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Top Halibut Quotes

Halibut Quotes By William Ritter

Come to think of it, I am already keeping correspondence with a dog, with whom, I must admit, I find myself rather smitten. Also, I'm secretly hoping Mrs. Wiggles ends up a full halibut when this is through, because that would save me a trip to the market... although if Hatun's troll keeps company with a tabby, perhaps he wouldn't much appreciate a meal that used to be a cat."
Jackaby stared "I've already ruined you, haven't I?"
"Looks that way."
"And I suppose there's nothing to be done about it?"
"Not a thing. — William Ritter

Halibut Quotes By Patrick O'Brian

How much better a man feels when he is mixed with halibut and leg of mutton and roebuck — Patrick O'Brian

Halibut Quotes By David James Duncan

But what really won me over was his butt. What finally made it impossible for me not to like the man was how right out there on the Adventist basepaths, right in front of eighty or ninety of the kind of pious adult spectators who spent their every Sabbath if not their entire lives trying to forget the existence of things like butts, Beal's buns were trying to light a fire by friction inside his jeans; they were gyrating like a washing machine with its load off balance; they were thrashing against his pants like two big halibut against the bottom of a boat. And the wonderful thing, the amazing thing, was how once his older audience got over the shock of it, they began to look amused at, then fascinated by, and finally downright grateful toward his writhing reminder that yes, buns did exist, and yes, every one of us owned not one but two of the things, and yes, like the God who created them in His Image, they did indeed move in mysterious ways. — David James Duncan

Halibut Quotes By Liz Vaccariello

Shrimp, 6 large Tuna, canned, packed in water, 5 ounces White fish (halibut, cod, tilapia), 6 ounces PRODUCE (Determine what smoothie flavors you intend to drink and add those fruits to your grocery list for the week) Bananas, 2 small Basil, 1 bunch Bell pepper, 2 red Blueberries, 1 pint Bok choy, 1 bunch Cantaloupe, 1 small Carrots, 1 bag of baby and 1 small bag of regular size Celery, 1 small bunch — Liz Vaccariello

Halibut Quotes By Jean Kerr

It's impossible to register any emotion without using some muscle which, in time, will produce a wrinkle ... By the time she is thirty, a starlet has been carefully taught to smile like a dead halibut. The eyes widen, the mouth drops open, but the eye muscles are never involved. — Jean Kerr

Halibut Quotes By David Niven

I have a face that is a cross between two pounds of halibut and an explosion in an old clothes closet. — David Niven

Halibut Quotes By Life-Style

Fish is a great source of lean protein. You can find it in many kinds of fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, trout, halibut, haddock, and many more. — Life-Style

Halibut Quotes By Linda Hamilton

I go to Alaska and fish salmon. I do some halibut fishing, lake fishing, trout fishing, fly fishing. I look quite good in waders. I love my waders. I don't think there is anything sexier than just standing in waders with a fly rod. I just love it. — Linda Hamilton

Halibut Quotes By Gretel Ehrlich

A black-crowned night heron stood on an apron of wet sand, looking across the channel. The feather plume at the back of his head lifted in a faint breeze. Out there the channel churned its cyclonic eddies counterclockwise. Schools of anchovies, halibut, and sea bass came and went: silver flashes, small storms that well up from the inside of the sea but are short-lived, like lightning. — Gretel Ehrlich

Halibut Quotes By H.E. Bates

Miss Parkinson lived alone in a big bay-windowed house of Edwardian brick with a vast garden of decaying fruit trees and untidy hedges of gigantic size. She was great at making elderberry wine and bottling fruit and preserves and lemon curd and drying flowers for winter. She felt, like Halibut, that things were not as they used to be. The synthetic curse of modern times lay thick on everything. There was everywhere a sad drift from Nature. — H.E. Bates

Halibut Quotes By Penny Lancaster

I do love fish, and I thought it was healthy without understanding the high mercury levels that fish like tuna, swordfish and halibut can contain. — Penny Lancaster

Halibut Quotes By Ron Funches

I'm sauteing asparagus, Brussels sprouts,broccoli, some boneless, skinless chicken breast, some halibut. That's about it; that's all I'm allowed. That's what's legal for me to saute. — Ron Funches

Halibut Quotes By Paul Watson

Seafood is simply a socially acceptable form of bush meat. We condemn Africans for hunting monkeys and mammalian and bird species from the jungle yet the developed world thinks nothing of hauling in magnificent wild creatures like swordfish, tuna, halibut, shark, and salmon for our meals. The fact is that the global slaughter of marine wildlife is simply the largest massacre of wildlife on the planet. — Paul Watson

Halibut Quotes By Graham Chapman

...A secure future seemed mapped out for me. Too secure, too mapped out. If I carried on in medicine, I realized I'd have a pretty good idea exactly what I'd be doing ten, twenty and even thirty years from that moment. It struck me like a halibut from the North Sea that that was not the way my life should go at all. What was the point of working on through the age of sixty-five and taking a chance on a better reincarnation next time? — Graham Chapman

Halibut Quotes By Roald Dahl

This morning from a halibut. — Roald Dahl