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God's Greatest Blessing Quotes & Sayings

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God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Max Lucado

God's greatest blessings often come costumed as disasters. Any doubters need to do nothing more than ascend the hill of Calvary. — Max Lucado

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Oswald Chambers

We have to realize that we cannot earn or win anything from God through our own efforts. We must either receive it as a gift or do without it. The greatest spiritual blessing we receive is when we come to the knowledge that we are destitute. Until we get there, our Lord is powerless. He can do nothing for us as long as we think we are sufficient in and of ourselves. We must enter into His kingdom through the door of destitution. — Oswald Chambers

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Andy Crouch

The greatest risk to human flourishing, then, is not institutionalization but the loss of institutions. In our time we have seen the rise of the "prosperity gospel," which in its crassest forms promises quick wealth in mechanical proportion to faith. But the prosperity gospel has not only a thin and unbiblical understanding of wealth (which in Scripture is never a private matter but an occasion for blessing for whole communities, not to mention the fruit and source of justice) - it has a thin and unbiblical understanding of time. In the biblical mindset, prosperity that does not last is not true prosperity at all. The only biblical prosperity gospel is a posterity gospel - the promise that generation after generation will know the goodness of God through the properly stewarded abundance of God's world. — Andy Crouch

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Simone Weil

But your greatest blessing was of another order. In gaining my friendship through your charity - I have never encountered its equal - you have furnished me with a source of inspiration more powerful and more pure that one could find among human things. For nothing among human things is as powerful for maintaining our gaze, applied ever more intensely on God, than friendship with the friends of God. — Simone Weil

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Stanley McChrystal

We must be bold . . . as we set sail we ask God's blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked. — Stanley McChrystal

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Cathy LaGrow

How could she understand it then - - that one of her greatest blessings would come only through her greatest wound? — Cathy LaGrow

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Robert Murray M'Cheyne

The Bible is an inexhaustible fountain of all truths. The existence of the Bible is the greatest blessing which humanity ever experienced. Few tremble at the Word of God, Few, in reading it, hear the voice of Jehovah, which is full of majesty. — Robert Murray M'Cheyne

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Timothy E. Crosby

If you feel empty, you are right on the verge of God's greatest blessing. Just seek His face. Should you be desperate and hurting and experiencing loss, remember that the Lord lifts up the downcast and casts down the proud. He will in His own good time turn your mourning into joy. — Timothy E. Crosby

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Lester Roloff

God's greatest blessings are upon those who show the proper respect for the poor and the needy. — Lester Roloff

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Ronald Reagan

God, the source of our knowledge, has been expelled from the classroom. He gives us His greatest blessing, life, and yet many would condone the taking of innocent life. We expect Him to protect us in a crisis, but turn away from Him too often in our day-to-day living. I wonder if He isn't waiting for us to wake up. — Ronald Reagan

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Joyce Meyer

God has blessed me in many ways. Money is not the greatest blessing you can have, but I literally had absolutely nothing. The first message that I preached at Life in the Word, I had to borrow a suit from my pastor's wife, because I didn't have any decent clothes, and I was driving a 20-year-old car. We went through a lot of years of having nothing, sleeping in McDonald's parking lots, because we didn't have money to stay all night in a hotel. But, like anybody else who works hard and is diligent and doesn't quit and doesn't give up, there is a day the blessings come. — Joyce Meyer

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

God's greatest investment in our lives is our calling — Sunday Adelaja

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Russell M. Nelson

From time to time, ask yourself these questions: "Am I ready to meet my Maker?" "Am I worthy of all the blessings He has in store for His faithful children?" "Have I received my endowment and sealing ordinances of the temple?" "Have I remained faithful to my covenants?" "Have I qualified for the greatest of all God's blessings-the blessing of eternal life." — Russell M. Nelson

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Israel Shenker

God's greatest blessing is children. The only problem is that you have to support them. It's a problem, not a disadvantage. — Israel Shenker

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Gerrit Scott Dawson

God still speaks to us. He speaks not from a life of ease, far removed from our suffering. He speaks from the cross, the same place of agony where we live. He speaks as one who joins our suffering wherever we are. He blesses us as he says, "I am with you now in your suffering. Take courage. Soon you will be with me in Paradise." So we realize that from the cross Jesus enacts the words of Aaron's benediction. Lifted on the rough beams, Jesus is yet God shining on us in favor. Even when we killed him, Jesus was gracious to us. Lined with pain, cut and bleeding, his countenance yet radiated love. The most shameful thing human beings have ever done, putting the incarnate Son of God to death, has become the greatest sign of his blessing grace. — Gerrit Scott Dawson

