gifts and consolations given you by your Spouse. Let these tears furnish drink for you; they are bread for you by day and by night, bread that surely strengthens the heart of man and is sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. — Francisco De Osuna

Happy Spouse Quotes By Jane Green

Loving she realises is a verb. It is an act. It is not enough to say you love someone, and then forget about them, or trust a relationship will stay strong simply because you share a house or children or a life.
Loving requires acts of love. It requires thinking of your spouse, doing things for them to make them happy. It requires acting in loving ways, even when you are tired, or bogged down with work, or so stressed you are waking up every night with a jaw sore from grinding your teeth.
They forgot to do that, she now knows. They forgot to love each other. They expected love to continue, without putting any work into it, and today she knows this is why her marriage failed. — Jane Green

Happy Spouse Quotes By Fawn Weaver

Creating a happy marriage begins with choosing the right spouse. — Fawn Weaver

Happy Spouse Quotes By Wilkie Collins

mong the hundred thousand mysterious influences which a man exercises over a woman who loves him, I doubt if there is any more irresistible to her than the influence of his voice. I am not one of those women who shed tears on the smallest provocation: it is not in my temperament, I suppose. But when I heard that little natural change in his tone my mind went back (I can't say why) to the happy day when I first owned that I loved him. I burst out crying. — Wilkie Collins

Happy Spouse Quotes By Brandi Carlile

There are still civil rights issues. There are still people who can't be visited by their spouse in the hospital because they're gay. These are humanitarian issues. At the end of the day, all you want is for people to be happy in the pursuit of life, love and liberty. — Brandi Carlile

Happy Spouse Quotes By Billy Graham

Too many husbands and wives enter into marriage with the idea that their spouse exists for one purpose: to make them happy. — Billy Graham

Happy Spouse Quotes By Anonymous

a lasting marriage is worth $100,000 a year, since married people report being as happy, on average, as divorced (and not remarried) individuals who have incomes that are $100,000 higher. So, before you go to bed tonight, be sure to tell your spouse that you would not give him or her up for anything less than $100,000 a year. — Anonymous

Happy Spouse Quotes By Crystal Woods

It's hard to say which I like more, the perfectly happy days or the hours right after we've ended a good fight. — Crystal Woods

Happy Spouse Quotes By Cindy Meehl

A lot of people depend on their mate or spouse to make them happy and those are the people that are the most miserable. — Cindy Meehl

Happy Spouse Quotes By Sherry Thomas

There was no such thing as a marriage with one happy spouse. Both must be or neither. — Sherry Thomas