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Top Individuals And Team Quotes

Individuals And Team Quotes By Margaret Greenberg

Positive psychology is the study of what constitutes excellence in individuals, communities, and workplaces. It incorporates the study of productivity, resilience, motivation, emotions, strengths, team dynamics, and more. — Margaret Greenberg

Individuals And Team Quotes By Knute Rockne

The secret is to work less as individuals and more as a team. As a coach, I play not my eleven best, but my best eleven. — Knute Rockne

Individuals And Team Quotes By Tom DeMarco

On the best teams, different individuals provide occasional leadership, taking charge in areas where they have particular strengths. No one is the permanent leader, because that person would then cease to be a peer and the team interaction would begin to break down. — Tom DeMarco

Individuals And Team Quotes By Suzanne Yoculan

All the hands, hearts and minds of the individuals collectively contribute to the team's success. (listen to your team, watch their body language, share your expectations ... work together.) — Suzanne Yoculan

Individuals And Team Quotes By Joshua Prince-Ramus

Architecture is not created by individuals. The genius sketch ... is a myth. Architecture is made by a team of committed people who work together, and in fact, success usually has more to do with dumb determination than with genius. — Joshua Prince-Ramus

Individuals And Team Quotes By Jim Highsmith

In a self-organized team, individuals take accountability for managing their own workload, shift work among themselves based on need and best fit, and take responsibility for team effectiveness. Team members have considerable leeway in how they deliver results, they are self-disciplined in their accountability for those results, and they work within a flexible framework. — Jim Highsmith

Individuals And Team Quotes By Gary Neville

A collection of strong-minded individuals who have learned how to dismiss mistakes, disappointments and problems in their personal life make up a strong team. If the majority of the team have that then, as a unit, you are almost impossible to beat. — Gary Neville

Individuals And Team Quotes By Jeffrey Gitomer

Your team will get stronger when you begin to build yourself. Teams are made up of individuals who work together ... and get their own job done. What are you doing to be sure that your job is being done perfectly? — Jeffrey Gitomer

Individuals And Team Quotes By Philipp Lahm

They're fighting for the championship, that's not a coincidence: I believe they have developed as a team. They've become much stronger, the squad is more balanced. And they still play the way Arsenal always play. They want to have the ball, they like playing it short, and they have outstanding individuals. — Philipp Lahm

Individuals And Team Quotes By Mike Krzyzewski

The best teams are team in any sport that lose themselves in the team. The individuals lose their identity. And their identities come about as a result of being in the team first. — Mike Krzyzewski

Individuals And Team Quotes By Alonzo Mourning

You can play a particular sport as long as you take good care of your body and you're confident enough and still have that hunger to where you want to be a part of an organization, a group of individuals where you feel you can contribute to the success of that team. — Alonzo Mourning

Individuals And Team Quotes By John Katzenbach

A demanding performance challenge tends to create a Team. In any situation requiring a combination of multiple skills, experiences and judgments, a team inevitably gets better results than a collection of individuals. Teams provide the kind of responsiveness, speed, on-line customization and quality that is beyond the reach of individual performance. — John Katzenbach

Individuals And Team Quotes By Klay Hall

There is a whole separate filmmaking team that's doing it, but that's part of what's great about the Brain Trust and about the inspiring leadership of John Lasseter. He leaves it up to that creative group of individuals to help each other elevate each thing that they're working on to only try to make it better and to share what you've learned on the first one. — Klay Hall

Individuals And Team Quotes By George Lucas

As the workplace becomes more specialized, from offices to medical centers to factories, teams of people must accomplish their work by collaborating with each other. In my work in filmmaking, we need talented individuals with technical skills, but their abilities to communicate and work with others are just as valuable. — George Lucas

Individuals And Team Quotes By Douglas Coupland

I have always noticed in high school yearbooks the similarity of all the graduate write-ups - how, after only a few pages, the identities of all the unsullied young faces blur, how one person melts into another and another: Susan likes to eat at Wendy's; Donald was on the basketball team; Norman is vain about his varsity sweater; Gillian broke her arm on Spring Retreat; Brian is a car nut; Sue wants to live in Hawaii; Don wants to make a million and be a ski bum; Noreen wants to live in Europe; Gordon wants to be a radio deejay in Australia. At what point in our lives do we stop blurring? When do we become crisp individuals? What must we do in order to end these fuzzy identities - to clarify just who it is we really are? — Douglas Coupland

Individuals And Team Quotes By Kent Beck

Without planning, we are individuals with haphazard connections and effectiveness. We are a team when we plan and work in harmony. — Kent Beck

Individuals And Team Quotes By Peter M. Senge

Individual learning, at some level, is irrelevant for organizational learning. Individuals learn all the time and yet there is no organizational learning. But if teams learn, they become a microcosm for learning throughout the organization. Insights gained are put into action. Skills developed can propagate to other individuals and to other teams (although there is no guarantee that they will propagate). The team's accomplishments can set the tone and establish a standard for learning together for the larger organization. Within — Peter M. Senge

Individuals And Team Quotes By Ratan Tata

I do not know how history will judge me, but let me say that I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to transform the Tatas from a patriarchal concern to an institutional enterprise. It would, therefore, be a mark of failure on my part if it were perceived that Ratan Tata epitomises the Group's success. What I have done is establish growth mechanisms, play down individuals and play up the team that has made the companies what they are. I, for one, am not the kind who loves dwelling on the 'I'. If history remembers me at all, I hope it will be for this transformation. — Ratan Tata

