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Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Mark Edmundson

To be happily married, as I've been fortunate enough to be, is to be a partner in a conversation that can last a full adult life. To have a true friend is to be able to test your hypotheses against someone who's receptive, but who won't give ground forever, and then let your friend try his wares out on you. At its best, friendly conversation is about giving up all claims to property and priority and engaging in collaboration--so that, at least for the two of you, something like an improvised musical composition in two parts is taking place. You do some rhythm to his lead; he lays down a bass line when you want to run the thing out into space. You both wind up saying things and thinking things that, alone, you never could have. This kind of hybrid mixing, this collaborative creation, is greatly to be treasured: it's one of the best parts of life. — Mark Edmundson

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Daniel H. Pink

Create some psychological space between you and your project by imagining you're doing it for someone else or contemplating what advice you'd give to another person in your predicament. — Daniel H. Pink

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Eugene Gendlin

Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness — Eugene Gendlin

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By James Avery Fuchs

Loving someone isn't about fairy tales or control. None of us walk through the world unwounded. Love is simply giving someone a safe space to grow and heal, and that's how we have to love ourselves as well. — James Avery Fuchs

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Jurgen Moltmann

God is not only a divine person who we can address in prayer, but also a wide living space We human beings are giving each other space for living when we meet each other in love and friendship. — Jurgen Moltmann

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Jack Nicklaus

Well, I think that Augusta is not the same golf course that I grew up on. Bobby Jones' philosophy was giving you space off the tee; if you put it in the right side of the fairway, you ended up getting the right angle to the green. — Jack Nicklaus

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Nichele Reese

Sitting at my desk was a killer. Not in a bad way at all. Mostly it's my space where I'm calm, where I can get my words out right. In a way where I can really express myself, but my hand shook with every attempt to write out a simple letter that I would be giving to someone. A someone, who means more to me than they will ever know. A someone who is so dear to me. It's my dearest Gemma. — Nichele Reese

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Bryant McGill

Respect is that great spirit of good, which creates the beautiful space giving all souls the simple room to breathe. — Bryant McGill

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Camille Lucy

Love is soft. It blossoms like the sweetest and most beautiful flower, giving its nectar away for all that pass by in need.

Love is a hand, a hug, a touch or a nudge. It's what you need, when you need it. The warm embrace that makes you feel safe and comfortable. But it is also that swift kick to your rear-end just when you need one.

Love embraces, appreciates, and holds space for others to feel safe, whole and never alone. Love walks beside you everyday, to support and play. Love stands behind you, so you cannot fall. Love walks in front of you, to encourage you.

Love is eternal. It has no end, evolving from one form to another, and back, again. — Camille Lucy

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Patti Digh

Generosity has little to do with giving gifts, and everything to do with giving space to others to be who they are. — Patti Digh

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Joey Goebel

I've taken the liberty of giving us a full moon. I've arranged for all stoplights to stay green. I've made some phone calls to make sure you keep smiling. I've reserved the space underneath our feet. I've gone all out for you, so why don't you go with me? — Joey Goebel

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Aleksandar Hemon

I never thought of myself as an outsider. Because outside of what? You would have to give advantage to this space where you're not, to think of it as sovereign because you're not there. I was always in the center of where I needed to be. — Aleksandar Hemon

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Mary Lambert

My life is going at the speed of light, so it's a lot of just trying ... to be present in each moment ... Giving each situation and each part of life that space and making sure that it's sacred in every aspect. — Mary Lambert

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Colleen Hoover

Me: Morning. How's the thesis coming along?

Maggie: Do you want me to sugar-coat it, or are you honestly giving me an opening to vent?

Me: Wide open. Vent away.

Maggie: I'm miserable, Ridge. I hate it. I work on it for hours every day, and I just want to take a bat to my computer and go all Office Space on it. If this thesis were a child, I'd put it up for adoption and not even think twice about it. If this thesis were a cute, fuzzy puppy, I'd drop it off in the middle of a busy intersection and speed away.

