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Top Gretell Bruner Quotes

Gretell Bruner Quotes By Samuel Rutherford

Why should I tremble at the plough of my Lord, that maketh deep furrows on my soul? I know He is no idle husbandman, He purposeth a crop. — Samuel Rutherford

Gretell Bruner Quotes By Claire Messud

It was one of those moments when life's disguises are stripped away, when you see clearly what is real, and all you can say to yourself is useful to get that learned. — Claire Messud

Gretell Bruner Quotes By Roger Caras

I always thought that my canine family tended to view me as the funny-looking two-legged dog who runs the can opener. — Roger Caras

Gretell Bruner Quotes By David Holdsworth

Lord, we thank you for who you are. We thank you for the autumn and all the beautiful colours it brings. Thank you that in this season of change we can also experience spiritual change. We pray that more of our selfish desires would fade away. That we would become more and more like Christ. That we would be filled with your love. That we would be holy just as you are holy. We pray in the name above every name, Amen. — David Holdsworth

Gretell Bruner Quotes By John Ridley

There's no disputing that for pols, the Internet is a great way to connect with people and raise some cash and post 'Sopranos' parodies or play your opponent's macaca moments. But in a 'net root' sense, it's pretty useless for getting someone elected. — John Ridley

Gretell Bruner Quotes By Carrie Brownstein

I never wanted to feel ashamed for striving, for desiring, for ambition. And I never wanted to judge another woman, or anyone, for that matter, for their own aspirations, even if they differed from my own — Carrie Brownstein

Gretell Bruner Quotes By Frank Moore

Farewell, we must part; we have turned from the land
Of our cold-hearted brother, with tyrannous hand,
Who assumed all our rights as a favor to grant,
And whose smile ever covered the sting of a taunt;

Who breathed on the fame he was bound to defend -
Still the craftiest foe, 'neath the guise of a friend;
Who believed that our bosoms would bleed at a touch,
Yet could never believe he could goad them too much;

Whose conscience affects to be seared with our sin,
Yet is plastic to take all its benefits in;
The mote in our eye so enormous has grown,
That he never perceives there's a beam in his own. — Frank Moore

Gretell Bruner Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm a fucking idiot.
No, he was a man in love with a woman who meant the entire universe to him.
Like I said, you're a fucking idiot.
And for the first time in his life, he was happy being stupid because the only alternative would be existing without her, and now that he'd tasted the sunlight she brought into his world, he never wanted to live in the darkness again.
Please don't send me back to the night. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Gretell Bruner Quotes By Joss Whedon

I eat 'The Walking Dead' like its made of brains. Can't even watch the show, I love the book so much. — Joss Whedon

Gretell Bruner Quotes By Osho

One thing is certain: Existence is overflowing. With everything it is luxurious. It is not a poor existence, no. Poverty is man's creation. — Osho