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Top Grammarians Quotes

Grammarians Quotes By Russ Rymer

Linguistics is arguably the most hotly contested property in the academic realm. It is soaked with the blood of poets, theologians, philosophers, philologists, psychologists, biologists, and neurologists, along with whatever blood can be got out of grammariansRuss Rymer

Grammarians Quotes By Nizar Qabbani

When a man is in love
how can he use old words?
Should a woman
desiring her lover
lie down with
grammarians and linguists?
I said nothing
to the woman I loved
but gathered
love's adjectives into a suitcase
and fled from all languages. — Nizar Qabbani

Grammarians Quotes By H.L. Mencken

The plain people, hereafter as in the past, will continue to make their own language, and the best that grammarians can do is to follow after it, haltingly, and not often with much insight into it. — H.L. Mencken

Grammarians Quotes By Tiberius

Caesar is not above the grammarians. — Tiberius

Grammarians Quotes By Michel Foucault

In saying that the truth is both said and not said by the philosopher (said and not said in the form of stammering), Aristotle was still close to the methods of interpretation used by grammarians in their commentaries on the poets. Symbolic or allegorical methods pointing out what was deliberately hidden by Homer behind the figure of Nestor or Ulysses.

But there is a difference however - and a crucial one - which is that for Aristotle the equivocation of the said and the not-said, this distance without gap which means that the truth is both hidden and present in the philosopher's words, this light that is shadow, is not the effect of an oracular kind of intentional secret or prudent reserve. If philosophers do not speak the truth, this is not because their indulgence wishes to protect men from its terrible face; it is because they lack a certain knowledge (savoir). — Michel Foucault

Grammarians Quotes By Horace

The grammarians are arguing. — Horace

Grammarians Quotes By Roland Barthes

The pleasure of the sentence is to a high degree cultural. The artifact created by rhetors, grammarians, linguists, teachers, writers, parents
this artifact is mimicked in a more or less ludic manner; we are playing with an exceptional object, whose paradox has been articulated by linguistics: immutably structured and yet infinitely renewable: something like chess. — Roland Barthes

Grammarians Quotes By James C. Scott

A language is the joint historical creation of millions of speakers. Although all speakers have some effect on the trajectory of a language, the process is not particularly egalitarian. Linguists, grammarians, and educators, some of them backed by the power of the state, weigh in heavily. But the process is not particularly amenable to a dictatorship, either. Despite the efforts toward "central planning," language (especially its everyday spoken form) stubbornly tends to go on its own rich, multivalent, colorful way. — James C. Scott

Grammarians Quotes By Michel Foucault

To seek in the great accumulation of the already-said the text that resembles 'in advance' a later text, to ransack history in order to rediscover the play of anticipations or echoes, to go right back to the first seeds or to go forward to the last traces, to reveal in a work its fidelity to tradition or its irreducible uniqueness, to raise or lower its stock of originality, to say that the Port -Royal grammarians invented nothing, or to discover that Cuvier had more predecessors than one thought, these are harmless enough amusements for historians who refuse to grow up. — Michel Foucault

Grammarians Quotes By Rosalie Maggio

Language doesn't belong to grammarians, linguists, wordsmiths, writers, or editors. It belongs to the people who use it. It goes where people want it to go, and, like a balky mule, you can't make it go where it doesn't want to go. — Rosalie Maggio

Grammarians Quotes By David Hume

Nothing is more usual than for philosophers to encroach upon the province of grammarians; and to engage in disputes of words, while they imagine that they are handling controversies of the deepest importance and concern. — David Hume

Grammarians Quotes By Dagobert D. Runes

Grammarians make no new thoughts, but thoughts make new grammar. — Dagobert D. Runes

Grammarians Quotes By Herman Melville

Can it be, that the Greek grammarians invented their dual number for the particular benefit of twins? — Herman Melville

Grammarians Quotes By Herbert Simon

Mathematics is a language. We want scientists to be able to read it, speak it, and write it. But we are are not training them to be grammarians. — Herbert Simon

Grammarians Quotes By Nick Hornby

But enough already of what grammarians will recognize as the third conditional: if + pluperfect + would. — Nick Hornby

Grammarians Quotes By Fernando Pessoa

Everything is interconnected. My readings of classical authors, who never speaks of sunsets, have made many sunsets intelligible to me, in all their colors. There is a relationship between syntactical competence, by which we distinguish the values of beings, sounds and shapes, and the capacity to perceive when the blue of the sky is actually green, and how much yellow is in the blue green of the sky. It comes down to the same thing - the capacity to distinguish and to discriminate. There is no enduring emotion without syntax. Immortality depends of the grammarians. — Fernando Pessoa

Grammarians Quotes By Horace

Grammatici certant et adhuc sub iudice lis est. - Grammarians dispute, and the case it still before the courts. — Horace

Grammarians Quotes By Charles Yang

The true structure of the Welsh grammar will be revealed only when we look at sentences slightly more complicated than its basic VSO pattern. Welsh is no different from the rest of the world: it does involve an extra step, but even that isn't all that unusual. Welsh is like Shakespearean English on acid: the verb always - not just in questions - moves to the beginning. Alternatively, it can be viewed as taking the French grammar a step further. While the verb stops at tense in French, it moves further in Welsh to a position that traditional grammarians call the complementizer (don't ask). — Charles Yang