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Top Gossip Girl Herself Quotes

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Penn Badgley

The 'Gossip Girl' idea and ideologies, like, they sort of encourage this certain kind of, like, materialism and superficiality that isn't, I would say, the best thing in the world. — Penn Badgley

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Joanna Garcia

I enjoyed 'Gossip Girl' so much. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the cast of that show. I was so intimidated doing that show because I thought, 'Oh my gosh, those people are so young and gorgeous, and I'm a million years old, and I need a spray tan, and I'm going to be wearing all these fabulous clothes.' — Joanna Garcia

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Tamara Summers

Okay, so we're in Georgia. I can do this. I'm not just the new girl. I'm a vampire. I don't have to be afraid of mean girls and gossip anymore. I could snap their necks in half - er, not that I will or anything, but it's nice to know that I can. — Tamara Summers

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Gloria Steinem

For girls and women, storytelling has a double and triple importance. Because the stories of our lives have been marginalized and ignored by history, and often dismissed and treated as 'gossip' within our own cultures and families, female human beings are more likely to be discouraged from telling our stories and from listening to each other with seriousness. — Gloria Steinem

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Ronda Rousey

Some girls sit around and watch 'Gossip Girl' together. Me and my girlfriends watch 'Raw' and 'SmackDown.' — Ronda Rousey

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Dan Humphrey

Don't disappear. Become unavoidable. XOXO GOSSIP GIRL — Dan Humphrey

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Inna Swinton

One day, an unusually exciting event interrupted the rhythm of our regular middle-class teenage lives. A Russian woman, the mother of a girl in our class, was run over by a New York City bound train right in the center of town. Our classmate left school in the middle of the semester. The gossip was that the woman must have thrown herself under the train. The adults whispered about reasons, usual ones, but my friends and I were too busy planning what to wear to the prom to wonder about the savagery of adult passion. — Inna Swinton

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

Taste of metal on my tongue. Poison the color of envy-
I'm delirious, you're delicious, I'm deluded and delusional.
I'm lost without you. I need you. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

Give a girl a boyfriend and she becomes a total expert on relationships — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

I don't eat chicken abortions! — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

Don't act like I didn't for you.
I did. Hard. And for a long time.
So please, forgive me if now that we're over, I'm exhausted. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

I love 'Gossip Girl'! I still miss 'Veronica Mars,' though. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Edith Wharton

It was horrible of a young girl to let herself be talked about; however unfounded the charges against her, she must be to blame for their having been made. — Edith Wharton

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

But if you didn't have more urgent things to do after supper [in boot camp], you could write a letter, loaf, gossip, discuss the myriad mental shortcomings of sergeants and, dearest of all, talk about the female of the species (we became convinced that there was no such creatures, just mythology created by inflamed imaginations - one boy in our company claimed to have seen a girl, over at regimental headquarters; he was unanimously judged a liar and a braggart). — Robert A. Heinlein

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Alice Eve

I love to hang out with boys - I've got brothers - but I'm a girl's girl, in all the ways you can be girlie. Nails and chats and gossip magazines and reality TV and pop culture. — Alice Eve

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Jessica Szohr

A lot of people say about 'Gossip Girl,' 'Well, how do you feel about gossip?' Well, who really likes gossip? No one likes to be talked about if it's not flattering or a compliment. — Jessica Szohr

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

So Mr.Bass why do you think you should become an Usher? asked the interviewer.Chuck smiled.
Because I'm Chuck Bass. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

I have no sense of what I should or shouldn't talk about. I just blather. Which is why it's fun to write 'Gossip Girl.' I do tend to just talk about anything. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Chace Crawford

There are always those 'Gossip Girl' walk-and-talk scenes where you're walking and just talking about life and death. You're having a serious conversation, looking someone in the eye, but everywhere around you, it's literally a circus. — Chace Crawford

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By C.S. Lewis

That's all YOU know,' said Digory. 'It's because you're a girl. Girls never want to know anything but gossip and rot about people getting engaged. — C.S. Lewis

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

Blair liked to think of herself as a hopeless romantic in the style of old movie actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. She was always coming up with plot devices for the movie she was starring in at the moment, the movie that was her life. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

