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Top General Liability Quotes

General Liability Quotes By James Zogby

I think they need to remove the general. He is unfit for the position he is being called upon to serve, precisely because he's become a liability. He's become a weapon our enemies will use against us. — James Zogby

General Liability Quotes By Matthew B. Crawford

Stripped of the kind of judgments that are at the very heart of the idea of "credit", shot through with bad faith, [the mortgage broker's] work is now predicated on irresponsibility, rooted in the absence of community. Whatever lingering fiduciary consciousness he may have has become a liability, given the general rush to irresponsibility by his competitors. The work cannot sustain him as a human being. Rather, it damages the best part of him, and it becomes imperative to partition work off from the rest of life. — Matthew B. Crawford

General Liability Quotes By H. Kirk Rainer

Fear is a subject that I have become increasingly aware of - the result of a period that I call post-divorce. Admittedly aware of the general concerns about "falling" too, I am more concerned about the burdens of a non-custodial - the dilemma of parental alienation with absolute liability for financial support. If any 'positive' aspect could be extracted from the non-custodial lifestyle, it is the accelerated-track toward financial distress and familial disparity. What may have occurred in the 1930s in a mass economic-downward spiral of society has similarity to the consequences of the divorce - as I see it. — H. Kirk Rainer

General Liability Quotes By Sigmar Gabriel

What we have at present is a system of loss socialism. Whatever goes wrong is shouldered by the general public and anything that works is privatised. Worshippers of market freedom have suspended the most important economic principle: Risk and liability go hand in hand. — Sigmar Gabriel