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Top Get Fit Motivational Quotes

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

The narrow-minded find it convenient to create stereotypes, and then try to fit everybody, everything and every situation into those stereotypes. — Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By J. Oswald Sanders

Leadership is the ability to recognize the special abilities and limitations of others, combined with the capacity to fit each one into the job where he will do his best. — J. Oswald Sanders

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Anson Dorrance

You can never be fit enough for this game. — Anson Dorrance

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Noah Hawley

If there are any limits to what can be done. The limit is right here (in your head). You've got to get physically fit between your ears. Muscles don't know anything. They have to be thought. — Noah Hawley

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Sharon Kirstin

You aren't meant to fit in. Your fierce warrior spirit is meant to tear down old systems that lack integrity. — Sharon Kirstin

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Chrissie Wellington

I have an addictive personality. Sport is my drug of choice these days. It's one of the best drugs there is. It keeps you fit and healthy, even if, in the case of ironman, it pushes your body to the limit. The word "addiction" comes with negative connotations, but it doesn't have to be a damaging impulse. It's all about channeling your craving into something positive. — Chrissie Wellington

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Steven Aitchison

I've always been a bit weird, ever since I was a child. I didn't really fit in anywhere. Then I realised it's okay to be a bit weird, in fact it's positively brilliant

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Anonymous

The strong man is not one who is good at wrestling, but the strong man is one who controls himself in a fit of rage. — Anonymous

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Stephen Lovegrove

A beautiful, majestic, and awe-inspiring sea awaits you. And you are welcome to enter however you see fit - to wade, to walk lightly, to swim for your life, or to sail. The decision is yours. No one will stop you from returning to the sandy towel on the shore if you desire.

But I'd like to think you chose to come to the sea for a reason. You have been called to the sea. There is something here that you need, and it has awaited your arrival for quite some time. — Stephen Lovegrove

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Ken Montrose

Today I will remember the world owes me nothing, does not respond to my will,
and goes merrily on with or without my consent.
On the other hand,
I am free to change myself as I see fit. — Ken Montrose

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Jane Fonda

Getting fit is a political act - you are taking charge of your life. — Jane Fonda

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Robert Cheeke

Every day look in the mirror and flex your muscles. Smile and enjoy the sight of a beautiful fit body. If you don't like what you see, find a photo of how you want your body to look and paste it to the corner of your mirror. Be willing to work hard for what you have the potential to become. — Robert Cheeke

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Augustus William Hare

Who is fit to govern others? He who governs himself. You might as well have said: nobody. — Augustus William Hare

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By John C. Maxwell

The more that people know how they fit on a team, the more they will desire to properly make the most of their fit and maximize their contribution. — John C. Maxwell

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Thabang Gideon Magaola

Your LIFE is a PUZZLE, don't waste your time trying to place people where they don't fit — Thabang Gideon Magaola

Get Fit Motivational Quotes By Barbara Corcoran

A good organization is like a box of crayons. You need different colors of the spectrum, but all the crayons should fit in the box. — Barbara Corcoran