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Grand Dad Quotes & Sayings

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Grand Dad Quotes By Drew Karpyshyn

There was a long silence, finally broken by Teff'ith. Jedi Grand Master mom, Supreme Commander dad. Now we get why Theron's so messed up. So you sending a fleet, or what? — Drew Karpyshyn

Grand Dad Quotes By Louis Untermeyer

It takes a heap o' children to make a home that's true,And home can be a palace grand, or just a plain, old shoe;But if it has a mother dear, and a good old dad or two,Why, that's the sort of good old home for good old me and you. — Louis Untermeyer

Grand Dad Quotes By Evan Peters

It all started in Michigan. My dad got a job in Michigan, so we all moved up there from St. Louis. I kind of hung out in the summer and had nothing to do, so I sort of got into acting. And then I was going to Grand Blanc High, doing the acting thing and hoping it would pan out. — Evan Peters

Grand Dad Quotes By Melina Marchetta

Their bedroom has always been our sanctuary. Sometimes at night we'll end up on their bed just talking. My dad will be snoring and Mia will say, "Turn around, Bobby, you're snoring," and he'll turn around and for a moment it'll be silent. Then he'll erupt into a massive snore and Luca and I will kill ourselves laughing and my dad will wake up and bark, "Get to bed!" and not even a second later he'll be snoring and we'll kill ourselves laughing again and Mia will say, "What is this? Grand Central Station? — Melina Marchetta

Grand Dad Quotes By Bill Cosby

The beautiful thing about older people is their ability to cut the fat off of conversation. When they talk, they don't go on forever and ever. They say what they have to say, and that's it. That was my grand dad. Some of the things he said stunned me, but his words were logical. I'll never forget them. — Bill Cosby

Grand Dad Quotes By Richelle Mead

Avery's tone was grand and high-pitched." And, since I've been hanging out with you, Dad's decided I'm on good behavior now."
"Poor oblivious bastard," murmured Christian. — Richelle Mead

Grand Dad Quotes By Robert Anton Wilson

In every state of the Union, Fundamentalists still fight to ban all the science they dislike and prosecute all who teach it. To them, 'traditional family values' denotes their right to keep their children as ignorant as their grandparents (and to hate the same folks grand-dad hated.) — Robert Anton Wilson

Grand Dad Quotes By David Ebershoff

When my mom pulled the trigger my dad had a full house, three fives and a pair of ducks. He was all in. The paper says although dead, he ended up winning seven grand. I once heard someone on tv say we die as we lived. That sounds about right. — David Ebershoff

Grand Dad Quotes By Eve Langlais

I love you," I murmured. "Love you more," he retorted. I stiffened. "This is not a competition." A grand declaration that I followed with, "But if it were, I'd win." Because my dad taught me how to cheat. — Eve Langlais

Grand Dad Quotes By Jenna Blum

My dad, Bob Blum, used to dash across Grand Central's main terminal catwalk several times daily as a young CBS correspondent, running copy from newsroom to studio and back - because CBS' first broadcasts were from Grand Central Terminal. The pictures on people's television sets used to shake when the trains came in! — Jenna Blum

Grand Dad Quotes By Christopher Titus

If you want something bad enough, you've got to make a bold move. Just make sure you clear the bold move with the people whose lives it's going to affect. Like George Washington, had to get all those guys who the British killed to agree to die. Neil Armstrong, had to crank a couple of elbows into Buzz Aldrin's face mask to make sure he got on the moon first. And Christopher Titus, well, he worked his dad for five grand. Ha ha. Who can't support who ? I know, it's complicated. — Christopher Titus

Grand Dad Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

[T]ruly grand and powerful theories [ ... ] do not and cannot rest upon single observations. Evolution is an inference from thousands of independent sources, the only conceptual structure that can make unified sense of all this disparate information. The failure of a particular claim usually records a local error, not the bankruptcy of a central theory. [ ... ] If I mistakenly identify your father's brother as your own dad, you don't become genealogically rootless and created de novo . You still have a father; we just haven't located him properly. — Stephen Jay Gould

Grand Dad Quotes By CC Sabathia

I was lucky enough to watch my son hit a grand slam at sports camp, and that was great. Yes, I may miss some things, but honestly, I think I get to see more than a dad who works a daily 9 to 5. — CC Sabathia