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Funny Freaky Quotes By Kresley Cole

I groaned. "All the time. I thought I was going crazy."
"Duude," he said in agreement. "And before the Flash, all kinds of freaky shit was happening to me. I started speaking this wierd Language. And stuff started transforming- but only in front of me. I saw my cat walking on the ceiling, saw lava coming out of a faucet. The worst? I was doing this girl, and suddenly she looked like my gym teacher! — Kresley Cole

Funny Freaky Quotes By Kresley Cole

Yo, beautiful. Come pop this collar off me."
Natalya hissed, "Are you mad?"
"What's she gonna do? Vivisect me? Imprison me? We've got a pact to fulfill,remember?"
To Dorada, she cried, "Seriously, sweetheart, shake that mummified ass over here."
Regin kicked the glass. "Lemme the fuck out - "
La Dorada swung her head around,peering at Regin with her one eye.
"Okay. That's freaky. Lookit, Gollum, if you spring me, I'll help you find your Precious. — Kresley Cole

Funny Freaky Quotes By Amy A. Bartol

"Yeah! You got my back now?" Russell asks in a sour tone, looking over the railing from the tower above. "'Cuz one of them freaky demon things almost ate me after y'all left!"
"A Riser nearly ate you?" Reed asks with humor in his tone
"Yeah, whatever - it's not funny!" he calls down, sounding irritated. "Next time, I want Zee for my wingman."
"That is because I am the ultimate assassin," Zephyr replies from behind Reed. — Amy A. Bartol