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Top Giving Up Before You Try Quotes

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Michael Holbrook

If you are allowing something to upset or anger you, try this: Before giving in to those negative emotions, try and think of one positive thing, one learning that you will gain, a single glimpse of something that you can use to build a positive future. Here's a nudge to push you along: You own your mind. You choose to be either a victim or to take control. — Michael Holbrook

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Big L

The Big L was cold crazy, A top-notch crook snatchin' pocket books from old ladies I told him, "Give up the dough, before you get smoked! Oh you broke? ( *shots* ) Now you're dead broke" My name is L and I'm from a part of town where clowns, Get beat down and all you hear is gunshot sounds 'Cause at nighttime niggas try to tax, they're sneakier than alley cats, that's why I carry gats — Big L

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Napoleon Hill

business men accumulate great fortunes, by giving before they try to get. — Napoleon Hill

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Peter Claver

We must speak to them with our hands by giving, before we try to speak to them with our lips. — Peter Claver

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I shall leave you to your Sisyphean task."
"What does that mean?" he heard Daisy ask.
Lillian replied while her smiling gaze remained locked with Marcus's. "It seems you avoided one too many Greek mythology lessons, dear. Sisyphus was a soul in Hades who was damned to perform an eternal task... rolling a huge boulder up a hill, only to have it roll down again just before he reached the top."
"Then if the countess is Sisyphus," Daisy concluded, "I suppose we're..."
"The boulder," Lady Westcliff said succinctly, causing both girls to laugh.
"Do continue with our instruction, my lady," Lillian said, giving her full attention to the elderly woman as Marcus left the room. "We'll try not to flatten you on the way down. — Lisa Kleypas

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Before giving up, try hard. — Debasish Mridha

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Cora Seton

She's my wife. Back off, jarhead," he tossed back over his shoulder. Jared laughed, and it wasn't a mean laugh. Cassie bit back a grin as he stepped back, giving Mitch room to turn around before stepping right back into his personal space. His smile was knowing and totally awesome. "Actually, she's Cassie. She's nobody's wife, because the loser she was married to wasn't smart enough to know just how awesome his wife was when he had her. So if that's you, I'm sorry, bud. And I'm guessing it is, because only a moron who's never served in uniform would call someone a jarhead. You gotta be a Marine to use that term, and only to another Marine. You fail on both points, but try harder next time. — Cora Seton

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Alice Miller

In order to become whole we must try, in a long process, to discover our own personal truth, a truth that may cause pain before giving us a new sphere of freedom. If we choose instead to content ourselves with intellectual "wisdom," we will remain in the sphere of illusion and self-deception. — Alice Miller

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Robert Falcon Scott

Don't let the workings of adversity totally absorb your life. Try to understand what you can. Act where you are able; then let the matter rest with the Lord for a period while you give to others in worthy ways before you take on appropriate concern again. — Robert Falcon Scott

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Cayla Kluver

This is not what you want to hear, but to me, it doesn't seem there was a time before I loved you. And though I try to keep my distance from you ... even now you keep giving me reasons to love you more. — Cayla Kluver

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Troy Little

Personally, I wouldn't wait around for someone to tell you you're good enough before you make your own comics. Just make them, always try to improve and care about what you're doing. Be relentless and never give up. — Troy Little

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Fred Rogers

Perhaps we think that we won't find another human being inside that person. Perhaps we think that there are some people in this world who I can't ever communicate with, and so I'll just give up before I try. And how sad it is to think that we would give up on any other creature who's just like us. — Fred Rogers

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Paulo Coelho

You've discovered a wellspring, simply allow it to flow and it will fill your world. Don't try to keep a safe distance so as to see what happens. Don't wait to be certain before you take a step. What you give, you will receive, although it might sometimes come from the place you least expect. (p229) — Paulo Coelho

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Gabriel Campisi

Several years ago, as I was transitioning from film finance to film production and writing again, someone asked me how long I would try to get back into filmmaking before I gave up? My response was "giving up" was not an option. — Gabriel Campisi

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Noam Chomsky

Suppose I try to say the US carries out terror, in fact it's one of the leading terrorist states in the world. You can't say that between commercials. People rightly want to know what do you mean. They've never heard that before. Then you have to explain. You have to give background. That's exactly what's cut out. — Noam Chomsky

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Clarence Munn

Don't give up on the impossible before you try it. — Clarence Munn

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Dylan Perry

Ready?" Aeron called over.
Michael span to see him giving a thumbs up to the booth. His eye was drawn down to the huge war hammer hanging from his other hand.
"How about we start with a chase? Try to touch the far wall and get back here before I cripple you." He smiled as if he'd said 'tag you', not 'cripple you'. — Dylan Perry

Giving Up Before You Try Quotes By Amitav Ghosh

Some nine years before, Mr. Tan Chay Yan, scion of a well-known Peranakan Chinese family of Malacca, had converted his pepper garden into a rubber plantation. In 1897 this had seemed like a mad thing to do. Everyone had advised against it: rubber was known to be a risk. Mr. Ridley, the curator of the Singapore Botanical Gardens, had been trying for years to interest British planters in giving rubber a try. The imperial authorities in London had spent a fortune in arranging to have seed stocks stolen from Brazil. — Amitav Ghosh