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Gonna Sleep Quotes By Rell Sunn

Surfing frees everything up, it's just the best soul fix. Life should be stress-free, and that's what surfing is all about. It's something you do in your sleep, with your eyes closed; it's something you'll constantly embrace and be passionate about, and whatever it takes, you're gonna do it, because nothing else in the world can give you that kind of self-esteem. — Rell Sunn

Gonna Sleep Quotes By A.E. Via

told you I wanted this pretty cock in my mouth. Did you think I was joking?" Green didn't wait for a response. He closed those delectable lips over his cock head and took him into his mouth, going down halfway before pressing his tongue flat against the underside of his shaft and dragging it back up slowly. Ruxs' back arched, his head pressing back into the pillow. Instinctively one of his hands weaved through Green's hair, the other ghosting over his nipple. "I fuckin' love it when you do that. It looks so pornographic. Pinch 'em harder," Green whispered. "I'll come too fast," Ruxs said back, his own voice rough from sleep. "So what? I'm gonna make you come all day. You really have no idea what you've just started." Green went back down and worked his cock like a professional. Slurping and sucking, quick then slow, then fast again. "Oh — A.E. Via

Gonna Sleep Quotes By J.D. Robb

She pushed back from the table. "I've got some stuff I need to do."
"The Walking Dead said there was chocolate cake."
"Jamie," Roarke said mildly.
"Sorry," Jamie said reluctantly. "Mister Walking Dead, also known as Summerset, said there was chocolate cake."
"And if you eat it all, I'll kill you in your sleep. Then you can join The Walking Dead. Roarke, I need to talk to you."
As they started out, she heard Jamie ask: "Think they're gonna go do it?" And heard the quick slap of Feeney's hand on the teenaged skull.
"Are we going to go do it?" Roarke grabbed her hand.
"Want me to have Feeney knock you, too?"
"I'm a bit quicker than Jamie yet. But I take that to mean we're not going back upstairs for a fast tumble."
"How many times a day do you think about sex?"
He gave her a considering look. "Would that be actively thinking of it, or just having the concept of it lurking there, like Jamie's invisible document? — J.D. Robb

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Alonzo Bodden

I like psycho chicks ... Yeah, you hook up with a psycho, you're gonna learn something. First thing you learn is how to sleep with one eye open. — Alonzo Bodden

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Henny Youngman

If you're gonna do something tonight that you'll regret tomorrow morning, sleep late — Henny Youngman

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Nikki Glaser

When you use sleep mask, no one's gonna recognize you. You're gonna look like an idiot, but it's so worth it. — Nikki Glaser

Gonna Sleep Quotes By David Archuleta

You're reaching out
And no one hears you cry
You're freaking out again
'Cause all your fears
Remind you another dream has come undone
You feel so small and lost like you're the only one
You wanna scream 'cause you're
You want somebody, just anybody
To lay their hands on your soul tonight
You want a reason to keep believin'
That someday you're gonna see the light
You're in the dark
There's no one left to call
And sleep's your only friend
Well even sleep
Can't hide you from all those tears
And all the pain and all the days
You wasted pushin' them away
It's your life, it's time you face it — David Archuleta

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Noel Gallagher

We need each other / We believe in one another / And I know we're gonna uncover / What's sleeping in our souls — Noel Gallagher

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Quvenzhane Wallis

I can't wait to ride my electric scooter, walk my dog, watch TV, be bored ... and I'm gonna put [my Oscar] in my hand and kiss it every night before I go to sleep. — Quvenzhane Wallis

Gonna Sleep Quotes By S.E. Jakes

Tom ran his thumb over the head, circling lightly, unable to resist leaning down to suck the tip into his mouth. Prophet inhaled sharply, threaded his fingers into Tom's hair. He closed his eyes and groaned when Tom stroked in earnest, lifting his hips off the bed in a big cat-like stretch, letting Tom take control of him again. "Think I didn't get enough?" "Think you need sleep." Prophet's eyes opened as he studied Tom's face. "You're going to put me to sleep this way." "Gonna try," Tom told him, his hand pumping Prophet's cock slowly, then faster when the man refused to tear his gaze away. He couldn't read the man's expression, not until his mouth dropped and his eyes glazed. "Yeah, like that." Prophet's voice was hoarse, body tense. His casted hand reached out to hold on to Tom's biceps, the one with the dreamcatcher. Tom caught him staring at it when he came. — S.E. Jakes

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Jodi Watters

Sleep, honey. We can play later." And if she hadn't seen it with her own tired eyes, she never would've believed it. Like the snuffing of a candle, he was asleep in seconds. Burning red hot one moment, a ghost of dissipating smoke the next.

Hope inventoried his unguarded face, softer and so much younger in sleep, his enviably long lashes hiding the ever present jadedness. Fatigue pulled at her and she fought it, forcing her eyes open when they drifted shut.

"I'm not gonna fall in love with you, Beck. I'm gonna leave you in August."

She whispered the vow to a man in deep sleep. To a room cast in shadow. To a house steeped in tradition. To a woman mired in denial.