That's the problem with best friends. Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Upton Sinclair

It was a great help to a person who had to toil all the week to be able to look forward to some such relaxation as this on Saturday nights. The family was too poor and too hardworked to make many acquaintances; in Packingtown, as a rule, people know only their near neighbors and shopmates, and so the place is like a myriad of little country villages. But now there was a member of the family who was permitted to travel and widen her horizon; and so each week there would be new personalities to talk about, - how so-and-so was dressed, and where she worked, and what she got, and whom she was in love with; and how this man had jilted his girl, and how she had quarreled with the other girl, and what had passed between them; and how another man beat his wife, and spent all her earnings upon drink, and pawned her very clothes. Some people would have scorned this talk as gossip; but then one has to talk about what one knows. It — Upton Sinclair

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Jessica Szohr

My style has definitely grown since moving to New York and working on 'Gossip Girl.' I'm more aware of a lot of designers and I'm more aware of fashion. — Jessica Szohr

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Christopher Isherwood

Mr. Pilates was a bully and a narcissist and a dirty old man; he and Christopher got along very well. When Christopher was doing his workout, Pilates would bring one of his assistants over to watch, rather as the house surgeon brings an intern to study a patient with a rare deformity. 'Look at him!' Pilates would exclaim to the assistant, 'That could have been a beautiful body, and look what he's done to it! Like a birdcage that somebody trod on!' Pilates had grown tubby with age, but he would never admit it; he still thought himself a magnificent figure of a man. 'That's not fat,' he declared, punching himself in the stomach, 'that's good healthy meat!' He frankly lusted after some of his girl students. He used to make them lie back on an inclined board and climb on top of them, on the pretext that he was showing them an exercise. What he really was doing was rubbing off against them through his clothes; as was obvious from the violent jerking of his buttocks. — Christopher Isherwood

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By John Grisham

of the eighth graders, boys and girls, liked April but found her difficult to hang out with. She was quiet, dressed more like a boy than a girl, had no interest in the latest fashions or the weekly teen-gossip magazines, and as everyone knew, came from a weird family. The bell rang for first period, and Theo, already — John Grisham

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Abhijit Naskar

Why do women spend so much time in talking to their female peers? The answer can again be found in the process of biological evolution of the human mind. Just like the evolutionary expression of aggression in men, gossiping is an evolutionary feature of the female psychology. Women trade various secrets from their personal experiences through gossiping in order to create connection and intimacy with their female peers. — Abhijit Naskar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

She was spoiled, but she wasn't lazy. She knew what she wanted, and because she believed absolutely that she could have everything she wanted if she tried hard enough to get it, she never stopped trying. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By John Astin

With friends like these, who needs hallucinations? — John Astin

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

'Gossip Girl' came out in rapid succession over two years, so the endings always had to be suspenseful so that you couldn't wait for the next one. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Cecily Von Ziegesar

I certainly didn't say while writing 'Gossip Girl,' 'Oh this is going to be big!' It was really like, 'Oh god, everyone's gong to hate these people! They're so bratty!' But I actually think what is so appealing about them is the humor in them. — Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Lisi Harrison

Which was why Skye was in a recliner that went hot and cold more often than Blair and Nate. — Lisi Harrison

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Doree Shafrir

Natalie, who was the author of a series of wildly successful Hunger Games meets Gossip Girl YA books about a clique of girls at a postapocalyptic prep school who have to simultaneously fight for popularity and for the survival of the planet - hadn — Doree Shafrir

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Blake Lively

I went straight from high school to 'Gossip Girl,' and both were very structured, scheduled environments, so I never had freedom to explore and carve my own path. — Blake Lively

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Ed Westwick

I was just doing bits and pieces of acting in the U.K. I'd been in the film 'Breaking and Entering' - Anthony Minghella gave me my start and I miss him dearly. Then I made the trip out to L.A., during one of their pilot seasons, which was when they were developing 'Gossip Girl,' and I auditioned, and things came together. — Ed Westwick

Gossip Girl Herself Quotes By Jessica Stroup

I love 'Gossip Girl.' I used to hang out with Blake Lively and Jessica Szohr. I'm also addicted to Bravo and reality shows like 'Top Chef.' — Jessica Stroup