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Top Good Senior Year Quotes

Good Senior Year Quotes By Laura Osnes

I was always a very good student, 3.98 GPA ... But once I found out I only had to take math and science for two years, I didn't take them junior or senior year. And I convinced my high school to give me actual credits for doing professional shows in Minneapolis ... as work-study. — Laura Osnes

Good Senior Year Quotes By Tamara Tunie

I took the whole college prep trajectory, and then in my senior year of high school, I decided that performing was something that I had always done as a kid, and I loved it ... I said, 'This makes people happy when I do this, I feel good, I get to pretend and explore other areas and learn so much'. — Tamara Tunie

Good Senior Year Quotes By Bob Livingston

Here I was, this good guy that played football; I was gonna go play in college but I had a bad senior year. But I played guitar in assemblies whenever I could. — Bob Livingston

Good Senior Year Quotes By Tony Hawk

I was nerdy and really into computers. I was a good student until my senior year, when I started traveling and had a lot of absences. — Tony Hawk

Good Senior Year Quotes By Alex Trebek

People ask me, How would you do as a contestant on the show? And I tell them I would do fairly well among senior citizens, but against a good thirty-year-old I would have trouble because I cannot recall information as quickly as I used to. You used to say something and I would go, boom, right away, very sharp. Now it's like, Oh, yes, but wait a minute, uh, uh ... — Alex Trebek

Good Senior Year Quotes By Amy Sedaris

I always liked my teachers, and I was in a lot of after-school projects. I was a Girl Scout until my senior year, when I couldn't be a Girl Scout anymore. I was in clubs like Junior Achievement, and I ran track and field. My grades were good, but then toward 11th grade they were nothing. I always went to summer school. — Amy Sedaris

Good Senior Year Quotes By Ben Roethlisberger

Basketball was always my first love, but once I had a good year as a senior, I figured the next step was to play college football. — Ben Roethlisberger

Good Senior Year Quotes By Dreezy

I was a good student. By 8th grade, you've basically learned everything. By senior year, we was drinking, we was kickin' it, we was rapping. It wasn't really like business, hard work. — Dreezy