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Maltbie Davenport Babcock

The tests of life are to make, not break us. Trouble may demolish a man's business but build up his character. The blow at the outward man may be the greatest blessing to the inner man. If God, then, puts or permits anything hard in our lives, be sure that the real peril, the real trouble, is that we shall lose if we flinch or rebel. — Maltbie Davenport Babcock

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Penelope Ward

Sometimes, if you're lucky, the biggest hardship can lead to your greatest blessing. It just takes time to see that God works in mysterious ways. — Penelope Ward

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson

As I look back on my life, I understand now that there were some very important moments when my unanswered prayer was actually God's greatest blessingSuzanne Elizabeth Anderson

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By George Whitefield

As God can send a nation or people no greater blessing than to give them faithful, sincere and upright ministers, so the greatest curse that God can possibly send upon a people in this world is to give them over to blind, unregenerate, carnal, lukewarm and unskilled guides. — George Whitefield

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Mark Batterson

I believe that every blessing, every breakthrough, every miracle traces back to the prayers that were prayed by you or for you. One of the greatest moments in eternity will be the day God peels back the space-time curtain and unveils His sovereignty by connecting the divine dots between our prayers and His answers. That infinite web of prayer crisscrosses every nation, every generation. And when God finally reveals His strange and mysterious ways, it will drop us to our knees in worship. We will thank Him for the prayers He did answer. We'll also thank Him for the prayers He didn't answer because we'll finally understand why. And we'll thank Him for the answered prayers we weren't even aware of. — Mark Batterson

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Andrew Kennedy Hutchison Boyd

I believe the greatest blessing God can send a man, is disappointment, rightly met and used...
You are quite certain, my friend, as you go on through life, to have to make up your mind to failure and disappointment on your own part, and to seeing other men preferred before you...The only way not to be disappointed when a thing turns out against you, is not to have really cared how the thing went. — Andrew Kennedy Hutchison Boyd

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By John J. Murray

We cry to God for blessings but we do not really want him. He has to teach us that he is the greatest blessing of all. — John J. Murray

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

Bring peace to the Earth by bringing peace to all those whose lives you touch. Be peace. Feel and express in every moment your Divine Connection with the All, and with every person, place, and thing. Embrace every circumstance, own every fault, share every joy, contemplate every mystery, walk in every man's shoes, forgive every offense (including your own), heal every heart, honor every person's truth, adore every person's God, protect every person's rights, preserve every person's dignity, promote every person's interests, provide every person's needs, presume every person's holiness, present every person's greatest gifts, produce every person's blessing, and pronounce every person's future secure in the assured love of God. Be a living, breathing example of the Highest Truth that resides within you. — Neale Donald Walsch

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By David Jeremiah

Charles H. Spurgeon, in his wry way, once declared, "I daresay the greatest earthly blessing that God can give to any of us is health, with the exception of sickness."[25] — David Jeremiah

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Chris Bruno

Don't tell the guys at Trinity Broadcast Network, but financial prosperity is not the primary indicator of God's blessing. Think back to the garden. What was the greatest blessing that God gave to Adam and Eve? The greatest blessing was living in God's very presence, knowing him, and worshipping him. — Chris Bruno

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Seneca The Younger

We pray for trifles without so much as a thought of the greatest blessings; and we are not ashamed many times, to ask God for that which we should blush to own to our neighbor. — Seneca The Younger

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

Sometimes what is said to be a gift may appear more of a curse only because the greatest gifts of all are the gifts that have enough disruptive force to break us out of everything that's breaking us. And God loves us far too much not to give us exactly those kinds of gifts. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Ezra Taft Benson

There is no place for fear among men and women who Almighty, who do not hesitate to humble themselves in seeking divine guidance through prayer. Though persecutions arise, though reverses come, in prayer we can find reassurance, for God will speak peace to the soul. That peace, that spirit of serenity, is life's greatest blessing. — Ezra Taft Benson

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Billy Graham

May you also remember this Thanksgiving not only the obvious gifts that God has given you, but His spiritual blessings, as well. The greatest gift of all is Jesus Christ, and the salvation God offers us in Him. — Billy Graham

God's Greatest Blessing Quotes By Shane Claiborne

Only Jesus would be crazy enough to suggest that if you want to become the greatest, you should become the least. Only Jesus would declare God's blessing on the po0r rather than on the rich and would insist that it's not enough to just love your friends. I just began to wonder if anybody still believed Jesus meant those things he said. — Shane Claiborne