Me: And then you would do a U-turn and go back and pick it up and play with it all night. — Colleen Hoover

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Simone De Beauvoir

To give space when what one most yearns for is closeness, that is both the great test and great tragedy of love. — Simone De Beauvoir

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Neko Case

Sounds like to have space sometimes. It's good to give yourself a variety, or you just fatigue your ear. Like if somebody sings in the same register all the time, or if it's got the same feel the whole way through, I just find I get fatigued, so it's nice to break it up. — Neko Case

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Sogyal Rinpoche

Don't let us take doubts with exaggerated seriousness nor let them grow out of proportion, or become black-and-white or fanatical about them. What we need to learn is how slowly to change our culturally conditioned and passionate involvement with doubt into a free, humorous, and compassionate one. This means giving doubts time, and giving ourselves time to find answers to our questions that are not merely intellectual or "philosophical," but living and real and genuine and workable. Doubts cannot resolve themselves immediately; but if we are patient a space can be created within us, in which doubts can be carefully and objectively examined, unraveled, dissolved, and healed. What we lack, especially in this culture, is the right undistracted and richly spacious environment of the mind, which can only be created through sustained meditation practice, and in which insights can be given the change slowly to mature and ripen. 129-130 — Sogyal Rinpoche

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

He waited just a moment longer, giving them the opportunity to fill the space, to exceed expectation.

They did not. Adam had set the bar at precisely the height they could jump and no higher. — Maggie Stiefvater

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Edgar Mitchell

It's been written about as "the overview effect." All I can give you is my perspective, but most all of the people who have been in space start to see the world without boundaries. You start to think about how we can keep doing these things we're doing that are destructive of the environment and destructive of the planet. It causes you to start to think things in a quite different way than we had before. — Edgar Mitchell

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Richelle Mead

Dimitri must have grown tired of waiting for me. He leapt out, hand again going for my neck. And again I evaded, letting my shoulder take the brunt of the hit. This time he held on to my shoulder. He jerked me toward him, triumph flaring in those red eyes. In the sort of space we were in, this was probably all he needed to kill me. He had what he wanted.
Apparently, though, he wasn't the only one who wanted me. Another Strigoi, maybe thinking he'd help Dimitri, pushed toward us and reached for me. Dimitri bared his fangs, giving the other Strigoi a look of pure hatred and fury.
"Mine!" Dimitri hissed. — Richelle Mead

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Glenn Murcutt

Life is not about maximizing everything, it's about giving something back - like light, space, form, serenity, joy. You have to give something back. — Glenn Murcutt

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Nick Harkaway

I'm a bit concerned about you, Jed. If you think Britain looks like a gusset, your girlfriends have been giving you a very strange idea of what sex is all these years."

"Seen from space, Lester. Space. The place where British people do not go because the British space programme is, what, two guys with a really long stick?"

"In that way, Jed, it is very much like US healthcare. — Nick Harkaway

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By T. Thorn Coyle

True listening is never self-effacement. We bring the whole self to the process, rather than denying self. When we truly listen, we aren't just waiting for someone else to decide something so we can get on with things, or so we don't have to decide for ourselves. We aren't giving away our own powers to be seen and heard. When we listen, first we listen to the parts of ourselves that are curious, in avoidance, afraid, angry, or proud. Then we can take a breath and sink, allowing those parts some space alongside the spaciousness of not knowing. — T. Thorn Coyle

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Walter Gropius

Children should be introduced right from the start to the potentialities of their environment, to the physical and psychological laws that govern the visual world, and to the supreme enjoyment that comes from participating in the creative process of giving form to one's living space. — Walter Gropius

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Kim Meeder

To step inside a sealed, twelve-by-twelve-foot space with a wild animal that is many times your size is extremely hazardous to say the least. Yet sending these frightened animals out into the real world without giving them tools to safely deal with a new environment...could be disastrous. It would not be unlike sending a soldier on a mission without any training. Clearly, it was not a scenario lending itself toward safety or success for either horse or new owner. — Kim Meeder

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Cecil Day-Lewis

Flying alone! Nothing gives such a sense of mastery over time over mechanism, mastery indeed over space, time, and life itself, as this. — Cecil Day-Lewis

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

Independence and free thought is what makes a person grow. By giving people the freedom and space to figure out who they are and be that, you give them the power to grow. — Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Aurora Rose Reynolds

I have enough love for the both of us. Doesn't matter if you love me back. I'm not giving you space or room. You're mine, June. You have been for a long fucking time and I want what we could have had to start now. — Aurora Rose Reynolds

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Haruki Murakami

And each time he finished a sentence, there was a tiny but meaningful lump of silence left behind. This lump floated there, enclosed in the car's restricted space like an imaginary miniature cloud, giving Aomame a strangely unsettled feeling. — Haruki Murakami

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Joseph B. Wirthlin

The light from the sun breaks through space, bathing our planet as it encircles the sun with life-giving warmth and light. Without the sun, there could be no life on this planet; it would be forever barren, cold, and dark. — Joseph B. Wirthlin

