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Funny Farts Quotes By Robyn Schneider

You're funny.' Phoebe passed me the last chocolate cupcake. 'And I always thought your friends were laughing over their own farts.'
'Ninety percent of Eastwood's male population laughs over their own farts. Present company excluded, naturally. — Robyn Schneider

Funny Farts Quotes By Carl Barron

My dad was proud of himself when he farted. He sounds like he's strangling a chicken when he farts. — Carl Barron

Funny Farts Quotes By Laurie Penny

Girls are better at this sort of labour, often called 'emotional labour', not because there's anything in the meat and matter of our living cells that makes us naturally better but because we're trained for it from birth. Trained to make other people feel good. Trained to serve the coffee, fill in the forms, organise the parties and wipe the table afterwards. Trained to be feisty, if we must, but not strong. To be bubbly, not funny. You must at no stage appear to have a body that functions in a normal human way, that pisses and shits and sweats and farts and falters. Decorate the prison of your body. Make yourself useful. Shut up and smile. — Laurie Penny

Funny Farts Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

A celebrity farts, and everyone endures, but the unpopular will be thrased to death. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Funny Farts Quotes By James Patterson

I found this, though," Gazzy said excitedly, holding up a small green box. "Gas-X! Like, 'X' for explosion! This is great! I'm thinking I rig this with a detonator and-"
"Did you find that in the medicine cabinet?" Dylan asked.
"It's for upset stomachs," Dylan said, trying to hide a smile. He pointed to the words on the box. "It's to reduce gas in you digestive system, not to create more gas to make explosions."
Gazzy's face fell as Iggy said, "Really? Gazzy, take it! Take the whole box! — James Patterson

Funny Farts Quotes By Mark Hoppus

Farts and poop are still funny and will always be funny. — Mark Hoppus

Funny Farts Quotes By Joe Hill

Ha ha," he told her. "I get it. Very funny. Everyone loves a good deaf joke. Hey, why did God make farts stink? So deaf people could enjoy them, too." When — Joe Hill

Funny Farts Quotes By Dylan Moran

EGGS! They're not a food, they belong in no group! They're just farts clothed in substance! — Dylan Moran

Funny Farts Quotes By James Kidd

A fart in the face is love. — James Kidd

Funny Farts Quotes By Jenny Slate

I always thought that farts were funny, and I always thought that they were mine to talk about because they came out of my body. — Jenny Slate

Funny Farts Quotes By Greg Knauss

One thing that I used to believe that has stuck with me is, of course, that farts are funny. Burps, too. Sneezes, even. Pretty much the whole gamut of bodily noises is a treasure trove of ready-made comedy. You gather a handful of small boys together and let them entertain themselves and there will be more sharp honks than an angry L.A. freeway. But there's a time and place for such fun, and every second of every day, no matter the location or company, turns out not to be the appropriate venue for a gastrointestinal symphony. — Greg Knauss