Individuals And Team Quotes By Frederick W. Smith

Leadership is simply the ability of an individual to coalesce the efforts of other individuals toward achieving common goals. It boils down to looking after your people and ensuring that, from top to bottom, everyone feels part of the team. — Frederick W. Smith

Individuals And Team Quotes By Nick Saban

Now, everybody always says there's no 'I' in team, but there is an 'I' in win, because the individuals make the team what it is, and how they think and what they do is important to the team. So when you act like the individual is not important, well, it is damn important who these people are and what they are. — Nick Saban

Individuals And Team Quotes By Stephen Dando-Collins

Despite their inglorious end, the legions remain to this day, thousands of years after their creation, the most pre-eminent example of how detailed organization, tight discipline, and inspiring leadership can take a group of individuals and turn them into a winning team. — Stephen Dando-Collins

Individuals And Team Quotes By Bobby Keys

I've played in bands with A-team players around. But unless they can play together, it doesn't do any good. And you can take guys who may not stand on their own up against a bunch of individuals they might be compared to, but you put 'em together, man, and they are unique unto themselves in a way that no one else can touch. — Bobby Keys

Individuals And Team Quotes By Anonymous

Getting a job done fast is fruitless if it isn't done right. Individuals and Teams must constantly evaluate their progress. If an individual or Team starts to lose focus, they must take a step back and review. — Anonymous

Individuals And Team Quotes By Linda Chavez

The populist zeal to seek revenge on those who make a lot of money is targeted almost exclusively at corporations. I haven't heard outcries about Hollywood actors who make millions per film, even when those movies are a bust at the box office and the talent at issue has none. There's no outrage over athletes like New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez's $33 million salary or Celtic power forward Kevin Garnett's $25 million. Nor should there be. These are exceptionally talented individuals whose teams' owners think they're worth every penny. — Linda Chavez

Individuals And Team Quotes By Stephen Covey

Trust is the glue that holds everything together. It creates the environment in which all of the other elements win-win stewardship agreements, self-directing individuals and teams, aligned structures and systems, and accountability can flourish. — Stephen Covey

Individuals And Team Quotes By Kobe Bryant

Everybody wants to talk about NBA players being selfish and arrogant and individuals. But what you saw today was a team bonding and facing adversity and coming out with a big win. — Kobe Bryant

Individuals And Team Quotes By Tom Peters

Stellar teams are invariably made up of quirky individuals who typically rub each other raw, but they figure out - with the spiritual help of a gifted leader - how to be their peculiar selves and how to win championships as a team ... at the same time. — Tom Peters

Individuals And Team Quotes By Sydney Finkelstein

Whereas many coaches left to others the minutiae of leading an organization, Walsh broke down the minute-to-minute progression of team practices, defined responsibilities for coaches and players, and set rules for how to handle business matters such as negotiating contracts and dealing with the media. He also dispensed with an authoritarian style of leadership and empowered individuals by teaching them to think independently. These innovations amounted to a comprehensive new approach to coaching, one adopted and refined by a generation of Walsh's successors. — Sydney Finkelstein

Individuals And Team Quotes By Steve Ballmer

Baseball is a set of individuals doing their thing in the same team, but it's much more individual. In basketball people are making real time decisions about who gets the ball, do we trust everybody out on the court, and the analytics certainly don't show you all those subtle dynamics, but they're very important. — Steve Ballmer

Individuals And Team Quotes By Nick Goepper

All the athletes are individuals. This isn't a team sport. We all have our own styles, our own clothing preferences and our own way of doing things. That's the way I do things and I'm proud of it. — Nick Goepper

Individuals And Team Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

In addition, there are huge benefits to communal effort in and of itself. By definition, all organizations consist of people working together. Focusing on the team leads to better results for the simple reason that well-functioning groups are stronger than individuals. Teams that work together well outperform those that don't. And success feels better when it's shared with others. So perhaps one positive result of having more women at the top is that our leaders will have been trained to care more about the well-being of others. My hope, of course, is that we won't have to play by these archaic rules forever and that eventually we can all just be ourselves. We — Sheryl Sandberg

Individuals And Team Quotes By Orhan Pamuk

We don't need more museums that try to construct the historical narratives of a society, community, team, nation, state, tribe, company, or species. We all know that the ordinary, everyday stories of individuals are riches, more humane, and much more joyful. — Orhan Pamuk

Individuals And Team Quotes By Zig Ziglar

Individuals score points, but teams win games. This is true in athletic events and in life. If you make it in life, your "team" of parents, teachers, ministers, etc., will have played a major role in your success. — Zig Ziglar

Individuals And Team Quotes By Richard Lerner

Whether hunting is right or wrong, a spiritual experience, or an outlet for the killer instinct, one thing it is not is a sport. Sport is when individuals or teams compete against each other under equal circumstances to determine who is better at a given game or endeavor. Hunting will be a sport when deer, elk, bears, and ducks are ... given 12-gauge shotguns. Bet we'd see a lot fewer drunk yahoos (live ones, anyway) in the woods if that happened. — Richard Lerner

Individuals And Team Quotes By Sachin Tendulkar

Great individuals and great performances build a team, which produces brilliant performances. — Sachin Tendulkar

Individuals And Team Quotes By Peter Senge

Team learning is the Process of aligning and developing the capacity of a team to create the results its members desire. It builds on the discipline of developing a shared vision. It also builds on personal mastery, for talented teams are made up of talented individuals. — Peter Senge

Individuals And Team Quotes By Stanley McChrystal

Purpose affirms trust, trust affirms purpose, and together they forge individuals into a working team. — Stanley McChrystal