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Cora Seton

She's my wife. Back off, jarhead," he tossed back over his shoulder. Jared laughed, and it wasn't a mean laugh. Cassie bit back a grin as he stepped back, giving Mitch room to turn around before stepping right back into his personal space. His smile was knowing and totally awesome. "Actually, she's Cassie. She's nobody's wife, because the loser she was married to wasn't smart enough to know just how awesome his wife was when he had her. So if that's you, I'm sorry, bud. And I'm guessing it is, because only a moron who's never served in uniform would call someone a jarhead. You gotta be a Marine to use that term, and only to another Marine. You fail on both points, but try harder next time. — Cora Seton

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Robert Thurman

When people are dying, they call their old enemies and try to forgive them and try to be forgiven by them. They call their old friends and affirm their love for them, as well as detach themselves from them, and they try to get into as free a space as they can so they're really ready to go. They give away all their possessions and are as generous as possible. They give up old hatreds and grudges, and that's a wise intuitive thing, because it's much freer to live like that. — Robert Thurman

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Jennifer Yuh Nelson

We have those new environments [during Kung Fu Panda 3] that give a scale to the movie, that are the spirit realm and the panda village. The spirit realm, having no gravity, having this massive space, allowed us to do huge action shots. All that we just couldn't do before. We just couldn't get the scale, we'd have to cheat them. This time we found ourselves more free. — Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Rafe Martin

One side of service is serving, but the other side is creating the space in oneself where the possibilities of giving one's best become feasible. If you let go of your own compulsion and greed the things you are conditioned into by your culture then the more archetypal, more universally valid, more human, more compassionate, wiser activities and thoughts can come to your mind and you can dedicate yourself to them more fully. — Rafe Martin

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Leni Zumas

Giving the reader the space to move around and be active, and encourage their active response is important to me. That will connect the reader more to the text. — Leni Zumas

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Ryan O'Neal

It fascinates me that when we lose one of our five senses, the remaining four strengthen and rally to make sense of the world we live in. Even by closing our eyes for a moment, we find ourselves paying closer attention to the sounds around us. Perhaps this is why music can resonate so deeply within us; somehow our isolated senses allow our brains the space and perspective to connect these really beautiful dots of our own hearts and souls. I wonder if the act of giving our other senses a break ca — Ryan O'Neal

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Erma Bombeck

I have finally mastered what to do with the second tennis ball. Having small hands, I was becoming terribly self-conscious about keeping it in a can in the car while I served the first one. I noted some women tucked the second ball just inside the elastic leg of their tennis panties. I tried, but found the space already occupied by a leg. Now, I simply drop the second ball down my cleavage, giving me a chest that often stuns my opponent throughout an entire set. — Erma Bombeck

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Frederick Buechner

In that sense at least the rector of Saint Barnabas, a man named Robert MacFarlane, did not strike me as evangelical at all. His sermons were not seamless and armor plated but had spaces in them, spaces of silence as if he needed those spaces to find deep within himself what he was going to say next, as if he was giving the rest of us space to think for a moment about what he had just been trying to say last. There was never any doubt in my mind but that the faith he was laying out before us was a faith that, even as he spoke it, he was drawing out of the raw stuff of his own life. He spoke very quietly, and the church he spoke in was not brilliantly lit but full of shadow, full of secrets. — Frederick Buechner

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Jaime Murray

I get clarity through quiet time, reflection, reading, and meditation. Finding the space between thoughts gives me the energy to take on new challenges with enthusiasm. — Jaime Murray

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Mary Cantwell

In giving our daughter life, her father and I had also given her death, something I hadn't realized until that new creature flailed her arms in what was now infinite space. We had given her disease and speeding cars and flying cornices: once out of the fortress that had been myself, she would never be safe again ... We disappoint our kids and they disappoint us, and sometimes they grow up into people we don't like very much. We go on loving, though what we love may be more memory than actuality. And until the day we die we fear the phone that rings in the middle of the night. — Mary Cantwell

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Henri Nouwen

Indeed, when God's glory dwells in me, there is nothing too far away, nothing too painful, nothing too strange or too familiar that it cannot contain and renew by its touch. Every time I recognize the glory of God in me and give it space to manifest itself to me, all that is human can be brought there and nothing will be the same again. — Henri Nouwen

Giving Space To Someone Quotes By Rebekah Elizabeth Gamble

Letting go is not about giving up, being lazy, or sacrificing yourself... Letting go doesn't have to mean losing; it can be about coming into a new, open, clean space from which you can create. — Rebekah Elizabeth Gamble