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Top Giant Dad Quotes

Giant Dad Quotes By Guillermo Del Toro

Normally my clients were my mother, my grandmother, and my dad, and I would sell them the issues with a great color cover. There was a story I remember called 'The Invader,' and it had an invisible dome covering a city, with a giant tentacled monster eating everybody in sight, and people trying to drill a hole in the dome. And I did these epic Prismacolor pencil illustrations and sold out the three issues to my captive audience. — Guillermo Del Toro

Giant Dad Quotes By Eleanor Tomlinson

It's [Jack the Giant Slayer] one of those fairy tales your mom and dad read to you when you're little. Never once did I imagine myself in it. It's just phenomenal. Words just can't really describe it. It brings the biggest smile to my face. — Eleanor Tomlinson

Giant Dad Quotes By James Kahn

Look, a couple years ago my mom and dad got on that big game show. Remember, Brand? Mom spent a month makin' those funny costumes. She was a giant egg. Dad was a frying pan. Dad kept sayin' we were gonna live on Easy Street. So we drove all the way to Hollywood. When we got there, they put us in this big audience with all these other people in funny costumes. Then some dude with lipstick and sprayed hair came down the stairs. He — James Kahn

Giant Dad Quotes By Cassidy Gifford

Philippians 4:13 has never rung so true ... You were an unparalleled Giant in all sense of the word, Dad. So keep doin' you up there, because no one does it better, and no one ever will. — Cassidy Gifford

Giant Dad Quotes By Nicola Yoon

My dad's primary emotion is regret. It's like he made some giant mistake in his past, like he took a wrong turn, and instead of ending up wherever he was supposed to be, he ended up in this life [...] instead. — Nicola Yoon

Giant Dad Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Las' time I saw you, you was only a baby," said the giant. "Yeh look a lot like yer dad, but yeh've got yer mum's eyes. — J.K. Rowling

Giant Dad Quotes By Zoe Kravitz

When I turned 11, my dad decorated a room at the Standard hotel in Los Angeles in a '60s, Austin Powers style. There was human bowling: You run inside a giant inflatable ball and try to knock down pins. To this day, adults say it was one of the craziest parties they've ever been to. — Zoe Kravitz

Giant Dad Quotes By Kiefer Sutherland

I've had some amazing people in my life. Look at my father - he came from a small fishing village of five hundred people and at six foot four with giant ears and a kind of very odd expression, thought he could be a movie star. So go figure, you know? — Kiefer Sutherland

Giant Dad Quotes By Billy Crystal

[I did impressions] of relatives because I heard so many different sounds. My dad was in the music business and of course my uncle was a giant [music producer], but my dad in particular had the house filled with these Dixieland jazz stars. — Billy Crystal

Giant Dad Quotes By Andy Weir

It was great! Straight-A student. Hanging around nerdy guys too scared to try anything. No wild side at all. You were every father's dream daughter." "Thanks, Dad, I - " "But then you got on a giant bomb that blasted you to Mars. And I mean that literally. — Andy Weir

Giant Dad Quotes By Mark Ronson

You draw the best things from your parents and family. You're going to pick up some of the bad things as well - there's a temper that runs through my dad's side of the family that I'm not especially keen on picking up a giant block of. — Mark Ronson

Giant Dad Quotes By Rick Riordan

Good news! Not only is your dad being held ransom by a cannibal giant, you also get to betray the guy you like! How awesome is that? — Rick Riordan

Giant Dad Quotes By Jenny Eclair

I've just got crap hair. Although I inherited a lot of stuff from my dad, including giant knees, I didn't get his good, thick hair. I got my mother's thin, wispy, non-event hair instead. — Jenny Eclair

Giant Dad Quotes By Laurie Lee

Me dad planted that tree,' she said absently, pointing out through the old cracked window.
The great beech filled at least half the sky and shook shadows all over the house.
Its roots clutched the slope like a giant hand, holding the hill in place. Its trunk writhed with power, threw off veils of green dust, rose towering into the air, branched into a thousand shaded alleys, became a city for owls and squirrels. I had thought such trees to be as old as the earth, I never dreamed that a man could make them. Yet it was Granny Trill's dad who had planted this tree, had thrust in the seed with his finger. How old must he have been to leave such a mark? Think of Granny's age, and add his on top, and you were back at the beginning of the world. — Laurie Lee