Sleep took her quickly, quicker than she wanted, and with it came the mocking sound of her surely spoken promise, echoing in her dreams like a school yard taunt. — Jodi Watters

Gonna Sleep Quotes By William Gibson

Well,' Rydell said, trying to pick up his end, 'I was watching this one old movie last night-'
Sublett perked up. 'Which one?'
Dunno,' Rydell said. 'This guy's in L.A. and he's just met this girl. Then he picks up a pay phone, 'cause it's ringing. Late at night. It's some guy in a missile silo somewhere who knows they've just launched theirs at the Russians. He's trying to phone his dad, or his brother, or something. Says the world's gonna end in short order. Then the guy who answered the phone hears these soldiers come in and shoot the guy. The guy on the phone, I mean.'
Suhlett closed his eyes, scanning his inner trivia-banks. 'Yeah? How's it end?'
Dunno,' Rydell said. 'I went to sleep. — William Gibson

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Good idea," Puck echoed from the back of the cave. "Why don't you take first watch, prince? You could actually be doing something that doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out with a spork."
Ash's lips curled in a smirk. "I would think you're better suited to the task, Goodfellow," he said without turning around. "After all, that's what you're best at isn't it? Watching?"
"Oh, keep it up, ice-boy. You're gonna have to sleep sometime. — Julie Kagawa

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Kevin Durant

I go to sleep at night, like, 'Am I gonna be alone forever?' — Kevin Durant

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Wiz Khalifa

No driving, no sleeping. Live it up like it's the weekend, when the DJ play the right song gonna drink, gonna party all night long — Wiz Khalifa

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Louis C.K.

I can't just sit on my daughter's bed and just say 'n
' all night and then put her to sleep. I just ain't gonna do that ... I told the girls that these boys are racists, and they're not nice boys. But I think we can still enjoy the stories about the fishin' and the tradin'. — Louis C.K.

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Shinedown

You can sleep with a gun, but when you gonna wake up and fight for yourself? — Shinedown

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Lina Andersson

He knew that 'fine.' It was another one of those female 'fine' that meant he was in the doghouse. That kind of 'fine' that meant 'I'm gonna shut up now, but I might stab you in your sleep'."
Excerpt From: Lina, Andersson. "Arrow of Time. — Lina Andersson

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Kristen Ashley

All the rest of days, every one, every day since I first laid eyes on you. Today's no different. Fuck of it was, even when I didn't have you, I felt it. Which was why I never let go. And today's no different. No different from every day I had from the first day we met. Waking up in love with you. Day's almost done, gonna go to sleep more in love with you. — Kristen Ashley

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Buffy Sainte-Marie

Some of my songs are like dreams, and when you go to sleep at night you don't know if you're gonna have a dream or what you're gonna dream about. — Buffy Sainte-Marie

Gonna Sleep Quotes By P. Jameson

I'll wait. I'll wait forever. I'll die waiting, holding your hand and watching you sleep. If that's all I get, fine, I'm gonna hold the hell out of your hand. — P. Jameson

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Christian Bale

Personally, I love going to see a film when you can really watch a character. If you've just read some article about who the actor is sleeping with, that's gonna be at the back of your mind all the time while you're watching the film. — Christian Bale

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Cassandra Rose Clarke

I wasn't really going to go. I ain't so heartless I'm gonna let someone be struck down with pain on account of me. Even if that someone is a murderer and a liar. Hell, murderers and liars used to sing me to sleep. — Cassandra Rose Clarke

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Deyth Banger

You can't be transcendent,... which will mean to be perfect in everything. You can try to act as such person, but there is a lot of to learn.

- As first you always will know the few from everything

- Everything is endless!

- (The Wolf of Wall Street), forgot everything what people say to you about the topic "Money"...because money are the thing which make your life interesting. You could buy the best phone, the best hotel or the best room, the best house, the best car, the best TV, the best books... the best wife... There are outside a lot of women which will sleep with you in replace of money... so reality you need money to have them...
(More far than this I can't take you, because the train is too fast It will delete everything.... it will just start from here.)... What I gonna say or I will say is "Good Luck and try by yourself the finish the mission". — Deyth Banger

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Donnell Rawlings

Rise and grind ... the money ain't gonna wait for you while you sleep son. — Donnell Rawlings

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Cyrus Chestnut

My mom tells this story that even when I was in the womb, my father played the piano and she sang. So, before I officially got here, I was already surrounded by music. I also like the way my father explains it. When I was about 3-years old, in order to keep me quiet, my father would put me in the bassinet and either put on some music or play the piano. When he started playing, I got quiet and eventually went to sleep. He said by the time I turned 3, I just climbed up on the piano and started playing it with the attitude of I'm gonna play dis here piano. — Cyrus Chestnut

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Michael A. Perez

Im gonna be a pretender the rest of my life. Pretending i dont wish every girl i kiss isnt you. Pretending i dont wish every girl i sleep with isnt you. Im gonna have to pretend i dont wish my next relationship wont be with you. Pretend that i dont wish the girl i get engaged to isnt you. Pretend i dont wish the girl i marry isnt you. Pretend i dont wish the mother of my kids to be you. Pretend its not you i want to spend the rest of my life with. Everything will be a lie the rest of my life. Thats so hard to accept. — Michael A. Perez

Gonna Sleep Quotes By James Cameron

Jace: Feels like I just woke up from a bad dream.
Max Guevara: I know. One of the reasons why I don't sleep. Let me know if it's a boy or a girl.
Jace: Either way, name's gonna be Max. — James Cameron

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Alan W. Watts

What's it gonna be like, dying? To go to sleep and never, never, never wake up.

