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Enjoy the top 11 famous quotes, sayings and quotations by Lisa Newton.

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Think it. See it. Get it! — Lisa Newton

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You've always got to have a plan. Keep thinking ahead. Don't ever get complacent. — Lisa Newton

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I like to save money. I've never been able to understand why people can't see the value in even saving '£10' a month. It all adds up! In one year that's £120! People are too concerned with the bigger numbers, when really, they ought to just focus on the little numbers. The bigger numbers will then take care of themselves. — Lisa Newton

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The problem is people don't want to make the sacrifice. They have no long term thinking. But the difficulty is, if you don't put the brakes on your spending NOW, it'll only be far worse later on down the line. — Lisa Newton

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You have to be in the game long enough to see the results. — Lisa Newton

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It always amuses me how much time people have to sit there and focus their energy on slagging you off. If they spent a fraction of that time on passion on working on their own business... they might actually get somewhere in life! — Lisa Newton

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Select it, project it, expect it, collect it! — Lisa Newton

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There's a lot of haters out there. Instead of focusing on improving themselves they prefer to spend their time chatting shit about you. But it just goes to show you - you must be doing something right if you're getting all the time and attention! — Lisa Newton

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Having an aura cleanse was the best thing I ever did. It gets rid of all that debris of other peoples energy that might be clinging onto you. You gotta get rid of that stuff. — Lisa Newton

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I've been ripped off, conned, lied to and cheated... but I'm still here. Cheaters never prosper. If stealing from you is the only way for them to get ahead - they're never going to get very far. Because thats all they are - just a thief. When they lose it, they can't rebuild because they don't know how. They never did the ground work in the first place. All they know is how to steal! — Lisa Newton

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The main thing is finding the time to sit down and write. You have to make the time. — Lisa Newton