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The Eldest Quotes 1090113

Anyone can say anything about you, whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, it's none of your business. It is not their mind that is in your head anyways. — The Eldest

The Eldest Quotes 1009261

Asking forgiveness is not ALWAYS an admission of cowardice and of sin, It is to show that having inner peace is far more important than pride especially if they think that you have wronged them in any way. — The Eldest

The Eldest Quotes 809637

While we are seeking for pure love, good life, and a reason to live,
We sometimes forget key things in life.
And that is the ability to see what is the difference between
What is wrong and what is right. — The Eldest

The Eldest Quotes 208850

What is it that you ever wanted in life?
Who cares about you?
Who laughs with you?
Who shared your hopes and dreams?
To top it all, maybe just maybe,
When you are near your death,
All that you ever wanted is to ask forgiveness to whom you have sinned,
to tell them that they should take care of themselves, wish them to be safe, and to ask mercy from God to let you enter His Kingdom.
And barely wouldn't even care what will happen with your facebook account.
Well maybe we can start with start living simple
And could stop living like a pro,
Because nothing in this world is worth of value to the One up above.
Don't you know that none of us is born perfect,
And no one else will be? — The Eldest

The Eldest Quotes 260772

Music is one way of saying things that you cannot really say to a person face to face, a sign of suppressed anger, unhealthy, deadly and gigantic idolatry. — The Eldest

The Eldest Quotes 460351

Everyone throws the stone one after another, but they expect God was not looking. — The Eldest

The Eldest Quotes 722047

If you become the star of the show, you can feel the heat. Use it to your advantage. Feel the limelight. — The Eldest

The Eldest Quotes 945551

People whose voices were filled with sarcasm, hostility, coldness, and arrogance are often people who thinks that they are free from the smallest of sin at all. — The Eldest

The Eldest Quotes 1993451

Cherish people that touches your heart. Forget people that cuts it. — The Eldest