Well, a lot of things it's not gonna be like. It's not going to be like being buried alive. It's not going to be like being in the darkness forever.

I tell you what - it's going to be as if you never had existed at all. Not only you, but everything else as well. That just there was never anything, there's no one to regret it - and there's no problem.

Well, think about that for a while - it's kind of a weird feeling when you really think about it, when you really imagine.

[The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are ] — Alan W. Watts

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Every day is a new promise, Ben," I told him sharply. "Every night I go to sleep knowin' it's a promise, every day I wake knowin' in some way it's gonna be fulfilled. And repeat. For ... hopefully ... ever. — Kristen Ashley

Gonna Sleep Quotes By JLS

Every minutes like an hour
Every hours like a day
Every day lasts forever
But what else am i gonna do
Id wait forever and a day for you
I wait up, wait up
I cant eat, I cant sleep
what else could it be missing you so deep
long as Im where youre going to
Id wait forever and a day for you
I wait up, wait up for you

-Everybody in Love — JLS

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Mark Ronson

I'm always nervous before starting a record because I can never sleep. I'm like, 'I have no good ideas, everyone is gonna see through me.' — Mark Ronson

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Abigail Roux

Listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once," Ty muttered as they walked to their gate. "I don't talk when I fly. I sleep. And I don't listen when I eat, understand? I don't wanna be buddies. I don't wanna chat," he said with a sarcastic lilt to the word. "I don't wanna know about your childhood or how your momma whipped you with a rubber glove or how much therapy you had to go through 'cause you flunked out of preschool. I don't wanna hear about how you want to be Director someday or how many collars you got chasin' those Internet freaks or how proud you are of your bowel movements. I don't wanna go shopping at Barney's with you, and I'm not gonna help you pick out your ties to match your socks and, I swear to God, if you get me shot, I'll kill you. — Abigail Roux

Gonna Sleep Quotes By 2Pac

Tell me, how many real motherfuckers feel me? I smoke a blunt
and freak the funk until these jealous motherfuckers kill me
I'm out the gutter, pick a hero
I'm 165 and staying high til I die, my competion's zero
Cause I could give a fuck about you, better duck
Or I'll be forced to hit yo ass up I give a fuck
I'm sick inside my mind, why you sweatin me?
It's gonna take an army full of crooked ass cops to come and get me
Niggaz know I ain't the one to sleep on, I'm under pressure
Gotta sleep with my piece, an extra clip beside my dresser
Word to God I've been ready to die since I was born
I don't want no shit but niggaz trip and yo it's on
Open fire on my adversaries, don't even worry
Better have on a vest aim for the chest and then you buried — 2Pac

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Joss Whedon

I walk. I talk. I shop. I sneeze. I'm gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back. There's trees in the desert since you moved out, and I don't sleep on a bed of bones. — Joss Whedon

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Assata Shakur

There's something nice about being able to go to sleep at night saying "You know, tomorrow I'm gonna get up and I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do that ... " I think that being an activist on this planet is a privilege and a pleasure. — Assata Shakur

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

This is very American, too - the insecurity about whether we have earned our happiness. Planet Advertising in America orbits completely around the need to convince the uncertain consumer that yes, you have actually warranted a special treat. This Bud's for You! You Deserve a Break Today! Because You're Worth It! You've Come a Long Way, Baby! And the insecure consumer thinks, Yeah! Thanks! I AM gonna go buy a six-pack, damn it! Maybe even two six-packs! And then comes the reactionary binge. Followed by the remorse. Such advertising campaigns would probably not be as effective in the Italian culture, where people already know that they are entitled enjoyment in this life. The reply in Italy to "You Deserve a Break Today" would probably be, Yeah, no duh. That's why I'm planning on taking a break at noon, to go over to you house and sleep with your wife. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Beyonce

So what are you gonna say at my funeral, now that you've killed me? Here lies the body of the love of my life, whose heart I broke without a gun to my head. Here lies the mother of my children, both living and dead. Rest in peace, my true love, who I took for granted. Most bomb p*ssy who, because of me, sleep evaded. Her god listening. Her heaven will be a love without betrayal. Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks. — Beyonce

Gonna Sleep Quotes By Suguro Chayamachi

Kiriwar: "It doesn't matter. Bitro's gonna sew your eyebrows to your eyelids when we get back."
Gunzi: "Whaaat?! Then I won't be able to sleep!!"
Kiriwar: "That's the idea, dumbass. — Suguro Chayamachi