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Graphic Design Communication Quotes & Sayings

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Top Graphic Design Communication Quotes

Graphic Design Communication Quotes By Peter Bilak

Right and wrong do not exist in graphic design. There is only effective and non-effective communication. — Peter Bilak

Graphic Design Communication Quotes By Tibor Kalman

What is said determines who listens and who understands. Graphic design is a language, but graphic designers are so busy worrying about the nuances - accents, punctuation and so on - that they spend little time thinking about what the words add up to. I'm interested in using our communication skills to change the way things are. — Tibor Kalman

Graphic Design Communication Quotes By John Van Hamersveld

I look at graphic design as communication, meaning that the work has to have a vibe to connect to the viewer or perceiver. I make a black and white drawing and then add color digitally, bringing in a contemporary pattern to the composition to create a vibrance. — John Van Hamersveld

Graphic Design Communication Quotes By Jeff Fisher

Graphic design was largely about communication in an artistic or creative manner, much like writing is used to convey ideas. Many designers completely miss that aspect of the "art." Some are completely satisfied with just making things pretty, without taking the communication element into consideration. — Jeff Fisher

Graphic Design Communication Quotes By David Carson

Never mistake legibility for communication. — David Carson

Graphic Design Communication Quotes By Rick Poynor

Graphic Design is the communication framework through which these messages about what the world is now, and what we should aspire to. It's the way they reach us. The designer has an enormous responsibility. Those are the people, you know, putting their wires into our heads — Rick Poynor